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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Notes Monday 1-26-15 So now you want a couple couches?


1/26/2015 9:51 AM

Good morning … shoot already a brb  ok, better.  We are getting a late start this morning – it’s already almost 10 am.  We did spend some time with Linda and we spent time with Rich before he left for work.  I don’t think we woke up until about 7:30 am.  Pretty late, I know.  Rich was in the study where we were and he turned on the light and not even that woke us up.  Apparently during the night he covered us with another blanket and we were sleeping Soundly!  We haven’t really done anything on the list this morning.  We did try stepping on the scale several times and kept getting E for error.  We’ll do it again tomorrow when we can stand more stably.  I gave Rich the go ahead on getting the new couch’s today.  Hmm, maybe you didn’t hear any of that.  The last we left it was that Rich was going to Value City to get a chair.  When he got home about 4:30-5 pm, he was asking excitedly if we’d seen the pictures he sent us in email.  No we hadn’t.  Then I started getting scared, because he said he’d been over to Ashley’s and I thought oh my lord he’s trying to replace my couches SERIOUSLY!  Oh man oh man my heart was crumbling.  I’ll give you two pictures – the way it is and the way he wants it.

Ok, there is a lot more into the pictures than it reads and I don’t have enough wherewithal to explain it now.  BUT, I like Rich’s new couches, but I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEE MY couches!  The short story is that Rich is going to order the new couch today after he gets off early work, and that the saving part of the plan was that he and I figured that we could KEEP MY couches by placing them in the sunroom with the supposed exercise equipment.  It’s going to be a tight squeeze.  The room is 16 x 12 and they are going to need fitting under the south and west windows.  That means the bike will go on the north wall and the other piece will go on the west wall.  We might be able to save the fridge, but most likely we won’t save the horizontal file.  I could possibly put it under the window in the sunroom, but I think Dakota’s needs to sit by that window are going to win out.  Rich said he doesn’t want it in the garage – and there’s a chance it could end up in the breezeway, but I don’t really want it there.  Also leaving would be the rocking chair and the loveseat out there – which are pretty junky and left behind by the old owners – those will just get trashed.  AND we would probably bring the drafting table into the girls room and the treadle machine will get pushed into a corner in the study.  Chairs we are still figuring out … we’ve got the sewing room, study and Rich’s LR chair to move around, and then we’ll have the 3 chairs from our old kitchen set and the two barstools left from the old owner left.  Some might go to the garage – and we’re thinking one of the kitchen chairs will replace Rich’s old office chair in the guest room so that it will tuck under the table and give more leg room, and then most likely Rich’s old office chair will tuck under the girl’s drafting table which should be good for both of them to be drawing.  I’m happy with that.  Hmm, there’s one more chair with a broken arm – but that matches our kitchen set.  We’ll have to figure that out too, but really only want four chairs at the table.  The 2 recliners in the study are fine as are the 4 barstools in the LR/pass through and one of them in our bedroom for Rich’s clothes.  WOW we have a lot of chairs.  There that was a lot of thinking through.  I’m not sure about all the chairs, but will be happy to let a few go.  Mostly though I like to keep chairs – and we have another think 10 piece set of folding chairs in the garage – Pswhoo!  We were left too 3 stools, but they are being served in the kitchen/or as little table in the study.  We’ll see.  More room for negotiation.  Big thing though!  MY couch STAYS!

What we are missing here is allllll the conversation on the couches last night – possibly up to 4 hours.  It was a lot and a lot of issues came up – especially, being MY couch I purchased with my choices, where this one is going to be RICH’s choice – I will agree with it, but it will be on him because he picked it out, arranged payment and is getting it into the house,  I was very proud – and really excited when we moved my couch into place… it was a whole entire era of me being in charge of myself and not taking hand me downs.  The bottom line I suppose is that Rich is not comfortable sitting on my couch, because it has a soft far back back.  He likes these chairs because they all have recliners, we can hold hands, and they have real backs.  I don’t like another part where it is me sitting with the dog, or me sitting with Rich and that is the only options – as to petting.  I don’t like the style as much – but for that style it is ok.  I’ve liked our modern couch, but again that will be fine in the sunroom with the low windows.  We have a tendency between us to crowd the house.  Rich would like to get rid of more furniture, but we’ve done pretty good with transforming it.  I wish he would get the two girls off the air mattress, but he is sticking to his guns on not spending another penny.  We finally finished paying off the guest room and he wants to keep the payments about the same.  I know he’s been pushing for this change, but we’ve not accepted it all along.  We see more important things to be done.  I’m sure everything will be fine … Just it’s a big transition for me.  Maury bless his heart said he’d take our old couches if we didn’t want them, but I DID want them.  At least he made me feel that someone else appreciated them too.  You know?  We went through the facebook thing too .. It’s going to be ok, right?  Hmm, we deleted the one comment that said she thought her couch with the cup holders was worthy of hate …. I just didn’t want to see that anymore … be brutally honest somewhere else.  Suppose now we should get dressed and get Dakota ready … he has to use the washroom.  He hasn’t been as bothered today by the ear, but he’s StiLL going to get checked!

Good good … got almost everything done necessary before leaving the house.  We still have some work when we get home.  AND, we want to brush the dog a bit before we leave – BUT, he chose to lay on the couch outside.  We’ll still get to him in a minutes.  We want to check his breath while we’re there AND his weight to see if were on target or not for a dog his build. PRETTY SURE … he’s gained weight from the last time, but he’s lost a little now too.  We’re hoping he’s good, but will certainly take advice.  Hmm, better get going want to get there on time!


Notes Sunday 1-25 15 - So you want to get a new chair?


1/25/2015 8:03 AM – Good morning.  We’ve been up for about 45 minutes and have done several things like make coffee, take care of the dog, go through updating our task list and well that’s pretty much about it.  We’re pleased with the progress, maybe not too pleased with the part where someone remembered we still had cookies and then ate all three.  We recorded that for breakfast, and we’ll now have to wait a couple hours, and then maybe have some vegetables for a mid-morning snack.  I suppose we’ve done worse, just not real happy that we couldn’t hold out.  I suppose we have to say Hehehe that’s how the cookie crumbles ;)  Ok, little humor in the morning.  Rich is still in bed, and now Dakota is resting comfortably on the couch in back of us.  Seems like a perfectly good Sunday morning.  We had a little bit of a reprieve in having the house to ourselves without much to do, and we were really happy with the amount of work that got done yesterday as to general care of the house.  We still didn’t get to the point of relaxing and doing the special projects other than like this with the note writing which becomes blogging.  Aha!  Just copied over yesterday’s notes to the blog and read over what we’d said.  I think we’re about ready to start listing the blog entries in the Twitter feeds and blog again.  It seems to help with circulation although it’s a bit slow.

Hmm, that didn’t take long.  I thought it was a shame that Rich should have to spend his morning in disarray from last night – he’d just gotten up 20 minutes ago, so we picked-up the living room and did all the kitchen tasks – well, of course not sweeping QUITE this early.  But the dishes and counters are in good shape.  All there is to picking up the dining room is to put Rich’s wallet up on the shelf.  I think he’s getting better at that – and he’s putting his shoes over next to the garbage where the little rug is .. I hate it when he leaves it directly before the door.  That’s just a pain for as much as we go out during the day – especially for Dakota.  Ok, we’re not complaining now though, right?  Rich is watching his Sunday morning show.  We’re not real interested though we can hear it in the background.  Hmm, one on sexual assault.  Ok, maybe half an ear there.  Hmm, ok, about ¾ ear … we didn’t turn around to watch the TV, but we stopped to listen.  It basically, came down to rape on campus and what the schools/government were doing to be more accountable.  They were also discussing the rights of the accused to make it fair all around, but rightfully, I think they were more focused on the victim.  I do feel scared though with three males, that they could be falsely accused of raping a woman …. I think they are smarter than that in having consensual sex, but there’s always that reality that someone could cry wolf.  Speaking as a woman who’s been raped – we’re still very much into seeing justice there.  Ok, moving on.

