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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

They had a little kicker...

Monday, April 20, 2015 @ 11 am

Good morning.  This is just us.  It’s already way into 11 am and I’m thinking we’re kinda floaty.  We’re on a new medicine this morning to help the nerves in our feet, but we’ve been really sleepy like sitting here at the keyboard with hands resting on keys and just nodding out.  Everything seems a bit fuzzy and I don’t know what else to blame it on. 

Hmm, dog just whined so we took him out, but then he sat on the porch.  We encouraged him to “go on” so he went down the stairs, sat, and then just came up and looked at us.  I let him in.  I guess it was a false alarm.

I don’t know how we got here from such fuzzy places.  I think we must have signed off with Linda at about 10 am.  I hope not 9 am, because that would mean we’ve slept for 2 hours?  

Just saw Dakota snooping over by the garbage … just sniffing, so we made a sound and he came over guiltily and then laid on his back for us to pet his chest.  Ya Ya – I know a guilty dog when we see one.  AND, he had just gotten a treat from us.  We’ve been teaching him to pray, which means he gives us both paws and bows his head.  The head movement is natural for him and it’s a very cute trick.  Better, he’s laying down now in his watch over Ann spot. J

Heater went on when we opened the screen door to the sunroom.  It does feel a little chilly this morning.  Ahh, it’s 47 degrees today and won’t top 53.  Blah!  Looks cloudy for today, tomorrow and Wednesday, then a couple days of sunshine and then back to cloudy --- the warmest it will be is 63 a week from today – Hmm, another blah!  Is this spring temps?

Ok, went for a can of pop, but had added peanut butter too.  We’ve been hungry most of our waking hours this morning.  Ok, think, think … what happens next?

I think there are clean dishes in the dishwasher because there are dirty dishes on top of the counter … maybe we’ll stop there first.  Good thinking!

There … took about 7 ½ minutes of being up YAY!!!  We emptied the clean dishes out and put the dirty ones in and it made close enough a load so that we turned it on.  Good Ann – counters look pretty cleaned off, but we noticed on the way back the garbage is full and so is the kitchen table, so we’re thinking those kinds of things go next.  First a rest – our back did well, but we’re pretty dizzy and we did take another tiny little pill of about 81 whatever’s of low dose adult aspirins – I think the kind with NSAIDS.  I had thought the doctor had said no to that back when we had our ulcer, but maybe this is different because the level is so low … she had given the pharmacy a prescription, but they gave us over the counter because they said it was cheaper, but I don’t know how many of these to take and when.  We’ll have to figure that out today.

Also, to be figured out is Rich’s email … we told him we would do it today, but right now we’re just very dizzy and I don’t think I could do the trail of what we need to do to fix things.  Maybe later this afternoon - Yeeks, the side-effects on this medicine are a lot – it does cover the dizziness, drowsiness and troubles concentrating.

Yeeks, falling asleep at the keyboard again.  This is not good.  Better try to do something.  Hmm, time for my regular medicine and lunch that’s good.

Hmm, ham and cheese sandwich … this is different Dakota placed himself under my feet in case we drop something.  Good choice.


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