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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anyone for a weekend?

Good Morning :)

  • Saturday, January 21, 2017 @ 7:52 am Just wanted to start with a sparkly note.  I saw this quilt yesterday and thought it HAD to be my opening picture.  Pshwoo!  It's a beauty!  It's sparkly in all the right ways.  It's from a collection at Hoffman Fabrics.  It's called, "When Bali Met Sochi quilt pattern," and was designed by Linda Ambrosini.  WOW!  Very cool.  Quilting has expanded so much since my Grandmother's time.  I wonder if she'd be into these at all, or if she would say something, like "You know Ann Marie, I'm just fine with the way quilts are normally quilted."  She could do that too, but I think in her heart of hearts - she'd see the beauty in the newer ones too.  The pattern in this one is simple, it is just the color blending that is so beautiful.  Oh man!  Free quilt pattern too! It includes a list of all the fabrics they used here.  I LOVE that when they do it ... Wishful thinking ahead ­čśë
  • Ok, better move it on.  Well, we are into a Saturday morning and all is as it should be by 8 am.  
  • Hmm, somehow now it's 9:46 am.  Better write down the last few things.  There are two links ... I just remember now though the last link - though old that we read on Evernote ... here. It is a good review on the history of the guy who created it - Lebin, and we're thinking now that we have to get something 6 years newer.  Wow!  They were excellent in 2011?  I'm thinking though we knew about the company back like toward 2008-9.  We came into it about the time it was connecting with the Russian company and being able to read writing within pictures.  We thought that was fascinating.  As things slip in and out ... we've come in and out of it ... had stuff from 2011 back when we started more aggressively last years, but as we mentioned a day or two ago, we lost track for about 3 months.  Says, the authors though - they show a high rate of people who do drop it, will come back to it.  It's not the product that goes poor, it is that people get caught up in other things and wait to refind it when they realize they need order again in their life.  It's like with the product - it's like the phoenix. 
  • But, for the time being, we are back into Evernote.  We still have a long way to go in using it all the time at full benefit, but I do like writing here.  We had tried writing in co-schedule, but we found the overall package much more fun here.  Like if we waiver from one thing to another, we're more likely with Evernote to come back to something productive.  We have been trying the last couple days being here, and then later copying over to Evernote.  They have a button now that lets you preview.  We also have to copy over to Blogger.  It seems that we're editing the last time in Blogger, so if we get a final copy, we can post to co-schedule, that posts to Facebook, twitter, and some other social medias.  Then in the preview window, we know we are good when it comes back to Evernote with the orange Blogger background (for our Anns Multiple World of Personality blog).

  • Sunday, January 22, 2017 @ 7:25 am Morning.  The note from yesterday was so short, we figured we might as well combine and make a weekend entry.  Surprise!  Here we are again!  It appears that we've been up for about 2 1/2 hours.  Rich asked that we wake him an hour ago, but he was stubborn getting out of bed, so we left him sleep.  Maybe we should try waking him again?  I know he needs the sleep, but also know he wanted to get in his fishy time watching the TV updates.  We woke him up but he was saying something about making his coffee and then it was like NOOO.  Didn't do that, but you were supposed to get up an hour ago.  He he was late, but my way of figuring is ... how late can you be on a Sunday morning!??  In the meantime, we took our medicine, fed the dog, and then got on our robe and Linda's warm socks.  I guess it wasn't THAT warm so as NOT to be having socks/robe.  sigh
  • We were just talking to another Multiple that we've met (just met) through facebook ... hehe ok, then things moved on ...