I am not sure as to my next thoughts.  We’re drifting more back to what we should be doing next.  I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to jump in the shower.  Could we do that?  Maybe? Just talked to Rich for a min – he compared his picture above the wall of the fireplace to a story on Strata various – he said it was 1700 something and that his picture is 7 years older.  Kinda cool but that sort of thing reminds him it isn’t covered.  Eh, that’s a story for another day.  Maybe REALLY a good idea to shower, before Linda might sign on.  I can do this, right?  It’s almost 9 am and that or something close SHOULD be a cut-off time for being dressed – EVEN on a weekend J  There shower done!  Maybe better check on FB and email – we’re up to 9:10 am ;) 


1/25/2015 2:31 PM – This is us … it’s about 2:30 pm and we just finished the normal tasks – EXCEPT walk and brush the dog.  It is real wet out there and not sure today is the day to go outside.  AND, it’s not a normal task, but we’re running at a real deficit as to washing and buffing the hard floors.  I’ve got plenty of time to do it now and Rich is out of the house, but I think we’re going to take a break on it and again try for it tomorrow.  Hmm, maybe we’ll make that official.  I will put it on the task board.  There set it up to start tomorrow and every Monday thereafter.  If I’m getting around the whole house on a weekend, there is no adding to the work load on Mondays, Except I will be washing clothes that day too.  Theoretically, we’d have a couple of cloths cycles (wash/dry) to get it done before we need the kitchen … Maybe we’d start a load in both and then hold on it until the floor was all dry.  We would hope the rack wouldn’t mess up the floors … that’s the problem, or at least one of them is that we don’t know if we could handle doing a hard job just to be easily messed up especially with Dakota and Rich.  I know … Its not getting better not doing it, but we’ve handled ALL the other chores, so we’re going to take a bye on this one.  Can’t be ALL perfect in one week!  Rich went on ahead of me to be doing his shopping for his LR chair.  I know he’s good at shopping and I think we only hold him down, plus the logistics of walker and possibly a chair in the back didn’t allow us to really get around as we wanted to.  Rich said we could sit down anywhere, but sitting next to the dog on MANY pieces of furniture, didn’t make me feel too confident. 

Poor Dakota.  He doesn’t want the sliding door to be shut.  He would prefer to come and go as he pleases, but it’s still too cool outdoors, 29 degrees, to have that room open to the indoors.  I know if he’s sitting in front of the door staring at me when I look over then he wants to come in, but otherwise he’s been watching out all three sides of the window, especially from the vantage point of the couch.  He’s a smart dog.  Know a good set of windows when he sees it.  I don’t necessarily want an outdoor dog, but if he’s telling me that’s where he wants to be, seems we’ve got to bend to his needs a little bit.  I’m the one that wants her dog at beck and call.  Calm down us … calm down!  I’ve kinda got an ambition of going in the study with my computer and reading from our book for a while, and what would happen if we by chance fell asleep?  We would make sure our dog was in, but the point is, it’s a SUNDAY … so having some down relaxation time seems to be in order.  I like our odds there.  I don’t think there’s much to tell now.  We were pleased with the tasks accomplished and finally spent some time with Chrometa and cleaned things up a bit.  You can look at it summarized by a month (since we’re on to the second week) and then we have a better representation of our facts and figures.  We haven’t gotten it to come out exactly til 24 hours, but maybe by dividing the time and the way it goes from one day to another – maybe that all is a factor and shouldn’t be excessively important – unless of course it stood real far out … for some reason we got 17 hours of something which might have been an entire evening, nighttime and into the morning, but the other numbers didn’t confirm that theory.  So, we just manually took it down.  It is a question in our head so I’m sure that when we get to that point of needing to know how its working/not working, we will, but for the time being we’re letting it go.  We’ve only got about 3 ½ days into it.  Hmm, maybe that is something we can do too.  We were sent an email or two about things to look up at the program base with tips or videos.  That be a good sit in the recliner thing with a fireplace and dog to do.  Good thinking.  Gotta let go of the floor washing.  At LEAST it’s swept and it seems to be the rule we bring in a tremendous amount of dirt each day and hair by the amounts that we’re throwing away.  Just ridiculously large!  It DOES keep us motivated.  Hmm, that’s another job – I think we have to empty the regular vacumm.  I’ll want to measure the waste in comparison now that most days are getting swept.  I’m thinking if it still sucking up a lot then we have some dirt credibility issues.  We’ll see.  Maybe a job for next week.

I like being back here writing even  without a lot to say.  I’m kinda tired, but look at my product (amount typed) and thinking I haven’t really progressed the day I would like.  I’m very much feeling like we’re blogging again and that I can be marking it off as one of my fun projects.  So that will be a couple of tasks worked on between reading and blogging.  Doesn’t say too much though for my tasks of multiplicity and sewing.  I think if we can get away from Rich and his TV tonight, we might stand a better chance at least sewing.  We’ve got some Ann shows which usually means Dr. Pol, Cesar or the Property Brothers.  Rich hasn’t been gone long enough for me to catch them up.  Maybe we could tie those now to the sewing room – and spend the time between 7 & 9 pm in there.  THAT would be a good idea, right?  I think we’re going to schedule it now.  There we set our first reminder to go off at 6:30 pm.  REMEMBER that is what it is for.  We did forget because we didn’t check back on our list – about taking our 11:30 am medicine.  It was 3 hours late, I think then we are going to put off the 3:30 pm medicine (it’s 3 pm now) until about 4:30 pm.  That will space it out.  I think we are going to put off much of the EXTRA work on spreadsheets for next Sunday … I will have to wrestle Isa for the computer, but Now the important thing is to remember that she needs time to read anyway.  By that time we’ll have a solid week under our belt starting with today (Sunday) as our first day of the week.  Hmm that really works.  We usually start the week with Monday, but it is like trying to get everything booted up, but now we’re having a calm day and everything is really well in place.  This seems like a much better day to start the week.  It’s kind of like a free vacation day to start.  We’ll have to sense our way through this, ok girls?  *Giggle*

We are doing better with weight and water – well pretty much if you can include having 3 cookies for breakfast – the nice part was we did a vegetable tray for snack and then had ONE sandwich for lunch, though we had a big can of soup for afternoon snack.  We did have a can or two of diet coke today, but we’re back to the water.  It tastes feels great coming from the cooler sun room.  Well, lets say we’re so-so with that.  I’m thinking we’re either getting spaghetti or chicken for dinner.  I think our preference is Spaghetti.  We haven’t had it for a long time and it seems like a nice relaxing make it and then sit back and wait for a nice dinner together.  The other day Rich made Chinese for the first time.  I don’t think it was GREAT, but it was good and we ate in front of the fire place.  I would like to try that again maybe today, but if Rich comes home with a new chair I’m sure its going take a lot to get him out of it.  I hope he’s having a good time and gets something he can be happy with for the amount of money he has to spend.  You can do it Rich.  I figured last moment he didn’t need me second guessing him, and we told him we didn’t want to be blamed for “pushing him up to a model” past where he had wanted to go.  This one is ALL on him as it should be – it’s going to be HIS chair.  It was kind of funny before we left he’d measured/folded one of my quilts to figure out size on the floor and what he could go up to.  I said something half in jest about going back to his smaller glider, and he honestly said, he’d like to try something a little more comfortable.  This is a BIG deal for Rich.  For one he’s actually allowing himself to go shop and spend cash, and then the other is that he’s improving his standards.  We did hint pretty strongly at a brown chair and ok’d when he said it might be a lighter shade.  We said that was fine because our SAGE green couches are a soft color too.  Then I made him repeat sage and we said most likely it be a BAD idea of trying to match it and that we should have a little contrast – BUT, as to matching – we have a lot of wood colored furniture and walls in her so that brown would blend in pretty good. 

Ahh, we took a picture today of Rich and the area he’s going to try and accommodate … here we go!

Hehe … as if our LR isn’t crowded enough – Yeeks!  We were the ones though who wanted the barstools up next to the counter facing into the kitchen.  Mostly they are used when we have company, but it really doesn’t allow between that, a gigantic couch AND a very large coffee table for much extra space.  We love it though!  Lots of things that all go toward making someone’s house a home.  For us – I guess wall to wall comfortable seating/laying.  Most often we sit at the lounge end of the couch or laying down in front of the double window to the left of the picture – propped up by movable couch cushions and tucked under the big quilt at the end of the lounge.  It seems then that when Rich and us are in our space – especially at night watching some TV – that it really is a tight little circle which Dakota includes himself with.  Last night he spent about 75 minutes sitting on my lap and us just petting and petting away.  Good deal, right?  Maybe my boy could be encouraged to come in soon.  I suppose then it be time for me to check out my little computer – it’s been recharged, and another fresh bottle of water.  We can do this.  Today we lost our first 5 pounds.  Proud enough to tell Rich SOMETHING about how we were doing.  Mostly its been under wrap because we’re starting so high.  He also liked when we were showing him our programs how we were keeping track of not only weight, but food intake.  He’s a very supportive person and I know he’s doing great.  Think he’s at 18 pounds loss so far in about 3 weeks’ time.  He’s doing VERY good!  YAY RICH!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Notes Saturday 1-24-15 - good day for blogging!

