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Friday, April 3, 2015

What's a month got to do with it

Friday, April 3, 2015 @ 6:33 am

Good morning.  This is me.  Well one of us.  I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve written.  We checked back and the last date was Saturday, February 21 this year. 

Hmm, someone keeps saying while flopping head from left to right, “Why? Why? Why? Why?”  You sort of got the drift.  Rich had come out and pretty much on demand needed a set of clothes steamed.  Now that the chore is done we can say for pretty sure that this pants and shirt had already been steamed before, BUT he has a big meeting today and must have wanted to get out free-standing in closet wrinkles too.  *sigh*. 

Hmm some more … after reading the note, we remembered that we used to use the outlook task file to keep things in order.  BLAH!  Looks like we’ve lost about 6 weeks’ time.  I hate that when it happens.

Ok, email was too hard for the second because the dates aren’t showing up in the old mail column – have to open one at a time to get back to the date, but then we remembered that within that last week of having posted and completed the tasks in outlook we had found the DiCaprio story of him taking the role in the Milligan movie.  AHA.  That was confirmed by going back to the mind map.  Then we thought that we could go back to the Yahoo PA group and see what was happening there. 

On February 27th, we had written “What I know about Multiplicity Today” (from 2-24-15 – Day 55).  So that was about the time we were feeling good enough to be doing something other than struggling through with housekeeping.  I don’t remember what it was all about, but I think it had something to do with what we were getting from going back and doing the Google Searches again.  This is hard.  I don’t know what we’d do if there wasn’t some kind of a paper trail.

Hmm, Rich left – things seem to be falling in place.  We have the full day ahead of us … it does seem kind of gloomy out there as to not much light coming into the house.  We asked Rich to leave open the sunroom door – that’s a little bit cooler for now, but we like the fresher air and that Dakota can go out there at his leisure.  He likes watching Rich leave – and then he’ll come back and lie down by me because he’s just that swell of a dog.  He really goes after Rich before he leaves for his pets and stuff because he seems to know when Rich is going by him getting dressed, putting on his shoes, and gathering his things.  BUT, again, he really knows he’s supposed to stay and take care of me.  We’ll get back to that later – wanted to write a note about Dakota going out in the garage with Rich Hehehe.

So anyway back to the sleuthing.  We pushed through the posts until we found another one in the PA group that’s dated March 3rd.  This is what it said. 

We were just brought into awareness that Billy Milligan died mid-December last year.  I don't know if anything has been said here about it - Astraea you are very well informed of these kinds of things.  The last couple of days there has been a flourish in the news about Leonardo DiCaprio playing Billy in a movie called, "A Crowded Room."  I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about this...

For us we first saw our frustration with it because they news is not only about him Leonardo, but that he will be in Oscar nomination for this role - much like they'd said about Halley Berry with her role as a Multiple.  After all the negative press about the reality of Multiples or not - we're thinking that if an actor can win representing one - then that is a good deal?  I don't know.  I think the other part is that as you know Billy started the whole insanity deal with Multiplicity back in what - the 70's?  All that is going to be coming up again in the news and over the Internet - as to Multiples - fake or not taking advantage of something that isn't fair - killing without being responsible.  Personally, we think murder is murder and should be punished no matter who you are, but I am pretty distraught that the argument is going to be played out really negatively for the community.  I don't know Billy's story - after he was imprisoned in a mental hospital or for that matter let out of one.  I don't know if Leonardo is going to make him into a hero or a heel.  Just extra thoughts.

Has anyone else followed this with thoughts?

Our best,
Before Rich left, we told him we were trying to piece out what had happened to us and he said, “I know what it was – it’s that group.”  Yikes that doesn’t sound friendly!  I think he’s equalizing “Yes group, no steaming of clothes.”  I wish it didn’t work out that way, but it really does seem that the people who do stuff like with the group, aren’t the same people that do writing and housecleaning.  We’ve been getting some stuff done, but nothing spectacular – just a bare bones maintenance like making sure things are picked up and the dishes are washed.  Clothes haven’t fared so well. 

I think this is why when we talked to Dr. Marvin for 15 minutes on the phone – most of it was on simple things like taking a shower and doing kitty litter and such.  Back in the days of using the task list, we were muscling through those obstacles.  I don’t know how sturdy we were though unless we read back further, just don’t have much interest in it.  One thing for sure and that is the blogging has been real spotty. 