  • @1:18 pm I'm not sure all of what's happened, but we're finally getting back to the computer.  I don't know how we can just lose so much time.  To our credit though, there was some work with Rich earlier, before lunch.  We did forget to take our 11 am medicine til about 12:15 pm so we got a little grouchy, but we were feeling it out loud enough to know it was happening, and then we really focussed on getting past it.  I remember last grabbing the chair in the kitchen because Rich and us both make our lunch there and I wanted to get it first!  But, then he said we could have the last two pieces of pizza - so we grabbed it, and then gave him his chair back.  He usually eats his lunch at the counter too.  He's pretty cool.  Hmm, just focussed for a second ... Rich turned on CNN news with his lunch.  We must have been ignoring it ... just heard Kellyanne Conway - and then it aggravated us - so we're trying to let it go again.  Just seems to be so many problems.  They are trying to blame everything on the media.  Ok, let's move on
  • Need to try focussing on something different.  Hmm, I know ... there was some work that got done this morning.  Rich helped us.  He dragged over the last box to be put away in the kitchen which was almost ALL our glasses.  We've found by some amount of organization - we unwrapped them all ... that we have 12 wine glasses - don't know if they are for white or red, then 8 lower wine glasses that are cut fancy from my mother, and then 6 margarita glasses.  Then the rest of the glassware is mostly the red glasses - with a few clear glasses.  They are of a collection that has the bubble feet.  There are about 60 glasses 12 different sizes, with some just a few per size and others a full dozen.  I'm thinking that the first three sets of clear glasses will go in the new cabinet WITH the alcohol - mostly left overs from New Years Eve, and then the red glasses will get stacked in the glass cabinet on the pass through china cabinet (small) on the living room size.  I think we're just going to get them washed today, but probably won't put those up until after Jeff gets the lights up in that cabinet.  It's a change on the table though, because we put everything else away that had been on the table.  
  • The other thing we did was to sweep the pantry, laundry room, kitchen, dining area, and the office area.  Rich got the master bedroom and living room vacuumed, and that's about all we got to today.  I was happy that something happened positive.  I think Rich wants to go out and do something with his fishy tackle boxes too, so I'm not sure how much else he will do.  There was word that he was going to vacuum the sitting room and sunroom, but I don't think those are so necessary.  It's about 1:30 pm so maybe he'll get out to do the outdoors part while there is some more light.  It's in general though a darker day.
  • The other news of the day?  We're going to see a movie tonight.  I think we decided with Rich that we'd see "Hidden Figures," at 7 pm.  We'll probably take a shower closer to that time.  BUT, we should figure out what to do next.  We did a light load of dishes and that's still going.  We will take that out as soon as they cool though and get some of the glasses in.  Our dishwasher takes forever even on the light loads!  I need to figure out what to do next though ... it has been a really long lunch period.  Maybe I will catch Rich - he seems to be moving now.  I will want to find out what he does next.  We told him we were so grateful that the pumpkin was gone, that we took all requests off his table.  Hehe.  
  • Ok, seriously now ... we have to wait for the dishwasher.  Maybe ... hmm, what?  We could volunteer to vacuum the last two rooms - bedrooms are ok ... while Rich does the hard parts of the bathroom.  Not sure if he's going to do that part though.  I know, I know.  What do I do anyway?  I have to admit, not as much as we used to.  I'm a bit embarrassed by it, but the fact is that when you can only move 5-6 minutes at a time ... things don't get done in abundance.  Oh, I remember, I told him we'd clean the tables and dust the living room.  I don't think there's much there though, because we can't move the sitting room stuff, until the big dining table clears off, but then that has the glassware.  Hmm.  I guess the best solution is to stack what we can in the box we were storing it in before, then it will be easier to get over to the big table when it is clear and there are NO people moving around the house, but Rich and us.
