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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wednesday happens and soon enough it's Thursday

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 @ 10:26 am

Good morning.  This is just us again.  I realize the it isn’t much time from the last time to this time, but we’re still jittery so I thought if we just wrote for a bit, we would remember and be able to do some of the stuff we KNOW we want to do, but is harder.  We did a few things with correspondence, and just poked around here and there.  It’s hard to imagine that about 2-3 hours has gone by without much really getting done.

We’re in a bit of a time lapse, maybe just a general sense of disorganization.  Maybe if we worked out what it is that we SHOULD be doing.

The first things coming to mind are:

Cutting Cari’s and Joe’s quilt binding
Sewing the binding on the quilt with the machine
Hand sewing the opposite side
Finish the last couple of laundry loads
Do the general pick-up
Look for something special with Rich’s birthday
Get ready for going out to dinner about 4-4:30 pm
Hmm, then it gets hard … we have to decide what to do next of all the things that need to be done for the Multiple Works project.  We did leave a mind map screen going on the left side, so that if we run out of thoughts we can easily glance over to it and maybe get a little inspired.  It changes screens about once a minute on its own.

There we are back after a while.  We talked to Linda for about a half hour, and then we spent a half hour cleaning.  We did pretty good, but part of that is that folding is a sitting down job.  We went through and made sure all the rooms were picked up, put the second load in the dryer, made sure all the dishes in the dishwasher, but not enough to start a load – maybe after lunch IF Rich eats.  We also made the bed, and folded assorted blankets around the living and sitting rooms.  Oh and we cleaned off the kitchen table.  Everything looks back in place.

Rich is working in his workroom – so all is good there.  Hard part house-wise was that I told Rich we’d hang-up some of the folded clothes.  I’ll wait until Saturday to wash the kitchen floor.

Ok, maybe back to the hard WRITING stuff now … and by that I mean scheduling things in.  We did some work on that with Linda.  I will stop at 2 pm to catch-up, and use that as a transition time between writing and trying to sew.  Before 2 pm, we’ll also want to take a shower, so that doesn’t muss up our sewing time – since Rich and us are going out for dinner for his birthday.  He is suggesting just a local restaurant 34.  This is a bit of a dive, but we haven’t been there for a long while and Rich picked it out so … eh. 

Then maybe if we can … we’ll rearrange lights after dinner and try some hand sewing in front of the fire.  Back-up plan to that would be more computer time, and back-up time for that would be TV – probably Will and Grace and then early sleep.  Not sure which way it will go yet, but we’ll hope for the best.

That leaves me 2 ¼ hours to do this other.

Ok girls … this is your turn to sparkle?  What are you wanting to do with the Multiple Works stuff?

My understanding is that we did the Google search up through November 3 – EEEKS!  A month ago!  BUT, we didn’t get the pictures done.  That means we have to do the pictures AND ALL, plus the same for Weeks ending: November 10, 17, 24, and Dec 1. 2013.  Basically, then we’re backed-up FIVE WEEKS!!!  OMG.  That’s going to be a chore.

Ok, what’s next? 

·         Catch-up 5 weeks of Google searches including getting them onto the mind map (MM)
·         We are just starting to read Chapter 9 of Dell’s book on dissociation – continue
·         We need to go back and finish the other half of Astraea’s guest articles to links to the MM
·         We need hmmm…
·         Relook at Astraea’s site … just discovered something new … One of his friends in “The Consortium System (2001) made “THE Multiple Code.”  It was meant to be used especially in signatures or possibly web pages
This is pretty cool … says a lot about a person, but normally, I’d like to rather walk-up to people and say hi – how are you, I’m fine … let’s talk.  J
This is our Code
MuC/N-/[F]S.H./A(b++ r---!/+++)/O(w/n)/We/Cc/OF(r++ o+++)/P-/Fx1-/T++/Jwr!/Do/R+/C++/So-/--
And what do I THINK this means … Under the Multiple Code, we are as a Multiple:
A number of eleven (11) to Twenty (20)
Female Gendered
Human Species
Our body Age says we’re old enough to know better, and with a system age range we are between just a wee bairn to Venerable
Our Origins of internal people are walk-ins and Natural
Our Worlds are essentially the same as Earth
We are Co-consciousness - still not the best communication in the world, but generally we do pretty good
Our “real life” outness factor is that we’re open about it, friends and family know, and we don’t try to hide it.  Online our outness factor is that everyone knows … docs, friends, family, hairstylists, and strangers.   We make it a point for people to know we’re not a singleton
We don’t have any paranormal experiences
Our religion is Lutheran, but not practicing
Our availability would be to ask our significant other!
For a job, we consider ourselves a writer
We have an Omnivore diet – both veggies and meat
We have regular sessions of role play set up and wait anxiously for the next one – WITH Grandson
Computers are a large part of our life.  We spend quite a bit of time on it everyday
Socially we associate with our extended family or a few friends occasionally and we live with a significant other roommate

