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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Friday 1-16-15 - Just thinking our way through it

1/16/2015 11:48 AM

We’re a little late in the day, but only because we were pretty busy working.  I think we got to the computer around 7:30 am, but probably spent about 1 ½ hours with Linda.  I think we’re just catching up with before, but the biggest thing to the day is that the clothes rack came in and Rich helped me assemble it.  It was as suggested under 15 minutes W/O tools.  Good deal.  It did take some man hands as to tightening poles, but if push came to shove I could have used a hammer.  Much nicer with Rich around.  J  He is here for the day and its been pretty good.

Hmm, having a little conversation with Rich – he says that we can roll the rack right into the bedroom closet now.  I think inside he likes it … anything to get me more on top of clothes would be good.  What we decided so far – and somewhat decided with Rich is that we’re going to keep it in the laundry room, but while its rested the two baskets will be on top of it.  That’s a pretty good deal and close to where the work is taking place.  Rich thought that it was too much work bringing it back to the sewing room – so that worked out great.  On the lower rack, we have clothes that need to be ironed, and the top rack has clothes already good enough and not in need or ironing.  We hung up the clothes from the kitchen and then wheeled it to my desk area.  It does a nice parallel with the couch which leaves more room for me to get up and down from the desk – and more room to go passed it from the dining room to the living room … it was kind of neat, but figured I didn’t need to see ALL the clothes – so flat up, I just need to see the ends where we put wrinkled to steamed to upper rack.  Good deal.

I’ve been doing pretty well with everything so far today … It is nice to have a day to focus, but we’ll really be glad when the laundry is completely caught up – we’ve got everything washed, but lots of steaming.  That is what we’ll do for the rest of the day – almost noon now, and then we’ll save sweeping for tomorrow, unless we can get the back vacuumed – just the girls room, guest room and sewing room.  Then we could get the kitchen floors tomorrow and the Master bedroom and sunroom.  I think the LR and study carpets are fine.  Nicely the girls aren’t coming until about 6 pm – though Maury will be here about 4:30 pm.

There put away folded clothes/towels.  Rich is stopping for lunch and announced 300 calories for his sandwiches.  He’s going to watch some fishy shows.  I’m good with it though we were going to turn on Property Brothers.  Might do that anyway.

1/16/2015 4:36 PM

We’re back and we’re considering it the end of our business day.  Well maybe, we could steam the second 1/3 of the clothes tonight, or we could steam – both the second and third load of clothes on Sunday, but by then there would be more clothes booo…  Just have to get caught up.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with the floors.  The ebroom is coming in hopefully early, but we should get the back rooms finished AND possibly the Master bedroom and sunroom.  I know its going to be REALLY important to clean up the laundry room to fit the new rack.  We might want to move Missy on the other side – not sure – think this could block her bathroom door and we don’t want to see that either.  It will just depend.  I’m NOT going to put it away today.  Tomorrow will be soon enough.

We did get to a couple unexpected projects for the day.  We watched Rich at home today and trying to squish in papers to my cubby holes for sorting and filing.  Pshwoo – that was crowded.  But we got through all the papers for basically the last 2 ½ months for business and personal.  That isn’t a hard job, but it is time consuming.  You know? 

I don’t really like vacuuming in the dark and by 4:40 pm, it is starting to get dark, especially in the house  Everything is set-up for Rich to be making dinner in hopefully 20 minutes.  I forgot what he was going to make tonight.  He’s been busy with the phone and the geek squad and they fixed his business contact manager which was really important so now the last couple of hours he’s been trying to figure out how to use it.  I might take a look at it tonight.  I’m pretty familiar with how Outlook is supposed to work, so we’ll see how the additions add up.  I’m thinking I will be able to have a fairly decent conversation about it later.  I did look at it before and liked all the communication and charts with it.  Hope we can drag Rich away in a timely manner.  I usually can wait til 5 pm before I start looking for him Hehehe… I was a little frustrated with him, because we sent him a note with our to-do tasks done and undone for the day and he refused to look at it and instead guessed at what might be on it.  It took him some effort but we then got about 8 seconds from him.  His only comment was that we break things down.  And, I have to say that’s the truth.  Every time we have to stand up or move, it is a separate action so if things take more than a short time – they are spelled out.  It just makes sense to us – AND it includes then that different parts can pick out of the list the things they are ready and willing to do.  That part we like a lot.

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