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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ann & Rich Life Proposal


To maintain our life so we are happy, safe, and comfortable.  To work together without marriage with a common purpose to benefit each other.  To spend more time together and enjoy our surroundings.   To create financial, home and health goals toward retirement.  And, to appreciate personal time to partake in leisure time and personal activities.


Ann to be given $... each week ($... each 13 weeks) into her account for 16 hours of work per week for … @ $... an hour.  This money along with the $... for disability each month will remain in the account Rich maintains for Ann giving Rich sufficient time to pay bills for joint costs/split evenly 50-50 and Ann’s expenses.  Any “extraordinary” bills – such as housing maintenance needs will be discussed with as much time as possible to budget the expenses.  Rich will cover expenses with his account or joint credit card if necessary to balance accounts, but full and equal balance should be paid by both as soon as possible. Most money will be a paper transfer from Rich’s account to Ann’s, but both will have options of taking personal monies (after expenses) from checking account to savings, to bank cards, or cash.  If Rich is unable to complete the cost of reimbursing Ann, then the fee scale will be put on hold on a month to month basis, but as well, Ann will no longer be obligated to work 16 hours for …, or be responsible for any more than $... toward bills from her disability check.  She should do everything in her power to continue committing to other responsibilities as listed, as will Rich.


Joint: All interior and exterior household expenses including prior loan balance from Ann’s mother, window expense on … card, furniture expense at … and fitness equipment on … credit card account. Also covered are Equipment, housing materials including house, garage/driveway and lawn, cleaning supplies, hardware, house insurance, rent, and utilities (gas, electric, and satellite) and handyman repairs.  Included are all food (people home and restaurant/with receipt of expense) and animal’s (food and waste needs), medical, medicine, toiletries, entertainment, Rhapsody, vacations, Ann’s car and Ann’s repair on car, and both Ann and Rich’s car insurance. As well as computer software, hardware (that isn’t covered by business). As well clothes, haircuts, postal, non-work related gas and parking, medical, and insurance for Ann’s Supplemental, dental and medicine, and for Rich’s health and dental.  Veterinary expenses for both animals, including pet insurance. Gifts for family, with the exception of … and … with each “joint gift” cost not to exceed $....  Any balance over $... per person will be paid by the individual giving the gift.

Ann:  Gifts for Rich, Multiple Work or other Multiplicity projects, quilting expenses including fabric, supplies, equipment, weekend getaways, and services rendered such as quilting fees, unauthorized online service fees.  Cash out with no receipt.

Rich: Gifts for Ann, former house and it’s expenses, Alimony, life insurance to ex and family, loans for children, boat, trailer, motors, or other electronic equipment, boat insurance, or any other fishing costs related to sport including time spent out of house on short or extended trips.  Cash out with no receipt.

Business: All business expenses including customers, shops, labor, taxes, past due loans (…) or other facilities, materials, supplies, trucking, SUV and business allowance of gas, phone, internet, Microsoft and Adobe for business. Anything that can be fairly claimed as a business deduction.


Ann and Rich will each keep a bank card and two credit cards, and they will both get an American Express card for joint expenses.  Ann and Rich will both take petty cash as agreed, but primarily Ann will supplement her spending money on her debit card to the second checking account.  Each will receive petty cash in the amount justified by their private account balances.  All personal credit cards and petty cash will be considered separate as a Rich or Ann personal expense. 


Ann:  All interior household duties in all rooms from 5’6” down to the floor (i.e. picking-up and clearing/cleaning flat spaces, sweeping, polishing, vacuuming, dusting), laundry (i.e. retrieving, washing, drying, steaming, mending and putting away), daily (as often as possible) litter box litter/garbage to sunroom and dishes.  Will track all expenses through credit card statements, bank statements and cash receipts. Will coordinate household and business paper files, documentation on paper, and on computer including all expenses.  She will be the IT coordinator for … and in the future will assist … with marketing online (working alone or beside Rich), will as well do other business objectives up to a total, but no more than 16 hours per week @ $... per hour.  Time includes business meetings. Ann will continue as best she can to keep herself physically and mentally healthy (such as fitness goals and seeing doctor’s regularly as scheduled).  Will take all responsibility for the dog – other than discussed below, and with the exception of the last trip outdoors at bedtime or approximately 10-10:30 pm which will be taken care of by Rich as part of his process of shutting down the house.  Ann will not owe Rich money in excess of $... a month ($... income plus $... disability) for joint expenses unless agreed (i.e. making payments). Will coordinate self-workload while trying to accommodate the other when at all possible.  Will have the option to pay for self-responsible duties at one’s own personal cost. 

Rich:  Will be responsible, own and manage … while setting optimistic goals.  All interior household duties from 5’6” up to the ceiling (i.e. cleaning and or dusting) as well as windows, tubs, toilets (including floor surrounding toilet) and sinks.  He will be responsible for getting garbage out from sunroom to outside garbage container and the container to and from pick-up space.  As well all outdoor/garage work he hasn’t contracted out (including dog area), shopping for food and household items not purchased by Ann on Internet, and for cooking one dinner meal (unless it is agreeable to eat out) starting by approximately 5 pm if at all possible.  Rich will assume care of the cat’s eating.  Will coordinate self-workload while trying to accommodate the other when at all possible.  Will have the option to pay for self-responsible duties at one’s own personal cost.


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