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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just a generally good day - PLUS Sitting Room :)

Hi hi.  This is me and we're typing on our new computer.  YAY!!!!  We are a little speculative because we've had so much problem with bloat-ware.  I think that's the title for it … It's stuff that pops up like viruses telling you need programs or software to correct problems they are just giving you so that you pay for their protection.  It's the most irritating thing, but we haven't figured it out yet.  We did go to the programs section and deleted some stuff, but the main culprit, won't delete.  Hopefully, today will be better, we got the computer yesterday after we got back from Dr. Marvin's.

We are trying the Microsoft 365 program for free - I know that Rich and us will get a business copy, but Rich hasn't decided to go 365 or purchase outright.  We'll wait for his computer to come in and load to that first.  We will need a copy that can get us 5 devices.  Joe is letting us use one of his copies, but I could see it going to my desk top, Rich's laptop, his phone, my phone and my hybrid.  Hehehe that's fancy words for the part of us getting a Lenovo Yoga 2 which means it's a laptop and its tablet.  Rich got the regular Lenovo laptop - the U530 model.  I don't think either were in their newest ranges, but both were affordable and had very good ratings. 

I think the keyboard on this one is a little stiff, but it's a matter of adjustment, you just don't have to press the keys very far down.  You do have to press.  Maybe we just have to loosen them up or it might be the angle we're typing.

Hmm, that was a little adjusting.  We turned the fireplace up a little, got coffee, took our medicine, fed the dog, grabbed a piece of chicken, AND went to the bathroom.  Then we resettled ourselves under the blanket.  You might have guessed with the new computer we're in the sitting room enjoying the comfort. 

Hmm, one of the things, I'm enjoying about this new computer too is that it has a really nice speaker on it - so we're listening to our Rhapsody account.  We have a playlist that includes about 3 days of soft Christmas music.  YAY!!!  It keeps the whole thing cheery … reminding ourselves now that this is our Christmas present - ok, 3 weeks early, but REALLY appreciated!

Ok, moving along - we tried to open our regular blog to see where we last left off in our writing, but because of a long running script it wouldn't open proper.  I think it's because we are installing the Office program in the background - it's at a very slow 83%.  It's ok, we have some patience.  :)

Hmm, nothing really impressive about what we're writing about so far.  I think we're trying to get settled.

Ahh I think the MS sample program finished loading and we were able to go check out our blog.  We scanned it for an idea of what we last wrote.  It's surprisingly about a month ago.  Not sure what all has happened since then … I guess we'll have to go over to FB to check out what breadcrumbs we left.

I think one of the first things that happened and I don't think I wrote about it, but Fox canceled the show Utopia.  That was a major disappointment.  We've since become FB Friends with some of the cast, but especially James.  I feel like he's another friend for real - at least as far as online friends go.  But, I've appreciated that he's let people in general become a part of his life - that with both good and bad.  He seems very real to me. 

The next important thing was that Dakota went to the vet/groomer.  They are located together so that we dropped him off at about 7:30 am, and then they called about 12:30 pm to say I could come pick him up.  He was gorgeous and smelled very good!  I love what she did with his fur and there were many curls on the top that she left … my favorite part was around the collar.  She seemed to know what to do to get the ridge just right it's like smooth around the muzzle then flips outward meeting the front to the part coming in from lower in the neck.  He's very soft and wonderful.  Yes, I think he knows it because he sits very proudly when petted by ourselves or others.

In general he's gotten a lot of attention - yesterday was another example.  When we walked in Dr. Marvin's office area - there were several people who happened to be up and about and about 4-5 people all focused on Dakota when he came in … a couple petted him and people talked about their own dogs and wishing they could bring them to work.  They asked the familiar questions like what kind of dog he was and stated how handsome he was.  It was good attention, but all we wanted was to go and sit down.  We finally made it back to our chair and then Dakota turned on his back for his "cute" pose.  Someone else came over and then the platitudes started again. 

I know we have to be conscious of others when we're out with him.  It's like people never saw a dog before.  We had to stop several times on the way back from Dr. Marvin's … before the long hall, after we got to the end and by the time we were at the doorway of the garage.  One family was walking about the same time/path.  They had little children who wanted to pet the dog but were afraid of him.  By the last time we met up in the garage, the family finally stopped close to us instead of the distance.  The Mom and Dad petted and encouraged the other, so we were careful not to scare or push the children (2-3 years old).  It was a good encounter especially for the young father.  I'm so proud of Dakota when he is able to meet people in his gentle way.

