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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Notes: Saturday 2-14-15 Productive day when the cat's away


2/14/2015 9:47 AM

Good morning.  It’s already about 9:45 am – so about 3-4 hours have gone by with the morning.  We’ve tried to wake up understanding new systems and am going to have to find new ways to make things happen more quickly and so that everything gets covered.  I don’t remember if we’ve written about “The Quantified Self Movement,” but it is something Dr. Marvin identified last Thursday during our meeting.  We’ve gone pretty crazy over the last couple of days with it.  We have started various means and measures of measuring ourselves for our own learning potential and that is what we’ve been working on so far.  There is a lot on discovery of what’s out there and trying to get all the programs to work together.  THEN, after we got home with our sweetie from Valentine’s Dinner last night, we discovered our new Fitbit was in the mail box.  YAY!!!  Rich wanted to take us SOMEWHERE after we got home last night so just plugged it in, but when we woke up we were learning how to do all that too.  We also this morning went outside and walked about 5 ½ minutes, so that was good on the day.  Hmm, didn’t check that this morning.

AHA!  Now we’ve walked 5 more minutes AND we’ve got almost 2000 steps under our belt THAT’s a GOOD DEAL!  Hmm, probably just unbalanced it with 20 minutes of Facebook.  Ok, if not then then since then.  We just thought we should write an extra note to Linda.  OK, AND we ate lunch.  Think we are saving the last fajita for our 2:30-3 pm snack …

Ahh BACK AGAIN!  We aren’t getting very far very fast.  There are things getting done – done with lunch, AND have had a few moments to talk to Linda – we didn’t get our Linda-fix earlier this morning.  Now she’s off to Valentine’s lunch with hubby!  YAY – All the good stuff.  We are being very good for each other in keeping fitness on top of the conversation – as well as discussing some domestic Goddess stuff and sewing, but today it was mostly health and fitness.  VERY nice!  We are making progress on the house too.  We’ve got everything in general picked up, AND we did all the garbagy stuff – yeah that gets extra points! 

Ahh a call from Rich … he’s still comparing prices and I think he’s about ready to bite the big one.  I KNOW he doesn’t like spending money, but we’re glad he’s gotten to this point.  He’s studied it and studied and I’m pretty sure he’s got the best deal.  Ok, so back to our stuff.  We’ve got the dishes going and we’ve got clothes in the washer and dryer.  I forgot we were going to wash the comforter on our bed too.  We’ll do that as soon as the next cycle ends.  AND, did we say everthing is picked up?  Good Ann.  SOOO what’s next?  I know that we’ll have about 45-60 minutes on the dryer, AND that we have set an arbitrary rule that as soon as we get 6 items, that we should be steaming, so that is going to happen today too.  AND we should be doing the floors – if not washing at least sweeping.  I kinda feel in the mood for it now .. just have to work around the clothes rack being out.  MAYBE we could wash the floors tomorrow?  ESPECIALLY, the kitchen PSWHOO.  It needs it!  SOOO, I think that is all the domestic Goddess stuff that’s on our minds.

When we were at Dr. Marvin’s the other day, we talked again about getting things done, and something we thought we’d try was working the sewing and the Multiple stuff backward.  Instead of disappearing into the sewing room when Rich is watching his shows, we thought maybe we could do the sewing in the afternoon when he’s gone, and then do the Multiple stuff in the evening when we are virtually back to back.  I think we’re going to try that tonight if everything stays in the up an up. 


2/14/2015 1:50 PM

Just occurred to us that it was mid-afternoon.  One load folded, one in dryer, and blanket in washer.  Just updated the stats.  I will look forward to doing more playing with them as we add more input.  We also posted a couple of Notes like this over to the blog, and we realized that we hadn’t really covered all there was going on over this last period of time.  Some of the big headliners are that we got the new couch – This might have been a surprise not written about yet.  Then we spent about a week getting things cut for a new quilt – that has those 12 medallions that were posted a couple of days ago, AND THEN we had a wonderful girls’ weekend.  Rich was the highlight I think as to helpfulness.  He drove us there, then he got CS, then he went on a job FURTHER north, then he did some shopping and picked the group up some dinner, and THEN he brought CS back to her house before driving us home.  WOW He was like a storm trooper!  We had the traditional fun things going on during the meeting, especially the girls gifts.  I think ours was well-received and then CS out did herself as normal in bringing even the non-birthday people extra gifts.  She brought the fabric we bartered, and then some dog things, and then some scrap fabric and another little quilt.  It was very nice.  I think everyone had a chance to work, but there was more talking getting done than quilting.  Linda of course was the most productive.  There is really something to be said about quilting almost every day and the stamina that she’s developed.  It’s a pleasure to watch her accomplishing.  I brought the light box for CS and she spent most her time there and even Emily came – AND she came with Adley and Adley was in a very good mood and happy to be meeting all the faces.  She did really well.  AND, not to be outdone, Dakota made a name for himself too.  I think that Linda was the most floored by him in that she seemed very appreciative to meet him.  The twins were a little held back, but they explained not wanting to get in the way of his working with us.  That’s pretty acceptable.  Emily kept her distance of course with her allergies, and CS stopped over to look at him and comment he was bigger than she had thought through the pictures.  Dakota did well with the bathroom stuff which included a big pile in a snow drift that was fairly easy to clean up.  He didn’t take too long.  AND, Rich caught him one of the times – taking him outside.  By then I was appreciative of it, because it’s a little balky with the walker.

Maybe we could produce a few picures that would make some of the next part with all the fitness tools and techniques more understandable, but I will save that for later, because right now, I really want to finish up here for a while, so we can get to the sewing room.  I do think that we’re going to skip the sweeping AND we’re going to do a few more minutes on the bike.  Today we are in Malaysia though in reality they are saying up to 7 more inches of snow and winds up to 50.  Pshwoo, better get as much out of the islands as I can ;)


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