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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Notes: Wednesday 1-28-15 Melissa delighted us!


1/28/2015 7:34 AM

Good morning – It’s just me … we had to do Dakota’s medicine and food so it is about 7:45 am now.  We’re expecting the window guys back anytime from 8 – 10 am.  Probably because they have to put in just one little window, I’m thinking they will be here early.  I guess Rich thought so too because he made sure to wake me up WHEN I would have preferred to be sleeping, uh huh you got it!  House is picked up in general – and we did a good job of having things put away last night while Rich was out with some of his fishy guys.  I think we touched base with Linda for like 7 seconds, and then we figured out we had a box we saw by the garage door.  Sure enough the mail lady had dropped them there – probably lately, but I hadn’t been out except to go to Dr. Marvin’s.  Soooo, we brought that in and were delighted to pieces!!!  AHA!  Just wrote a note to Melissa – it was SUCH a great gift.  We skimmed all the books for pictures, and then took a few to the recliner with the fire on.  We had to turn on a couple of lights, but that was ok.  Man oh man what a joy to just look!  We picked up the 2009 one from the convention and it was pretty much modern art that I don’t really understand, but I respect it as a style and appreciate the people who could do it … Yes, some men tossed in with the women.  It took a bit of time, but not too long that we remember getting to the last page and being soooo tired that we could barely close the book, and then apparently, we fell asleep until Rich came in and woke us up.  I guess from what he says he wasn’t getting much of a response from us so he got us to bed Hehehe.  Gotta love Rich!

What a nice calm night …  I think we wrote most of yesterday, but I don’t think we talked of Dr. Marvin’s visit much.  First thing was that Dakota is as great as usual.  Dr. Marvin gives him at least ONE great massage if not two while we’re there, and Dakota is the one who decides when its time.  I think Dakota is getting a lot out of our sessions, because he’s so mellow Hehehe.  The two big subjects we talked about was what we are doing here between the Outlook tasks and the Chrometa.  We brought some print outs and asked him to copy them so we could go through them together.  We talked a good amount on them and what it is really doing for us and a little about what we’re learning, but we still think its too early to get too much analyzed.  We have to first get through the first 30 days free and then see if we’re committed enough to ask Rich to pay for it.  We talked to Dr. Marvin … we know the WW is about $40.  Hmm, just checked – it’s $45, but anyway, I had told Rich that Linda is in WW and he said that if we wanted he would pay for the program.  But, we’re not crazy about the points system.  We prefer calorie counting.  Well, we will after we get used to just adding food regularly.  So anyway … what we talked to Dr. Marvin about was that if this system works with the Chrometa and Outlook – well Outlook is already paid for, but we could get Chrometa for just $20 and that would help us with food AND other stuff.  Just that we have to prove over the 30 day trial that it is something that we could commit too.  I think too that we’re going to need watching a few videos and tips to see what could help us utilize the program to the best of its ability. It’s a work in progress.  But so far, so good.

1/28/2015 10:37 AM – A bit later.  Just brought Dakota inside – he was laying out in the snow again … we had a nightmare last night that someone stole him, so I think the 6 minutes we allowed him to be there it was ok.  L The window workers just left – and took $470 with them – BIG check.  Not sure if its going to bounce because it was Rich’s check and we had to sign it.  Maybe I should have put my check in, but I know it wouldn’t be covered.  Probably Rich could get to the account, but we weren’t thinking very fast.  They did a great job and the window looks and feels sharp – the other one didn’t open was shaded, and there was no screen, but pretty much Rich just had all the old ones take out.  So that was a good deal.  Rich contacted me too to put the phone on so he could ask me to scan and send him some work on the insurance, so we did that.  I saw when going through his drawer though that he probably hasn’t sent in the Chase freedom credit card due on the first (today is 28th) so we reminded him of that too.  AND, while we were going through that stack of mail he was hiding unopened on his desk, we found a check for $475 – AHA!  Window PAID!  Well that’s the way we look at it at least.  We sorted through the mail and put it where it was supposed to be and we’re done with that.  I think Dakota is going to want to go back outside, he is lying by the door.  AND it turned out that our gifts for the quilting girls came in too!  YAY!!!  I hope CS and Emily are there.  We’re confident with Linda being there – just not sure of the others. 

I’m thinking now we have to move on to the next thing…  Maybe we better check our lists.  Good good … there was a lot to check-off.  Dakota is back toward outside – in the sunroom, Missy is out checking out her clean litter box, everything is as it should be, but there are a few dog duties brushing/walking, and we still have to sweep the floors.  Think that is what we’re going for next after our break.  We did check and we have two full batteries in case we need them.  Not sure of vacuuming sunroom, because there are a lot of ice crystals left from the workers boots.  Just the stuff between their treads.  I know it will melt after a while, but it’s only 30 – THOUGH it’s supposed to go up to 36 today.  Woohoo!!!  Should be good for our walk then.  AND, in a half hour we take our medicine … can’t forget that … Dr. Marvin days it’s a bit off key.  We got all the clothes from the bedroom closet PLUS recent pajamas and it doesn’t equal up to a second load – guess that part is good.  AND we’re on our third bottle of water at 11 am.  THAT’s gotta be good too.  We’re a little ancy.  We talked to Linda about after the this and that and sweeping that we SHOULD go into the sewing room if not just to read the quilting books.  We’ll have to go in there to find out.  We did leave an allowance of coming back to here on the computer.  We haven’t done anything with Chrometa yet, so there is that, Just I want everything but the laundry done by 12.  I think today we’ll steam the few clothes, because Rich wants to wear the flannel shirt that is hanging there.  Yup yup … just getting rid of some of the mind clutter we have going on.  Spose then it’s about time to sweep?  We can do this, right?