Good morning.  This is us.  It’s about 6 am and we’ve been up for about an hour.  We are on our second cup of coffee and also came back with water and the vegetable tray.  I guess if we’re hungry we might as well give ourselves things that won’t hurt us.  That would make sense, right?  I think the tray is going to work for us.  I don’t know the cost – I’m sure more than the regular vegetables, but it is being prepared in a nice variety at a pace we can eat, and then afterward – when the ranch dressing wears out, we can update it with our own and finish the tray.  I know, I know … is there no end to the interesting things we think of?  OK, don’t get silly!  So far we did just a couple things on our task list, but we worked on both Chrometa and Outlook Tasks.  That’s a good start to the day.  Yesterday we also did well with both.  We learned how to print invoices then of what we did – and we learned to use Excel for the charting.  I think one of the goals became to earn $1,386 a month which is the amount we net from Disability.  So far after 3 days – well 2 ½ days, we’ve only earned about $72.  Since we’re on an 8 hour a day at $8 an hour – 40 hour week, that would mean over 7 days instead of 5 days, we should be focusing on about 5 ¾ hours of work a day or a goal of $320 a 7 day week.  That makes sense right?

So far the working tasks are 1) processing email, 2) reading articles, 3) working on finances, 4) using Google chrome, 5) utilizing Excel, 6) participating in fundraising, 7) completing tasks on Outlook, 8) learning about anything, 9) working on the MMM, 10) completing reports, 11) communication such as snag-it, 12) organizational such as Chrometa, 13) operational activities on the computer, 14) advancing technical knowledge, and 15) research.   The working tasks are each paid at $8 an hour, but mostly measured in minutes.  The personal tasks aren’t “paid” and run like dreaming, exploring and discovering, facebook, personal calls, food, kids, Linda, time away from keyboard relaxing, being with Rich awake or sleeping, shopping, watching videos and activities such as checking the weather.  Yup, yup … these are all the important things that keep me busy.  Hmm, think explore and discovery go over to the work side.  It seems like when we’re learning or doing something that we intend to do to progress ourselves we’re “in the money,” but when we’re just sitting back and are being pretty dormant or sociable that’s more like our fun NON-work time.  Again the idea is to average the amount of money we earn in disability by trying to be more productive.  Writing these notes are more productive, because we are using thinking/doing processing.  As a side note there, we think we’re going back today and including all this week’s note writing in our blog as separate entries.  That should be good, right?  I don’t think we’re out to excite anyone, but we’d like even this part to be productive for us.  Hmm, no reason not to do that part now, brb.

1/24/2015 8:20 AM – Good good – that is all done, but it took about an hour to get everything lined up.  The blog entry looks good though with the 10-12 pictures we collected.  Think we’re going to use the washroom for a second, but then we’re going to take our medicine, eat, and then get showered and dressed, THEN back to our task list … maybe we’ll stop and do a few things in the process. BRB  Hmm, partway there we did the medicine, eat AND kitchen things like collect dishes, unload/load dishwasher, clean counters, fluff clothes in dryer and clean counters … also spot cleaned study and cleared off kitchen table.  Now we need a few moments on the computer before we FINALLY take our shower.  I think we’re going to try to relax a moment, though it felt real natural cleaning up the kitchen.  We don’t get credit for doing it at nighttime, but it was done – without rushing prior to 9 am.  That’s good too - right?  We’re happy with where we are with Chrometa.  I don’t know if we’re going to continue making productive use of it enough to keep it when it costs, but we’re really excited about the program at this point.  We aren’t to the point of figuring out which parts are doing what.  It seems like a collective project, though we’re pretty sure there are those of us with strong enough interests in order it is making a difference.  Maybe that is a task coming up – to think through how we as a system process the formats we’ve now got set up.  We did get buzzed by the dryer, but we’re avoiding it for a second.  We took it off buzzer.  Just a FEW more minutes before the shower?  Not sure yet why that one is so hard.  We’ll get there.  I know. 

On a side note – we haven’t been able to show/explore the new Chrometa with Rich yet, but preliminary we went through a few moments of it with Linda.  First glance was probably the same as it will be with Rich – I’ts a lot of messing around where it would just be faster to do it.  I suppose we could start collecting our thoughts on this and why this level of detail is important to us.  I think the first reason we started – with the Outlook tasks is that so little is being remembered by us to do.  We have to go through a teaching process and a thinking process as we add and subtract tasks to the major list.  As it turns out the recurring part is being very handy.  When we start in the morning we still have to “finish task” for all the red items not completed from the day before, but as soon as we click that – the next day shows up – at least for those recurring each day.  It helps to refresh our mind as to why we didn’t get to those tasks, so part of THAT process is working through our own mental obstacles.  It also helps to keep us focused … when we have downtime, instead of going to facebook or videos, we’re spending more time working through what we can do next on the list, what we got accomplished, or what we’d like to note while writing these notes.  As to the notes, it REALLY was nice to copy/paste so many thoughts and ideas to the blog.  Somehow it seems less intimidating to write here in the Outlook notes from the notes task, then to get out the MS Word which seems like a disconnected process.  Yesterday’s addition of course was to add the greyed box and the subtitles of morning, afternoon and evening, plus add the auto lines which helps make our paragraph thoughts more distinct.  It also encourages us to walk away to start a paragraph thought after a period of time – getting us moving through the day and it encourages us to date entries coming farther apart in time – which are handier for the reader/us.

Let me think if there are any stray thoughts on using the Outlook task program.  I think there is more on that in past notes, but as to the morning process, we have this one task which says something about starting off the day – in a sense it gives us structure to be getting things done – and to be working toward special projects – like washing the floor and buffing, or in getting to the sewing or reading.  I like that we’re working for free time.  That’s a good deal.  Maybe now skipping for the moment over to our thoughts on Chrometa … We looked forward to getting a summary of what we’d been doing yesterday when we woke up – and to be getting to the starting part that states basically that we’re earning our keep WITH disability.  The thing about disability shouldn’t be about doing nothing, it should be about learning to do the things that are putting us in that category.  You’ve already read the part about being productive with our “work/paid” time.  That’s the magical 5 ¾ hours a day – INCLUDING weekends.  If we hit that mark everyday – we’d be earning our $320 a week.  We hadn’t placed a number on our work week income (after Medicare deduction) but it’s an important number.  We talked to Linda about the “game” function of what we’re doing.  This part here where we are writing isn’t new – it is just getting back to the blogging, but more productively.  It might be asked why our thoughts on getting things done is so important, but if getting things done IS one of your top priorities, it does seem to make more sense that it be studied, plus we have to wait in-between tasks so that part wins too.  But as to the playing part – that’s where we get into it with the parts.  If it seems that we all have to be involved in getting things done – it seems a lot more positive to be “getting” the next task. 

Plus with the Chrometa – we are following along with what actually happens to our day.  I think there will be more excel studying of the numbers later as we collect data, but for now it is really important that we look at charts for example the client or project pie graphs.  We want to understand that we are doing something worthwhile with our minds.  Plus there is this thing like what else were we doing with our time.  Not that we don’t need some free time to do the sewing, reading or Mindmap, but the blog/processing part has always been extremely important to us.  It is like our loved processes of meta-cognition.  Basically, thinking about thinking.  If it’s our thoughts that speed or slow us down, we want to know more about why that is important to the parts thinking about it.  Like for example we are now logging our weight and food eaten, but if there needs to be an odd note making it more clear why we did good or bad, it’s just a couple typed things and collectively that means we are working through our patterns, and that might be later discussed with Dr. Marvin if we are not able to think our way through it.  I think we keep recycling if we’re not thinking on paper – this has been a twelve year cycle of blogging about our life.  Somehow it’s important for parts who don’t know what’s happening as well as setting a record.  We still think that we’re being a good multiple as to someone seeing long sessions over many years with Dr. Marvin, like what are we doing that could be helpful to others, this adds to the Mind map program as to where are other multiples, and what are they thinking processing?  I want to in the long run be helpful, like many of us, because the challenges we face are different somewhat to singletons. 

