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Monday, November 11, 2013

OMG ... gotta go ... PICKING UP THOM!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013 @ 7:31 am

Good morning.  This is just us.  We’re going a little crazy here.  We’ve been trying to work through progress on the mind map (MM), but it is getting too soon toward the time that Thom is being here and our mind is a bit jumbly.  There … just did a few more things.  We put the blankets that we were using in our bedroom back to the guest room.  And, we listened to Rich’s day and then we vacuumed the living room plus the couches.  Just can go so long before the back goes bad again. 

Next thing, we have to do includes getting the second load of clothes out of the dryer, hanging and folding.  There is a double load of clothes to be hung and that one’s going to really knock us out.  I only have the sunroom to vacuum and that’s going to be a hard one because we have to vacuum Rich’s corner carefully where he is doing his work taking of labels.  It’s a TON of stuff on the floor.  I hope there is enough room in the vacuum for it … think we’re already on ¾’s full.  After that … we need to clean the two bathrooms, do litter box, and empty garbage … PLUS, take our shower.  We have two hours to do all that.  It be easier if I didn’t lock-up.  Is there anything else?

Fold clothes in dryer
Hang clothes or place in drawers
Vacuum sitting room
Clean both bathrooms
Wipe coffee table
Take shower
Get dressed
Do litter box
Empty garbage

Is there ANYTHING else?  I’m not sure if two hours will be enough time.  I think I can do it, but the one that is a real stickler is hanging up the clothes … it takes a lot of standing – two loads, and our back isn’t going to make it … and doing a hard physical task, takes away time to do the other things we can better group together.

Ok, did vacuuming and put away the vacuum – and it’s now 8:15 am.  Next is to get clothes from dryer.  Rich said he couldn’t help because he was too busy, so the clothes might have to wait on large bathroom sink area across from closet until the last … If there is one thing that might not get done that would be it.  After that … think the bathrooms are next before shower.  Rich is going to take his shower now.  Then in 45 minutes we’ll take our shower, do litter and garbage and wipe coffee table and then I think that will be it …

I’m sorry to be going over and over this … just trying to sort out my head/minds.  We can do it … just take concentration.  We are motivated, BECAUSE!!!!  We’re going to see Thom!  It will be so nice to have him here!

This morning we woke up about 4:30 am, and started doing little things while working on the MM.  We are adding the Learnist material to the MM from September 23, 2013 Part 2.  That will leave five more completed boards to get into the MM.  This is good work and helps to be developing what’s going on in there – the MM.  We need then to do two complete sets of material through the whole system from the Google searches weeks ending November 3, 2013 and November 10, 2013.  Today would be the normal day we did the latter of the two, so theoretically we’re just one week behind, but it always takes a lot of time and there are other things going on. 

One of the things that is hot off the press, BUT we’re not sure if we’re going to make it happen.  We need to check in with Astraea and so far he hasn’t responded back yet whether it will be ok to do.  What we figured out over the weekend as REALLY cool, will be if he gives us permission to put his stuff from his website through the MM.  Most likely not all of it, but we want to really give it a thorough go, and it would become something as important as the Google Searches, but the material would be far better.  A lot of what we collect through Google Search and blogs are the everyday stuff which IS critical, but the stuff that Astraea has is more formal papers MOSTLY written by Multiples on the subjects of Multiplicity.  I really appreciate that work because it is “healthy Multiples” writing about things that are good for the community to hear.  But, because there is so much that Astraea has collected that is HIS stuff, that I don’t know if he wants to mix the two. 

