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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Thursday 1-15-15 - LOVE the Sweeper

Good morning  It’s now 7:38 am and we’re well on our way … we’ve got everything done as to pick-ups, starting the machines and gotten dressed, etc.  We did take our shower last night.  Today is an early Dr. Marvin day so we will leave here in about 1 ½ hours.  I would really like to do at least up to the sweeping part before we go.  I don’t think the clothes will be ready for folding, but otherwise we should be good.  It was a light load and we threw in the tablecloth for good measure.  The dogs been out a couple of times and he’s been fed, PLUS we got water for the both of us. 

This morning we woke up about 6:15 am and we sat with Rich for about 45 minutes.  He’d been up for a while and just doing his slow morning thoughts.  We talked a bit, but nothing spectacular just going over this and that.  Missy sat on my lap for a good long while and we had on the heating pad from last night.  Our back seems to be good this morning, but we didn’t have on the fireplace so it was warm with that and on top by the kitty … We really do have a good life.  AND, of course Dakota is lying by our side both then and now.  We’ve been telling him it’s a Dr. Marvin day and by the way his eyes perked up we think he understands somewhat what that means.  We keep repeating so he’s sure to understand. 

Rich plugged in the phone and we have our cards, money, medicine and keys on the table ready to go out.  Thadda girl!  Nothing is going to stop us this time.  Last night before we went to bed we wrote Dr. Marvin a short note and we included a couple copies of our to-do list.  I think he will appreciate it not in that EVERYone does that sort of thing, but he knows we struggle for balance and structure.  I think waking up and going to the to-do list first thing has really helped out.  It also helped out that we updated the list last night so it was ready to go this morning.  There should still be a faster process, but again we’re on the edge as to working with the recurrence feature.  Last night we went to bed about 9:30 pm with Rich and he rubbed us for a little while before we turned over and decided that we needed cuddling time.  Poor Rich thought he was going to get rubbed, but we were VERY soon asleep..  I do love that guy so much!  I think that about gets us up to now – oh AND we did sleep in the bedroom all night, the temp was good and Rich had gotten out of bed, so we didn’t worry about our snoring so much.  That’s it!

As to today – we figure beside Dr. Marvin and getting the generic domestic Goddess stuff done, we also want to do the parts not done yesterday in getting floors swept and vacuumed.  Tomorrow, Friday, we want to work on our sewing room, and then on Saturday we want to work on the steaming.  Those were the major areas that didn’t get done yesterday.  We were proud yesterday that we got Dakota out for a walk – just two times around the block, but figured that was pretty good.  The wind came at our faces a bit when going west, but it was nice going east.  Dakota and the scooter did good on the snow – not so much ice, but that will eventually get tested too – just yesterday it was more packed snow.  YAY!  We had to take him out because he wanted to be out and lay in the snow waiting for his Husky friend next door.  She seemed to be in the house, but Dakota didn’t give up.  He also got excited for a while because Joe had one of his collies out.  Silly pup wants some play dates. 

I think the sweeping … hmm, linda just said hi *sigh*

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