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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes Wednesday 1-14-15 - Frosty!

Good morning.  This is me.  It is now 8:45 am and we’ve skipped a LOT of FB to be working in the calendar.  We still don’t have it figured out so that we can reset things without being marked.  We will probably have to work with the Recurrence button, but we’re not sure yet of the view … We’d tried it on Tuesday and didn’t like how it was happening, but now don’t recall why.  For now it might be better just to go down the list and reprioritize so that we can say either current for today or choose another day we’d like to get to the project.  We’ve been deleting things that are for only special occurrences like today we listed to get the sewing room put back, but that not something we’ll have to do normally, because we just had it undone to do the windows. 

The windows are almost completely done.  We expect the window guys to come back today to finish calking the outside of the windows.  They had to wait for the spray foam to cure overnight before doing it.  Otherwise everything got done yesterday early enough – around 1:30 pm, so that I could take a nap, Rich could release stress by watching a show, and then we came together before dinner and put all the curtains back up beside one and most the furniture is back in place – not to say the house is done, but a lot of things were accomplished.  We’ve now started the day too in that we’re dressed, have taken care of the dog, started a load of linen and hmm, there should be SOMETHING else, better take another round brb…

Hmm, we’re doing pretty good.  It’s bout 12:30 pm now … a lot of things are done like the 3rd and last load of clothe is in the washer and both beds are completely made – plus those rooms are picked up.  Everything in the house seems to be picked up now, but there is a major need to do the sewing room, which might now wait until tomorrow or Friday.  We’d like to get to finishing the laundry – AND some clothes steamed and we’d really like to get to the floors.  The wood ones in the three rooms (kitchen, dining, office) need to be swept AND should be washed, and then we need to do that vacuuming in the back three rooms, master bed/bath and sunroom. 

Oh Lordy … not sure what just happened, but it seems like all of a sudden our back is locking up.  Thick dull pain in the rib cage area.  I took a couple extra arthritis medicines shoot shoot.  Last thing we really did was to make the beds and unload the dishwasher.  Hmm, it’s already getting better a little … think it might be throbbing in and out … too early to figure that out, but maybe we won’t be vacuuming so much?  Not sure … really want to get that part done before the girls come this weekend, And, I would like to load our time so that we have some time to be working on the Multiplicity.  Getting the two BIG beds cleaned and washed – on a normal day that might have alone been enough work.  We’re trying to handle things.  I’m still wondering about the part where we walk the dog.  MAYBE get to that yet this afternoon – Might depend how long the window guys are here.  I think they are working on the garage windows now – so might have the rest of the house done.  We’ve been taking pictures of their progress AND we took some really cool ones this morning with the frost on the trees.

See?  Hey this is cool we can be adding pictures easily to our notes too – that be good for some progress updates – AND might help us keep the phone plugged in

Ahh thought we might have a better one – I liked the darkness of the other – it had a snowy glow … AND, 12:45 the guy for the windows just came in and had us sign the receipt YAY all is done until the 28th, when he is going to come back and finish the bathroom window.  They had to order something different.  SO that will be the end of it.  This is the picture we took of one of the window guys.  It’s a little creepy to have someone looking in your window, but it sure does beat yesterday when there was no window and snow coming in!

YAYYY!!! All done!  House is to ourselves again – well, at least me and Dakota.  It’s now about 1 pm.  I think Rich is coming home earlier – like 4 pm today – he’ll stop at his mothers and get some groceries – like we’re out of milk.  It would be nice then to have things done.  The back is feeling kind of “cold” stiff, but not hurting really bad like it did for those some minutes.  Just want to give it a good few minute break before we move on to the next task … which will be???  Let me see!

I think the next task is either vacuuming the back, or sweeping the hard floors (4 rooms now – added Laundry).  We’ll give that a moment to feel out.  SOOO  What else is happening?  I see Dakota is in front of the fire … we were keeping their caulk warm – not sure then … Maybe it’s time to turn it off for a while.  That was something Rich had asked for … ok, we could do that for him J

There done!  Dakota moved to the couch corner – so he’s not really hurting much.

Oh!  We did something exciting – as far as exciting to a domestic Goddess.  We went to Online Target and spent $38 on a clothes rack – you know the taller kind for hanging things.  We got a 5% discount for using the Target card, and we got free shipping!  YAY!!!  They really motivate you to use the card.  We did send a copy of the receipt to Rich.  I’m hoping he understands the need of spending a few dollars.  Pretty much the nice thing about the rack is that it has a double hanging space and you can adjust the height of both so we can arrange to be tall enough for the shirts while being short enough to sit down.  We hope that it really is moveable – it’s got wheels.  We want to start hanging things that really don’t need steaming on the rack while it’s in the kitchen where we fold clothes, and then we can bring it to the back for steaming.  That’s been a big problem is having a place high enough so the shirts don’t drag on the ground after steaming.  We have another couple of things to resolve.  Basically, we need a new roller on our chair, but this is the second time its broke – not sure though – might be a different roller on the same chair.  That’s the first problem with one of five wheels busted, we can’t be moving around so much AND im thinking the raw end is cutting into the carpet.  I’m also thinking that we are too heavy for the chair – Plus it’s just old – at least 12 years, PLUS it lost its arms long ago – one of the hardest things is though that the chair is too low.  Looking around though I found that there might be a wrench to lower the pole so that I can still hang up the nozzle/hose while sitting in the lower chair.  So combined, we might have solved our problem.  We would stay then back in the sewing room which is warmer – and instead of the computer, we’d just watch/listen to shows we taped.  That should be a pretty good deal and will be a lot less disruptive in the living room.

AHA!  The dryer stopped.  That means that is going to come first, right?  YAY – she states!  That means third load AND last load will be in the dryer and for SURE we’ll get things put away before Rich comes home with groceries..  GOOD girl!

AHA!  Done!  Well not with everything, but we got the second load folded and the third load to the dryer AND we washed the half dozen glass pieces I don’t throw in the dishwasher.  That was good tasking AND most of it sitting down.  I think we’re really going to do in a little bit the sweeping. I know I know – we mentioned this before, but we really do want to get done with this part.  I think we’re going to try using a broom, but I remember before using a sweeper vac – I wonder if that still works?  I’m thinking that its out in the garage … let me go look and check out its condition.  Hmm?  Just checked might have gotten thrown out because it wasn’t being used.  We still have a Swiffer though and maybe that?  No … still like the new cleaner just don’t thing we could do sweeping AND cleaning AND buffing – but if we could that pretty much wipe up the day.  I can’t believe I’d get to all that before Rich comes home though it really needs it as does the floor out in the breezeway AND the floor in the sunroom – Pswhoo.  Hmm, Dakota really seems to want out AGAIN better listen to him.

Hmm, he DIDN’T have to go to the bathroom – instead he went out and laid in the snow underneath his favorite scratching tree.  I finally went in to get a camera, but then he got up again to go to the door, so we let him in, but he didn’t want to come in in the house – so we left him in the sunroom.  I know what the problem is … he wants to have contact with that husky next door.  MAINLY, because when he was laying in the snow – he just stared at the next door neighbors back porch.  Yea yah … We’re thinking that he could use some out time so he can lay on the couch out there … that’s one of his favorite laying spaces.  Now … If I were REALLY being a good Ann, I could actually try taking the scooter out for a walk with the dog.  Hmm, that be a good deal, right?

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