Hmm, we've had a very long break maybe a couple of hours, we were doing other computer business - more on the private level.  The last thing was to be talking to Linda - we agreed to be both headed off to our own set of tasks.  I need to go into the sewing room, but we stopped and cleaned up the kitchen first and started the dishwasher.  No reason not to get that "easier" chore out of the way.  I have to remember that it's never as bad after you start - just a matter of how long we can stay … we prefer to be getting everything done.  We can do unloading the dishwasher and loading it and washing down the counters, but that's pretty much our limit.

I think the idea of working while writing is good if I can balance things.  I forgot what we were talking about before the break.  Did we mention that Dakota wen to the vet/groomer?  Don't think we explained that.  Hmm, turns out that was about a month ago.  New dog news would be that we had Maury's dogs Lady and Max over during the week of Thanksgiving. 

We were very happy to do this.  Ok, poop like stuff is never fun, but otherwise it was good.  They seem to enjoy being at our house, especially because their cousin Dakota is here.  That's really the best thing of our house for them.  They get along soooo well.  I will try to post later the pictures of one - them eating or shall we say CRUNCHING together?  The second video is of them playing three way tug of war.  Both are classics!

We didn't have too much trouble with them.  Rich convinced me to let them out one at a time, so we would let one into the sunroom and the other two would be behind the sliding door.  They seemed to understand being called out next or being held back - neither with too much energy.  Lady is pretty excitable putting on the leash sometimes, but most the time she's good.  They seem to each know what going outside is all about and they enjoyed having some outdoor time on their own.  Lady again was the funniest … we were calling her "LookalotLady."  She would just place herself square with the wind and stare off into the distance while her nose was sniffing and sniffing.  Good Zen'ing.  Hehehe

Everyone got their share of pets - and on this mark as before Max and Dakota stood out.  They were like just pet me a very long time and I will be happy, then I'll go over to the other person and when they are done we'll be right back :)

This time all three dogs played at the same time.  Max has cut some slack for Dakota.  Lady is still the obsessed one on the need to play, but generally there is someone who will agree to play with her.  She's a very high energy dog.  We eventually toward the end of the week found a Cesar video where he is training two Goldens the exact same colors as lady and Max to settle down … we sent it out to Maury and Cari caught it too.  We're not perfect because Dakota will still jump up, but mostly because we haven't told him not to yet.  I know he'd train - it's all on us.  I wish we had the video to practice with Lady at the beginning of the week.  We'll review it later when they come back again.

I think Rich fell in line with the dogs too - and a couple times a day, he'd help me by taking them out.  The feeding was on my own, but Rich did his fair share of petting.  One thing we can say for sure … If we have a dog treat in our hand - all THREE dogs sit VERY quickly without a word being said.  Hehehe - loved that part.  We'll look forward to them coming out again.  If Maury were to be back on track, I think that it would be a girls' weekend here this coming Saturday.  We haven't talked plans yet, but should soon.  We got caught up with the holiday and the girls having other plans.  We'll just have to wait it out.  I would like to try inviting the Quilting twins here once during December or January, but not sure how that will work.  I don't know if that would be something they could do.  I do know it's been a long time since seeing them.  I know CS is tied into her recovery and Emily is with family.  Maybe?

The next question is could we have them here by themselves if they agreed to come or could we have them with our Granddaughters here.  I know that Isa would get so much out of it and maybe Ame too.  Just it would be a lot of work trying to keep up demands of kids, sewing, food, etc.  Sleeping we could do it with the twins in one room and the girls in the other.  But, I'm not sure I'd like to give up my alone time wit both sets.  Probably cart is way in front of the horse.  I know it's a busy time of the year for our quilting friends.

There was something that happened this week besides getting the computers for Christmas for both Rich and us.  We got for Rich a birthday present.  His birthday is tomorrow.  We found on Craig's List a old Mahogany desk that also came with a chair and a file for $170.  GREAT price … the desk has some dinks, but nothing out of the ordinary for a used desk.  REALLY happy with it.  We put it in the girls room so that when they weren't here Rich could be using the room for business.  I know that a part of him wants to put it in the sitting room, but even if we took out the piano and treadle sewing machine - it would take up too much room.  The room just isn't big enough with the two big recliners and the desk is 63" x 28" x 31" - plus chair and file.  I can appreciate that Rich wants the big window and fireplace, but it would be unsettling to the flow and purposes of the room. 

I keep trying to work it through my mind.  I wouldn't mind taking out the other two things, but just don't see getting the three pieces in together.  I suppose we could put the desk in front of the window, take out the sewing machine and piano, but my chair would have to stay where it is facing the fire, and Rich would have to put his recliner on the opposite wall where the sewing machine is now.  I don't like that it would block the hall way by being so wide.  The path is clearner now from the rest of the house to the bathroom we use most.  People would be walking in-between the two chairs. 

