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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Really Getting into the Mind Map AND New Grandma in the house!

Friday, October 17, 2014 @ 9:10 AM

Just another cute shot of our dog – this one was taken AFTER Lady and Max left – Dakota was pretty tired!

Good Morning, this is us.  It’s a Friday which seems a good day to write, and it seems like it’s been a while.  Hmm, let me check.  Yeeks!  We posted an article on the 8th and then a real one on the 5th.  SOOOO it seems like it’s been a GREAT while!  The one on the 8th was about the medications, and the one on the 5th was the last day we had all the dogs here for the week.  I’m not sure how well we’re going to do tracing back time.  It’s about two weeks for those not wanting to calculate.  Maybe we can be helped with an out from FB?

Let’s see first thing is that Austin is coming over tonight –

This is a little catch-up as to how he’s looking!  Laura said he’s about 7’ tall.  We’re figuring this is a bit of an exaggeration, but he certainly does look like he’s got long legs!

As a side note Thom has called from Japan again and seems to be doing well.  There’s of course a girl in the picture and he’s getting back into physical shape.  He seems to have let that go.  And, he’s coming into his annual review.  I think if he does good in this one – he’ll be good to go for an entire lifetime of security working for the government.  He did really well at 6 months and they’ve given him more work on an especially large project of moving one air base to his – think Okinawa?  I’m not sure now, but he’s doing exemplar J  That’s our Thom report.

Rich will be picking up Austin about 3:30 pm so we’re thinking they’ll be back here about 5 pm and I saw that Rich put out hamburgers.  SO all that’s good.  PLUS, I think he’s stopping off before picking up Austin to doing some grocery shopping.  I can never sing the praises of Rich well enough.  He’s my SUPER FRIEND!!!

Mike will be coming on Sunday to pick up Austin.  I wish we’d have something special to do with him, but not figuring on anything at the moment.  Hmm, just looking at the movies.  Only two we would see with him might be too light for him.  One would be the Book of Life and the other would be Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  I wonder if either of those would interest him.  I’d prefer the second one, but we’ll have to run it past Rich first and then Austin.  It would be something to do on Saturday.  All the others are way too dark for me, or too mushy for the guys.

So that’s THIS Weekend!

Last weekend, we had the girls and their two dogs.  Those are always great weekends too.  We didn’t do anything, but Rich has been fishing the last two weekends, and Maury took our car again.  We’re going to need talking to him about the amount of gas he’s spending since it’s going on our card.  I agreed to having him fill it up before he left, because I’d run it down, but then after that, Rich said he filled it up again and there was $25 and then $31? Put in it … I did get it back with a full tank, but Rich is saying its too much.  I don’t know if those are the charges – then $25 was not filling it up because it was way low and $31 is fair – I don’t want to check the miles, but we will talk about it.

The girls did great though.  We did claim our space in front of the computer and for a little bit we were into watching Utopia – and saw the Utopia wedding with Isa.  It was nice, but during the rest of the weekend and since, it has seemed like too much noise.  That could change of course with the parts – just Isa had the TV on and it was … too much.  Ame was in their room a good amount of the time, but there wasn’t much left for her out here, so we could understand.  AND, we did get some reading time in with Isa – and there were showers and such.  I think it was a pretty normal weekend, but next weekend when they are back, I’m going to recommend Isa put in reading time on both days since they are here for the majority of Saturdays.  Last time she got 50% of her book done – we coaxed her with popcorn and a comfy setting, so we’ll see this time if she can do 50% on each day and get a whole book read.  She’s reading stories about fairies J

The dogs always get along well.  They seemed to play as normal and then fall to sleep wherever.  We’d gotten so many pictures the week before, we didn’t capture too much this weekend, but they are adoring to watch!

We had left the “Talking About Medicines Month” Article in the blog so that’s not new, but it was interesting to get a heads up on doing the article.  We’re out of practice writing so it took the majority of the day.  We are really bad about editing and editing.  We read it over by taking turns and it seems like everyone has a problem with something, and then we let it sit and our minds refresh and then there’s more editing. 

I know that there was a good part telling who we were, but I think for this time period of our life it was natural.  All of our emphasis has been going to figuring out stuff on the mind map – and we want it to stand for our “job,” so we wanted to explain it well – and then pivot that the medicines we took helped us to be able to do something like that – even though it sounds like we take a lot of medicine.  We can’t keep up the work all the time, but when we are working it’s something we’re proud of.  We’ll go into that more in a few moments.

Ok, ok … here is the BIG NEWS!  Cari and Joe DELIVERED!!!!  Alexander Terry Garvey was born on October 12, 2014 at 8 pounds 3.5 ounces and 19.5” tall.  YAY!!!  Cari and Joe had a lot of responses when they announced on Facebook – in the hundreds!  We got a chance to see and hold the new baby on Wednesday.  Rich and us brought Chinese dinner over there and we held the baby while Cari was eating … I think the kids needed a good meal because the first night home was rough.  It takes a lot to settle in with a new baby in the house.  Just so grateful that everything is ok and my oh my is he not the most wonderful!

