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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Notes: Saturday 2-21-15 Exercise goals closer and closer


2/21/2015 10:56 AM

Good morning.  We seem to have let a week slip by, but we’re on it now.  It is Saturday and almost 11 am.  We just went through the task list the first time of the day and we had to update it from Monday.  That is always a pain.  I think if there were any reason that it was let go this week, it was because we were taken up in our activities with the Quantified Self (QS) project.  OR, we could say movement, but here it is just a project right?  Yesterday we spent the majority of time over at “Patients Like Me.”  We had a little to add today with prescriptions, but I think it Is caught-up and it is VERY quantitatively descriptive of our well-being.  I think we’re going to need adding it to the other things that we open in the morning including “My Fitness Pal,” “iFit,” “Fitbit,” “Rescueme,” and “TicTrac.”  Oh yes there are a couple more important ones too on depression.  We are still getting asked some general questions throughout the day, but that area has to be worked with more.  We’ve also seen and read quite a bit of material on QS and am feeling the love.  I think that most people have to come to a place with thinking through what they are going to do with the material.  The common belief is that most people in the helping professions would think of it as too much data.  I would like to see real improvement coming from the effort – But, there has to be a lot more done with stats to get there.  There was one professor who keyed in on 3 people who had done something visual like books or slide shows to present their work annually.  I think the important part there was to get some of the qualitative reporting (like this) done as well.  We had a brief thought of going back and pulling stats out of our writing, but we know that be truly silliness on our part.  Just too much data.  One of the paths that we might take today is to go back to the main site – a website/blog for QS (internationally) and put out by the originators, but to go back and look at their reference lists as to other programs or apps that people have used with some level of success.  I know that we have a few of the major ones, but there are SOOO many more to look at.  Especially for things like steps and blood pressure there are quite a few repeats, but the experts are really suggesting soft data over hard data and my understanding of that is that soft is the kind of data that updates with no effort and hard is the stuff you gotta go look for.  I might have my terminology mixed up but the main point is auto-data is better for sanity Hehehe.

We’ve got a guy named Bob coming over to look at the bike – he ordered new parts and they’ve come in so hopefully, they are what is holding our bike back.  He’ll be here in about 50 minutes so I better do a couple quick things.  BRB

Very good – we’re progressing things along.  It is now about 20 minutes before the service guy gets here.  Rich is not home yet from Walmart, but we knew it was going to be close and ok if the fixit guy got started first.  Dakota is out in the sunroom which tells me it is warm enough to get some exercise.  I will cool down from the last activities, and then try it for up to 7 minutes.  HMM, probably should get my earphones too!  Second thought maybe not.  We want to be able to hear the repairman, right?  Good thinking.  Last trip up we were able to clean the kitchen and dishes, then we swept the sunroom and we cleaned up after the litter and garbage, and then with a short rest, we went back and got the laundry started.  That’s a pretty good start.  We had trouble doing that sort of thing this week, because we got overwhelmed with all the other.  There were QUITE a FEW videos to watch.  We kept going from one listing of QS to another.  It seems to be really big at some of the bigger Universities like Boston, Philadelphia and Stanford.  I will have to get another reading about how many people have signed up to QS, but that seems to be the locust of people.  I’m sure there are many hundreds of thousands though who are doing the record keeping and not knowing that it is a movement in itself.  Hmm repair guy is now hear and Rich is 5 minutes out.  I guess they got in pretty close.  The guy is on the phone with a couple of calls.  Not sure what that is all about.  Maybe he’s catching up with his appointments.  Oh oh … he just came in to say that he had a household emergency … He has a 200 gallon water tank and it is spewing all over.  So we said good bye and to just give Rich a call later on.  We’ll stop for another moment too to tell Rich, but nothing emergency on our end … Just wanted to get it fixed.  Maybe Rich will run into him as he’s pulling out.  He had to put away his equipment.  What a bad afternoon for the poor guy.  On the better hand, Dakota came in and is now chewing on his hard bone from his cousins.  I’m thinking in a few we’re going to have to help Rich put away groceries.  Yup yup … SOMEWHAT of a busy normal morning – though seem to have gotten a late started.  Really day began after 10 am, AND it’s noon now. 

Next?  Yup yup Rich is home!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Notes: Sunday 2-15-15 You didn't deliver, my what?


2/15/2015 10:39 AM

Good morning.  It’s late in getting to this point – already after 10:30 am.  We’ve done pretty much computer things.  Rich is just getting out of the shower and getting dressed and everything is up to date with Dakota.  We have a stack of steamed clothes to work on this morning, so all that will be good – just we want to get to it before much else so it’s off the docket.  We’re making an arbitrary rule that if there is over 6 pieces to be steamed we have to get the steamer out and it is WAY past there now.  I think we’re going to set up an activity for it with fitbit.  It’s the first time we’ll use it, but why not – it’s a lot on our arms and that has to be good for us.  Looking forward to getting on with things – just have to assure we’re all caught up with the blogging too.  I don’t think much happened last night past the normal stuff/time we blogged last.  Hmm, Rich is going through our medicine cabinet – there’s like 3 cabinets and he’s suggesting we get the bags in order … that can’t be good.  Hmm, he found the hair dryer back there.  It’s very disrupting all the rifling through noises he’s making.  Maybe we should try to move on.