We will be processing too I think this week our commitment issues to Dr. Marvin.  This is a hard one so we’re going to leave just a few thoughts, but there is a problem not wanting to leave the house and the difficulty of driving/walking to Dr. Marvin’s.  We’re used to hour sessions, so that’s not necessarily a problem, but it is 5 hours out of our day/routines that something isn’t getting done at home.  It is true that time with him is often more valuable, then straight time at home, but sometimes, its more difficult than others.  Part of it is wondering too about the time spent in session without him … a couple of days ago someone brought it up as to doing more in sessions than the mere reporting of details – to summarize and keep him up.  Maybe we are taking more responsibility with that in our going back to blogging.   I think we’re looking more from him towards feelings of REALLY being with him.  We’re realizing that we’re having trouble looking up at him and letting us here thoughts of being in the present rather than describing events from the past – or are looking forward to in the future.  This seems to be important though we don’t know why yet exactly.  So maybe in a little bit of summary that will get us toward the shower, is that there is one part with all the detail where we are trying to find or improve our value in life, and then in the second part – we need to know that we have value in our “being there” relationship to dr. Marvin.  We also need him to work through issues with me and Rich.  Both of us have been doing the crabby thing lately.  That is however, just ongoing.  We seem to be working through issues of his time, my time and our time.  I think its something that all couples go through, you know?

Well that’s it for now, think we’re going to get going, k?


1/24/2015 12:42 PM – back again … we’re moving along, but not as fast as I would like.  We still have the steaming and the floors to do.  Rich is going now to his mothers, and we’re hoping that he stops by at Ace hardware.  He’s enthused.  He did some work with the closet project – THOUGH left some wood in the sunroom – which got a big growl when he said it would move when he finished the project – we’re soooo not liking that.  He put the boards on my drafting table.  We’re letting it slide just he has to be quicker at getting the closets pulled together.  PLUS, he took out the two garbage, THE tree, AND he fixed my chair with an extra wheel he had.  He gets points for that EVEN though he didn’t remember to put his dishes in the dishwasher.  I don’t know how he thinks they get in there?  Who knows.  I did get the dishwasher started after we both had lunch, AND we did get the clothes folded/hung and put away except the few pieces we have to steam now.  We got the machine out and everything ready to zip through it – getting more space in the closet area is making us feel more enthused.  Nothing like finally getting to steaming and then finding the clothes all crushed in the closet.  You know?  We’re taking a real break now that Rich has left out … We’re a flurry of random thoughts.  Hehehe – it seems that he did put music on and we did take our medicine – about an hour late, but we’re feeling better now.  It feels WONDERFUL to have our house this put together, and it has felt refreshing actually to do the work.

Rich made his lunch earlier and we watched and talked lightly as he ate his sandwich – and then we cornered him a bit, but we got him to sit down and listen to our new program Chrometa.  Right away he started figuring if the program would work for him.  I think he’s on the down low on that.  We kept emphasizing the point that it was making us accountable.  And, it would do the same for him, but we believe he’s in denial over the consumption of his time.  I don’t think for example, he wanted to know how much time he spent fishing or talking with his fishing people.  We tried to emphasize that if that was what he wanted to do, then it was a good use of time – just that he’d have to recognize it for what it was.  We also talked seriously that the program would pick up his contact list on outlook and on his phone and then things – like timing of his calls would automatically go to that customer – even if he wanted to make other customer tasks like we did as actual tasks that we do around the computer.  He was sarcastic when he asked if we’re recording our time playing with the program.  We told him it was learning and analyzing.  It does me good to know for example that I wait up about 20-25 emails before we stop and look, but maybe not that it is happening 7 times a day.  If I look at my articles and realize that there isn’t anything learning based, then I’m given the conscious opportunity to check and make better choices.  I said already, that I didn’t like that I’d only spent x amount of time doing “work” related tasks, but we said now the third day, we are doing things to change our behavior.  It really is about accountability.  He wanted to laugh at the part too where we are billing ourselves for tasks.  He was able to understand that the goal was to make about $46 a day, but he wanted to say it was irrelevant because I wasn’t going to get a change in my money for going over or under.  But, we said it doesn’t have to be like that.  There are other incentives that play out when cognizant about the availability of ourselves and the delegation of time toward things that are more prioritized.  I said that it makes me feel better to “earn” $46 a day or more, rather than if I’d spent a day and only earned enough work time for $31.  It kind of balances out my time – EVEN if he things 5 ¾ hours a day is low – it is a 7 day work week, and No we’re not like his son – it’s always nice to go over your goal – or have your week average out, but it is important to set goals.  We discussed again that the purpose of being disabled, wasn’t to sit there doing nothing.  Even if the majority of our time so far is going to tasks such as household (domestic Goddess), this is an important study of time.  I think in the end after we talked and then brought him over to the computer GRUDINGLY the program made a good impression.  He wants to make issues that it takes a long time to put things in, but then we showed him after talking with him where we just typed, “Meet with Rich about Chrometa”  Ok, tell me how that just took 20 minute out of your day.  In general, I found him defensive and protective over seeing his time as he saw it rather than work with reality, but that is another issue.  Maybe in the long term evaluation of his interests, it is just a starting point as to note where he was coming from.  We’ve added it to our regiment and we already like the results.  AND we like the results of thinking out loud between the work periods of doing more physical stuff.  It balances my mind (Corey) and I think it is helpful to conclude mental thoughts toward building and developing a conversation.  Good Anns.  Now?  Lets steam those clothes and hang them up, right?


Saturday, January 24, 2015

What exactly is Chrometa? Here are some snapshots summarizing 3-day week

Notes Friday 1-23-15 It's all about planning, right?

Good morning … this is us – you’ll have to find the date below.  We were up early about 4:15 am and have been playing since (it’s now 5 am).  Some of the things we discovered is symbols, text boxes, formatting, line breaks, and a really nifty thing that saves every creation or formation that you can design.  It’s very nifty.  We’ve got a lot more exploring to do, but one thing Microsoft does in its programming – is to make things interesting … I love it!

We’re going to try this format for a little and see what happens.  Maybe we like it, maybe we’ll grow tired of it, or maybe we’ll change it in some format to make it fun again.  Hehehe – gotta love someone interested in playing!  Anything that helps you to be coming back. 

Yesterday was a very nice day because Maury came over.  There was one scary thing in that at one time – we were talking to Linda in IM’s, and then we were talking to someone about a program, and then Dr. Marvin called early (as scheduled, but forgotten), and then Maury came in the door.  And, then there were four people to be in contact with and we didn’t know what to do … guess the only thing really to do then was start dropping them.  We were very confused with Dr. Marvin and thought he’d understand best.  Linda we’d already told, but she seemed to have missed the message.  We were done enough with the other business to drop it, and then we focused on Maury because he was here REAL and in 3D.  I think it was a good solution, but we’ll have to talk to Dr. Marvin about it.

Now, Rich is up and we’ve talked for a few moments, and then we came back to typing – oh AND we have been petting the dog.  He’s always ready for that!  The kitty meowed too, because she’d rather have us sit in our recliner, but this morning we were more up and at’m – no guarantees if we stay up or sleep, but it IS a FRIDAY – no matter what that might mean.  Yay!


Afternoon – It is about 12:15 pm and we’re just getting into the regular routine.  Before Rich left at about 6:30 am, we followed him back to the bedroom, laid down and didn’t make it up past that – at one point, we did call for Dakota.  About 2 hours later at 8:30 am, we woke up and was going to start, but we ran into Linda and we talked until about 10 am, and then while doing that we ordered the girls birthday gifts, and after that we talked to my sister.  She seemed fine and had just gotten her cast off.  She said she’s starting to drive at home, but isn’t sure if she’ll need a ride.  We encouraged her to come up with a plan so Rich could plan his time.  I hope she doesn’t take it until the night before.  That will aggravate us to no end.  It is now 2 weeks before the end.  I want a commitment.  *sigh* We also took our shower, got dressed, picked up, started the washing machine and have got most things done except garbage stuff and floors.  Pretty good routine so far.  It really hasn’t taken much time at all … We do have to think past the laundry situation where we have the rack out and is blocking cleaning the kitchen or laundry room – same as with the baskets.  Maybe we should plan on keeping the baskets both on the rack until we sweep that floor, and then we’ll put the baskets in and sweep around the easier to move then rack in the kitchen.  I don’t want it to be a big deal, but we do want to get things done early.  Today was a terrible day to get things done after sleeping those extra 2 hours.  Time with Linda is extravagant too, but one of my guilty pleasures Hehehe.

