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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saturday - the 12th Just gearing up for life

Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 10:18 am


Hi Dr. Marvin.  It’s taken a couple of days, but we’re going to try writing this morning.  We’ve been up over 3 hours and just fumbling around FB and emails.  Maybe we’re into a little bit of a depression again this morning.  Think it has to do with the gloominess around me with the weather.  House seems dark because of the cloudiness and rain.  Hmm, turn on the lights then?  Maybe that is a good idea, thanks!

Hmm stopped to finish off the ice cream too … maybe that isn’t the best idea.  Let’s not talk about that right now, k?

Ok, I know we’re not supposed to eat ice cream for breakfast.  And, that’s how people get big.  REALLY don’t want to talk about it…

So where else to go. 

We’re looking over at a sad picture of Dakota.  Katherine cut off all his extra hair … I don’t like that so much, though I can really appreciate how cool and free he must feel.  This is the before and after pictures.

Katherine says he was having trouble sitting still in the cropped picture so she was holding him steady and he wasn’t a big fan of that.  Just that I know he’s cooler now ... I guess SD has been near the 100’s of late.  Everyone is supposed to get the polar vortex tomorrow – or there about … ok, the bottom line is that we’re kinda missing our big bushy dog.  He doesn’t look like a collie now.  I know Katherine did the right thing, just ok, we’re still mopey.

We did take all our medicine this morning.  That was a good thing.  We’ve been put on alert in that Maury said he’d be here about 2 hours ago.  We had to get up and get showered, dressed and cleared dirty dishes right away.  I’m thinking now that he must have gone out last night because he’s not here yet which means he slept in.  I suppose he could have done that on his own by never leaving the house too.  We stayed up and watched a few movies last night. 

Hi it’s us again … we just got back from taking a nap.  It’s now just after 12 pm.  A few minutes after we woke up Maury called and said he’d be here just before 1:30 pm.  He was leaving as he called.  He was up late last night and slept in.  He should be just stopping by and then going right away.  He hasn’t made his plans for the day, but wouldn’t want to get stuck out here I guess. 

Maybe we could say something more positive in that yesterday we were able to talk to all three of my sons.  Maury was a short talk and more based on what his next plans were.  And, then Thom called.  That was like a long almost 2 hour conversation, and then we called Joe to talk to him to about stuff on the top of general life. 

The call to Thom was based in mostly things going on with him.  He didn’t seem to know or remember that we were getting a service dog.  So we filled him in there.  He says after being in his place for a year – if things are still going his way, he’s going to try either buying the house from his landlord or getting permission necessary to getting a dog.  He said he would have to make a promise to keep the dog out of the special room – cushioned floors and rice paper walls.  You can take a look at the pictures in FB when we get together, but this is the front of it J

Nice, hmm?  It stands alone and has a place to park up to three cars.  We went over room by room with the 16 pictures he showed us.  He hasn’t done much decorating in the 7 or so months he’s been there, but has the main things in the kitchen, dining room, LR and Master BR.  The rice paper room and the two extra bedrooms are pretty bare.  One has a rack for hanging clothes.  We sent him a picture of the steamer and suggested it for him.  We saw his wrinkled T-shirt on the rack.  Sorry this is just a Mom thing I think it’s a major answer to something we had such problems over.  Still have to do the work, but it is available to us. 

We didn’t talk very much about his job other than how well he’d done with his 6 month review.  I do like the part where the boys will talk to me about stuff, but when it gets to their social life – it’s like ok, Mom I …  [more editing]

We just took our afternoon medicine – it’s just over 1 pm.  Maury in a half an hour … We’ll have to get a handle on ourselves.  I don’t expect he’s going to be here long …. Just enough to drop the car. 

I’m now thinking of you stating something toward not taking care of other peoples programs.

The house is still a bit of a mess – I’m not done putting away the laundry from a couple of days ago.  And, other than dishwasher haven’t done anything today – especially vacuuming the floor.  Thinking Maury was right as he headed out last time.  If I just left the dogs fur on the ground I could almost pretend they were still here.  I think Maury knows I’m having a hard time with it, but like his brothers more able to cut it off and say – Mom’s problem.  They’d be right.