Ok, dishes first and then now infomercials – crap – very crabby all of a sudden.  Maybe because of the stress of noise both Rich and the TV (we got up and turned it off).  Plus, because of the stress that we have to leave the comfort zone.  We don’t feel secure with Rich back by the master bathroom in taking our shower, though that should probably be soon in our list.  I don’t like him back there, but don’t know why it’s so disagreeable to us.  Maybe we don’t feel he has any business sorting the “stuff”  I just don’t think he knows our bag system though it’s probably got out of hand – he probably uses that area more than we – so has that right, but I don’t hear quiet organizing we hear ruffling.  Have to figure out what’s up with that and how we calm ourselves down.  Shoot now he’s expiring so that means he’s feeling put-out.  That more than likely is going to come back and bite us too.  Maybe some music … good, we put on some of our nice slow music of hope – it should help us relax.

I thought for a second that we should go to do a few things in the kitchen, but felt we still couldn’t move.  We’ve tried in the past to figure out why it is so hard for us to move with Rich moving.  Sometimes even with him sitting – operative thought is that he’s still in the house.  I’ve got the feeling it has to do something with hiding.  They seem dangerous – like bull in china shop – they being Rich, my mother and my grandfather.  Hmm, reminds me we need to call back my mother to see if she’s gotten the flowers.  We didn’t hear from her yesterday so that was surprising.

Ok, too much there.  I’m going to see if we can work through being in the kitchen.  Rich seems pretty secure in the Master bath.  There we go – about 4 some minutes and 60 steps later and the kitchen is all clean – well except for the floor.  BUT, we’re deciding that it’s too much on a Sunday and that we’re going to put it off until Monday.  Maybe the next step that steaming right?  Why don’t we try it? 


2/15/2015 12:24 PM

Afternoon – we’ve made some progress – it took about 23 minutes to do the steaming so that was good time used.  PLUS we finished picking up AND we ate lunch and charted.  We went to the washroom too – so the next thing is to take a shower … About 12:30 pm so about time for that for sure!  AHA!  Didn’t make it to the shower quite yet, BUT we did make it to the treadmill when we took Dakota out and for the first time, we made it to 6 MINUTES!!!  So far we’ve mostly been at 5 minutes with once going to 5 ½ minutes.  So, that is very good – though we’re a little disappointed that we didn’t get out there until the afternoon.  Just a start, right?  Today we’re in Milford Sound, New Zealand – who would have known.  We went 1.8 mph and we got 18% of a mile.  That’s pretty good for us for one attempt.  Yesterday it took us three times but we got 40% of a mile.  Better though than taking 5 times to get 50% of a mile.  Going to really need to pull ourselves together though and get in that shower.  BRB..

THERE!  Finally done!

2/15/2015 1:24 PM

Ahh BACK.  Rich had some disappointment news so we talked about that, but otherwise moving on.  We’ve showered and dressed and started the dishwasher since its after lunch.  We were petting Dakota as Rich talked so we got some good Dakota time in.  We got called on writing things in FB, but as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been writing about things going on in our life for about 25 years now, we’re really not that bad and primarily talk about ourselves, and that’s just the way it’s going to have to be.  Sometimes like Valentine’s night Rich acted surprised, but again – we’ve been writing longer than we’ve known him and that’s a long time.  We’re not going into the other and its not really my business so that’s it of that.

Rich is going to watch the fishy shows for at least the next 20 minutes and then he’s going to see his mother now that he’s finished opening her mail, and then he’s going to Walmart and if there is time before dinner he’ll probably work a bit on his new rods and reels.  He sure likes fishy stuff. 

Hmm, we’ve just been with our mother on the phone for about 45 minutes.  The florist wrote a note stating that our order might not have been handled as intended, and then they said we had a $50 credit with them.  That’s when we called our mother.  I was livid.  Apparently, they’d called her yesterday and said they couldn’t deliver her flowers because she wasn’t in their area – although they’d delivered to her twice before.  They told her she should come and pick up her flowers EVEN after being charged for the delivery.  I was so mad – she had no flowers on Valentine’s day and they didn’t get to telling me this until noon the day after – AND even at that they didn’t tell me what had happened.  We will wait until tomorrow, but I WILL talk to someone from there about this … AND we’ll get a hold of another florist my mother stated was in Deer River Direct.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Notes: Saturday 2-14-15 Productive day when the cat's away