1/28/2015 11:25 AM – AHA!  We’re good to go – now everything is done for the afternoon, except eating and drinking water, brushing and taking out the dog, and taking care of laundry after it comes out of the dryer – ONE LOAD!  Pretty good.  AND Dakota is still in the sunroom and didn’t get off the couch while we were out there sweeping.  Go figure – he’s got a lot of fur.  SOOOO this next part is going to be how we talk ourselves into going in the sewing room and possibly sewing something?  Joe has ALL kinds of bibs and spit-up clothes much cooler than we can make – I think he’s all good there, so we’re going to have to switch thoughts on our projects coming up.  Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we thought of doing some cutting.  Would that make things easier?  And, then if we did do cutting, would we do it in the dining area or would we do it in the sewing room.  Hmm, that takes a lot of figuring.  We don’t really know what we’ve got, but we’ve pulled together since last August some bundles we’d like to have in a blanket – Just for the sake of argument – as if all those fabrics are going to match.  I would like to do something with lighter and darker like we did with Maury’s instead of the black sashing we’re doing with Thom’s.  I think it was just easier on the mind.  We only have 8 more days between now and the Saturday event to finish it – pretty sure it will go to Mary Ann, but after 6 months it would be nice to have SOMETHING done!  Right?  I’m going in there for a second – maybe a coule minutes and see how it feels.  I do know that I’ll want Dakota in with me – so that will have to be arranged.

WooHOO!! We’re back out – It’s only been about 12-15 minutes, but we went in there, touched the fabric – determined we have about 11 more pieces to sew into rows, and then we have to finish sewing those rows together.  We looked at the spacing where the black sashing meets, and it might have to be – it will be just as good as it gets.  I don’t really know how to close the gap to get them measured more perfectly.  Then we turned on the TV and determined that we’d watch property brothers.  I might have seen the one coming up, but I don’t really need to look so much as just have something on while we’re working to distract us a bit.  Dakota did come in because we made lunch … almost forgot we had leftover corned beef sandwiches and potato tots from last night.  SOOO since it was after 11:30 am, we figured LUNCH FIRST!!!  BUT, wouldn’t Linda be so impressed if we talked at 2 pm, and actually had something done?  Ok, I know my interests are first, but we’re looking for all we can get right now!  We were looking at the cutting board space, but not so keen on that part – think its because we don’t have anyplace to put our legs because of all the stuff under the table … it’s fine for little stuff, but then too I like being closer to Rich out in the kitchen when we’re working on cutting … PLUS there’s the nighttime advantage to there being a fireplace.  I think we’re building up to the part where we would really like to sew, but have nothing cut.  So maybe take a day or two to finish the top – hmm, needs a border or two maybe?  AND, we need a back – BUT I don’t think we need that done in time for our quilting Saturday.  Just want to show off A TOP!  BUT, then that would leave about a week to get some pieces cut for the next quilt.  I don’t know for sure – should we decide for sure to work on the same pattern AGAIN!  Maybe this one for who? 

Hmm just thought of it being the girls birthdays, but I couldn’t move that fast or in reverse … Isa’s birthday was yesterday and Ame’s is in less than a month – I think quilts for B-days is out then – maybe though it still be nice to make them quilts?  I have to think then whether I ask them to be a part of choosing and bear the cost of fabric, Or if we just do with what we got and surprise them.  Hmm, that seems the more likely.  Maybe we’re going to have to talk to Linda about this … maybe Rich too since one option would require financing.  Thinking maybe we are leaning toward the scrap quilts first – and then maybe later a quilt of their own liking to take home – MAYBE two each for their separate houses.  I’m not sure what they use at their moms, but I don’t think much at their dads.  Hmm, 3 beds for each 2 girls – means this could be a girls quilt year!  Maybe we could do that then?  But, first scrap quilts for their beds here.  Maybe we could lean isa’s to pinks and reds and purples and then Ame’s to blacks and gray – We’ll have to see – probably have more blues and greens then anything…  Too much for right now … Point is that we have plenty of sewing to do and I think the goal is that by tonight we bring out a couple of the bundles from the blue bag and see what we have to work with.  That be a good start, right?  Ok, then we’re all set … finish off Thom’s top, then check scraps for colors and styles, and then cut our heart out and hope to have something to sew on Saturday – good girl

Now lunch is done and probably the sandwich is starting to settle in.  It’s just after 12.  Should probably have some extra water … AND take our fuzzy mutt, right?  We can do this?  OK, one bonus note to Linda, but NOW it’s for real J

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