I think the curiousness of going back to it is for one Rich really pushing through to find the one or more of us that can steam and then too the newer members – as much as we can tell that have been doing more writing in their own blogs and stuff.  It seems there is a lot more introspection going on – and maybe that could be a good thing for us.  Just we have to take the time out of what we are doing to explore some of what they are talking about.  Seems they really need people to listen.  I think they are connecting to the group through the advocacy, but in return see that there are others like them that can go into meta-thoughts. Forget the term for “thinking about thinking.”  Oh yes, “meta-cognition.”  Thanks! 

I can’t seem to straighten out who is who from who on the board.  Maybe we can shed some light on that today.  I’d like to know this much at least and what people are in general thinking of.  Just seems it would really be considerate.  I know that Kelsie and Lissa have been out with the “workload” part of the group, but I’m not as connected to all that as them.  I’m thinking they might have needed a break or I wouldn’t be out (Corey).  Thinking that Anniemie is the major contributor of the domestic Goddess thing.  I don’t know thinking about this sort of thing makes my head spin.  It shouldn’t just I guess I’m a little rusty.

OH and YES, we’ve taken our medicine.  That was back during the time someone was mournfully repeating, “Why?  Why?  Why? Etc.”  Ok, you had to know that was going to happen, right?

I’m getting a slight faint message that says, Start the washing machine!  But, that’s not something I feel I could handle right now.  This is what I know of all that.  Ok, that’s not too much of anything.  I saw that Rich had a load of what we assume to be clean clothes in the dirty clothes basket (the one for wet icky towels).  I think we’re going to have to rewash that.  I am guessing there is something in the dryer, and we’d be HOPING there isn’t anything in the washer, because then it would have to be rewashed too.  And, we’re guessing there is something in the clean clothes basket, but if there were, we’d be thinking it should go back to the dryer to be refluffed.

Oh Lordy that is a lot of thinking, but it is further progressed then it has been in a couple of weeks.  I know we did take one of the weeks not to far back to progress the laundry partially through the machines, but then we lost the ability to see it through so nothing was getting folded or hung up and certainly things weren’t steamed.  That’s about when the backload started.  I think Rich has been FINDING one set of underwear at a time because we didn’t get the clean stuff put aside.  Then a day or two ago, we looked in the closet toward the bins where the dirty clothes are and he has it WAY stacked up on top of the bins so we can’t reach it. 

Now that I’m thinking of it – part of this I believe is because our elbow area has been hurting so much so that pulling wet clothes or bundles even of the dry clothes from the machines have been painful AND the part of folding and hanging seem excruciating.  But, if we admit to that, then someone is going to think we should finally go to the doctors and have them checked.  The marker date for that all was they started hurting before going to that first sewing trip of the year.  We had been cutting out fabric – and they really started to hurt – we’re figuring from overuse, just no matter how much we use the elbows now they are hurting and we’re getting more used to the pain – just stuff around us has suffered as we backed away from all that.  If I were to tell a doctor, hmm, should figure out the date.  Ahh sewing on the 7th so that means the elbows have been giving us trouble since the start of February.  That can’t be good L  But, what if she told us to stop using our hands or something AND what are we going to do about the dog.  What is our clinics policy on service dogs?  Will he be allowed to go in the examination room? 

Hmm, maybe we should try and check in with that today.  I know we backed off going to the doctor’s office last year with thoughts of surgery and such – she had done the cat scan of our back and had found about three problems with it, but we can’t remember what exactly the other two problems were other than arthritis.  I do know that when more recently we went and checked out the “Patient Like Me” space on the Internet, we had to go back and list all our medical situations.  It read like a tombstone.  I know that all had to do with Quantified Self which we’d really bounced into heavy – I don’t know maybe for a month or so?  All that seemed to stop when we got back into the group work with Milligan.  That seems to have been going on pretty steady since then – though we then lost our rediscovered ability to do the Google search’s in the mind map.

We might need to go back and reprioritize some stuff.  One would think we have all the time in the world for being a non-go-out-to-work person.  BUT, it seems we’re always behind something or another.  I think something like that was said to Dr. Marvin, because we remember him dusting off some conversations on balance.  I know he is talking about getting more parts out for perhaps shorter periods, but getting more parts out to accomplish more in general.  That really frightens the hell out of some.  Kelsie is really mad for example, that I’ve been given permission to do some blogging, because that takes her off her schedule.

