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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Thursday 1-22-15 - What's this Chrometa thing?

1/22/2015 2:15 PM

Hi hi … we’ve been pretty dormant as to tasks around the house today, but we’re thinking things are like guest day because Maury came over 4 hours ago and apparently has not left yet.  I didn’t know that he was staying for a while, but it is very nice.  We talked for the first couple of hours and then I had to go to the bathroom and after there was a bit of a disconnect.  We told him it was about lunch time and did he want to eat in or out.  He chose to order in so we ended up calling Rosatti’s and it was a big $35 order YIKES!  Maury did contribute $10, but we’re going to have to face the big guy when he comes home.  We saved 4 chicken wings and a couple of appetizer and Maury has left about half his loaded fries order.  Then he played around on his phone/videos for a while and I drifted to the computer, and then he sauntered over to the couch to sleep – think he was tired and plumply filled!  He did say that he would be stopping at his father’s on the way home, but maybe that was after a while.  It is nice to have him here, but it does change the order of getting things done.  We did pick up before he got here – mostly folded blankets, and we did the kitty litter/garbage and started the dishwasher after lunch.  I’d like to do the sweeping and laundry … thinking too late in the day for laundry though and we’ll wait until after he’s gone to do the sweeping.  If we did laundry now we’d be folding/steaming right about dinner time when Rich needs the kitchen.  It’ll wait, might mean two loads tomorrow though.

There was a while about the time Maury got here when things were all confused.  We were on FB with Linda, then we were online with someone from a program we were trying for 30 days, and then Dr. Marvin had called – forgot he said 10:30 am, and then Maury came through the door – we hadn’t known til late he was already on his way.  Didn’t know quite what to do, but we assume that when someone in 3D is at your door, he or she is the one that should get attention.  Right?  AND, with Maury staying over so long – I think it turned out to be the right decision though the other three got cut short.  I feel kinda bad about that.  But, alas, here we are and everything is quiet again.  Dakota chose to stay outside in the snow earlier and then later after lunch he chose to stay out in the sunroom.  I can tell when he doesn’t want to come in and in the meantime reaches up to jump on the couch.  He figures it’s pretty much his spot and he’s such a big fury dog I don’t think the cooler room phases him much.  It’s about 33 degrees out there now.  Maybe we should take a walk, but then Maury is sleeping and I wouldn’t want him to leave if we were gone.  Dakota will be alright and we can always try a walk in the dark!  Hmm, wouldn’t that be interesting!

We’ve been taken up by this program we’ve been looking at – discovered it last night while reading the book on habits.  The program basically works as a time keeper while you are online and it records where you are spending your time.  I think it will be too expensive in the end, but if it works – we have 30 days to try it.  Maybe it is a little anal, but we like the idea of finding out as a Multiple where we go during the day.  You know?  There’s space also where it asks you where or what you were doing while off the computer, and there’s a part that can follow activities on your phone.  But, it’s like an additional $10 a month for extra connections and we already have the two computers.  I’m not sure why we got so into it upon seeing it, we do tend to like what’s new, but we liked the thought of understanding our time better so that we could make better use of it.  The program works connected to invoicing too so that you can charge someone for time spent on their project.  We of course wouldn’t do that, but because it can separate work/billable time from personal time, we figured our 40 hour work week from disability to be about $8 an hour, so then it became interesting to see how we were “earning” our money.  Of course we work on weekends too, but hypothetically, that be “on the house!” 

I think right now we’re going to look at reading from the small computer at our recliner with the fire on … those are always the coziest of days J

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