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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Friday 1-23-15 It's all about planning, right?

Good morning … this is us – you’ll have to find the date below.  We were up early about 4:15 am and have been playing since (it’s now 5 am).  Some of the things we discovered is symbols, text boxes, formatting, line breaks, and a really nifty thing that saves every creation or formation that you can design.  It’s very nifty.  We’ve got a lot more exploring to do, but one thing Microsoft does in its programming – is to make things interesting … I love it!

We’re going to try this format for a little and see what happens.  Maybe we like it, maybe we’ll grow tired of it, or maybe we’ll change it in some format to make it fun again.  Hehehe – gotta love someone interested in playing!  Anything that helps you to be coming back. 

Yesterday was a very nice day because Maury came over.  There was one scary thing in that at one time – we were talking to Linda in IM’s, and then we were talking to someone about a program, and then Dr. Marvin called early (as scheduled, but forgotten), and then Maury came in the door.  And, then there were four people to be in contact with and we didn’t know what to do … guess the only thing really to do then was start dropping them.  We were very confused with Dr. Marvin and thought he’d understand best.  Linda we’d already told, but she seemed to have missed the message.  We were done enough with the other business to drop it, and then we focused on Maury because he was here REAL and in 3D.  I think it was a good solution, but we’ll have to talk to Dr. Marvin about it.

Now, Rich is up and we’ve talked for a few moments, and then we came back to typing – oh AND we have been petting the dog.  He’s always ready for that!  The kitty meowed too, because she’d rather have us sit in our recliner, but this morning we were more up and at’m – no guarantees if we stay up or sleep, but it IS a FRIDAY – no matter what that might mean.  Yay!


Afternoon – It is about 12:15 pm and we’re just getting into the regular routine.  Before Rich left at about 6:30 am, we followed him back to the bedroom, laid down and didn’t make it up past that – at one point, we did call for Dakota.  About 2 hours later at 8:30 am, we woke up and was going to start, but we ran into Linda and we talked until about 10 am, and then while doing that we ordered the girls birthday gifts, and after that we talked to my sister.  She seemed fine and had just gotten her cast off.  She said she’s starting to drive at home, but isn’t sure if she’ll need a ride.  We encouraged her to come up with a plan so Rich could plan his time.  I hope she doesn’t take it until the night before.  That will aggravate us to no end.  It is now 2 weeks before the end.  I want a commitment.  *sigh* We also took our shower, got dressed, picked up, started the washing machine and have got most things done except garbage stuff and floors.  Pretty good routine so far.  It really hasn’t taken much time at all … We do have to think past the laundry situation where we have the rack out and is blocking cleaning the kitchen or laundry room – same as with the baskets.  Maybe we should plan on keeping the baskets both on the rack until we sweep that floor, and then we’ll put the baskets in and sweep around the easier to move then rack in the kitchen.  I don’t want it to be a big deal, but we do want to get things done early.  Today was a terrible day to get things done after sleeping those extra 2 hours.  Time with Linda is extravagant too, but one of my guilty pleasures Hehehe.

We are also working of course with the outlook task list which seems to be going fine.  Most things are behaving well and as stated earlier, we were able to do some play learning this morning.  The other program that is being learned has been happening over the last couple of days.  It is called, “Chrometa.”  I really have enjoyed my first real taste of it this morning – waking up to it being around.  We had enough data to go back and categorize it, and then we were able to look at it in summary.  I’m going to give that a little more attention, but most likely will finish a sandwich and sweeping first.  My original goals were to get the kitchen floor washed and buffed today, but I’m not sure with the late start if that’s going to happen.  Let’s see how it weighs on our mind.  I might also take a “blowoff day” after getting the house in order to do some work with the Multiplicity Mind Map (MMM).  I’m getting a bit of an aching to go back to it.  We’ll have to see.  Could mean a weekend full of fun?  AND, yesterday, but mostly 2 days ago, we started opening up to being in the sewing room.  Maury fixed our tv in there, so we could get some of our saved shows and really get back to relaxing.  Linda was able to sympathize with the challenge of getting our black sashing columns in line, but she’s right in just doing the best you can.  It’s because the row went all the way across with the sashing so you can’t attach corner to corner to keep it straight.  I think that’s been a little bit of the problem of going back to the project, but its not getting better just sitting there.  It is now a couple weeks away again from the sewing.  I’d actually like to be done with this project so Linda can sew a back on it, and then we’re thinking of getting A bunch of things sewn for Cari and the baby.  We’ve put it off long enough and Joe’s birthday is going to be before here and the sewing meeting.  I’m thinking with talking and partying, that we might just do the bibs and spit-up cloths, but not sure if that will keep us busy enough.  Maybe we’ll bring our bag that we’d set out before and work on cutting or matching colors.  I won’t put the carrier back to being tested so soon, because it took a bit of a beating, but we can look again in our blue bag – where a bunch of pieces were collected and then see what we can do.  We can again work on cutting pieces for the next scrap quilt if we do another with this pattern.  Maybe.  I’ll give myself through tomorrow to think it out.  I know we have cut-out extra pieces from some of the other quilts.  We’ll do better at doing color matching so that we have light and dark and the next time won’t have to put the black sashing in.  Hmm, that reminded me … it might be too big for Linda’s machine.  Shoot – forgot that part.  I guess then we’d bring it for show and tell, and then ask Mary Ann to do it.  Either way it sounds like a plan.  Ok, next? Floors, THEN garbage J

THERE!  Got some more done … all the floors can be checked off … now we have to do the dirty stuff – toilets, litter box and garbage – better to have waited though until after sweeping, because there was a TON of stuff on the floors again … We emptied it 3 times – then we’ll sit back until the clothes come out of the dryer, and then those will have to be processed, right?  It’s about 1:12 pm now so have gotten a lot done over the last hour.  I can’t believe how much different our life has become with a few things to make things easy between the rack and sweeper.  Good deal all around and we kinda look at those two items now as “fun things”  It is crazy cool to empty the sweeper and find out HOW much stuff is in there – particularly animal hair – this has been done now 3-4 times and we can’t be blaming it on Maury’s dogs … Really excited to be taking that much dirt out of the house, and I can’t believe how much gathered before between vacuums and sweeping.  It really would behoove me to get the floors washed too.  Nice to be sweeping them when they look so pretty.  PLUS, Rich had been taunting us about how we’d bought a machine for that … He’s right AND the last time we did it he got the buffer stuff we needed so there is not that excuse.

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