I think part of it will be whether or not he respects what we’re doing or sees the visionary part of it.  I hope we’re not overselling ourselves here, but we thinking we’re really on to something that will be very good AND useable to the multiple community and those interested in it.  Yesterday, to see how it would work after we figured it out, we took one of the articles we’d read from one of Astraea’s guests, and we put it through the MM paces.  For the first time we saw something spectacular happening.  Not only were we putting out all the questions and “sense of knowledge” from the general community, but we were putting out information that was resolving some of the issues, thoughts, and concepts.  It is a lot more and better information than most of the stuff we’ve collected so far.  We have left links from our front pages “information” about Astraea’s site, and then really helpful things we read over the weekend such as his Glossary and FAQ.  We’re now about half way through the Guest articles, but if he were to give our permission, we’d go back over that all over again.  If the article has natural headings, then they become “thoughts” and then we look at the rest of what is written, giving it new headings, and then copy/pasting the paragraphs as they apply to each.  We’re not messing with the paragraphs other than breaking them down into natural sections so that we can put more spider legs on the work and make it easier for people to read in smaller increments, because most people don’t have the patience to read through long pieces, and they don’t have the ability to retain most of what they’re reading, so we figured with inserted headings that they can skim and choose the stuff most applicable.

Then there is this other part about REALLY dive-bombing it with links back to Astraea’s site.  We’re leaving links on each of the pages – Such as the one we did yesterday for an example had 8 parts, then we’re leaving a list of things covered from his site to his page off the “information page.”  We’re really encouraging people to go back to the original sources on everything.  One because they can get an entire different view seeing the work in the context of other things the writer was doing, or like in the case with a lot of the Pyschforum stuff – other people by now have commented and that’s really good stuff to get to.  Not only are they reading other people’s ideas on something that might have been a question to them, it allows them to most often respond back in a comment section if they are interested.

Good good … got the clothes done … found that Rich had only moved the other stack to the sink area which is where the second stack ended too.  Maybe sometime today we can put it away during a lull of being with Thom.  Looking now on the list … we’re a little behind - We spend too much time typing.  We still need to either do the bathrooms or shower first and we added some dusting.  It seems logical that bathrooms come before shower?  Hmm?  Ok, maybe another 8 – 10 minutes.    

WhooHOO!!!  Everything is done.  We’ll walk around the entire house one more time, but thing she’s pretty close to spotless.  We even added on cleaning the guest shower.  No one uses it beside Chief, but I didn’t know if there’d be dust in there … so we added that to the list too.  I’ve got all the lights turned on the way I want them, and Rich left about 10 minutes ago, so I know I won’t have to worry about cleaning up behind him.  We were a little frustrated with him as he left the door.  He said, you know dear, if you would have done more the day before.  We screetched!  I had to make the bed after, clean up your blankets in the sitting room after, clean up your carpet in the sunroom after you worked in it, and bedroom carpet is wear cats shed during the night so I had to wait for that, dishes, cleaning bathrooms all the way … You can do SOME stuff the day before, but to do it right – the best time to finish it is the same day BEFORE the guest gets here.  We were walking behind him picking up Kleenex, papers, his extra braces, dishes, dirty clothes … you know what we’re saying.  Maybe there is a reason we don’t do REALLY good cleaning like today … it’s just too hard keeping it up WITH the person who’s not cleaning.  The one cleaning understands that the cup left on the table is going to have to be picked-up too – so she grabs it on her way past … the other person?  Blah, just leaves it behind. 

I think we are complaining too much now … I guess that was my summary/evaluation as to this is how it went down this time, how can we improve for the next time, AND THEN what do we have to do WHILE a guest is here so everything stays comfortable, BUT clean.  One thing is for sure.  It is FANTASTIC to have a dedicated guest room.  Having suitcases next to the living room couch has always been hard.  I feel really good about being in this house.  HEHEHE you know the drill … I KNOW it is a Mobile home … BUT,

I don’t know how long before I’ll be able to drop that part.  Soon maybe, but we’ll give it at least the first year … I’ve got four more months to go!  Kept telling Rich … Thom’s not going to be back 3-5 years from Japan … we’ve got to make a good impression first time.  Feeling better. 

Guess there’s nothing left to do now, except post and head out the door!  HAPPY THOM VISITING!!!!!


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