We are also working of course with the outlook task list which seems to be going fine.  Most things are behaving well and as stated earlier, we were able to do some play learning this morning.  The other program that is being learned has been happening over the last couple of days.  It is called, “Chrometa.”  I really have enjoyed my first real taste of it this morning – waking up to it being around.  We had enough data to go back and categorize it, and then we were able to look at it in summary.  I’m going to give that a little more attention, but most likely will finish a sandwich and sweeping first.  My original goals were to get the kitchen floor washed and buffed today, but I’m not sure with the late start if that’s going to happen.  Let’s see how it weighs on our mind.  I might also take a “blowoff day” after getting the house in order to do some work with the Multiplicity Mind Map (MMM).  I’m getting a bit of an aching to go back to it.  We’ll have to see.  Could mean a weekend full of fun?  AND, yesterday, but mostly 2 days ago, we started opening up to being in the sewing room.  Maury fixed our tv in there, so we could get some of our saved shows and really get back to relaxing.  Linda was able to sympathize with the challenge of getting our black sashing columns in line, but she’s right in just doing the best you can.  It’s because the row went all the way across with the sashing so you can’t attach corner to corner to keep it straight.  I think that’s been a little bit of the problem of going back to the project, but its not getting better just sitting there.  It is now a couple weeks away again from the sewing.  I’d actually like to be done with this project so Linda can sew a back on it, and then we’re thinking of getting A bunch of things sewn for Cari and the baby.  We’ve put it off long enough and Joe’s birthday is going to be before here and the sewing meeting.  I’m thinking with talking and partying, that we might just do the bibs and spit-up cloths, but not sure if that will keep us busy enough.  Maybe we’ll bring our bag that we’d set out before and work on cutting or matching colors.  I won’t put the carrier back to being tested so soon, because it took a bit of a beating, but we can look again in our blue bag – where a bunch of pieces were collected and then see what we can do.  We can again work on cutting pieces for the next scrap quilt if we do another with this pattern.  Maybe.  I’ll give myself through tomorrow to think it out.  I know we have cut-out extra pieces from some of the other quilts.  We’ll do better at doing color matching so that we have light and dark and the next time won’t have to put the black sashing in.  Hmm, that reminded me … it might be too big for Linda’s machine.  Shoot – forgot that part.  I guess then we’d bring it for show and tell, and then ask Mary Ann to do it.  Either way it sounds like a plan.  Ok, next? Floors, THEN garbage J

THERE!  Got some more done … all the floors can be checked off … now we have to do the dirty stuff – toilets, litter box and garbage – better to have waited though until after sweeping, because there was a TON of stuff on the floors again … We emptied it 3 times – then we’ll sit back until the clothes come out of the dryer, and then those will have to be processed, right?  It’s about 1:12 pm now so have gotten a lot done over the last hour.  I can’t believe how much different our life has become with a few things to make things easy between the rack and sweeper.  Good deal all around and we kinda look at those two items now as “fun things”  It is crazy cool to empty the sweeper and find out HOW much stuff is in there – particularly animal hair – this has been done now 3-4 times and we can’t be blaming it on Maury’s dogs … Really excited to be taking that much dirt out of the house, and I can’t believe how much gathered before between vacuums and sweeping.  It really would behoove me to get the floors washed too.  Nice to be sweeping them when they look so pretty.  PLUS, Rich had been taunting us about how we’d bought a machine for that … He’s right AND the last time we did it he got the buffer stuff we needed so there is not that excuse.

(79,608, 21,370, 398)

Notes Thursday 1-22-15 - What's this Chrometa thing?

1/22/2015 2:15 PM

Hi hi … we’ve been pretty dormant as to tasks around the house today, but we’re thinking things are like guest day because Maury came over 4 hours ago and apparently has not left yet.  I didn’t know that he was staying for a while, but it is very nice.  We talked for the first couple of hours and then I had to go to the bathroom and after there was a bit of a disconnect.  We told him it was about lunch time and did he want to eat in or out.  He chose to order in so we ended up calling Rosatti’s and it was a big $35 order YIKES!  Maury did contribute $10, but we’re going to have to face the big guy when he comes home.  We saved 4 chicken wings and a couple of appetizer and Maury has left about half his loaded fries order.  Then he played around on his phone/videos for a while and I drifted to the computer, and then he sauntered over to the couch to sleep – think he was tired and plumply filled!  He did say that he would be stopping at his father’s on the way home, but maybe that was after a while.  It is nice to have him here, but it does change the order of getting things done.  We did pick up before he got here – mostly folded blankets, and we did the kitty litter/garbage and started the dishwasher after lunch.  I’d like to do the sweeping and laundry … thinking too late in the day for laundry though and we’ll wait until after he’s gone to do the sweeping.  If we did laundry now we’d be folding/steaming right about dinner time when Rich needs the kitchen.  It’ll wait, might mean two loads tomorrow though.

There was a while about the time Maury got here when things were all confused.  We were on FB with Linda, then we were online with someone from a program we were trying for 30 days, and then Dr. Marvin had called – forgot he said 10:30 am, and then Maury came through the door – we hadn’t known til late he was already on his way.  Didn’t know quite what to do, but we assume that when someone in 3D is at your door, he or she is the one that should get attention.  Right?  AND, with Maury staying over so long – I think it turned out to be the right decision though the other three got cut short.  I feel kinda bad about that.  But, alas, here we are and everything is quiet again.  Dakota chose to stay outside in the snow earlier and then later after lunch he chose to stay out in the sunroom.  I can tell when he doesn’t want to come in and in the meantime reaches up to jump on the couch.  He figures it’s pretty much his spot and he’s such a big fury dog I don’t think the cooler room phases him much.  It’s about 33 degrees out there now.  Maybe we should take a walk, but then Maury is sleeping and I wouldn’t want him to leave if we were gone.  Dakota will be alright and we can always try a walk in the dark!  Hmm, wouldn’t that be interesting!

We’ve been taken up by this program we’ve been looking at – discovered it last night while reading the book on habits.  The program basically works as a time keeper while you are online and it records where you are spending your time.  I think it will be too expensive in the end, but if it works – we have 30 days to try it.  Maybe it is a little anal, but we like the idea of finding out as a Multiple where we go during the day.  You know?  There’s space also where it asks you where or what you were doing while off the computer, and there’s a part that can follow activities on your phone.  But, it’s like an additional $10 a month for extra connections and we already have the two computers.  I’m not sure why we got so into it upon seeing it, we do tend to like what’s new, but we liked the thought of understanding our time better so that we could make better use of it.  The program works connected to invoicing too so that you can charge someone for time spent on their project.  We of course wouldn’t do that, but because it can separate work/billable time from personal time, we figured our 40 hour work week from disability to be about $8 an hour, so then it became interesting to see how we were “earning” our money.  Of course we work on weekends too, but hypothetically, that be “on the house!” 

I think right now we’re going to look at reading from the small computer at our recliner with the fire on … those are always the coziest of days J

Notes Wedenesday 1-21-15 - Was last night even a DATE NIGHT??

1/21/2015 8:53 AM

Good morning – It’s almost 9 am.  We were slow this morning in that Rich needed our help in steaming some “hiding clothes” and fixing wi-fi on his computer to connect with his phone, etc.  He has a very big meeting today with CARC which is the Chicago Association for Retarded Citizens.  The terminology is old and so is the shop.  They are amongst if not the biggest in the city of Chicago for giving help to the disabled.  They called Rich a week or two ago to come and talk to them about working for them.  Rich has done some with them, but I think mostly it is his reputation that is succeeding.  I think the meeting is in about an hour.  It is snowing now so we are hoping the driving isn’t crazy, but he didn’t leave himself much room for error since he hadn’t been to that building or knew what kind of parking there would be.  Chicago is always crazy when it snows.  But, he IS out the door, DID give himself a couple of hours, and the day moves on.  We got showered and dressed and have dishes to the sink and a couple rooms picked up, but we haven’t finished all the morning chores.  Soon, we just have to take a small break after showering because we’re a little off-balance.

There just checked the mail and such … we picked up what they are saying is a free magazine for packaging which is pretty much Rich’s business.  We sent it to him …. Maybe there is something in it at worst it becomes junk mail and he discontinues it .. He used to read trade magazines, but hasn’t in quite a while.  We’ll see.  It’s already after 9 am now and Linda isn’t up.  Not sure what the story is there … Most likely two options.  One, she stayed in bed a little longer.  Two, she’s up and running and has not stopped because she’s moving fast!  *giggle* either is fine … just that we keep our eyes open for her about now.