2/14/2015 9:47 AM

Good morning.  It’s already about 9:45 am – so about 3-4 hours have gone by with the morning.  We’ve tried to wake up understanding new systems and am going to have to find new ways to make things happen more quickly and so that everything gets covered.  I don’t remember if we’ve written about “The Quantified Self Movement,” but it is something Dr. Marvin identified last Thursday during our meeting.  We’ve gone pretty crazy over the last couple of days with it.  We have started various means and measures of measuring ourselves for our own learning potential and that is what we’ve been working on so far.  There is a lot on discovery of what’s out there and trying to get all the programs to work together.  THEN, after we got home with our sweetie from Valentine’s Dinner last night, we discovered our new Fitbit was in the mail box.  YAY!!!  Rich wanted to take us SOMEWHERE after we got home last night so just plugged it in, but when we woke up we were learning how to do all that too.  We also this morning went outside and walked about 5 ½ minutes, so that was good on the day.  Hmm, didn’t check that this morning.

AHA!  Now we’ve walked 5 more minutes AND we’ve got almost 2000 steps under our belt THAT’s a GOOD DEAL!  Hmm, probably just unbalanced it with 20 minutes of Facebook.  Ok, if not then then since then.  We just thought we should write an extra note to Linda.  OK, AND we ate lunch.  Think we are saving the last fajita for our 2:30-3 pm snack …

Ahh BACK AGAIN!  We aren’t getting very far very fast.  There are things getting done – done with lunch, AND have had a few moments to talk to Linda – we didn’t get our Linda-fix earlier this morning.  Now she’s off to Valentine’s lunch with hubby!  YAY – All the good stuff.  We are being very good for each other in keeping fitness on top of the conversation – as well as discussing some domestic Goddess stuff and sewing, but today it was mostly health and fitness.  VERY nice!  We are making progress on the house too.  We’ve got everything in general picked up, AND we did all the garbagy stuff – yeah that gets extra points! 

Ahh a call from Rich … he’s still comparing prices and I think he’s about ready to bite the big one.  I KNOW he doesn’t like spending money, but we’re glad he’s gotten to this point.  He’s studied it and studied and I’m pretty sure he’s got the best deal.  Ok, so back to our stuff.  We’ve got the dishes going and we’ve got clothes in the washer and dryer.  I forgot we were going to wash the comforter on our bed too.  We’ll do that as soon as the next cycle ends.  AND, did we say everthing is picked up?  Good Ann.  SOOO what’s next?  I know that we’ll have about 45-60 minutes on the dryer, AND that we have set an arbitrary rule that as soon as we get 6 items, that we should be steaming, so that is going to happen today too.  AND we should be doing the floors – if not washing at least sweeping.  I kinda feel in the mood for it now .. just have to work around the clothes rack being out.  MAYBE we could wash the floors tomorrow?  ESPECIALLY, the kitchen PSWHOO.  It needs it!  SOOO, I think that is all the domestic Goddess stuff that’s on our minds.

When we were at Dr. Marvin’s the other day, we talked again about getting things done, and something we thought we’d try was working the sewing and the Multiple stuff backward.  Instead of disappearing into the sewing room when Rich is watching his shows, we thought maybe we could do the sewing in the afternoon when he’s gone, and then do the Multiple stuff in the evening when we are virtually back to back.  I think we’re going to try that tonight if everything stays in the up an up. 


2/14/2015 1:50 PM

Just occurred to us that it was mid-afternoon.  One load folded, one in dryer, and blanket in washer.  Just updated the stats.  I will look forward to doing more playing with them as we add more input.  We also posted a couple of Notes like this over to the blog, and we realized that we hadn’t really covered all there was going on over this last period of time.  Some of the big headliners are that we got the new couch – This might have been a surprise not written about yet.  Then we spent about a week getting things cut for a new quilt – that has those 12 medallions that were posted a couple of days ago, AND THEN we had a wonderful girls’ weekend.  Rich was the highlight I think as to helpfulness.  He drove us there, then he got CS, then he went on a job FURTHER north, then he did some shopping and picked the group up some dinner, and THEN he brought CS back to her house before driving us home.  WOW He was like a storm trooper!  We had the traditional fun things going on during the meeting, especially the girls gifts.  I think ours was well-received and then CS out did herself as normal in bringing even the non-birthday people extra gifts.  She brought the fabric we bartered, and then some dog things, and then some scrap fabric and another little quilt.  It was very nice.  I think everyone had a chance to work, but there was more talking getting done than quilting.  Linda of course was the most productive.  There is really something to be said about quilting almost every day and the stamina that she’s developed.  It’s a pleasure to watch her accomplishing.  I brought the light box for CS and she spent most her time there and even Emily came – AND she came with Adley and Adley was in a very good mood and happy to be meeting all the faces.  She did really well.  AND, not to be outdone, Dakota made a name for himself too.  I think that Linda was the most floored by him in that she seemed very appreciative to meet him.  The twins were a little held back, but they explained not wanting to get in the way of his working with us.  That’s pretty acceptable.  Emily kept her distance of course with her allergies, and CS stopped over to look at him and comment he was bigger than she had thought through the pictures.  Dakota did well with the bathroom stuff which included a big pile in a snow drift that was fairly easy to clean up.  He didn’t take too long.  AND, Rich caught him one of the times – taking him outside.  By then I was appreciative of it, because it’s a little balky with the walker.