I’ve talked to almost all my boys about the gym equipment.  I don’t think I told Maury about it.  Thom was like you should really get a small TV to watch to forget about the actual exercise time and Joe was like – good idea, but that he and Cari usually agreed on the expenditure of money and he of course would hate that it’s on credit.  He was able to follow the logic as was Thom.  I’m thinking Rich will too, but he’s going to say that we needed to be holding back and that would be too much money into the equipment.  I know he’s still paying off people and he had to put money down on taxes this week.  It didn’t seem to matter L

Hmm, back.  It’s now about 3:15 pm and we’ve just said goodbye to Maury.  He was here for about an hour and talked about general stuff. 

I did talk to Maury about the exercise equipment, but not much further past then his confirmation I haven’t told Rich (Maury was shaking his head) and the part about putting some of it on credit.  The good part to all that is that talking to Katherine yesterday too – she said that she will start training Dakota on her treadmill.  Good boy …. It’s like if he can do it so can I?  Just we have to start before he gets here.  Maury says we should be able to get over the depression part, because the girls, he and the dogs will be coming back – actually this next weekend.  He said he’ll bring them on Saturday and then probably go home so he’s ready for work on Sunday morning.  AND, he’s bringing the dogs! 

So that’s it for that – we did ask about the quilting weekend and he said he would talk to the girls.  I know that Isa won’t be a problem, but I need to assure that Ame isn’t going to be stuck with something she’s against.  BUT, other than that – the plan seems pretty firm in place.  The quilting girls know, we have yet to arrange the room, but we’re excited about it.  I will still want to pull a sewing project for Isa.  I think something to do with sorting and maybe bringing my plastic 10 drawer container so she can be matching colors.  I have to think it through yet.  I think ironing and folding are past her age level.  Maybe push comes to shove that I could work with her and we could go through scraps together.  That way as she got bored, she could walk away – I could develop another stack, and then she can check back into the project …. I think that’s what worked before with the clipping of my patches of sewn tails.  She didn’t have a lot of consistency built up in time, but she could come back to things and her accuracy was perfect.  The girls can sleep in the car on the way up. 

I suppose it would be an alternative to pick the girls up on the way. 

Hmm, faded off there a bit …. We went through a few things in emails.  One of our favorites is to follow some of the real estate – especially mobile homes in the area.  I know we had to put on a roof, but we really do have one of the best houses and we’ve been looking for over a year.  Some are newer and have real walls that are dry-walled instead of panels, but other than that haven’t seen much that’s better and I think CERTAINLY nothing is better in size or room placement. 

Saying this, you would think that I could treat our house a little better toward cleaning up.  It does put a little change in perspective to think the girls are actually coming back with the dogs in ONE WEEK!  WooHOOO!!!!  There are some things I haven’t done yet in their rooms as to cleaning and washing sheets.  I’m really being terrible.  I suppose  if you were here, you might say something like what is one thing that I could do right away.  Grrrr… do we REALLY want to play the Dr. Marvin game?  Maybe we could do SOMETHING!  We won’t be seeing anyone now before Rich gets home tomorrow – and because it’s only in Madison, he might get home around 4-5 pm.  We’ll have to plan that. 

 “Our Linda” the one we communicate daily with from the sewing group, then the Linda from Los Vegas … she just wrote and asked for the phone number again, and then Rich’s friend – Bob – HIS Linda.  After we talked with you on Tuesday we went out with Bob and Linda to a Bohemian restaurant.  It was very relaxing.

Are we back there again?  How did that happen?  We should get it cleaned up before they come through again.  What’s it going to be like when we have our own shaggy dog problems?  Hehehehe … I sure hope he likes the sound of vacuums and doesn’t bark at them.  I didn’t think I could handle Maury’s dogs and the cat while they were here – and vacuum, but no excuses now, EXCEPT we’re finally in the wind-down part of the day.  Maybe if we get through it we’ll change and watch some movies again.  That sounds a lot easier than cleaning or sewing. 

Hmm, is that a constant thread – go toward the easier?  Probably we’ve talked about this before. 

We recorded a few shows from the dish “blockbuster” free movie section yesterday.  We watched one where there was a girl with three chances and she had a charm necklace where she could do the moral dilemma 3 different ways and choose the version she liked the best.  They we watched before that something?  Don’t remember which.  I’d have to have something jar my memory and not sure if it would be important enough. 

AHA!  We found something interesting to look at for a little bit … perfect for this little bit of space.  We just remembered that the treadmill was attached to some kind of “ifit” program and that we hadn’t checked that out.  Looks on surface like an online club with app that pulls together weight, diet, and exercise.  We’ll be back.

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