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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Notes: Thursday 2-12-15 Better with Dr. Marvin - Rich ... he's coming along ;)


2/12/2015 8:07 AMG  Good morning.  This is us.  We’ve been up for a couple of hours and it is now just after 8 am.  We sneaked a sausage since we won’t be here for lunch, and then now we’re having a ham sandwich.  We’ll mark things in as soon as the Internet is up. Ahh that did it.  We remembered that we could mark food on the phone, so we did that.  Good Ann!  We’re also in and out of the shower and dressed, but we haven’t done the global cleaning up … might as well do that next.  Hold on.

Good good.  We took care of the kitchen and the global cleaning.  We still haven’t gotten to the “garbagy” stuff.  Hmm, is that clear enough for kitty litter, toilets, and garbages?”  Makes us feel good about getting this last part done – it means that in general we haven’t swept all the room, but things are looking pretty good.  Just to be fair there, we switched the batteries on the e-broom to make sure both were charged.  Hopefully, we’ll get to that after we get back, if it isn’t too late.  We had had the Internet earlier, don’t know what happened to it, but we’ll give it time … there’s about a half hour before we go and Rich paused to watch fishy shows for about 15 minutes before warming the car.  He’s going to take us too Dr. Marvin’s today AND we’re going to stop by for the clothes that we ordered from Catherine’s for our Valentine’s Day gift.  I think Rich has a few more stops including bank, but it should be a nice day.  We’ll probably bring our computer, just in case we have time to read.  I always like talking better, but good to have a backup.  Rich DID get the new battery.  That took a little messing around, but things worked out.  I was so surprised this morning to have left the phone out in the coat, BUT that it was still charged.  That was a very good feeling.  I thought it was just my apps – that there were too many, but as it turns out the battery was low and we didn’t guess that it was happening.  ALWAYS nice to get a new one. 

Nothing special going on right now.  It is a couple days before Valentine’s Day and we know that we have the clothes – REALLY good sale, and we got flowers – roses last night in a really nice planter – its more oval than round.  There was a really pretty light on them this morning, but as stated phone was outside so we missed it.  AND THEN, it turns out that we missed Thom too.  He had placed two calls and of course with the phone out in the sunroom we didn’t hear him.  We called back, but it was about 45 minutes later and I think that he’d gone to bed.  We’ll catch him.  I think he’s going to wonder why we didn’t send the book.  I don’t know why we haven’t just feel like its letting a part of Thom go … It’s most likely wrong thinking.  Maybe we will be able to talk to Dr. Marvin about it. 

We have been sending Dr. Marvin all the update pictures with the new couches, the new gym equipment and the new processes on the computer to be doing the fitness stuff.  We’ll have to do our walking on the treadmill after we get back.  Hopefully it will be warmer out there.  We don’t have any weather apps – ahh checked the phone internet.  It says we are 8 degrees going up to 10.  That was pretty handy.  BUT, it is cold out there.  Not much warmer in the sunroom.  We’ll see.  I think we have to at least try.  I think we’ll be talking to Dr. Marvin about the weight program, most of that though will be a review.  AHA just got a few more things done like washroom for me and Dakota and the coat/car is now warming up.  Faithful fuzzy face is by my side – he’s bee told we’re going to Dr. Marvin’s and he sees the prep work for leaving the house.  Oh yeah he’s on his toes!  Better remember our phone too … should help us pick up the Internet.  Not much more to say now … everything is a go.  Just staring down the clock.


2/12/2015 2:30 PM  Afternoon!  It’s about 2:30 pm and we’re HOME!!!  YAY!  Rich has been kind of a grump all along, but we’re trying to not let him get on us.  Now he’s in his office – he barely tolerated our show of new clothing that he picked up today.  Well we both did, but after driving in circles, we parked, and then he called and was yelling at us for not being there when he came out.  So well, Like CALL!  Dakota was panting and we were just going around circles so we found a spot at the end of the line (mall) where we wouldn’t bump his big SUV.  And then we gave Dakota water and then grouchy Rich called.  HE even said he took my valentines clothes back, but WE didn’t believe him.  So we pretty much then disconnected.  Dr Marvin put it to us in a new light.  He said that people like me had quantified selfs … Or something like that … we learned it was also called lifelogging which we wanted to look up next but our big computer Internet is still down.  

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