I guess that Rich's chair is mostly down so it wouldn't be too bad.  Just have to try it out.  I will give him our okie dokie I guess for his birthday to try reconfiguring the chairs before moving the heavy desk again.  He had to unscrew one of the leg sets to get it through.  Thing is with the recliner you have to pull it away from the wall so it can lean back.  It's much more the cubby back by the bar, but I can be manageable.  My chair might be pushed back to where the piano is and neither of us would share the same stool for a table ...the worst part would be if Rich tried to leave papers on the floor in our pathway.  The sewing machine and piano would be fine for the girls.  It would give them a table space AND something fun with the piano.  I would leave out the table we had there in front of the closets, because that really wasn't being used and blocked access to the closets. 

Ok, that's a whole new thought - cleaning out those closets!  They are so tightly packed no one can get anything from there.  It have to be a Rich project.  The other change is that the girls now need to share a Bakers Rack - it be the same whether there was a desk in there or not.  For space too - we put one air mattress on top of the other.  We've got some space to move around - just it gets congested really fast - the rooms aren't huge.  I guess it would be a better idea to have Rich's space more in tact out here, but then adding a office and taking out my bakers rack (for our quilts), sewing machine, AND piano - well, can you see where we are loosing ground here?

But it would make our boo happy AND he wouldn't be as isolated.  That's the part he's complaining about now.  Maybe the best idea is to clean up the stuff coming out of the girls room in back of my chair and scooting his chair across the room … have to do something with sewing machine *sigh*

Ok, we're back and our back is already hurting.  Rich said one room, so we're going to focus on the sitting room.  I feel bad because Dakota and the other dogs are going to lose their nice spot in front of the big windows - it's just 9" from the ground and the space keeps them cool, and able to look out.  I guess with Rich's desk there though, if his feet aren't sitting there, the dog can sit under the desk and still view the window.

We did very little … just moved a couple boxes and blankets off the floor and we moved the heavy cast iron treadle machine out of the way in the guest room.  Next would be to continue removing things from the back of the room.  There's a basket with stuff from the girls table, some more blankets, a couple of chairs, and the piano.  Piano btw is just a little electronic one.  Two trips between top and stand.  We will put that in the guest room too.  Maybe actually we'll put all that stuff in the guest room - some can go on top of the bed.  It will be easier to put away when all the furniture is in place.

The next step will be to clean out the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming this room.  Then my chair moves back and Rich's chair goes to the east wall.  I think I will pick-up all Rich's papers and put them in the guest room too, and then Rich can put them away in the new desk when it gets moved in.  I think he's coming home earlier this afternoon, or at least sometime in the afternoon, because he has to go out from here then to the card club tonight. 

Hmm, thinking out the arrangement of the girls room.  I kinda like the new spot for the one baker's rack.  I think we will leave it there, and then put the sewing table in front of the front window - like Rich's desk, and then we'll put Ame's bed by the south wall next to the door, and then put the piano in front of the closet - that won't be so hard to move.  I like the room better.  As long as the girls can share the bakers rack.  I think most often they bring their things in their backpacks and nothing really gets taken out … Just need to make it a little neater. 

Pswhoo … got almost everything out.  I left in a chair to sit next to Rich's desk on the west wall and I left the papershedder hiding in the corner, and we left one of my standing lamps.  I think that it will look better with Rich's desk then the table one with the broken shade.  We also have an extension cord that we'll use from that corner for his and our electrical equipment.  There's another one over on the wall his recliner will go for when he's sitting in his chair. 

In some ways, I think it's going to make the room bigger to have my chair back a little further, just enough not to touch the north wall when I'm laying flat back.  The inside U will be better formed so the room looks more set as a set.  I think I will have to get the other table/stool from the garage and use it for the other recliner.  Rich and us share, but we'll be too far apart now.  I'll have to then take one of the high chairs out to the garage to sit in while people are working out there. 

I haven't made a choice on the high chair in the corner.  It would be better to have a tall plant there, but still be safe enough for the dogs and cat.  It's old and scruffy and should probably go in the sewing room, no reason for it out here.  I usually have some kind of quilting project or two on it.  It's the first thing we see going into the sewing room, but maybe we're getting closer to leaving the door open so we can be in more of the house.  Who knows? 