  • We do have a couple dates coming up in February.  On Saturday, February 11th in about 3 weeks, we will have our next quilting event, and then the following weekend Friday, February 17th through Monday the 20th, we will be getting Austin to come over.  I don't want to get into that too much, but we are extremely happy to have him back.  So, I guess in framing things in, it would be really wonderful to wonder how long it will take to get the art quilt done.  I don't know if I wrote this yet, I don't think so, but we did hear from Jeff yesterday.  He decided not to work on Saturday, but to just drop in and talk things over.  He says, he would like to come back on Tuesday and put in a day finishing things, though he is talking about certain things still needing to be done by some of the other contractors.  He says he'll coordinate that.  He also says that George, the tile guy, will be coming by Tuesday as well, and he might start as soon as Wednesday with the tile project.  I don't think that will really take more than a day or two.  Jeff says that George is very quick and efficient.  So that is cool.  We've been waiting so long to finish and it might even be next week.  I told Jeff, we would get out the list and go through it with him next week to assure that everything is covered.  There is one "plastic-like" strip that we - Rich and Us we, that neither of us like.  It is a dark strip on a medium dark wall and a light light green wall, so it shows up pretty ugly.  We'll ask him to change that out.  Otherwise, things are going pretty well.  
  • I think the whole purpose of that last paragraph was to get to the point of figuring out time so that we could get the art quilt done.  BTW, Jeff said, he would get an estimate by Tuesday on how much it will cost to do the living room and the sitting room.  I probably explained too much with the money, but what happened happened.  Basically, with my mother's trust, we have to take out some money each year to do with inheriting and IRA.  So, that is the money we plan to do the next two rooms with.  I'd REALLY love it if there were enough to also get the breezeway done, but that's stretching things.  Just after you start, you really want to zip along with it ... well NOT the part of having people and messes in the house all the time, but the part where everything looks really nice.  
  • AHA!  We do like the doctored sprite!  We had had leftover Sprite from the NYE party, but Rich reminded me of how much sugar we were drinking, so we told him we'd try the "zero" stuff.  We just opened a can and it seems fine.  AND, we found Rich when we put away an odd suitcase that had ended up in our office area after the last quilting event.  It was empty, and just a quick run, but that is done now.  I cleared off everything from our desk - dishes/drinks, and we put a few things garbage away.  The dishwasher is in its dry cycle.  So we'll let that happen.  Ahh Rich is here, hold on ... better see what's going on there!
  • 2:40 pm Hmm, back.  We'll see how this goes.  We just emptied, and then filled the dishwasher with all the wine glasses.  I put it on light, so we're hoping they don't bounce around in there.  It has to actually wash though because those glasses had been hanging where dust could get on them.  Somehow stickier dust than not.  So they are going to go through a full cycle, just light.  I got them all in - some above and some below.  We still have all the red glasses, but we'll see if I break all my wine glasses first.  If they can't go through the dishwasher though, I don't want them.  We did talk to Rich for a bit, and he moved a few things off the table out in the sunroom that belonged in the cabinet above the dishwasher.  Also with a little prodding, he brought in all the alcohol bottles.  Not much there, but some.  
  • AHA!  We're back again.  We got out our new"er" step stool and moved over a few more glasses.  So, in the new cabinet, we put the three loose wine glasses (other nine in the dishwasher), and we put in our drink mixer/with plastic stir sticks, and we put in the two beer glasses, and the shot glass thing.  Then we put in JUST the nine clear clawfoot glasses - three medium size, and six smaller size.  The extra glasses, went to the top that will go with the dishwasher glasses and the rest fit on the right side (bottles on left side I think we only had 8 bottles.  ­čśâ  We're not real lushes, but now, for the first time, we have an official liquor cabinet!  Pretty sure one of our special guests are going to notice that.  I'm going to clear off the counter below that too, so we can wash it off and it will only be for our crystal oblong bowl, we use to put Dakota's dog treats.  Oh yeah, that's an important space!  I have to remove some of the tiles and the electrical plates.  I hate when they leave that kind of thing around.  This weekend it's about reclaiming some space!  We found a place to put Rich's extra water too.  He uses store bought for the coffee in the am, but I don't want a plastic jug sitting on my new counter.  They are REALLY cleared off!  Just a few more things I have to find homes for.  Oh, and we put our few little statues back on the window sill.  They better not get knocked off when they are working here on Tuesday.  I want my space back! 
