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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Saturday 1-17-15 - Getting lots done

1/17/2015 7:49 AM

Started off pretty good.  Went to the tasks right away – because Rich was still sleeping – again it’s a Saturday.  We took care of things up to the part where we should be taking a shower and getting dressed.  We did write a note to Linda, but we’re thinking that shouldn’t properly be a task.  Just a reward.  We were thinking yesterday that we should record though some things we would like to do so they get placed on the schedule.  Maybe we will be better at getting things timed for shorter periods so everything gets done … Hmm, just gave Dakota a good pet down.  We’re thinking that we should schedule a trim and shampoo – plus ears and nails for Friday, February 6th.  That will get him cleaned up before seeing the girls – and it will be after the dog cousins slobber all over him for being over that week.  Good thinking.  There scheduled it to make a schedule tomorrow.  Good girl.  I think it should be done fairly once every couple of months.  That be way more than we schedule ourselves.  But we want him to make a good first impression.  Ahh there he goes – wanted to play with his aardvark – good boy!

It’s almost 8 am and we’re thinking we should take care of the eating part.  Just ONE breakfast though!  We weighed in at an incredible 309 this morning.  It hasn’t been that high for the last 9 years.  I’m not saying this really out loud and we haven’t told Rich, but it’s pretty much at an emergency level.  We’re going to have to tell Dr. Marvin.  Even at that, we are still not making an all out commitment … I know it’s very sad.  We are being conscientious of it this week and from what Dr. Marvin said that’s the start of things.  We told him on Thursday that we were recording – so I’m glad we got that far – THOUGH not so far we forgot about BK.  Ok, that’s enough lets think sensible breakfast.  Maybe a fried egg sandwich?  That be more rewarding though would take a pan  Hmm, we could do the poached egg like Rich makes that sounds better, brb. 

1/17/2015 9:07 AM

Hmm, good deal.  We have eaten, and then picked up a few things, and then showered and go dressed.  We’re fighting the temptation to move Rich’s things like slippers, robe and pillows he left in the study.  We’re trying to let him put away his own things, which just makes sense, but we’re frustrated that we have to wait 30-45 minutes before he’s out of his show – IF we catch him before he slips into the next show.  There took care of a few more things – picked up in the laundry room, still have to sweep it, but then we can try putting in the rack and steamer, because we’d like to do that tomorrow instead of today.  We still need to sweep it and then we need to spot pick-up the sunroom – Rich said something about a shower and working out in the garage … Maybe we can get those TWO garbage bags out then I would like to clean the floor in the breezeway too, but will save that until we get the ebroom – to test its tenacity … as to the laundry room floor though – we just gotta jump on that sooner.  I don’t know if it has suction for bigger things, but its suppose to pullup dog hair real good and that’s a major.

Hmm, seems we lost our dog to the sunroom – he didn’t want to come in – so we left him happily laying on the couch.  What a softie!  Hmm, need some more to drink too … always something!  There got as far as sweeping that room – it was pretty disgusting.  Looks better already – we took the small rack off the wall and am testing it in the kitchen.  We’ll have to see it’s fine for the moment.  Might be scared to hook keys there because of its proximity to the garbage, but we’ll get better ideas now that we know we have to look around.  We wanted the wall smooth so we could take the rack and steamer straight in.  I think the steam itself IF they both fit goes closer to the door.  Little worried about the clean basket and the dirty basket as to their current position.  I think they will work side by side on the bottom of the rack – we’ll test it the next time up.  AND we have to get something else to drink.  Working down the list, but not sure if Rich is on his next show … he wouldn’t fool me like that would he?

There POP!  AND it fit – though there is no room to mess around in there.  Both baskets fit under the bottom, but you can’t really get to the dryer unless the rack comes out … usually we have to take it out to steam clothes anyway, so that part is fair enough, but it is an awkward fit if we’re trying to get around in the kitchen – so either it’s put all the way away and we’re not reaching the dryer, or it’s in the laundry room blocking the sundries, or its in the kitchen blocking silverware.  Not sure if that could be prevented, we were looking for an over the top way to handle the laundry.  I do like the rack.  It’s not really sturdy feeling because its so flexible, BUT the rods are steel and really locked in – so there might be sway, but more on the end of the wheels/low. 

Next is Rich moving away from the TV?  NOPE!  He rolled into the next fishy show, then when I appeared in back of him, he said he was just checking it for one reason or another … I’m thinking not!  I think at this pace we’re going to move the two garbages down to the breezeway so we can vacuum that area.  This is the problem of over-obsession with the cleaning.  Go figure AHA  he’s turned off the TV … I guess that’s good so we won’t say anything about how messy his desk looks and that today was scheduled to dust it … *sigh*  I think he went for the shower which is a good option J

Next?  Better look at the sunroom

AHA!  Done!  We cleaned up the sunroom and got rid of the garbage and about a half a dozen boxes – some for Christmas and some from empty pop cases and such.  We also asked Rich if he could take the Christmas tree out – it’s the best option we have if he’s really planning on doing the garage.  That’s the kind of thing that could be there through May if not strongly pushed now.  We did put all that stuff in the breezeway, so we are free and clear to vacuum that room.  I really hope he sees the value in that.  Ahh did a few more things out there.  We moved some empty boxes that should go in the girls room closet – postal boxes, and we moved a laundry sign Maury had gotten us to the laundry room outside the cat’s bathroom.  THEN of course we had to throw away the ugly picture of a flower the old home owners had left, and then we moved the fried AND dog food over so that after we vacuum, we could get the chair out of the isle (in front of the drafting table) and back over to the side where I like it … that’s the chair I sit in when feeding the three dogs.  AND it doesn’t look so cluttered at least with all that stuff gone AND the Christmas tree moved.  Doable, right?