I think I'm going to need a white plastic garbage bag to empty the hair in the vacuum.  It had filled up last time after cleaning up after the dogs.  Too much again to start without it being emptied.  Shoot, usually that is a Rich job.  Keep things in tune girls we can do it! 

During the last time up we fixed the lace curtain the dogs had pulled down and we opened up the drapes to let some light in here.  Sweet!  Can't believe how light and bright it is.  We did have on the center light, but it didn't do the room justice.  I think we're going to have to clean the carpet with the cleaner Friday or over the weekend - IF the girls aren't coming.  Don't want them slipping on wet carpet. 

We're pretty much into the day … it's almost 1 pm and we've barely left the sitting room.  I can't believe how happy we've been to be in here in front of the fire again and still be able to type.  With the Kindles we could do email or FB, but it really wasn't good for typing.  I also know that I can't get by with leaving the fireplace on every day, but for now aw we're trying to center the room it's working well.  We talked a few moments ago about making a bigger U-shaped space in the middle, but a good part of that is opening the space in front of the fire.  It is really a nice large stone fireplace.  Deserves to be seen as wholly as it can be.  Ok, girl … just take a moment and then the vacuum right? 

We figure Linda might check in in about an hour or so.  We figured she'd be pleased as us to have the vacuuming done and the recliners in place.  Hehehe.  That be a GOOD Ann!  Still would like a quilt on that back wall.  AND, we'd love to have a couple more floor lamps next to each of the chairs.  That would be a nice balance.  Eh, one thing at a time.  VACUUM!

Pswhoo!  Got the filter cleaned out - it was up to the top in dog hair - WOW!  We were also able to vacuum half the room.  I have to rest for a few moments and then move the recliners and a few other things, and then vacuum again.  I get to rest first though.  So far so good.  1:10 pm and we've eaten lunch - way back at the 11:30 am mark.  We did move the papers and the high chair.  This desk is turning out to be the greatest gift ever!  Just hope to be done before Rich gets here so its ready for him to take off the leg again and then move the desk.  I don't know what else he has to do before leaving, but I can put the rest back to order after he's gone again if necessary.  Sure be nice for him to do something with those papers though!  First time we'll look at our hearth without the papers around it … always thought that was too close to dangerous. 

Hmm, we might have lost a paragraph or two, but basically, we’re here at the end of the room until Rich comes home.  We got the chairs where we want them, both stool/tables, brought in Missy’s scratching pad, and the room is entirely vacuumed.  Good girl.  It’s 1:53 pm, so good time too.  Oh, yes and as may or may not be stated, we left a floor lamp and the paper shredder here too.  Fully equipped with that AND an extension cord.  The room really looks and feels different, but I like the conversational space between Rich’s recliner and ours.  We’re a little off set to the right of the fireplace and our view out the window has never been good  looks to the outside of the sunroom, breezeway and garage. 

Rich has got the better view – he sees, some of what we see, but a better look into our courtyard and down the block.  I think he’s going to be very pleased, so much he might not complain about moving the heavy desk WITH also taking off the leg.  I know I know … but we’re kind of obsessive now.  We keep thinking over details over and over again to get it straight.

I don’t like the view by the bar.  It’s got mostly dog stuff on it like the treats, brush, extra chain.  I might have to move that to outside?  Not sure.  It was away from the regular counters, it’s just that it’s a really bad view.  Maybe Rich is right and we’ll have to hide it under the counter.  We have doors on either side so, if we move the glasses down there that will at least be convenient.  I would like to keep the walkway clear to the bar … not that much is going on over there, just it’s been hidden ad ugly for so long with Rich keeping all of his business papers over there.  We’ve got some stem glasses hanging from above and a picture, should be some kind of a display maybe, but it’s not a real long counter.  Maybe if we put a short board over the counter/bar sink, we could put some white cloth on it and then pull out the Christmas statues that Rich got for us last year.  Hmm, that would be a good deal, right?

AHA!  Done with that!  We put up the pieces there are two big buildings, a midsize fountain and a midsize skating rink, and a truck and a person.  The first building is a general store, and the second building is a newspaper office which is perfect for last year because we were starting our business with Multiple News.  We have to think if we had anything else we wanted this year, or if we should ask Rich if he sees a really good deal like last year to get a few more pieces.  I had originally thought we’d get more and it would be faster, but so many other realities hit too. 

BUT, GUESS WHAT!??  Rich just called and he’s picking up his mother’s mail and he said he’d be home in 20 minutes (4 pm), so that is GOOD news.  I’m eager for him to see this part of his birthday gift.  He gets the best – well almost the best windows in the house.  The best double set of windows faces out front behind the couch, but I don’t see out of them often either, though Rich’s chair in the LR faces out at that direction.  I know it’s a burden on him to see through the lace, but it offers us some privacy too.  He seems to keep track on what’s going on a mile away where the next road is.  So I guess that’s pretty much a good deal.