The rest of the time seems to be an effort on working through the Mind map as stated above.  We had an eagerness to get back into doing something with the Google search and we had several appointments with Dr. Marvin where it was included.  Basically, with all the steps we do getting it in Pinterest, Learnist and more, we are not able to keep up with the mind map which is our primary.  So Dr. Marvin got us to let go of some of the details to get something down.  He stated we could go back and do something with SOME of the data later.  I know he’s right, but the obsessiveness in us has a hard time letting it go.  I think also because when people have commented it has been through Pinterest or Learnist so we don’t want to let that go – or the fact that it pushes the subject of “Multiple News” up to the forefront from many directions on Google.  Life’s about balance, though and we’re trying.

With this in mind, we have actually made it through several days of entry.  We’re just going for the initial posting though s it goes under the section for Google where evertything we pick falls in a category, like this …

Just click on picture to expand.  There are a LOT of sub-categories under this, but we’re not tying it into the other part of our project directly yet.  Maybe we’ll do that after some of the bulk information is added all around, though that might take a while.  We talked to Dr. Marvin about it and told him we decided to try and pull back from some of the “getting things out there,” because our data banks are so large and so few of the issues are covered yet.

Getting information in there for Google though was a big deal, and we’re going to have to plan on time to get in EACH day’s information along with a couple steps into the past.  One of the things we decided was that the work is so intense that we can switch up so we’re doing different things in the map – and no one thing gets overwhelming.

Another area now being covered by the map – is Multiple and dissociative books through Amazon.  Here, we’ll show you how that one is working out.

The first picture breaks down the books we’re looking at by Category, and then the books are broken down by 5 year increments of time, and then each individual book has certain information – from Amazon on what the book is about with three separate links back to Amazon.  It’s really their business if someone wants to buy a book.  We just want people to find the books more easily.  AND, really important is that anything within the description area (white) can be resource able – so that if I want to look up countertransference – AND it’s a big enough deal to include in description of book we’ll have access to it there and from any other source we’re using.  I’m really happy with this section.  Through DID we found about 250 books – not all of which are really in that category, but close and then under MPD, we’ve got in another 200 books. 

We were going along thinking that was a pretty big deal and added more legitimacy to the project, and then we were telling that and something to Astraea – maybe that we’d gotten all her material in there, but anyway, we asked if she had any other references.  She showed us to one, which was like GREAT!  A Database.  Unfortunately, it was an older one from 1975-2005.  We will still sort through their books to find journals to link-up.

From there we found another site that lists free journals and that one has holes too, but we’re going to go through it … any resource is a good resource.

BUT THEN!!!  We rediscover  We hadn’t realized the government was putting out a data base – though it made perfectly good sense …. Why shouldn’t resources be made available to the public.  We’ve just started the first 60 articles (some not chosen) out of 3166. It means that there are about 64 pages (50 entries each page) that we’ll have to go through.  We’re only on page 2, but we told Dr. Marvin it is REALLY doable.  The abstracts we’re looking at are immediate – Oct 2014 TO 1969.  It’s WONDERFUL.

But, then Dr. Marvin asked us if we were going to use the one less medical, but still psychology – which was Psychnet/Psychinfo.  So he sent us a link that we looked at last night when we got home.  We discovered it is put out by APA (American Psychological Association) and that they make it available only to their members.  Because I don’t have a Masters or Doctors in psychology, nor am I an active student, I can’t get membership … they did say you could look at it through registering, but I couldn’t see how to register without becoming a member.  It did say if you registered you could do 24 hours of having the service for $11.95. 

We sent a note to Dr Marvin and asked if he could help, but that we knew it could be a matter of ethics if he can’t get me a list of abstracts.  We haven’t heard back from him yet.

Oh My this IS wonderful … we were checking the email and we found that we had a copy of Psychiatric Times … I don’t know which of us discovered this previously, but it was probably a lead from Dr. Marvin.  I just checked and they had 43 links to DID and then under DID they had articles from 2014 back to 1996, and there seems to be about 75 articles and they are complete!  WOOHOO!!! Another resource.  I’m sure there will be many more to add. 

The main reason we work through the mind map is that we want to have a resource that can be accessed by professional minds or just the regular common person and they can all look at what individuals who ARE Multiple are thinking and the regular thinking people can have an idea as to what the professional people are doing.  The resource in itself – especially for the professional is just pointing a finger back to the original jumping off point.  We’re just using abstracts or beginning paragraphs.  We don’t want to steal the material, we just want to be invited to the parade!  If you had something “wrong” with you, or maybe something “novel” about yourself, why should it be locked away where only a few privileged can sort through THEIR details.  They get their information from us Jane and John Doe, but we can’t see the results of the work? 

To me this is one of the most criminal acts in our currect day situation.  Keeping information from people to keep them uneducated, and then while we are going through the throws of it, this institution is deciding whether or not you are valid – meaning are we or are we not real.  It’s like either we’re Multiples or have very active imaginations.  We also know that if we don’t have the money or insurance to seek help, we can’t even get the attention of people who do believe in us.  Then they – meaning psychiatrists and therapists write about our stories and again get paid for “treating us” whether or not they believe there is validity.