Maybe we could produce a few picures that would make some of the next part with all the fitness tools and techniques more understandable, but I will save that for later, because right now, I really want to finish up here for a while, so we can get to the sewing room.  I do think that we’re going to skip the sweeping AND we’re going to do a few more minutes on the bike.  Today we are in Malaysia though in reality they are saying up to 7 more inches of snow and winds up to 50.  Pshwoo, better get as much out of the islands as I can ;)


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Notes: Thursday 2-12-15 Better with Dr. Marvin - Rich ... he's coming along ;)


2/12/2015 8:07 AMG  Good morning.  This is us.  We’ve been up for a couple of hours and it is now just after 8 am.  We sneaked a sausage since we won’t be here for lunch, and then now we’re having a ham sandwich.  We’ll mark things in as soon as the Internet is up. Ahh that did it.  We remembered that we could mark food on the phone, so we did that.  Good Ann!  We’re also in and out of the shower and dressed, but we haven’t done the global cleaning up … might as well do that next.  Hold on.

Good good.  We took care of the kitchen and the global cleaning.  We still haven’t gotten to the “garbagy” stuff.  Hmm, is that clear enough for kitty litter, toilets, and garbages?”  Makes us feel good about getting this last part done – it means that in general we haven’t swept all the room, but things are looking pretty good.  Just to be fair there, we switched the batteries on the e-broom to make sure both were charged.  Hopefully, we’ll get to that after we get back, if it isn’t too late.  We had had the Internet earlier, don’t know what happened to it, but we’ll give it time … there’s about a half hour before we go and Rich paused to watch fishy shows for about 15 minutes before warming the car.  He’s going to take us too Dr. Marvin’s today AND we’re going to stop by for the clothes that we ordered from Catherine’s for our Valentine’s Day gift.  I think Rich has a few more stops including bank, but it should be a nice day.  We’ll probably bring our computer, just in case we have time to read.  I always like talking better, but good to have a backup.  Rich DID get the new battery.  That took a little messing around, but things worked out.  I was so surprised this morning to have left the phone out in the coat, BUT that it was still charged.  That was a very good feeling.  I thought it was just my apps – that there were too many, but as it turns out the battery was low and we didn’t guess that it was happening.  ALWAYS nice to get a new one. 

Nothing special going on right now.  It is a couple days before Valentine’s Day and we know that we have the clothes – REALLY good sale, and we got flowers – roses last night in a really nice planter – its more oval than round.  There was a really pretty light on them this morning, but as stated phone was outside so we missed it.  AND THEN, it turns out that we missed Thom too.  He had placed two calls and of course with the phone out in the sunroom we didn’t hear him.  We called back, but it was about 45 minutes later and I think that he’d gone to bed.  We’ll catch him.  I think he’s going to wonder why we didn’t send the book.  I don’t know why we haven’t just feel like its letting a part of Thom go … It’s most likely wrong thinking.  Maybe we will be able to talk to Dr. Marvin about it. 

We have been sending Dr. Marvin all the update pictures with the new couches, the new gym equipment and the new processes on the computer to be doing the fitness stuff.  We’ll have to do our walking on the treadmill after we get back.  Hopefully it will be warmer out there.  We don’t have any weather apps – ahh checked the phone internet.  It says we are 8 degrees going up to 10.  That was pretty handy.  BUT, it is cold out there.  Not much warmer in the sunroom.  We’ll see.  I think we have to at least try.  I think we’ll be talking to Dr. Marvin about the weight program, most of that though will be a review.  AHA just got a few more things done like washroom for me and Dakota and the coat/car is now warming up.  Faithful fuzzy face is by my side – he’s bee told we’re going to Dr. Marvin’s and he sees the prep work for leaving the house.  Oh yeah he’s on his toes!  Better remember our phone too … should help us pick up the Internet.  Not much more to say now … everything is a go.  Just staring down the clock.


2/12/2015 2:30 PM  Afternoon!  It’s about 2:30 pm and we’re HOME!!!  YAY!  Rich has been kind of a grump all along, but we’re trying to not let him get on us.  Now he’s in his office – he barely tolerated our show of new clothing that he picked up today.  Well we both did, but after driving in circles, we parked, and then he called and was yelling at us for not being there when he came out.  So well, Like CALL!  Dakota was panting and we were just going around circles so we found a spot at the end of the line (mall) where we wouldn’t bump his big SUV.  And then we gave Dakota water and then grouchy Rich called.  HE even said he took my valentines clothes back, but WE didn’t believe him.  So we pretty much then disconnected.  Dr Marvin put it to us in a new light.  He said that people like me had quantified selfs … Or something like that … we learned it was also called lifelogging which we wanted to look up next but our big computer Internet is still down.  

