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Monday, February 16, 2015

Notes: Sunday 2-15-15 You didn't deliver, my what?


2/15/2015 10:39 AM

Good morning.  It’s late in getting to this point – already after 10:30 am.  We’ve done pretty much computer things.  Rich is just getting out of the shower and getting dressed and everything is up to date with Dakota.  We have a stack of steamed clothes to work on this morning, so all that will be good – just we want to get to it before much else so it’s off the docket.  We’re making an arbitrary rule that if there is over 6 pieces to be steamed we have to get the steamer out and it is WAY past there now.  I think we’re going to set up an activity for it with fitbit.  It’s the first time we’ll use it, but why not – it’s a lot on our arms and that has to be good for us.  Looking forward to getting on with things – just have to assure we’re all caught up with the blogging too.  I don’t think much happened last night past the normal stuff/time we blogged last.  Hmm, Rich is going through our medicine cabinet – there’s like 3 cabinets and he’s suggesting we get the bags in order … that can’t be good.  Hmm, he found the hair dryer back there.  It’s very disrupting all the rifling through noises he’s making.  Maybe we should try to move on.

Ok, dishes first and then now infomercials – crap – very crabby all of a sudden.  Maybe because of the stress of noise both Rich and the TV (we got up and turned it off).  Plus, because of the stress that we have to leave the comfort zone.  We don’t feel secure with Rich back by the master bathroom in taking our shower, though that should probably be soon in our list.  I don’t like him back there, but don’t know why it’s so disagreeable to us.  Maybe we don’t feel he has any business sorting the “stuff”  I just don’t think he knows our bag system though it’s probably got out of hand – he probably uses that area more than we – so has that right, but I don’t hear quiet organizing we hear ruffling.  Have to figure out what’s up with that and how we calm ourselves down.  Shoot now he’s expiring so that means he’s feeling put-out.  That more than likely is going to come back and bite us too.  Maybe some music … good, we put on some of our nice slow music of hope – it should help us relax.

I thought for a second that we should go to do a few things in the kitchen, but felt we still couldn’t move.  We’ve tried in the past to figure out why it is so hard for us to move with Rich moving.  Sometimes even with him sitting – operative thought is that he’s still in the house.  I’ve got the feeling it has to do something with hiding.  They seem dangerous – like bull in china shop – they being Rich, my mother and my grandfather.  Hmm, reminds me we need to call back my mother to see if she’s gotten the flowers.  We didn’t hear from her yesterday so that was surprising.

Ok, too much there.  I’m going to see if we can work through being in the kitchen.  Rich seems pretty secure in the Master bath.  There we go – about 4 some minutes and 60 steps later and the kitchen is all clean – well except for the floor.  BUT, we’re deciding that it’s too much on a Sunday and that we’re going to put it off until Monday.  Maybe the next step that steaming right?  Why don’t we try it? 


2/15/2015 12:24 PM

Afternoon – we’ve made some progress – it took about 23 minutes to do the steaming so that was good time used.  PLUS we finished picking up AND we ate lunch and charted.  We went to the washroom too – so the next thing is to take a shower … About 12:30 pm so about time for that for sure!  AHA!  Didn’t make it to the shower quite yet, BUT we did make it to the treadmill when we took Dakota out and for the first time, we made it to 6 MINUTES!!!  So far we’ve mostly been at 5 minutes with once going to 5 ½ minutes.  So, that is very good – though we’re a little disappointed that we didn’t get out there until the afternoon.  Just a start, right?  Today we’re in Milford Sound, New Zealand – who would have known.  We went 1.8 mph and we got 18% of a mile.  That’s pretty good for us for one attempt.  Yesterday it took us three times but we got 40% of a mile.  Better though than taking 5 times to get 50% of a mile.  Going to really need to pull ourselves together though and get in that shower.  BRB..

THERE!  Finally done!

2/15/2015 1:24 PM

Ahh BACK.  Rich had some disappointment news so we talked about that, but otherwise moving on.  We’ve showered and dressed and started the dishwasher since its after lunch.  We were petting Dakota as Rich talked so we got some good Dakota time in.  We got called on writing things in FB, but as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been writing about things going on in our life for about 25 years now, we’re really not that bad and primarily talk about ourselves, and that’s just the way it’s going to have to be.  Sometimes like Valentine’s night Rich acted surprised, but again – we’ve been writing longer than we’ve known him and that’s a long time.  We’re not going into the other and its not really my business so that’s it of that.

Rich is going to watch the fishy shows for at least the next 20 minutes and then he’s going to see his mother now that he’s finished opening her mail, and then he’s going to Walmart and if there is time before dinner he’ll probably work a bit on his new rods and reels.  He sure likes fishy stuff. 

Hmm, we’ve just been with our mother on the phone for about 45 minutes.  The florist wrote a note stating that our order might not have been handled as intended, and then they said we had a $50 credit with them.  That’s when we called our mother.  I was livid.  Apparently, they’d called her yesterday and said they couldn’t deliver her flowers because she wasn’t in their area – although they’d delivered to her twice before.  They told her she should come and pick up her flowers EVEN after being charged for the delivery.  I was so mad – she had no flowers on Valentine’s day and they didn’t get to telling me this until noon the day after – AND even at that they didn’t tell me what had happened.  We will wait until tomorrow, but I WILL talk to someone from there about this … AND we’ll get a hold of another florist my mother stated was in Deer River Direct.


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