Ok, back to our regular world of domestic Goddess.  We just folded the second load and we made up the guest bed with clean sheets and pillow cases.  YAY!!!  We’ve got to take a short break from standing so long making up the bed, but other than that we have an hour to put things a way and take our shower.  That would be a good Ann, right?

Ok … doing ok … used the washroom AND put the clothes away – EXCEPT the hanger ones.  I generally fold them because I don’t know how long before I get them into the closet proper – but that’s still the big looming task.  I gotta remember to take medicine too, clean a few glasses and fill up Rich’s tea pitcher.  That can’t be too hard.  Right?  Rich has been working hard all morning afternoon on his project in the work room.  Whoops there goes the machine – he turned it off either to take a break or refill supplies.  I can hear from here he’s sore … so maybe a break.  That be a good deal. 

Hmm, did a few more chores.  Started the dishwasher, did the glasses, threw away the old cake box, and made the tea.  I kind of like it when there are just a few things to do … It seems like a nice relaxing day and I like it that Rich is in the house.  Maybe if we were real ambitious, we would add taking out a couple empty coke cases and vacuum the floor in the sunroom.  That is where we had the extra cake that was from Rich’s mom’s birthday and finished today.  The last thing we want is mice. 

Although … This morning we were watching Chief on our lap because he was watching something and he doesn’t do that real often, but then he jumped up in a hurry and we discovered that HE had discovered a spider on the wall.  He knocked it down and played with it a couple of minutes, but the end result?  He ATE it!  Man on man did that cause some grief internally.  There were quite a few rounds of people stating he had spider breath.  *sigh* if its not one thing its another. 

Ok you … I think we got majorly side tracked earlier … We WERE looking at what other things we wanted to capture from Astraea’s site.  That seems to be the most important of the group right now.  Of course, we want Dell’s stuff, but we had decided to read the entire book before worrying what to put in the MM.  It’s a lot of information to hold, but we think if we had a general view of everything that we’d be much more likely to go back and be able to group it better and see the larger picture.  We know that means going back over the book a second time and that each of those things are going to take time, but that’s just something that has to be dedicated. 

It is important at this point of the MM though to get Astraea’s in … because I want that kind of knowledge for ourselves.  I want to be able to put it in perspective. 

This series of thoughts came out with Dr. Marvin yesterday – mostly just at the end.  Basically, we are orientating ourselves a little different in taking in new information that sometimes runs contrary to our past beliefs.  SO, with that all comes a little bit of instability problems with Dr. Marvin.  We are questioning more things about Multiplicity.  One of the things that had come for example was the thought of otherkins and other worlds and dimensions and the result of that was that he thought it made sense as to his perspective.  I can’t imagine having said that that he would feel a need to “get rid” of people within who were more different.  Like we know that when Casey long ago had brought up fairies living in his arm chair, he never questioned it … just asked general questions as to how they understood it and their importance in the relationship of us and them and Dr. Marvin. 

Hmm, Linda is on line now too … its 2 pm.  On time J  We took our shower and picked up a surprise kitty surprise and we started the dishwasher … did we say that yet?  Hmm, don’t think we said it yet … BUT, we did about a third of the clean shirts that have to be hung up.  When company came we put a couple folded stacks in the closet on the floor.  Didn’t think that would go over well … But, it was a good gift for Rich to hang his shirts up again – at least we’ve started … we’re about 1/3 done. 