Note: Wednesday 2-11-15 Working with a new Quilt


2/11/2015 12:44 PM  Good afternoon.  This is just us and it’s already as stated about 12:45 pm.  We’ve seemed to veer off course over the last week or two.  I think pretty much what happened was that we got a little excited about sewing and although trying to do everything at once, it didn’t really work out.  I think we were keeping a general order about our house, but we got behind in some of the harder stuff like sweeping.  We didn’t push to get things done and was racing the clock some days on getting laundry and dishes accomplished as well as having the place picked up before Rich got home.  There were other things happening too.  We decided against Chrometa – mostly because it was an expensive add-on that we couldn’t sell ourselves.  I liked following all the things we were doing and it seemed to lend to some efficiencies, but I didn’t like the way it wasn’t recording properly as we wanted, and we had to redue the names and categories and that was taking a lot of time.  Then we got a lot of books from Melissa and that really kick started the quilting urge along with talking to Linda about the Quilting Saturday last weekend.  We decided to do some of the last project at the meeting, and start cutting a new project.  It was a lot of cutting … the pattern was free online and called Hopscotch medalian quilt.  We saw it in a couple of different colorways and it started as a 28” x 28” piece, but we expanded so that we were getting 12 medallions – 3 columns and four rows. 

This is the general Medallion.   Our colors are similar, but we went with the brownish stems and leaves to color coordinate.  We’re going for a red sash in the third row and necessarily the beiges are going to be a different pattern.  We did a lot of figuring and are about 80% done with the colored triangles.  In general they took about 25 fat quarters if we measured appropriately. This is about what the applique is going to look like, but we’re going to trim our stems a bit and bring in the pomegranates into a more circular pattern.  I think it will look nice.

So that was going on before the retreat.  We got all the appliques (12) done which included tracing, placing them on fabric, cutting, and then bagging for a while before we get to that point again.  It will happen.  We have in mind this quilt going to Thom.  And as to the other quilt – we felt it was too bright, but it would work for the girls quilts for just their mattress beds here.  We did measurements before the weekend and the twins helped me work it out, but we’re going to use 6 rows each and then we have some beige for the drop and then although not measured we’re hoping we have the flannel left for the back.  Would be really nice to get it to Linda, wouldn’t it? 

Evening:  2/11/2015 5:37 PM

Now it’s nighttime and we’re just getting back to everything.  There was a whole day that happened in there.  We kept up with our fitness plan


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Notes: Wednesday 1-28-15 Melissa delighted us!


1/28/2015 7:34 AM

Good morning – It’s just me … we had to do Dakota’s medicine and food so it is about 7:45 am now.  We’re expecting the window guys back anytime from 8 – 10 am.  Probably because they have to put in just one little window, I’m thinking they will be here early.  I guess Rich thought so too because he made sure to wake me up WHEN I would have preferred to be sleeping, uh huh you got it!  House is picked up in general – and we did a good job of having things put away last night while Rich was out with some of his fishy guys.  I think we touched base with Linda for like 7 seconds, and then we figured out we had a box we saw by the garage door.  Sure enough the mail lady had dropped them there – probably lately, but I hadn’t been out except to go to Dr. Marvin’s.  Soooo, we brought that in and were delighted to pieces!!!  AHA!  Just wrote a note to Melissa – it was SUCH a great gift.  We skimmed all the books for pictures, and then took a few to the recliner with the fire on.  We had to turn on a couple of lights, but that was ok.  Man oh man what a joy to just look!  We picked up the 2009 one from the convention and it was pretty much modern art that I don’t really understand, but I respect it as a style and appreciate the people who could do it … Yes, some men tossed in with the women.  It took a bit of time, but not too long that we remember getting to the last page and being soooo tired that we could barely close the book, and then apparently, we fell asleep until Rich came in and woke us up.  I guess from what he says he wasn’t getting much of a response from us so he got us to bed Hehehe.  Gotta love Rich!