1/21/2015 11:30 AM


We’re back.  We did talk to Linda for about an hour and a half, but we got some good talking done!  After that I wanted to get back to the stuff that needed morning cleaning.  I’ve only got now to make lunch and do some surface cleaning dusting in the master bedroom and bath.  I think one of the batteries is getting charged, but I thin that is one that is on the side?  Not sure, but this time the one I’d used last stayed in the machine direct, and it didn’t last very long.  I notice this time that there are two red lights and the left one is blinking.  So far the red light on the side has stayed red, SOOO my thinking is that when the left light quits blinking, I’m going to switch the two batteries.  ANNNNNND you know what?  With a good charge and an extra break – the ebroom can go over the surfaces of carpets it said it could, but I wasn’t sure and hadn’t counted on it, but we went through all the major rooms on the second charge including study, LR, bedroom and sunroom – ALONG with all my wooden surfaces.  I don’t think it does a strong cleaning, but it seems to pick-up all the surface that would have jarred me into thinking I need to sweep – Pretty darn cool, hmm?  AND, it takes just a fraction of energy AND it is CORDLESS!  OMG we’re sooo darn enthused.  The new program will be to spot clean all the floors on mostly a daily basis.  If it was this easy to do with SUCH a nice look, why wouldn’t I?  Takes about as long as loading and unloading the dishwasher.  MIGHTY ROAR!!!

You domestic diva you!

Hehehe – ok, no we’re getting into silly.  I’m going to clean some surfaces …. Brb

There, did that AND made ourselves lunch – pretty close to being done with the ham that was made on Sunday.  Pretty good deal – I’ve enjoyed it but now down to the broken pieces and the ones with fat – we’ll let Rich sort tht out for dinner or whatever tonight.  About time to wash that dish.  I’ll start the dishwasher after I get done with the sandwich AND we’re doing ok, with drinking water … 3-4 more bottles today would be great! Ohh and I’ve got to brush Dakota … the person grooming him is going to have a lot easier time – hence do a better job if he cooperates leaning and rolling in the right directions and getting more accustomed to having ALL the spots touched.  At least we’re trying.  I hope he goes in there willingly. 

Ahh done with that – did lunch, dishwasher AND Dakota – seems like a pretty good amount to have done by Noon – WITH 2 minutes to spare … gotta check now how our afternoon lines up – what are we going to do with the next 4-5 hours – WOW what a time span AND to have so much done!

Call CS and Mom
Walk Dakota
Check mail
Medicine at 3:30

That’s pretty much it – so we might start with calls, BUT THEN we will have time to move on to some projects.  I would like to get sewing accomplished, but it seems pretty hard … best to start it with a whole afternoon ahead of us.  Maybe we’ll walk Dakota before the calls, and then move on to the sewing project?  Wouldn’t that be spectacular!??  AND, then maybe something this evening too.  Last night Rich turned off the tv about 7:30-8 pm all by himself, and he turned on the fire and sat in his recliner, and then he invited me over to visit with him.  OMG it was like having a date night!!!  Well one thing leads to another, and we have to say it was a GREAT night!  He’s getting better with doing something in the evening and I liked helping him calm down his heebie jeebies!  I still haven’t given up the thought that we could make good use of our evenings OTHER than watching TV – it would be GREAT if we could be in the sewing room when Rich is in the sitting room with fire and on computer or reading his books.  We seem to be having a pretty good life!

There shoes on … just gotta hope that the scooter runs in the shoveled snow.  We got about an inch, but the snow plow has gone by AND Don God Bless his heart, came over to snow blow our driveway and sidewalk – thinking it was now maybe more than an inch because the pile at the bottom of the drive seemed over a foot high.  I will let him out next and see how it goes from there J

Notes Tuesday 1-20-15 - Working that e-broom

1/20/2015 8:27 AM

Good morning.  This is us and we’re doing pretty good so far … have the house all picked up, but we have added hard floors to our tasks and we haven’t completed them yet.  We are up to that and the washing machine is going and it is before 8 am – SO there is a chance that we could get through a cycle of clothe before we leave for Dr. Marvin’s at 11 am.  Let’s say earlier, because we need to get gas.  That be fair, right?  So far we are better on Breakfast, but we are still hungry.  We only ate some leftover pineapple.  Hmm, thinking we could do the poached egg on toast?  That would be a good breakfast!  There!  That was GREAT!  I still have a minute of cleaning up to do, but I will get to that in a minute.  I want that to settle!  Good good marked it in our log for food eaten …  Rich is doing really well with his diet though I don’t like it when he says it has to hurt to be working.  I don’t ever want to go there.  He has lost in 15 days 16 pounds – so he’s gone from 296 to 280, which is a SUPER GREAT loss.  I know he’s waiting for me to follow, but we’re being really low key.  We’ve lost a couple pounds, but it could go either way depending on when we weigh ourselves.  We will have to talk to Dr. Marvin about it again today – I don’t like that part either.  It seems we’re pulling teeth to move forward, but at least have several days now – almost a full week of logging our food … we’ve done good except Sunday when Isa had the computer all day, and we’re not as good about including dinner.  PLUS, we know that we are going to be stopping at BK today.  That’s really a hard one.  Maybe we could work it to skip the hamburger and instead just get the fries AND maybe skip the smoothie.  I don’t know – we’ll decide then, but it is an option.  Fries go last!

Hmm, we lost something because the Outlook program destabilized for a minute.  Might have had a window open while accessing another and that didn’t work.  In the process we added a task for brushing Dakota.  We figured out that we needed to put the brush on the desk to remind us to do it more often.  That’s a good deal.  We had another problem though.  We went to clean the kitty litter and we discovered the door was shut.  We’re thinking it was accidentally closed when the heating guy was here yesterday because the box is still clean.  I don’t know if Missy has been holding it or let it go somewhere.  I do know now when I call her, only the dog comes so she’s probably off in her sleepy world.  That would lead me to believe she had an accident somewhere … we’ll have to see if we can spot if that happened.  Also, we were going over the tasks needed to be done, and I think the next thing other than brush the dog will now be to do the ebroom.  I’d love to have that done before we move on to the dryer because we can get the floor before the rack has to come out.  Might as well do that now.  I am hoping that the batteries are working right.

AHA!  Done!  We got the floors ALL swept in “ONE UP!”  And we got the washer clothes to the dryer.  It’s now 8:24 am – so we figure they will be dry about 9:30-10 am, so with plenty of time to fold and put away.  Not sure about steaming the clothes, but we will get them hung up.  We have to remember next time up that we need to get the hangers AND the dog brush.  That last time up we even put away the sewing machine case.  To be actually candid … we DID get to the sewing room yesterday as to putting it back together.  We just had the suitcase left to put away.  So next time up?

Brush for the dog
Brush our hair
Get hangers
Go to the bathroom ;)

Ok, lets go

Good good … done, done, done, and done.

Anything else before we go on to something else?  It will take the dryer at LEAST an hour to dry.  Lets check the list one more time and then move on to something else.  I wonder if Linda has signed on yet.  Maybe we can write her a note.  Ahh, just checked … we’re all good now until the dryer gets done, AND we need to get ourselves some water to be drinking.  That be a good deal.  I am going to enjoy that if I get my wits about me everything can be done with ease before we leave at 10:45 am  We do have to note that we were up leisurely with Rich at 5:30 am, talked to around 6:30 am and was done with our shower and getting dressed by 7:30 am.  That might be what we go for in our newer routines.  The big thing is getting in the habit of going down the task list … so far so good. 

Ok, then next while waiting write to Linda and if she’s not around we can do some Multiple stuff, hmm?

Notes Monday 1-19-15 - Lots of adorableness going on!

1/19/2015 10:43 AM

Good morning.  It is about 10:45 am and we’re doing ok this morning, but went a little crazy in our eating patterns – see chart L

We talked to Linda for about an hour and a half 8-9:30 am and then we started our cleaning tasks including getting us into the shower and dressed.  While talking to Linda we updated our chart.  The girls had been here overnight on Saturday, and we didn’t have access to our computer to finish Saturday or Sunday.  We learned how to use the recurring dates I believe, but will take more time to wipe out all the bugs … sometims we get an odd duplicate.  We are finding that if we miss a day, we have to mark the task complete a couple of days, because it advances to the next day and we don’t want to be behind.  There should be a master button to move things ahead that didn’t get checked in a day, but I suppose that wouldn’t get the user to check his days to see when time will clear for the task.  I don’t want to complain because we are liking the system a lot including the part we are doing now where we leave a task for writing for the day.  Makes us feel good to not need a big blog entry, and we’re still thinking of copy/paste these entrys to the blog.  Depends how much is straight cleaning and how much we an note other things and thoughts going on during the day.  It does seem like a good in-between play and real writing.