Linda is now off to her world again and we’re working with ours.  The back is rested enough to do a little more … maybe we should go check out the sunroom as to anything needing to be moved before we vacuum.  Hmm, the vacuum was filled up.  Maybe I can catch Rich in-between things to empty it out, then we’ll empty the litter and garbage too.  That’s a good idea. 

Oh oh a little worried.  Couldn’t stand up for very long that time and all we had to do is move a few small chairs around.  We also moved Rich’s chair in the living room because he had thought that needed a better job.  Usually we don’t move the entire chair to vacuum. 

Hmm, ok that hurts it hurts.  Vacuumed the sunroom and plugged it inside to do around Rich’s chair, but didn’t get much further.  Rich did say he’d empty the container.  That will be a good deal.  It looks 4/5’s to the top of the gizmo. 

We’ve decided to let go of the sewing yet another afternoon … again … just need to set up the next time.

Ok, more time has passed and we vacuumed the living room too.  Just gotta do the hanging of clothes, kitty litter and garbage.  AND, when the dishwasher is done … we’ll want to empty that too, but thinking that might wait until after dinner.  I think Rich is just taking care of some small details, but then he’s going to go over to his mother’s.  I hope they remember to say Happy Birthday. He’s had a few other calls come in today from I’m assuming friends and family.  Didn’t know who was who to keep track.  We’ll see maybe something that comes up at dinner. 

Oh Lordy … we have to have a few straight thoughts.  I know that it is good to be a domestic Goddess ESPECIALLY on Rich’s birthday, but we’re so far into right field, we may NEVER come back!

I think we had said something about Dr. Marvin’s, but I don’t think we talked about it very much.  Basically, it was a rundown on things happening with Thanksgiving, all the get-togethers, family and friends.  That seemed to take a LOT of time.  I don’t think we said too much about Rich, though he confirmed that his battle not to shower off the smoke stuff is continuing.  I don’t know what will happen tonight.  After he orders whatever on the phone, then he’ll go over there, and then there may or may not be time in-between, but we’ll be going out for dinner, and THEN he goes out with the guys for the poker, but the question is – prior to dinner and after his mother’s will he take a shower.  We’re hoping so, but we’ve been fooled by this before. 

We were already a little grumbly in that he was working on getting things in and out of his car, and he came in and started laying things on the table and the counters.  Many oh man … you can ask me to be your DG, but then PLEASE don’t come in right behind me and leave things around!  EVEN on your birthday this is not acceptable.  My thought is that if you are bringing something into the house, it has a place to go, AND most likely it is not on my tables and counters.  Yup yup … that’s the way we are and I’m not planning to change.  We as a rule don’t like clutter.  I want the table to look nice no matter who comes in!  OR, WHO has to live here!  I think its reminding me of the old days.  When we were a kid, one of our jobs was to do kitchen twice a week – my sister did it three times, but we also had to do the dining room table and the stairs.  AND, they were the TWO places that ended up having junk thrown on them all the time.  I hated it so much.  We’d be there sorting and sorting and most of the stuff wasn’t ours … even if it were a fair distribution and it wasn’t – 80% of all that ended up in those two places I had to be responsible for.  I felt like I was some kind of slave labor.  AGAIN HATED IT!

We’re already having discussions … like Rich … how do you think your bathrobe gets from the sitting room back to the bedpost everyday … do you SERIOUSLY think that is my job?  HMPF!  Ok, now just a little crabby.  WE WERE doing so well too.  Shoot.

Not much into Dr. Marvin’s talk, but obviously some things sticking in my mind.  Shoot shoot.  I hate that when it happens.  Better be moving on.

Anything else at Dr. Marvin’s?  I think we were explaining before that we’ve been going over the feelings we’re having in questions between us and Dr. Marvin.  I hear him saying things like it would be ok and that I don’t have to worry about our relationship continuing, but it feels like that just the same with everything else we’re questioning.  Basically, if we’re going into as much as we can into the tiger’s eye with Multiplicity, then we’re going to get a little messy.  Just stands to reason. 

Hmm, distracting again … turned on the Christmas music as the dishwasher went off …  too quiet.  AND, we need to get water. Better.  Trying to calm down now. 


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