We found that a lot while we were looking at APA yesterday.  We couldn’t find ANYTHING on Multiplicity – where it was even stated as that or DID in the Title or Abstract.  We found only 2 resources and the first TOP resource was from a guy named Nicholas P. Spanos PhD who wrote Multiple Identities and False Memories: A Sociocognitive Perspective (1996).  Why would a book from 1996 even be LISTED as their top resource, unless that’s about the time that APA discontinued an interest.  

This is an Overview of the book

Multiple personality—the mysterious capture of the body by alien, unseen personalities, or "alters"—is the stuff of courtroom drama and the basis of riveting accounts like Sybil. It's also a staple in horror movies, and that, according to Nicholas Spanos, is where it should stay.

In Multiple Identities and False Memories, Spanos, one of the world's leading experts in the study of hypnosis, delivers a blistering rebuttal to long-held assumptions about multiple personality disorder (MPD) or dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Written in a forceful, unapologetic style, and bolstered by a thorough examination of the relevant science, this book argues that MDP, or DID, is not a legitimate psychiatric disorder but a cultural construct, one with roots in earlier beliefs about demonic possession and upheld today by misguided psychotherapists and their patients.

Multiple Identities is a vivid, scholarly statement on a subject that fascinates psychology professionals, sociologists, cultural critics, and lay readers alike.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1996 hardcover edition. 

Back again …  APA states it has 59 results for DID, but this is their top 10

·         1.Multiple Identities and False Memories: A Sociocognitive Perspective
This book forcefully argues that multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder, is not a true psychiatric disorder, but a cultural construct.
Book/Monograph (August 2001)
·         2.Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women
These guidelines address psychological practice with women and girls of diverse ethnicities, social classes, sexual orientations, and life experiences who have encountered changes in education, health, work, reproductive and caregiving roles, and personal relationships.
Guidelines (December 2007)
·         3.Glossary of Psychological Terms
A glossary giving definitions of common psychological terminology.
Web Page
·         4.Course Adoption Books on Personality and Social Psychology
Provides a list of APA books in the personality and social psychology subject area available for course adoption.
Web Page
·         5.Casebook of Clinical Hypnosis
Anyone who wishes to learn about clinical hypnosis and expand their repertoire of clinical interventions will have much to gain from the case explorations contained in this volume.
Book/Monograph (June 1996)
·         6.Sample Academic Calendars for High School Psychology Courses
The sample pacing calendars provide teachers with examples of actual calendars from other psychology teachers like advanced placement classes, international baccalaureate classes, and regular classes, and courses can be one semester or year-long, block or regular schedule.
Web Page
·         7.Popular Books on Psychology 
Listing of popular books on psychology, covering methods, biopsychological, developmental, cognitive, and individual and group psychology.
Web Page
·         8.Coalition to Protect Research: Vote No on Neugebauer
Continue to support the scientific review process and vote no on any amendment that seeks to rescind funding from peer-reviewed research.
Web Page
·         9.Self-Injury
Dr. Wendy Lader demonstrates her brief analytic approach to working with clients who purposefully injure themselves.
Video (September 2006)
·         10.Executive Summary: Report of the APA Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls
This report, developed by the Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls, is a review including definitions, nature, prevalence, psychological, physical and social effects.
Summary (January 2014)

There is nothing really ON Dissociative Identity Disorder

AHHH found a few more things … by typing in the word “dissociative” I get 120 listings and they seem to be a little better.  And, then typing in dissociation, we get 195 listings, but if we type in TRAUMA, we get 2851 listings, so that seems to be what the association is doing – This is all at the APA American PSCHOLOGICAL Association.  I think we’re going to have to do a lot more with trauma, then initially expected, but it doesn’t have to be done right away – just putting it on our to-do list.

Anyway in the meantime I thought to look over at APA as to American PSYCHIATRIC Association – notice the difference between “psychological” and “psychiatric.”  Haven’t spent a lot of time over there, but when we put in our DID sort preference we got out about 17 listings which were mostly defunct or either copies of syllabus or newsearch programs for either way early or up to 2012 for their official meetings – it comes off as 300 some page manuals as to presentations being made for psychiatry conferences.  THIS also though could be useful in that it seems like new research being done – and it’s in the form of a PDF so it can be used with our Adobe “Find” function.  There’s not a lot though being done.  More again though is being done in trauma.  I don’t think that is going to go badly for DID or dissociative symptoms, but obviously there is tons to learn.

I hadn’t caught before the new part where they are saying either dissociation – like a verb – or dissociative disorder (without the identity).  Then it’s more like dissociative fugue, or dissociative NOS (Not otherwise specified), dissociative amnesia, dissociative spectrum, dissociative reaction or dissociative symptoms.  So like DID is part of that, but more interest in the process … think they are backing off the heat as to DID which of course our main interest.

Oh Lord is there so much to do … there’s good information that can be gained from those sites … Hmm, one more …


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