Rich is now in the kitchen and he’s making his breakfast – thinking its some kind of ham, egg, and cheese sandwich – at least according to the sounds happening in the kitchen.  In about ten minutes we have someone coming over to check the furnace – just general check

1/19/2015 11:52 AM

AHA!  The heating guy is here.  It is a younger guy, but he seems to know what he’s doing.  He’s quiet though.  I tend to like them when they are more sociable.  We put Dakota’s leash on our chair so he stays out of the way – that’s becoming standard.  We just finished eating too … we had a couple pieces of ham, and then something from Rich’s vegetable tray.  We tried giving Dakota a baby carrot, but he’s not having too much to do about that.  Poor dog much more interested in the ham.  We took a couple of pictures of him – because he didn’t want to come in from the sunroom .. let me get those.

Isn’t he a good looking dog!  He’s so content out there.  Not sure if he’s going to like the heat of the summer temps, but it wouldn’t surprise if he hung around more outside.  We’re going to have to get used to keeping him more out on the porch.  The sunroom is fine, but I think he gets more involved with HIS space if he can be out on the porch.  He seems pretty good at laying up there as to his spot, but will come in if we go out to the sunroom.  We posted these pictures to our site for the place we adopted him from.  I like to keep them updated and I like watching the progress and bonding of some of the other dogs adopted from their place.  This is the place at Gregory, SD. 

AND, we have one more picture to show, hold on….

Isn’t this picture adorable?  It is Ame my 13 year old Granddaughter.  Both of the girls did an overnight on Saturday and were here until about 9:30 pm last night (Sunday)  Maury had to work of course on Sunday and although sometimes the girls stay home or have other activities on his weekend, this time WE got to have them.  It was a pure delight.  For the most part the girls just hung around … Isa spent most of her time on the computer – my big one, and Ame spent a good amount of time in the girl’s bedroom.  BUT, after a while on Sunday Rich turned on the fire and Ame came out and sat on his recliner, and then she got the idea to sew this hat.  I LOVE it.  I think the character is called, “Nepeta.”  The project took about 4 hours of pretty concentrated time – mostly after dinner and it was just finished as her dad was coming in the door.  She will finish it with the eyes, nose and she has a good idea how to do the horns.  I don’t know if she will unsew and sew them into the hat, or if she’s going to do a headband.  We’ll see.  The girls were dropped off at their mothers last night.  Word is she got a new sewing machine.  I’m not sure if Ame will be using that or the old one, but anyway it’s a good  deal that her mother is encouraging the sewing too.  Ame showed me the picture of a top and pants she made – it was her first time on the sewing machine and we’re entirely amazed.  The tricky part of the hat was that we had to sew four panels to get it to the right side, and Ame decided that she wanted the inside to be lined with the material that was on the outside.  It’s a really nice finishing touch.  I love how darn cute she is.  She told me about the general picture of what is going on.  She belongs to a group called, “Cosplay.”  Basically, people take ideas from the anime, or other media characters and they sew the costumes, and then get together with others doing the same like at the conventions that Ame is going with her friends.  She’s got a lot of good comments coming back for her doing so much especially as a 13 year old.  I think its very encouraging.  I also think that her mother has a lot of creativity so Ame has good creative genes on both sides.  I reminded her that my grandmother – her great great grandmother was a seamstress.  I love that part of the continuity.  We also talked about maybe in college taking courses in like theatre production.  I don’t know if she wants real work in another field – at one point, she really wanted to do something with the study of wolves, so this might stay as a pastime.  But with her kind of interest, talent and ambition, she’d really have a lot of fun with theatre production making of costumes and maybe scenery.  I hope and will encourage that she joins the drama group in high school.  AHH they have plays twice a year at Main West where she’ll be going.  Maybe she could get a jump at it right away and really learn from some of the older students.  She has that kind of quiet, but assertive personality.  She’s grown a lot this year.

Ok, maybe at this point we’re just going on, but it was pretty gosh darn cool working with her.  She would either have the idea and would pursue it, but this time she was flexible enough to consider our points of view … she always though decided for herself and she did the COMPLETE sewing of the project.  Isa spent again most her time on the computer which is like 6 feet from where we were sewing on the machine, but she was close enough to pick-up anything she wanted, but far enough to focus primarily on the computer.  She does stuff with online Barbie dolls, Club Penquin and watching someone coach/play one of the popular games.  There’s in-between stuff, but she’s REALLY focused.  I know I was supposed to get her moving through other things, but I love to encourage the ability to concentrate..  We did ask her what she learned toward dinner time, but she hadn’t figured that out.  I will like it more when she gets past Barbies, but it seems she’s picking up lessons on relationships.  Let it go gramma!

Rich is gaining as much information as he can from the heating guy – he’s full of a LOT of information … I know Rich likes to learn about the place and that’s a credit to him.  My question?  When the thing stops working, how much is it going to cost – from the sounds of it $2-2,400 for labor and material.  For the time being we have to worry about a $130 coil that is going to soon need replacing.  We’re good to go though.  YAY … guy just left and my question to Rich was – if you are going to vacuum that thing RIGHT before the guy gets here, did you leave TOO much dog fur in the vacuum?  He put it on his will do sooon list.  We’re really impressed because he did things over the weekend like fix the shower curtain, take out garbage, AND screw all the chairs tight as regular maintenance.  I know he isn’t feeling 100% due to most likely his bursitis, so I thought that was valiant effort.

Hmm, about this time though we’re thinking we really have to go face the sewin room.  I don’t like to be in the back when people are here in the front – especially because Rich is further out in the study.  Hmm, another thing though was that we were going to walk the dog.  Maybe it’s a good idea to do that and THEN go to the sewing room for the rest of the day.  It is about 12:30 pm now, so plenty of good time J

Notes Saturday 1-17-15 - Getting lots done

1/17/2015 7:49 AM

Started off pretty good.  Went to the tasks right away – because Rich was still sleeping – again it’s a Saturday.  We took care of things up to the part where we should be taking a shower and getting dressed.  We did write a note to Linda, but we’re thinking that shouldn’t properly be a task.  Just a reward.  We were thinking yesterday that we should record though some things we would like to do so they get placed on the schedule.  Maybe we will be better at getting things timed for shorter periods so everything gets done … Hmm, just gave Dakota a good pet down.  We’re thinking that we should schedule a trim and shampoo – plus ears and nails for Friday, February 6th.  That will get him cleaned up before seeing the girls – and it will be after the dog cousins slobber all over him for being over that week.  Good thinking.  There scheduled it to make a schedule tomorrow.  Good girl.  I think it should be done fairly once every couple of months.  That be way more than we schedule ourselves.  But we want him to make a good first impression.  Ahh there he goes – wanted to play with his aardvark – good boy!

It’s almost 8 am and we’re thinking we should take care of the eating part.  Just ONE breakfast though!  We weighed in at an incredible 309 this morning.  It hasn’t been that high for the last 9 years.  I’m not saying this really out loud and we haven’t told Rich, but it’s pretty much at an emergency level.  We’re going to have to tell Dr. Marvin.  Even at that, we are still not making an all out commitment … I know it’s very sad.  We are being conscientious of it this week and from what Dr. Marvin said that’s the start of things.  We told him on Thursday that we were recording – so I’m glad we got that far – THOUGH not so far we forgot about BK.  Ok, that’s enough lets think sensible breakfast.  Maybe a fried egg sandwich?  That be more rewarding though would take a pan  Hmm, we could do the poached egg like Rich makes that sounds better, brb. 

1/17/2015 9:07 AM

Hmm, good deal.  We have eaten, and then picked up a few things, and then showered and go dressed.  We’re fighting the temptation to move Rich’s things like slippers, robe and pillows he left in the study.  We’re trying to let him put away his own things, which just makes sense, but we’re frustrated that we have to wait 30-45 minutes before he’s out of his show – IF we catch him before he slips into the next show.  There took care of a few more things – picked up in the laundry room, still have to sweep it, but then we can try putting in the rack and steamer, because we’d like to do that tomorrow instead of today.  We still need to sweep it and then we need to spot pick-up the sunroom – Rich said something about a shower and working out in the garage … Maybe we can get those TWO garbage bags out then I would like to clean the floor in the breezeway too, but will save that until we get the ebroom – to test its tenacity … as to the laundry room floor though – we just gotta jump on that sooner.  I don’t know if it has suction for bigger things, but its suppose to pullup dog hair real good and that’s a major.