I think she was even having trouble though putting it in perspective, because one of the things she was doing yesterday was putting together a check list for the meetings she’d worked with and the meetings she hadn’t.  Off the top of my head – the first three meetings were crossed off as processed (whatever that means) and then she had done yesterday the processing of the next two meetings, and then there must have been 5 left.  I don’t remember that part – just that she’d said 5 of 10 were finished.  Maybe there were a couple more unfinished, before the two she’d done.  I suppose it would be a matter of going over to the table I HEAR to check it out … don’t really want to do that, but I do need to get something to drink too, right?  BRB

There a clean sweep ... hmm,except we forgot to feed the dog.  For the record though we brought back her sheets from the work she’s been doing and yes, I know it would help to figure out what it is all about, but I don’t want her to jump in and take away the time I’ve finally earned to be writing in the blog.  Other things?  My feet were complaining they were cold – don’t know who that was, but we put on the pink socks and we treated ourselves to orange pop.  Rich did a number on the coffee made before he left, so WOOHOO – orange pop at 8:11 am in the morning!  Medicine’s been taken, showered yesterday, hmm, laundry?  Oh Lord, please don’t make me do the laundry?  What happens if we just figure out what’s in the machines and two baskets and see if we can get all that through again?  We’re thinking everything has to be rewashed – at least that’s the pounding in my head. It seems like a LOT of work – ESPECIALLYL if its going to come out of my writing time!

Ok, that was a bit frustrating – one because I had to think a couple hard seconds, and second – it GOD DAMN HURTS!  I know not like me to swear – well maybe Jamie???!!!  She wrapped us up like a couple of mummies.  We’ve got two ace bandages – one on each wrist.  Actually, feels better for typing, but it makes drinking orange pop hard!  We also found just a few clothes in the dryer – and NOTHING YAY!!! In the washer.  At least things weren’t mildewing.  Rich must have taken out all his tshirts, socks and underwear because things seem to have processed through there a bit.  We’re thinking that Rich might have hung some of his things on hangers, because there are only a few things left on the parallel bars.  Not sure if he did stuff with our stuff, but that’s something we’re going to have to figure out yet.

I left to fold those few things in the dryer, and we put the clothes that had been placed in the dirty laundry basket, back in the water.  Hmm, not sure we like the sound of the washing machine.  Is something unbalanced already?  That wasn’t a very heavy load.  The next problem would be – yes, we took the bars out of the laundry area so we could work, but the next problem would be getting dirty clothes to the washing area.  AND THEN, making sure the counters are clean so we could fold the clothes too.  Maybe in a little bit – head feels overwhelmed and I think we’re going to need extra arthritis medicine today. HMPF!  It’s 8:27 am … lets set a goal for kitchen by 8:45 am.  Rich said something about starting the dishes today.  Seems it was just yesterday we put some dirty ones in there, but he’s right.  I don’t think we started it.  Remind us again how satisfying getting things done feels?

Ok, just GOTTA think of something less horrifying.  I’ve done my share!

It seems that the meetings that got done are 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7, leaving meetings undone 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10.  Happy?!!  I think that’s where things got confusing.  Someone wanted to stay on the couch with feet up yesterday, so we processed getting 6 & 7 processed with the first three – we just put numbers where things should get copy and pasted, and then we went back and put in topic headings in front of the numbered conversation to the right.  Maybe it would have been more helpful to do that all along, but there was a process of trying to group things together that was from somebody else’s perspective first.  I guess they didn’t want to be tied down in a topic heading that might work for the first few items, but dislodged by the next.  Thatta girl – processing!  BUT now those two things – the new statements, and the new headings have to get entered in and the last five meetings have to be processed too.  SOOO, we have a start in mind for all that AND the Washing machine is going YAY!!!  Checked time – only 8:32 am – free moments!

Ahh checked the survey monkey.  Each of the two surveys have had one more person(s) who responded. It seems like the 4th person on the wiki is also agreeing there should be something done, and she’s stating that a good name might be “pluralpedia”  I wonder if we’re going that far if we could do “pluralmedia” to avoid the sound of like pediatrics.  This is a description of the word “media”: (usually used with a plural verb) the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely:  Kind of a ploy for terms with “plural” the first part and “plural” as in used with a plural verb.  I like the part of media reaching or influencing people widely – think that’s something we’d want the wiki to do.  Pedia only means a crystal form having one face. 

We left it as a suggestion. J  Not sure what to do next.  Voting is up for 8 more hours.  Wonder if we should put out another “Do the Vote thing.”

