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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Notes: Saturday 2-21-15 Exercise goals closer and closer


2/21/2015 10:56 AM

Good morning.  We seem to have let a week slip by, but we’re on it now.  It is Saturday and almost 11 am.  We just went through the task list the first time of the day and we had to update it from Monday.  That is always a pain.  I think if there were any reason that it was let go this week, it was because we were taken up in our activities with the Quantified Self (QS) project.  OR, we could say movement, but here it is just a project right?  Yesterday we spent the majority of time over at “Patients Like Me.”  We had a little to add today with prescriptions, but I think it Is caught-up and it is VERY quantitatively descriptive of our well-being.  I think we’re going to need adding it to the other things that we open in the morning including “My Fitness Pal,” “iFit,” “Fitbit,” “Rescueme,” and “TicTrac.”  Oh yes there are a couple more important ones too on depression.  We are still getting asked some general questions throughout the day, but that area has to be worked with more.  We’ve also seen and read quite a bit of material on QS and am feeling the love.  I think that most people have to come to a place with thinking through what they are going to do with the material.  The common belief is that most people in the helping professions would think of it as too much data.  I would like to see real improvement coming from the effort – But, there has to be a lot more done with stats to get there.  There was one professor who keyed in on 3 people who had done something visual like books or slide shows to present their work annually.  I think the important part there was to get some of the qualitative reporting (like this) done as well.  We had a brief thought of going back and pulling stats out of our writing, but we know that be truly silliness on our part.  Just too much data.  One of the paths that we might take today is to go back to the main site – a website/blog for QS (internationally) and put out by the originators, but to go back and look at their reference lists as to other programs or apps that people have used with some level of success.  I know that we have a few of the major ones, but there are SOOO many more to look at.  Especially for things like steps and blood pressure there are quite a few repeats, but the experts are really suggesting soft data over hard data and my understanding of that is that soft is the kind of data that updates with no effort and hard is the stuff you gotta go look for.  I might have my terminology mixed up but the main point is auto-data is better for sanity Hehehe.

We’ve got a guy named Bob coming over to look at the bike – he ordered new parts and they’ve come in so hopefully, they are what is holding our bike back.  He’ll be here in about 50 minutes so I better do a couple quick things.  BRB

Very good – we’re progressing things along.  It is now about 20 minutes before the service guy gets here.  Rich is not home yet from Walmart, but we knew it was going to be close and ok if the fixit guy got started first.  Dakota is out in the sunroom which tells me it is warm enough to get some exercise.  I will cool down from the last activities, and then try it for up to 7 minutes.  HMM, probably should get my earphones too!  Second thought maybe not.  We want to be able to hear the repairman, right?  Good thinking.  Last trip up we were able to clean the kitchen and dishes, then we swept the sunroom and we cleaned up after the litter and garbage, and then with a short rest, we went back and got the laundry started.  That’s a pretty good start.  We had trouble doing that sort of thing this week, because we got overwhelmed with all the other.  There were QUITE a FEW videos to watch.  We kept going from one listing of QS to another.  It seems to be really big at some of the bigger Universities like Boston, Philadelphia and Stanford.  I will have to get another reading about how many people have signed up to QS, but that seems to be the locust of people.  I’m sure there are many hundreds of thousands though who are doing the record keeping and not knowing that it is a movement in itself.  Hmm repair guy is now hear and Rich is 5 minutes out.  I guess they got in pretty close.  The guy is on the phone with a couple of calls.  Not sure what that is all about.  Maybe he’s catching up with his appointments.  Oh oh … he just came in to say that he had a household emergency … He has a 200 gallon water tank and it is spewing all over.  So we said good bye and to just give Rich a call later on.  We’ll stop for another moment too to tell Rich, but nothing emergency on our end … Just wanted to get it fixed.  Maybe Rich will run into him as he’s pulling out.  He had to put away his equipment.  What a bad afternoon for the poor guy.  On the better hand, Dakota came in and is now chewing on his hard bone from his cousins.  I’m thinking in a few we’re going to have to help Rich put away groceries.  Yup yup … SOMEWHAT of a busy normal morning – though seem to have gotten a late started.  Really day began after 10 am, AND it’s noon now. 

Next?  Yup yup Rich is home!


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