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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's a two-fer

Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 10:37 AM

Good morning this is us.  We’re having another foggy morning.  It is already about 10:30 am and we’re not anywhere yet.  Rich has been working for the last 5-6 hours on his business and we woke up after he started.  We haven’t talked to him today about today stuff.  Oh there’s something!  We talked!  I had sent him a couple things I would need at his computer when I look at it again in regard to the hard to deal with emails.  Yesterday we started talking to tech at about 3:30 am in the morning – two people, but still don’t have things hooked up right.  They were ok on their register, but not much support for getting us hooked up to outlook.  They did send a brochure thingy so we’ll look at that when Rich isn’t at his computer.  We’re trying.

We were talking to Dr. Marvin about the effects of a new medicine we’re on called Gabapentin.  It is prescribed by Dr. Albright a week ago blah!

Ok, that was a STEP in the right direction.  We at least found our phone and the numbers to call for my elbows and back – both are supposed to get some kind of shots from two different locations.  My phone was out of battery – no surprise there, but then when we called the phone went buggy and started beeping so we are now charging at Rich’s station.  He doesn’t use it during the day.  Rich is making calls – so although I could scoot my chair over there and use it?  We’ll try.

Oh GOD Was that a long wait – It’s now 11:34 so about an hour except 2-3 paragraphs waiting to be told to leave a message – seriously it was a terrible service … they made you wait and wait hearing the same bad song over and over – it was music that was supposed to subliminally leave you more patient, but it left me irritated.  The phone started ringing like we were getting through to someone and then a lady answered the phone and it shifted me AFTER WAITING again – to a message machine that said we’ll call you back.  It’s a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE system!  So like an hour later and all I was able to do was drop a few hopeful phone numbers praying I got a hold of the right system. ARGH!!!

Ok girl slow down slow down!  Now is supposed to be the good part of the day – I DID take our medicine and we’re going to try relaxing by avoiding that last spectacle!  BOOO HISS HISS

Hmm, we seem to have lost a Rich … He did his showering thing, got dressed, ate lunch all in the time I was waiting on the phone, and then now he just left.  I think he has to pick up a new license plate for the boat and then he’s going there to work on fixing things, but because he won’t be home until about 5 pm – we figure he’s going to get some fishing in too – and then he says he’s bringing the boat back – eh what do I know.

Showed him his progressive light soups – I told him I don’t like them – the top 2/3 is broth, and then the bottom third is rice with a few pieces of chicken.  Just frustrated is all better not think of lunch either!

Now AFTER the weekend

Monday April 27, 2015 @ 10:27 am

Oh gosh did we have a terrible weekend.  We’re blaming it on the extra medicine, but maybe it was something else – We left a message with Dr. Marvin this morning, but Dr. Albright called anyway … she hadn’t heard the message, but she said that my triglycerides are off so we have to watch fatty food, but also that we needed to change a medicine dose for hypothyroid … that’s not overly important and doesn’t have anything to do with why we were so sick.  We had problems with the stool area, got the dry heaves, headaches and was very confused.  We slept for 18 hours Saturday and about 15 on Sunday.  So far we slept in until 7:30 am this morning and we’ve been up since and we are now sitting at our keyboard.  Over the weekend there were only two – ten minute periods.  So that wasn’t so good.  Plus of course the eating and drinking was way down.

The key thing is that we’re feeling better today.  The goal is to do the dishes and at least one load of clothes.  Not so sure of that yet, because we’re still feeling weak.

We’re back again but it is now about 3:15 pm – we will need to take our medicine in a few moments.  We can handle that right?  There done … AND we ate the last two peanut butter cookies Rich made for us over the weekend.  That’s how he could tell how sick we were the first day – just 2 cookies.  We have to get over all that now.  We did a few things around the house, but wasn’t overly productive today.  We did clean-up the kitchen, wash dishes, and cleared off the dining room table.  So then since we were there, we took care of all the paperwork including getting new statements into the computer.  AND, that included receipts.  We’re up to 4-26-15 YAY!!!  We did have to take a nap, but today we got to talk to Linda twice – didn’t do that during the weekend.  Just couldn’t sit up in a chair.

We didn’t get to any clothes today.  We’re doing much better though … AND we did read a little inside and outside in the sunroom.  When we were on the chair inside we fell asleep with the kindle standing straight up.  I’m wondering if we should try and go outside for a bit.  It would mean more reading than writing, but might make us feel better about getting the dog out.  Shoot, don’t think Rich brought up our chair yet.  Maybe not.  Nope chair is not out … that’s a little sad.  I could get it from the garage, not that big a deal – not sure where he put it AND we’d have to get dressed.  Not that that isn’t a good idea, just haven’t done it yet.  Been slacking.


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