There done.  Ready to move on.

Pshwoo been AFK.  Don’t know what we did, but feel tired.  Ahh last thing was that we wrote a note to FB.  She had just recently gone to her doctor and Rich went yesterday or the day before to HIS doctor, so we figured it’s been about a year we should make an appointment AND we also need to see her because of the pain in our elbows NOT going away.  BLAH!  The first question asked and answered was YES!  We can bring Dakota with us!  The bad part is that it will be two weeks before we can go in.  The appointment was set for Friday, April 17, @ 3:15 pm and we have to be there 15 minutes early and we’ll be seeing Dr. Albright, and we need to bring our driver’s license and proof of insurance – although – they’ve already called them to make sure we’re legit.  YAY we’re legit!!!

That was a big deal.  We really have to be hurting bad to agree to go in to see the doctor and we thought Dakota would be a stumbling block – We’re SOOOO grateful he can go with us.  Good Boy!

AND, since then – I read up J  We’ve got a load in the washer and one in the dryer, and we folded a small load that had been in the dryer, and we’re washing dishes, and we got another load ready for the washer and the dog has been fed and out, we had a snack and a fresh bottle of water.  It is now 10:46 pm and we’re doing great by domestic Goddess expectations!  OH and we turned away someone wanting to read to us about the Bible … Had to work hard getting out – well still working on it that we’re not going straight to hell.  *sigh*  Next?

Wow!  All three machines, running, the dog’s good – AND we took some medicine early for the pain … well have to say we’re good too, right?  Ok, I know next … what’s next.  Maybe we can strike some balance and write until about 2:30 pm – giving us about four hours, and then we’d give back 2 ½ hours to the dissociative ones doing PA work, and then they can have tonight too …

Hmm, that’s something interesting too.  Rich when he went to his doctors, she said that his shoulders were really tense.  And, then he told her about me and then she asked him if he wanted her to write a prescription that I massage his shoulders.  He’s SAYING it that way, but we aren’t real sure.  I’m sure he didn’t make it up, but it’s hitting hard the people that don’t want to go to bed at the same time as him – because it means being up another hour or two to massage him while he watches TV and we’re not on the computer.  I love my dear totally, but I guess we’ve been on the computer and he’s been doing that last hour or two on his own.  It seems kind of selfish, but while we were laying there last night some of the old feelings came back – you know you are giving someone a VERY nice massage and he’s appreciative, but he’s also more into the TV than you.  Last night when we stopped he said you used to go on for hours.  Then we reminded him we used to do it without the TV.  I don’t know when that became such a big transition, AND I do remember the part of getting the TV a year or two ago so we COULD give bed messages, but something has to be done, because the last thing I want to do naked is to watch Sherlock Holmes!  AND, that’s almost non-violent compared to some of the stuff he watches.  It makes us really jumpy and we’re having problems imagining how our sweetie could love so much killing people with all his good guy bad guy shows.  I know he’s not the only one or even only male doing it, but isn’t there an inherent problem with that?

We were watching before this last 6 weeks more of the dog whisperer and The Property Brothers, but then we don’t really feel like watching that either.  We’ll still watch once a week Dr. Pol and some of the light comedies like Big Bang, Moms, Mike and Molly and such.  Just they are all we want to watch AND just the new ones! 

Ok tv viewers nuf of that!  Pswhoo … We did a turnover with laundry in that we got a load TO the machine, got one into the washer, into the dryer, and through the folding hanging up process!  YAY!  But, is that TOUGH!  Lots of physical movement we’re not so good at … we have a water bottle here at the computer and one at folding counter.  We’ve still got THREE more loads to get through the washer, BUT we’ve gathered all the clothes together so everything is in the laundry bags.  Better pull the towels from the bathrooms too.  That be a good deal, right?  Feeling pretty good, but out of even laundry shape.  Let’s think of something easier.  So like what is happened in the last 6 weeks?  Is that right?  Have to go back to February 21rst.  Hmm almost SEVEN weeks Jiminy!
Hmm, we’re actually done with the list, but think we’re going to post in two parts to make a really good pictorial view of all this.  Thank GOODNESS we keep some notes of things going on in FB.

