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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friday is happening - TODAY is Dakota DAY!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014 @ 12:24 pm

Hi hi … this is us.  And we’re down to the last few hours before meeting Dakota and Katherine.  This will probably be a short note in that I need to do just a few more things at home here before we go in three hours.  We have to finish folding the load of clothes still drying, and we have to steam the clothes that are already done.  We started with a list this morning of things that had to get done – and they are all set. 

We picked up the general clutter in the house (6 min), picked-up dishes and ran the dishwasher (3 min), cleaned both bathrooms (15 min), swept the kitchen, dining and Desk area and then washed and buffed it (24 min), we made the bed and picked-up the bedroom (6 min), through one load of wash in (now it’s the last stages of drying) (5 min), swept the breezeway (6 min), charged the scooter (2 min), took out the kitty litter and garbage (10 min), and cleaned off a few extra things normally sitting on our cupboard (7 min).  Again just need to finish folding and steaming clothes which should take about an hour and we’ve got 3 hours to do it …. SOOOO if I didn’t write so much, I could put in an hour or two on sewing.  Just we don’t know if we have that kind of concentration. 

Right now is another break and we broke out some ice water and need to chill out a bit … There done AND we took our medicine about a half hour early.  We also did a quick scrub on the fridge shelves.  All the little things stick out at you.  When we were in the kitchen earlier, we washed also all the appliances and made sure the garbage can itself was clean.  We do a pretty good job with that because I hate scuzzy garbage cans.    We also dusted or washed down the living room furniture and especially the glass coffee table where Rich sits.  I think he really needs something under his glass – because there’s always a mess on the glass table top.  Hmm, make note of this for future.

Right now?  Let it go!

I’m getting scolded by Missy and I’m not sure why … she already got me to do an extra 15 minutes petting in the recliner.  So she either wants some more of that, or to know why I put her food dishes in the dishwasher!  Hope she settles down.  Maybe she knows this is her last day of cat freedom where she alone owns the house.  Maybe?

We’re back but only for a little bit.  It’s 1:30 pm now.  I just finished folding the dryer load.  All the time in-between was spent with Missy on the couch AGAIN being petted.  When I got up to do the dryer, she went back to her new bed on the bench seat in our bedroom.  I think she’s feeling better.  I think though too maybe she knew I was the one that needed to pet/hold her.  She’s still trying to convince me that we don’t need a dog.  Too late Missy!!

Rich just came in to take his shower.  He had been working the whole time out in the sunroom.  I’m not sure if he opened the windows, but we’re thinking it’s a lot nicer in the house than outside.  We haven’t been out to investigate the bees today.  It is going to be how it will be … we’ll still try to peek, but in general its causing a lot of headache and I’m trying to ignore it.  The ONLY thing I have to do for the next two hours is steam clothes.  We’ve had the music on from Sirius on the current top 40 music recordings.  It’s different and I periodically do this because I like most of the music and it is new.  We thought it would help relax us while petting Missy, and then it would be a better transferal to the sewing room for the steaming because we have the Sirius there too.  I don’t know why this chore is so hard … it’s always the last one to do, but I will be out of nicely steamed clothes tomorrow if I don’t get it done AND Rich has ALL three jeans in there so he will for sure need some of the clothes.  I think he’s planning to do work around the house tomorrow and then go out to Chris’ for Jaxson’s birthday party, and then Sunday we’ll go out to Chicago.  Don’t think there will be much time for him to work outside then – SOOOO I don’t think he’ll be buried in it.  I’m excited that he’s going to be working on the back section of weeds – that’s a big section and I would be excited to pieces if he could do it.  I don’t think he’ll get it all done, but it is a great idea TO have done!  You know?

Hmm, went outside and the bees were still there … so I sprayed the patio area … I’m not sure if that is direct enough, but it’s about all I could do in frustration.  We’ll have to see if that does anything by the time we get home.  I hate to kill the bees, but I can’t tolerate them in our relaxation area.  Well actually we have other areas to relax, but that’s one of our favorites right now.  You Know? 

Oh oh … back to me – the “Ya know?” person.  Yikes. 

Rich is getting out of the shower.  I’m going to see if I can scare a conversation out of him, otherwise I have no excuse than to go back to the steaming.  I figure if I don’t get to it … the worst thing that could happen is that I might have to do piece by piece as we need them – would only take a few moments.  I know I should and I could AND we have time to do it.  Just being really resistant.  Maybe I will do you a favor and try to talk about something else other than that.  Hmm?

Ok, we’re about 75 minutes before leaving and I’m DEFINITELY not able to do steaming.  I did leave a note with Linda.  I wouldn’t be able to do a conversation with CS even if she were interested.  I don’t know if she went home today or is still at the hospital.  Hope she’s going to be ok.

Katherine called from the airport.  She says that Dakota seems to realize that what he is going through is new and he’s been excited and very interested in what is going on around him.  Katherine had to be there a couple hours early, but she said she always has a book.  I don’t think I could read right now either.  Just too much going on.  We’re a bit frustrated with our Internet … it is out again and it’s frustrating not to just have FB to go through.  I guess I could do it on our phone.  Let me see how that feels.


  1. Hi Ann, I enjoy reading your blog. I'm a multiple, too, and I also love to sew. Wanted you to know I check in now and again. :)

    1. Thanks Ruby for stopping in - it gives us great pleasure that you've been here. Sorry it took us so long to find you. I really appreciate your interest in us :) Our best, Andd