What a nice calm night …  I think we wrote most of yesterday, but I don’t think we talked of Dr. Marvin’s visit much.  First thing was that Dakota is as great as usual.  Dr. Marvin gives him at least ONE great massage if not two while we’re there, and Dakota is the one who decides when its time.  I think Dakota is getting a lot out of our sessions, because he’s so mellow Hehehe.  The two big subjects we talked about was what we are doing here between the Outlook tasks and the Chrometa.  We brought some print outs and asked him to copy them so we could go through them together.  We talked a good amount on them and what it is really doing for us and a little about what we’re learning, but we still think its too early to get too much analyzed.  We have to first get through the first 30 days free and then see if we’re committed enough to ask Rich to pay for it.  We talked to Dr. Marvin … we know the WW is about $40.  Hmm, just checked – it’s $45, but anyway, I had told Rich that Linda is in WW and he said that if we wanted he would pay for the program.  But, we’re not crazy about the points system.  We prefer calorie counting.  Well, we will after we get used to just adding food regularly.  So anyway … what we talked to Dr. Marvin about was that if this system works with the Chrometa and Outlook – well Outlook is already paid for, but we could get Chrometa for just $20 and that would help us with food AND other stuff.  Just that we have to prove over the 30 day trial that it is something that we could commit too.  I think too that we’re going to need watching a few videos and tips to see what could help us utilize the program to the best of its ability. It’s a work in progress.  But so far, so good.

1/28/2015 10:37 AM – A bit later.  Just brought Dakota inside – he was laying out in the snow again … we had a nightmare last night that someone stole him, so I think the 6 minutes we allowed him to be there it was ok.  L The window workers just left – and took $470 with them – BIG check.  Not sure if its going to bounce because it was Rich’s check and we had to sign it.  Maybe I should have put my check in, but I know it wouldn’t be covered.  Probably Rich could get to the account, but we weren’t thinking very fast.  They did a great job and the window looks and feels sharp – the other one didn’t open was shaded, and there was no screen, but pretty much Rich just had all the old ones take out.  So that was a good deal.  Rich contacted me too to put the phone on so he could ask me to scan and send him some work on the insurance, so we did that.  I saw when going through his drawer though that he probably hasn’t sent in the Chase freedom credit card due on the first (today is 28th) so we reminded him of that too.  AND, while we were going through that stack of mail he was hiding unopened on his desk, we found a check for $475 – AHA!  Window PAID!  Well that’s the way we look at it at least.  We sorted through the mail and put it where it was supposed to be and we’re done with that.  I think Dakota is going to want to go back outside, he is lying by the door.  AND it turned out that our gifts for the quilting girls came in too!  YAY!!!  I hope CS and Emily are there.  We’re confident with Linda being there – just not sure of the others. 

I’m thinking now we have to move on to the next thing…  Maybe we better check our lists.  Good good … there was a lot to check-off.  Dakota is back toward outside – in the sunroom, Missy is out checking out her clean litter box, everything is as it should be, but there are a few dog duties brushing/walking, and we still have to sweep the floors.  Think that is what we’re going for next after our break.  We did check and we have two full batteries in case we need them.  Not sure of vacuuming sunroom, because there are a lot of ice crystals left from the workers boots.  Just the stuff between their treads.  I know it will melt after a while, but it’s only 30 – THOUGH it’s supposed to go up to 36 today.  Woohoo!!!  Should be good for our walk then.  AND, in a half hour we take our medicine … can’t forget that … Dr. Marvin days it’s a bit off key.  We got all the clothes from the bedroom closet PLUS recent pajamas and it doesn’t equal up to a second load – guess that part is good.  AND we’re on our third bottle of water at 11 am.  THAT’s gotta be good too.  We’re a little ancy.  We talked to Linda about after the this and that and sweeping that we SHOULD go into the sewing room if not just to read the quilting books.  We’ll have to go in there to find out.  We did leave an allowance of coming back to here on the computer.  We haven’t done anything with Chrometa yet, so there is that, Just I want everything but the laundry done by 12.  I think today we’ll steam the few clothes, because Rich wants to wear the flannel shirt that is hanging there.  Yup yup … just getting rid of some of the mind clutter we have going on.  Spose then it’s about time to sweep?  We can do this, right?

1/28/2015 11:25 AM – AHA!  We’re good to go – now everything is done for the afternoon, except eating and drinking water, brushing and taking out the dog, and taking care of laundry after it comes out of the dryer – ONE LOAD!  Pretty good.  AND Dakota is still in the sunroom and didn’t get off the couch while we were out there sweeping.  Go figure – he’s got a lot of fur.  SOOOO this next part is going to be how we talk ourselves into going in the sewing room and possibly sewing something?  Joe has ALL kinds of bibs and spit-up clothes much cooler than we can make – I think he’s all good there, so we’re going to have to switch thoughts on our projects coming up.  Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we thought of doing some cutting.  Would that make things easier?  And, then if we did do cutting, would we do it in the dining area or would we do it in the sewing room.  Hmm, that takes a lot of figuring.  We don’t really know what we’ve got, but we’ve pulled together since last August some bundles we’d like to have in a blanket – Just for the sake of argument – as if all those fabrics are going to match.  I would like to do something with lighter and darker like we did with Maury’s instead of the black sashing we’re doing with Thom’s.  I think it was just easier on the mind.  We only have 8 more days between now and the Saturday event to finish it – pretty sure it will go to Mary Ann, but after 6 months it would be nice to have SOMETHING done!  Right?  I’m going in there for a second – maybe a coule minutes and see how it feels.  I do know that I’ll want Dakota in with me – so that will have to be arranged.