Better look back to FB.
  • ·         Dakota got a walk
  • ·         Thom Got engaged
  • ·         Thom got married to Cathy
  • ·         We were losing weight
  • ·         Got the certification for Dakota to go to the dog park, but haven’t been
  • ·         There was snow on the ground
  • ·         Got into the Quantified Self Movement (sorta out of it now)
  • ·         WAS using the treadmill – have to get back
  • ·         Put together the directions for the back of the two quilts to the girls
  • ·         Dogs quietly chilling, but putting on pounds L
  • ·         Winter was too long
  • ·         Wrote the Paper on “What I know about Multiplicity Today – February 24 – Day 55
  • ·         What – only 3 days in!??!
  • ·         Isa came for a sleepover while Maury and Ame took the Polar Plunge in Chicago’s Lake Michigan
  • ·         Maury and Ame dressed as Zombies
  • ·         Isa played with Dakota A LOT!
  • ·         Joe, Cari and Alex!!!! They all came over for dinner
  • ·         Seems we started to have laundry problems because we posted THIS!
  • ·         Went through Happy National Multiple Personality Day!
  • ·         Posted a SECOND commentary in the NEWS blog on March 3 – Day 62 on Billy Milligan and Leonardo DiCaprio with the latter starring in “A Crowded Room”
  • ·         Rich decided and we DID drive all the way from Chicago to Myrtle Beach SC to visit his aunt and uncle a few miles away in NC.
  • ·         We had a GREAT time! And was away for FIVE days!  WoHOO!!! OH AND we got sunburned!
  • ·         OK about THEN 3-16-15 Thom and Cathy were REALLY getting married!  She was absolutely gorgeous from the pictures we saw!
  • ·         See all along there really WAS a lot happening!
  • ·         THEN Isa AND Ame came back to stay about three days!
  • ·         And, THEN they left and Maury’s two dogs came to stay two days before we brought them to the doggie hotel while Maury and the girls were in Arkansas
  • ·         Then we had a quilt retreat and Joe ACTUALLY went with – sewed the bejeebers past us AND stayed for an overnight
  • ·         AND THEN that’s about it except to say we’ve been doing a LOT with the Plural Activism group.  In about one month – a little less – there have been TEN meetings.
  • ·         I’m the secretary and have been trying my best to keep up with things
  • ·         We wrote an outline that gave about 150-200 questions and statements of things that occurred to us and the other PA members when discussing the DiCaprio/Milligan (what has become a project)
  • ·         We condensed some of the main questions and incorporated it with Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • ·         We started a definition process of what “Healthy Multiples” mean
  • ·         We’ve met some really nice new people through PA
  • ·         We’ve helped put out a couple of surveys
  • ·         We made a master list of about 400 + people (mostly multiples) to send one of the surveys
  • ·         We’ve come up with something we’re calling “The Multiple Conversation” (TMC) which is the biggest of all our big projects.  Maybe after we skim a few of the other things, that’s the part we’ll get back to

·         OK OK UNCLE – that’s what we now say about the Domestic Goddess things.  Maybe we’ve just been a little too busy.  AND, we’ve continued to see Dr. Marvin at his office or on the phone and did our best to keep up with Linda through IMs.  Hmm, I think if we look back – we’ll REALLY get a good concept of REALLLY how busy things have been


Ahh ... we're getting a little break ... it is now 2:30 pm, but because we've been SOOO good with both writing AND laundry we get some more time.  I think Kelsie needs a break because we haven't had a lot of motivation to be working on the conversation.  I know about it obviously, but my heart is better into blogging than charts!

Here are our today pictures - think we'll post to FB hehehe - I know not so secretive about laundry day - we're so proud to be taking part of GETTING IT DONE!!!

So, this is our laundry set-up .. it's 2:30 pm and there's one load left to be washed, one load in the washer and one load in the dryer - that means about dinner time we'll be just finishing up.  Thinking Rich is going to be VERY happy!  BUT, he needs some new summer shirts! 

AND, we forgot about this ... Rich will be out in the boat tomorrow - he's going out I think to check out all the equipment for the first time this spring.  US?  We'll be home doing the steaming shirts part - BUT got so much hung up fast - not a REAL lot to steam :)

AND??? If everything goes well and we can handle being outside, Rich is going to take me and Dakota for a boat ride.  He SAYS he's not going fishing, but we know better.  This year he finally fixed the electronic in the boat so that I could be using my little computer - SOOO he figures he'll get me out more this year.  You know how we might go - no computer, no Ann.  AND, it will be a figuring out day as to checking out Dakota's sea legs.  I'm guessing at 2 1/2 years of age (we got him 7-8 months ago), but we're thinking he's really not been out on a boat.  Hoping it's not tooo much.

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