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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Wedenesday 1-21-15 - Was last night even a DATE NIGHT??

1/21/2015 8:53 AM

Good morning – It’s almost 9 am.  We were slow this morning in that Rich needed our help in steaming some “hiding clothes” and fixing wi-fi on his computer to connect with his phone, etc.  He has a very big meeting today with CARC which is the Chicago Association for Retarded Citizens.  The terminology is old and so is the shop.  They are amongst if not the biggest in the city of Chicago for giving help to the disabled.  They called Rich a week or two ago to come and talk to them about working for them.  Rich has done some with them, but I think mostly it is his reputation that is succeeding.  I think the meeting is in about an hour.  It is snowing now so we are hoping the driving isn’t crazy, but he didn’t leave himself much room for error since he hadn’t been to that building or knew what kind of parking there would be.  Chicago is always crazy when it snows.  But, he IS out the door, DID give himself a couple of hours, and the day moves on.  We got showered and dressed and have dishes to the sink and a couple rooms picked up, but we haven’t finished all the morning chores.  Soon, we just have to take a small break after showering because we’re a little off-balance.

There just checked the mail and such … we picked up what they are saying is a free magazine for packaging which is pretty much Rich’s business.  We sent it to him …. Maybe there is something in it at worst it becomes junk mail and he discontinues it .. He used to read trade magazines, but hasn’t in quite a while.  We’ll see.  It’s already after 9 am now and Linda isn’t up.  Not sure what the story is there … Most likely two options.  One, she stayed in bed a little longer.  Two, she’s up and running and has not stopped because she’s moving fast!  *giggle* either is fine … just that we keep our eyes open for her about now.

1/21/2015 11:30 AM


We’re back.  We did talk to Linda for about an hour and a half, but we got some good talking done!  After that I wanted to get back to the stuff that needed morning cleaning.  I’ve only got now to make lunch and do some surface cleaning dusting in the master bedroom and bath.  I think one of the batteries is getting charged, but I thin that is one that is on the side?  Not sure, but this time the one I’d used last stayed in the machine direct, and it didn’t last very long.  I notice this time that there are two red lights and the left one is blinking.  So far the red light on the side has stayed red, SOOO my thinking is that when the left light quits blinking, I’m going to switch the two batteries.  ANNNNNND you know what?  With a good charge and an extra break – the ebroom can go over the surfaces of carpets it said it could, but I wasn’t sure and hadn’t counted on it, but we went through all the major rooms on the second charge including study, LR, bedroom and sunroom – ALONG with all my wooden surfaces.  I don’t think it does a strong cleaning, but it seems to pick-up all the surface that would have jarred me into thinking I need to sweep – Pretty darn cool, hmm?  AND, it takes just a fraction of energy AND it is CORDLESS!  OMG we’re sooo darn enthused.  The new program will be to spot clean all the floors on mostly a daily basis.  If it was this easy to do with SUCH a nice look, why wouldn’t I?  Takes about as long as loading and unloading the dishwasher.  MIGHTY ROAR!!!

You domestic diva you!

Hehehe – ok, no we’re getting into silly.  I’m going to clean some surfaces …. Brb

There, did that AND made ourselves lunch – pretty close to being done with the ham that was made on Sunday.  Pretty good deal – I’ve enjoyed it but now down to the broken pieces and the ones with fat – we’ll let Rich sort tht out for dinner or whatever tonight.  About time to wash that dish.  I’ll start the dishwasher after I get done with the sandwich AND we’re doing ok, with drinking water … 3-4 more bottles today would be great! Ohh and I’ve got to brush Dakota … the person grooming him is going to have a lot easier time – hence do a better job if he cooperates leaning and rolling in the right directions and getting more accustomed to having ALL the spots touched.  At least we’re trying.  I hope he goes in there willingly. 

Ahh done with that – did lunch, dishwasher AND Dakota – seems like a pretty good amount to have done by Noon – WITH 2 minutes to spare … gotta check now how our afternoon lines up – what are we going to do with the next 4-5 hours – WOW what a time span AND to have so much done!

Call CS and Mom
Walk Dakota
Check mail
Medicine at 3:30

That’s pretty much it – so we might start with calls, BUT THEN we will have time to move on to some projects.  I would like to get sewing accomplished, but it seems pretty hard … best to start it with a whole afternoon ahead of us.  Maybe we’ll walk Dakota before the calls, and then move on to the sewing project?  Wouldn’t that be spectacular!??  AND, then maybe something this evening too.  Last night Rich turned off the tv about 7:30-8 pm all by himself, and he turned on the fire and sat in his recliner, and then he invited me over to visit with him.  OMG it was like having a date night!!!  Well one thing leads to another, and we have to say it was a GREAT night!  He’s getting better with doing something in the evening and I liked helping him calm down his heebie jeebies!  I still haven’t given up the thought that we could make good use of our evenings OTHER than watching TV – it would be GREAT if we could be in the sewing room when Rich is in the sitting room with fire and on computer or reading his books.  We seem to be having a pretty good life!

There shoes on … just gotta hope that the scooter runs in the shoveled snow.  We got about an inch, but the snow plow has gone by AND Don God Bless his heart, came over to snow blow our driveway and sidewalk – thinking it was now maybe more than an inch because the pile at the bottom of the drive seemed over a foot high.  I will let him out next and see how it goes from there J

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