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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Tuesday 1-20-15 - Working that e-broom

1/20/2015 8:27 AM

Good morning.  This is us and we’re doing pretty good so far … have the house all picked up, but we have added hard floors to our tasks and we haven’t completed them yet.  We are up to that and the washing machine is going and it is before 8 am – SO there is a chance that we could get through a cycle of clothe before we leave for Dr. Marvin’s at 11 am.  Let’s say earlier, because we need to get gas.  That be fair, right?  So far we are better on Breakfast, but we are still hungry.  We only ate some leftover pineapple.  Hmm, thinking we could do the poached egg on toast?  That would be a good breakfast!  There!  That was GREAT!  I still have a minute of cleaning up to do, but I will get to that in a minute.  I want that to settle!  Good good marked it in our log for food eaten …  Rich is doing really well with his diet though I don’t like it when he says it has to hurt to be working.  I don’t ever want to go there.  He has lost in 15 days 16 pounds – so he’s gone from 296 to 280, which is a SUPER GREAT loss.  I know he’s waiting for me to follow, but we’re being really low key.  We’ve lost a couple pounds, but it could go either way depending on when we weigh ourselves.  We will have to talk to Dr. Marvin about it again today – I don’t like that part either.  It seems we’re pulling teeth to move forward, but at least have several days now – almost a full week of logging our food … we’ve done good except Sunday when Isa had the computer all day, and we’re not as good about including dinner.  PLUS, we know that we are going to be stopping at BK today.  That’s really a hard one.  Maybe we could work it to skip the hamburger and instead just get the fries AND maybe skip the smoothie.  I don’t know – we’ll decide then, but it is an option.  Fries go last!

Hmm, we lost something because the Outlook program destabilized for a minute.  Might have had a window open while accessing another and that didn’t work.  In the process we added a task for brushing Dakota.  We figured out that we needed to put the brush on the desk to remind us to do it more often.  That’s a good deal.  We had another problem though.  We went to clean the kitty litter and we discovered the door was shut.  We’re thinking it was accidentally closed when the heating guy was here yesterday because the box is still clean.  I don’t know if Missy has been holding it or let it go somewhere.  I do know now when I call her, only the dog comes so she’s probably off in her sleepy world.  That would lead me to believe she had an accident somewhere … we’ll have to see if we can spot if that happened.  Also, we were going over the tasks needed to be done, and I think the next thing other than brush the dog will now be to do the ebroom.  I’d love to have that done before we move on to the dryer because we can get the floor before the rack has to come out.  Might as well do that now.  I am hoping that the batteries are working right.

AHA!  Done!  We got the floors ALL swept in “ONE UP!”  And we got the washer clothes to the dryer.  It’s now 8:24 am – so we figure they will be dry about 9:30-10 am, so with plenty of time to fold and put away.  Not sure about steaming the clothes, but we will get them hung up.  We have to remember next time up that we need to get the hangers AND the dog brush.  That last time up we even put away the sewing machine case.  To be actually candid … we DID get to the sewing room yesterday as to putting it back together.  We just had the suitcase left to put away.  So next time up?

Brush for the dog
Brush our hair
Get hangers
Go to the bathroom ;)

Ok, lets go

Good good … done, done, done, and done.

Anything else before we go on to something else?  It will take the dryer at LEAST an hour to dry.  Lets check the list one more time and then move on to something else.  I wonder if Linda has signed on yet.  Maybe we can write her a note.  Ahh, just checked … we’re all good now until the dryer gets done, AND we need to get ourselves some water to be drinking.  That be a good deal.  I am going to enjoy that if I get my wits about me everything can be done with ease before we leave at 10:45 am  We do have to note that we were up leisurely with Rich at 5:30 am, talked to around 6:30 am and was done with our shower and getting dressed by 7:30 am.  That might be what we go for in our newer routines.  The big thing is getting in the habit of going down the task list … so far so good. 

Ok, then next while waiting write to Linda and if she’s not around we can do some Multiple stuff, hmm?

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