Hmm, seems we lost our dog to the sunroom – he didn’t want to come in – so we left him happily laying on the couch.  What a softie!  Hmm, need some more to drink too … always something!  There got as far as sweeping that room – it was pretty disgusting.  Looks better already – we took the small rack off the wall and am testing it in the kitchen.  We’ll have to see it’s fine for the moment.  Might be scared to hook keys there because of its proximity to the garbage, but we’ll get better ideas now that we know we have to look around.  We wanted the wall smooth so we could take the rack and steamer straight in.  I think the steam itself IF they both fit goes closer to the door.  Little worried about the clean basket and the dirty basket as to their current position.  I think they will work side by side on the bottom of the rack – we’ll test it the next time up.  AND we have to get something else to drink.  Working down the list, but not sure if Rich is on his next show … he wouldn’t fool me like that would he?

There POP!  AND it fit – though there is no room to mess around in there.  Both baskets fit under the bottom, but you can’t really get to the dryer unless the rack comes out … usually we have to take it out to steam clothes anyway, so that part is fair enough, but it is an awkward fit if we’re trying to get around in the kitchen – so either it’s put all the way away and we’re not reaching the dryer, or it’s in the laundry room blocking the sundries, or its in the kitchen blocking silverware.  Not sure if that could be prevented, we were looking for an over the top way to handle the laundry.  I do like the rack.  It’s not really sturdy feeling because its so flexible, BUT the rods are steel and really locked in – so there might be sway, but more on the end of the wheels/low. 

Next is Rich moving away from the TV?  NOPE!  He rolled into the next fishy show, then when I appeared in back of him, he said he was just checking it for one reason or another … I’m thinking not!  I think at this pace we’re going to move the two garbages down to the breezeway so we can vacuum that area.  This is the problem of over-obsession with the cleaning.  Go figure AHA  he’s turned off the TV … I guess that’s good so we won’t say anything about how messy his desk looks and that today was scheduled to dust it … *sigh*  I think he went for the shower which is a good option J

Next?  Better look at the sunroom

AHA!  Done!  We cleaned up the sunroom and got rid of the garbage and about a half a dozen boxes – some for Christmas and some from empty pop cases and such.  We also asked Rich if he could take the Christmas tree out – it’s the best option we have if he’s really planning on doing the garage.  That’s the kind of thing that could be there through May if not strongly pushed now.  We did put all that stuff in the breezeway, so we are free and clear to vacuum that room.  I really hope he sees the value in that.  Ahh did a few more things out there.  We moved some empty boxes that should go in the girls room closet – postal boxes, and we moved a laundry sign Maury had gotten us to the laundry room outside the cat’s bathroom.  THEN of course we had to throw away the ugly picture of a flower the old home owners had left, and then we moved the fried AND dog food over so that after we vacuum, we could get the chair out of the isle (in front of the drafting table) and back over to the side where I like it … that’s the chair I sit in when feeding the three dogs.  AND it doesn’t look so cluttered at least with all that stuff gone AND the Christmas tree moved.  Doable, right?

So, we are thinking that the next task will be vacuuming the sunroom.  That was an important task – looks pretty bad out there.  Ohhh, and we figured out what to do about the little rack over by the garbage!!!  I’m going to use it for my go center.  Basically, we put Dakota’s saddle bag on the top shelf, and then the second shelf will be to place things we’re going out with like keys and phone – you know a gathering place, then there is a shelf for my gloves and then on the four hooks are my hat from Tom’s graduation to being a Marine, the dog leash, AND my scarf.  That way everything BUT my coat is ready to go.  Cool Cool – don’t know what Rich is going to say, but he can go back to more space for leaving his empty water bottles, and the drafting table is clear for use, AND there are only two FILLED waters (coffee) on the fridge.  He’s got plenty of space out there, but I don’t want the sunroom turning into a catchall … I want it to be a nice exercise room/lounge.  You know?

Hmm, Rich and I’ve been talking about the next part of the day – you know what does he have to do – what do I have to do.  He did for the sake of argument invite me to go with him, he had like 4-5 stops, and we were like umm no thanks.  Didn’t want to be around the car all day – waiting for him, with so much to be doing here – especially on our floors.  We talked to Rich about helping him with the curtain rod that came down, but he’s making it into a big production and stating that it will take 20 minutes etc.  I obviously don’t believe that …. It came down when Dakota and I were juggling for space …. Just have to make the rod a smidge wider and jam it back J  See easy … well that would be if I could reach it.. *Sigh*  Rich is eating a sandwich now … it’s about 10:30 am.  Now he’s thinking he might not have time to do anything in the garage, I think him getting to shop is a poor excuse, but he is going to take my new computer to best buy in the process – so that part is good.  Just have to make sure he goes out of the door with it.  AND, we did tell him about a pile of stuff sitting there waiting for him in the breezeway.  Then he left a empty carton on the bar counter and said he’d get it later – LIKE all the other cartons I’d found he said were for later, so I got up and threw that one in the breezeway with the others.  He’s not really getting that I’m into a clean freak attitude right now.  He was luke warm on me getting the shelving for me and the dog, but we’re ok with that – so-so is better than not, and now the other side is just his side with pens, and coins and screws and whatever else a guy collects.  He’s got to put it in his cleaning list!  Hmm, maybe I could take out a few things, but it’s his space now he has to take care of it.

1/17/2015 11:07 AM

Woo HOO … we got Dakota out for a walk and it was very good though he needed a cleaning when we got in the door.  Lots of sluggie stuff out there because the weather is warming up and melting some of the snow.  It’s 41 degrees out there with winds of 18-22 mph … SO coming around the SW corner was pretty breezy and my baseball cap wouldn’t stay on our head … Maybe we need to wear that tighter.  Dakota was having a great time and the second time we came around by our end of the block, we saw the husky out AND his owner Jerry.  He said the dog’s name is Nicky and he’s 10 years old.  He said he got in a little mischief trying to get through the fence to see our dogs, so he had to hammer in a little extra horizontal bar so he wouldn’t get stuck in the fence.  That’s kinda funny, but I could see how that would worry a person.  The two dogs seemed to get along together pretty good and gave each other a real sniff over.  There was one more serious bark, but I think it came from Dakota … Jerry the neighbor said that Nicki is used to playing with a neighborhood dog and that he’s not used to being chained up.  And, he asked me how many dogs we own … we told him just the one, but that sometimes we babysat for our son – and that he had the two golden retrievers, and our other son had a lab.  We haven’t babysat for Ramsey yet, but maybe at some point they might ask.  I suggested as a half attempt that maybe they could have play dates.  I’m not sure whether Jerry is familiar with that kinda thing, but it be fun.  Just there would be leashes involved outside in someone’s yard (mess) or we’d have to have them come in and play in the sunroom – or like Maury’s dogs in the house.  I’d be eager to have them over, but have to make sure we’re able to clean regular and get showered and dressed.  This week still goes in the book as being an oddity.  We’re trying though.  The one other thing about Nicki that was really surprising was how small he was.  Wow … made Dakota look like a moose.  *sigh*  Well live and let live J  He did say his dog was 55 pounds.  Pretty sure Dakota has 20-30 pounds on him.  BUT, for being 10 Jerry’s dog has a LOT of bounce!  Really going to be a very good part of our day.

We suppose now we should try some vacuuming, right?

AHA!  One room down!

Now we ate lunch – 11:45 and took our medicine, ok, And went to the bathroom though that’s not being charted.

I think we’ll go through the list ONE more time – think obsessive here, but the only thing on our mind is to start the dishwasher – ok, that’s done, and then later unload it, vacuum the back three rooms and make the girls beds. Later we’ll have more to do when the ebroom gets here, and we’ll clean the toilet once more by about 3:30 pm when we take our afternoon medicine.  It be nice to do one more dog out, but we’ll see about that – I mean, of course, for a walk.  It would be a good think to structure better morning and afternoon as separate and good for me and the dog to get out.  Yup yup … that’s about it!  After that we have our evening routines, but not to worry about that now – and how tough can it be to put on pjs?  AFTER that?  We COULD do sewing room or steaming, BUT we could also save some work for tomorrow AND do some “ME FUN TIME!”  I think that our writing here is going to count as a blog entry, then it’s sew Thom’s quilt – IF WE GET the sewing room back together, or read from our organizing book, OR work on adding our Google searches to our Multiple Mind Map MMM.  What a day!  Have to keep in mind too that Maury is coming over about 4-4:30 pm, soooo will that time then be all talking?  I think that would be good if he were in the mood, but if he’s not?  Maybe that is the time we’ll do the sewing room, k?  It allow us some sewing time this evening after dinner.  Like the sound of that J