I think he’s going to be so happy, I can’t seem to settle ourselves down.  ESPECIALLY because he said that I wasn’t supposed to spend all day on the computer and I didn’t AND he said to do one room, and we did!  And, it is going to surprise him nicely.  Happy happy.  He said he stopped by to pick up stuff for the card group tonight.  I guess it’s his turn.  Good Rich.  I think we will be having chicken leftovers from yesterday – hmm, maybe more mashed potatoes? I’m not sure if he’s eating with me just maybe a little of something. 

I turned on the little light above the village pieces – the one over the glasses.  We never turn those on – they are fluorescent and come through the spaces that hold the bottom of the cups.  AND in the newspaper building we put up on the stack of books there are little lights in the building.  I guess the fabric has a white background, but also little bundles of flowers.  Hmm, maybe those are bushes showing through the snow?  It looks fine hehhe

I wonder if he will move the desk for us before he goes.  I think there is time, and then I can put the other rooms back together.  You know the stuff we took a part over the last couple of days, then we might vacuum the sunroom or set the vacuum out there at least with the old plastic table.  Then if we did all that we could start in the sewing room.

I think the plan of attack will be to first put some blanket stuff from the sewing room floor back to the bakers rack in the guest room, and then start to arrange the wicker shelves to hold things on the tables and so forth and the stuff on them better, so the space works.  Then after that if there is stuff we’re going to rearrange some of the space on the regular four shelve units.  I’m so tired of things OUT not having a place.  We need to clear our head when we go in there. 

Hmm, remembering the office Rich was so proud of at JVS … it really was just a square, but it had a window or two in it.  The problem was the windows were about top of one’s head level so although letting in light you couldn’t see out of them.  Now Rich is going to have real windows. 

I sure hope Dakota is doing ok.  Should look.  We left him outside when he laid down on the sidewalk … it was a nice day today.   Hmm, just checked.  He wants to be out there, but not too far from me, but he’s at the stage where he’s looking for Rich who should be home any moment.  He’s DUE!!!!

I kinda wish the rest of the house looked nice as this room, but then that wouldn’t give me anything to do.  AHA … hear car doors and Dakota sat up – he was resting his head on the sill.  He puts out such a calm exterior.  I love that about him.  Yup yup … he’s intently staring.  Sometimes it takes Rich a while to get from his SUV to the house.  Dakota has walked around to the sliding door in greet the Rich position.  When the sliding door was open he was laying out on the couch, but the heat came on and figured I didn’t want to be caught with not only fireplace on, but door open.

Shoot shoot false alarm.  Dakota is back to the window … still staring, but now tail is wagging.  That might be a good sign.  Shoot he laid down.  Maybe not.  He does like to greet Rich.  I don’t know who is more intent between us or the dog.  Hmm, he sitting up again.  Looking interested in SOMETHING out there!  There is no doubt in my mind that he’s looking for his Rich.  He gets the first cuddle now when Rich comes in – it’s like letting the kids say hello first because they are so excited.  It’s 4:08 pm, I want him home before the sun sets so he can see his window – hopefully with the desk in front of it.  I hope he’s not going to be too tired.  Hmm, forgot to take my medicine.  Better do that.

Ahh 4:14 pm and dog ran for the sliding door.  PRETTY sure this time.  Shoot another false alarm, AND we got an excited puppy!

Poor Dakota has been staring at the driveway …he seems to know that’s where he is going to see Rich next.  I feel bad for getting him so excited.  I should have looked first.  Hey, he’s messing with my lace curtains.  It sure is hard to be patient.  Must be a lot of people in the park coming home at this time.  We’re hearing a lot of cars – even with the music on.  Rich’s car is quiet though.  He’s going to miss the light and then he won’t want to set up the desk.  Dakota is so stoic.  He’s got his head.

Pswhoo that was a lot of action … the fed ex guy came with Rich’s computer AND when we got back Rich’s car in drive.  Dakota is checking out the sliding door.  He’s eager.  So why is he taking so long getting into the house now.  Its 25 min after he was supposed to be here.  Hope Don didn’t find him, that could be hours.  He’s going to miss his light … It’s getting pretty dark in here.  The light outside is fading.  Want to just go out and grab him…  Ok, maybe?  Dakota went to the sliding door again.  He knows Rich comes through the breezeway from the garage.  WOW HE’S here