So, we are thinking that the next task will be vacuuming the sunroom.  That was an important task – looks pretty bad out there.  Ohhh, and we figured out what to do about the little rack over by the garbage!!!  I’m going to use it for my go center.  Basically, we put Dakota’s saddle bag on the top shelf, and then the second shelf will be to place things we’re going out with like keys and phone – you know a gathering place, then there is a shelf for my gloves and then on the four hooks are my hat from Tom’s graduation to being a Marine, the dog leash, AND my scarf.  That way everything BUT my coat is ready to go.  Cool Cool – don’t know what Rich is going to say, but he can go back to more space for leaving his empty water bottles, and the drafting table is clear for use, AND there are only two FILLED waters (coffee) on the fridge.  He’s got plenty of space out there, but I don’t want the sunroom turning into a catchall … I want it to be a nice exercise room/lounge.  You know?

Hmm, Rich and I’ve been talking about the next part of the day – you know what does he have to do – what do I have to do.  He did for the sake of argument invite me to go with him, he had like 4-5 stops, and we were like umm no thanks.  Didn’t want to be around the car all day – waiting for him, with so much to be doing here – especially on our floors.  We talked to Rich about helping him with the curtain rod that came down, but he’s making it into a big production and stating that it will take 20 minutes etc.  I obviously don’t believe that …. It came down when Dakota and I were juggling for space …. Just have to make the rod a smidge wider and jam it back J  See easy … well that would be if I could reach it.. *Sigh*  Rich is eating a sandwich now … it’s about 10:30 am.  Now he’s thinking he might not have time to do anything in the garage, I think him getting to shop is a poor excuse, but he is going to take my new computer to best buy in the process – so that part is good.  Just have to make sure he goes out of the door with it.  AND, we did tell him about a pile of stuff sitting there waiting for him in the breezeway.  Then he left a empty carton on the bar counter and said he’d get it later – LIKE all the other cartons I’d found he said were for later, so I got up and threw that one in the breezeway with the others.  He’s not really getting that I’m into a clean freak attitude right now.  He was luke warm on me getting the shelving for me and the dog, but we’re ok with that – so-so is better than not, and now the other side is just his side with pens, and coins and screws and whatever else a guy collects.  He’s got to put it in his cleaning list!  Hmm, maybe I could take out a few things, but it’s his space now he has to take care of it.

1/17/2015 11:07 AM

Woo HOO … we got Dakota out for a walk and it was very good though he needed a cleaning when we got in the door.  Lots of sluggie stuff out there because the weather is warming up and melting some of the snow.  It’s 41 degrees out there with winds of 18-22 mph … SO coming around the SW corner was pretty breezy and my baseball cap wouldn’t stay on our head … Maybe we need to wear that tighter.  Dakota was having a great time and the second time we came around by our end of the block, we saw the husky out AND his owner Jerry.  He said the dog’s name is Nicky and he’s 10 years old.  He said he got in a little mischief trying to get through the fence to see our dogs, so he had to hammer in a little extra horizontal bar so he wouldn’t get stuck in the fence.  That’s kinda funny, but I could see how that would worry a person.  The two dogs seemed to get along together pretty good and gave each other a real sniff over.  There was one more serious bark, but I think it came from Dakota … Jerry the neighbor said that Nicki is used to playing with a neighborhood dog and that he’s not used to being chained up.  And, he asked me how many dogs we own … we told him just the one, but that sometimes we babysat for our son – and that he had the two golden retrievers, and our other son had a lab.  We haven’t babysat for Ramsey yet, but maybe at some point they might ask.  I suggested as a half attempt that maybe they could have play dates.  I’m not sure whether Jerry is familiar with that kinda thing, but it be fun.  Just there would be leashes involved outside in someone’s yard (mess) or we’d have to have them come in and play in the sunroom – or like Maury’s dogs in the house.  I’d be eager to have them over, but have to make sure we’re able to clean regular and get showered and dressed.  This week still goes in the book as being an oddity.  We’re trying though.  The one other thing about Nicki that was really surprising was how small he was.  Wow … made Dakota look like a moose.  *sigh*  Well live and let live J  He did say his dog was 55 pounds.  Pretty sure Dakota has 20-30 pounds on him.  BUT, for being 10 Jerry’s dog has a LOT of bounce!  Really going to be a very good part of our day.

We suppose now we should try some vacuuming, right?

AHA!  One room down!

Now we ate lunch – 11:45 and took our medicine, ok, And went to the bathroom though that’s not being charted.

I think we’ll go through the list ONE more time – think obsessive here, but the only thing on our mind is to start the dishwasher – ok, that’s done, and then later unload it, vacuum the back three rooms and make the girls beds. Later we’ll have more to do when the ebroom gets here, and we’ll clean the toilet once more by about 3:30 pm when we take our afternoon medicine.  It be nice to do one more dog out, but we’ll see about that – I mean, of course, for a walk.  It would be a good think to structure better morning and afternoon as separate and good for me and the dog to get out.  Yup yup … that’s about it!  After that we have our evening routines, but not to worry about that now – and how tough can it be to put on pjs?  AFTER that?  We COULD do sewing room or steaming, BUT we could also save some work for tomorrow AND do some “ME FUN TIME!”  I think that our writing here is going to count as a blog entry, then it’s sew Thom’s quilt – IF WE GET the sewing room back together, or read from our organizing book, OR work on adding our Google searches to our Multiple Mind Map MMM.  What a day!  Have to keep in mind too that Maury is coming over about 4-4:30 pm, soooo will that time then be all talking?  I think that would be good if he were in the mood, but if he’s not?  Maybe that is the time we’ll do the sewing room, k?  It allow us some sewing time this evening after dinner.  Like the sound of that J

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