WooHOO!! We’re back out – It’s only been about 12-15 minutes, but we went in there, touched the fabric – determined we have about 11 more pieces to sew into rows, and then we have to finish sewing those rows together.  We looked at the spacing where the black sashing meets, and it might have to be – it will be just as good as it gets.  I don’t really know how to close the gap to get them measured more perfectly.  Then we turned on the TV and determined that we’d watch property brothers.  I might have seen the one coming up, but I don’t really need to look so much as just have something on while we’re working to distract us a bit.  Dakota did come in because we made lunch … almost forgot we had leftover corned beef sandwiches and potato tots from last night.  SOOO since it was after 11:30 am, we figured LUNCH FIRST!!!  BUT, wouldn’t Linda be so impressed if we talked at 2 pm, and actually had something done?  Ok, I know my interests are first, but we’re looking for all we can get right now!  We were looking at the cutting board space, but not so keen on that part – think its because we don’t have anyplace to put our legs because of all the stuff under the table … it’s fine for little stuff, but then too I like being closer to Rich out in the kitchen when we’re working on cutting … PLUS there’s the nighttime advantage to there being a fireplace.  I think we’re building up to the part where we would really like to sew, but have nothing cut.  So maybe take a day or two to finish the top – hmm, needs a border or two maybe?  AND, we need a back – BUT I don’t think we need that done in time for our quilting Saturday.  Just want to show off A TOP!  BUT, then that would leave about a week to get some pieces cut for the next quilt.  I don’t know for sure – should we decide for sure to work on the same pattern AGAIN!  Maybe this one for who? 

Hmm just thought of it being the girls birthdays, but I couldn’t move that fast or in reverse … Isa’s birthday was yesterday and Ame’s is in less than a month – I think quilts for B-days is out then – maybe though it still be nice to make them quilts?  I have to think then whether I ask them to be a part of choosing and bear the cost of fabric, Or if we just do with what we got and surprise them.  Hmm, that seems the more likely.  Maybe we’re going to have to talk to Linda about this … maybe Rich too since one option would require financing.  Thinking maybe we are leaning toward the scrap quilts first – and then maybe later a quilt of their own liking to take home – MAYBE two each for their separate houses.  I’m not sure what they use at their moms, but I don’t think much at their dads.  Hmm, 3 beds for each 2 girls – means this could be a girls quilt year!  Maybe we could do that then?  But, first scrap quilts for their beds here.  Maybe we could lean isa’s to pinks and reds and purples and then Ame’s to blacks and gray – We’ll have to see – probably have more blues and greens then anything…  Too much for right now … Point is that we have plenty of sewing to do and I think the goal is that by tonight we bring out a couple of the bundles from the blue bag and see what we have to work with.  That be a good start, right?  Ok, then we’re all set … finish off Thom’s top, then check scraps for colors and styles, and then cut our heart out and hope to have something to sew on Saturday – good girl

Now lunch is done and probably the sandwich is starting to settle in.  It’s just after 12.  Should probably have some extra water … AND take our fuzzy mutt, right?  We can do this?  OK, one bonus note to Linda, but NOW it’s for real J

Notes: Tuesday 1-27-15 ... and it's Isa's birthday


1/27/2015 8:52 AM; 1/27/2015 10:34 AM Hmm, sometime has gone by.  It’s just after 10:30 am and we’re ready to go to Dr. M’s.  WITH the exception of the part where Dakota doesn’t feel like eating.  I think he’s protesting getting less food in his dish OR, maybe because of his ear infection.  We went to the doctor yesterday and she said it is a yeast infection.  She checked it under the microscope.  She also said our dog is about 16 pounds too big!  YIKES!  Apparently he has gained 11 pounds since mid-November.  It’s pretty outrageous.  We had been feeding him 2 cups x 2 times daily, and she said he was fine at 70 last time, though she would like to see him at now 65.  Poor pup.  He’s getting now then just 1 ¼ cups 2 times daily, AND we are crushing up his treats so we get 4-6 per medium milk bone.  I think he can appreciate getting something while it won’t make him THAT much skinnier.  She’s also thinking he might have a problem with underactive thyroid like we have, so she took a blood test and we’ll see how that goes when we go back in two weeks – well Wednesday, February 11 @ 3 pm.  We were given some medicine to put in his ear twice daily and that’s gone pretty good for all intents and purposes so far.  It’s a bit of a wrestle, but in the end he gives up and lets me do it as well as swab his ear with a cotton ball.  When the medicine warms it turns liquid and goes down his ear, but then when he shakes his head it comes out dirty wax.  So that’s what we’ll be doing for a while.  Good stuff.  She said we caught it at the beginning before it got too bad.

Hmm, I had 20 minutes to go so I brought him outside – he went to the bathroom, but then he laid down out there where he could communicate with the husky that is also out.  Good for them.  I will give him about 12 minutes, and then we’ll be on our way.

I woke up just before 6 am this morning and talked to Rich before he left.  He’s been having a hectic time collaborating with a new facility that is very big in Chicago.  I hope he does ok, but like everything a question of how many job responsibilities for how many dollars.  He seems to be in good hand with it and I’m sure he’ll make the right decisions.  He’s very capable and has been finding more energy with just having lost his first 20 pounds.  I’d like to have a little of that!  Hmm, checked email and printed something for Rich.  Not sure why he had me do it from home?  Well, it’s done. 

We had a little bit of a sluggish morning.  We started off alright, but then slowed down a bit while talking to Linda.  That’s the time we’re supposed to talk though so things work out.  We have everything done in the house up to the part where we sweep.  We missed that yesterday too, so we’ll be sure to get it this afternoon.  A lot of time has gone into working with Rich and the new furniture.  I’m not crazy about the fabric, because it’s not GREAT fabric and the color is dark, but at least its toward what I want so better than most others.  I guess looking at the clock, it is about time we get out the door.  Need to remember to get a couple bottles of water … ok, we can do this, right?


1/27/2015 5:46 PM Just me.  It’s a little odd, but we are back at the computer and it is actually evening!  Wow!  Who would have figured.  We went through a slower period after we got home, but was talking to linda before dinner with Rich.  We had Reuben’s and a nice fire.  He really is my best friend and I like being with him.  I cleared the table, but haven’t cleared the counter yet.  The food did get wrapped and into the fridge.  My poor buddy has about had it!  He didn’t eat breakfast until he got home just before 4 pm and so now we’re trying to hold off his dinner a little.  I did take care of his ears, so we feel better about that and he doesn’t seem to be shaking as much – though we did worry about his appetite.  The doctor from the vet called and said that he Didn’t have hypothyroid, so that was really good news.  AHA Linda was online, but just for a few moments – it’s time for NCIS and she and tony are watching from the couch.  She has her laptop with her, but we let her go.  Whoops, medicine!  Good Girls!

We fed Dakota a late dinner – it’s about 7 pm now.  We’ll wait to watch NCIS with Rich.  Dakota didn’t have breakfast until we got home from Dr. Marvin’s at about 4 pm.  He seemed plenty hungry enough.  He’s just laid down next to us.  Whoops Missy is up now – went to put on pjs and had to turn the light on which disturbed her so she came out crying so where’s my dinner!  HA!  Not yet CAT!  No one likes an aggressive cat!  I think we’re all good here for a little bit.  We got some water while we were up from the sunroom.  Dakota was still eating/drinking and didn’t want to go out yet, so we’ll let him digest it.  THAT be a good Ann AND Rich bought us a couple of little breads instead of cookies – that’s what we asked for.  Didn’t make sense after all we ate today.  We listed that on our food task, so NOOOOO need to go into that here.  Linda’s lost weight again – so PLEnty of good stuff over there!

I’m not sure if I said it yet, but Rich went out to a fishy meeting about 5:20 pm, so two hours ago.  We kind of wandered a bit til we found ourselves here, and then as you saw we lost ourselves to looking for some good doggie parks – there are about 3 of them all about a half hour away.  The one we found most interesting was in Aurora – again 20 miles or 30 minutes away – just average around here.  They have 3 parks – one just opened a few months ago and there new one is at a sports complex – so that the dog park is split between small and large dogs, but the dog park is open ALL year long from sun up to sun down AND it is 15 acres big!  That’s a really nice size.  It looks like parking is right next to the park too so I have a chance there.  I would have to bring my walker and sit relatively close to the entrance.  BUT, it WOULD solve the problem of Dakota getting a place to free run.  It’s run by the park district in Aurora and we’re not in that district so we’d have to pay double, but it’s only $50 for an entire year pass.  I think that is a good idea.  I think we’re going to ask Rich if he can drive us and maybe the girls there this weekend to see what they look like.

Hmm, ok, that was good timing.  Maury just called and talked 10 minutes.  He was frustrated because of something between he and Ame, but after that we were able to say hi to Elizabeth and to sing her happy birthday which is today.  I’d ALMOST forgotten.  I’m so grateful for the call!  My ears are all happy for hearing a robust happy birthday song!  Pretty happy mood AND we did eat half the cranberry bread.  THAT was good!  I think that is about it for now.  I’m going to take Dakota outside, and we saw coming in there was a box at the doorway to the garage.  I think the mail-lady put the box that Melissa sent and we’d like to look at that for a while in front of the fire.  We might turn on something in the background, but I’m not sure of that yet.  Just hoping the box is not too heavy!  WooHOO!!!