  • AND, the NEXT space, we want back???  We want our sunroom back.  It has a little garbage, but mostly the contractors things.  If it's our stuff, it's stuff going out to the garage, if not the garbage.  I'm claiming space!  Hehe - Feels so mischievous!  Rich doesn't want to move in our crock pot, but that's coming in too and going under the cupboard, and a good deal of liquid will go back in the fridge after Rich cleans it out.  We might get more snow and freezing temps, but we're hoping ... well, maybe I won't put it all in the fridge, just in case, we might want to move it back inside.  BUT, we're getting close that I don't want stuff ON TOP of the little fridge.  It's kinda funny ... Rich and us are now bidding for space.  I like things cleared off.  AND, I like it that way so, I can clean them off easy.  Rich said he cleared off the counter, but then instead of arguing, we just went over and gave it the white glove test (well on our finger), and YUP YUP YUP ... it came up powdery - so bad, in fact, that Rich couldn't argue.  I keep telling him not to argue with EVERYthing I say.  I'll say something, and then he'll say, "no," and then whatever he then argues.  We're telling him, if he starts with, "no...," then it already means he's disagreeing.  It's getting ridiculously bad.  More on that later, we have a lot to figure out.  
  • 3:04 pm Now, we have the dishwasher gently washing, the house all picked up ... maybe we should get our 3 pm medicine, and then work on the next thing.  Maybe, it is a good time to jump in the shower?  We figure, we'll wash clothes tomorrow, since worker people won't be here until Tuesday.  We might do the shower, then come back out and make sure there isn't any other clutter on the counter.  Hmm.  We do have a problem though.  We got the new shampoo and conditioner, but the bottles are super huge.  We have to tip some into the new containers into the older containers.  We asked Rich if he could help us with that because they are so big and bulky.  We told him we had four hours before our show to take his time.  And, then we moved on.  BUT, nicely, he got up to do it, so we're being happy.  In the meantime, we got every other thing that didn't belong on my counters OFF my counters.  Now, we just have to go over and wipe them all down.  I love that part, because we love our new counters.  I don't think our counter where the bar is has ever been cleaned-up.  Just Dakota's bone's sitting there.  It is going to look pretty.
  • We talked to Rich a little about my houses today too, but he said, we have to decide, but we KNOW, that as soon as we do it one way, he's going to change it up to a way he thinks looks better.  We have to wait for them to finish the work, but it is getting close.  We just don't know whether we should keep them closer together like in a city, or whether we should spread them out like rural.  We'll figure it out after we get them all together, I suppose and count all the pieces compared to cupboards.  Rich said we'll get plenty to add, but we just went on for a while that we only got one last year and that's not the same as plenty!  No, we don't want to get into the part where if we lose so many pounds, we get another house.  Grrr...  That wouldn't be a good idea!
  • Then we have to decide what we're going to do with the cupboard space underneath.  Rich is suggesting books and we thought on that for awhile, but we already have two tall bookshelves in the room.  We would want it, if anything, for special books, and then we remembered that we didn't really like our old coloring station, because it was behind the door, and up on a shelf, behind the garbage and spare bags.  After that, it went to the table by Rich and my rocking chair.  That was clunky, so it went to a space on top of the old treadle sewing machine, but that's no good either!  It's already clunky enough with picture books that aren't working for our needs.  We got them two Christmases ago.  Hmm.  What next?  Let's talk about making the area for coloring.  Just the books and pencils, and maybe some erasers and sharpeners?  Hmm.  We have some other things that might fit too.  Some other art mediums like chalk and paintbrushes for the watercolor pencils.  Hmm, need to use the washroom.  We might check that out.  I'm starting to like it.  It be good for me AND Isa to have them in a place that could be pulled out easily.   We did clear off the fridge of the older pictures we'd colored - you know the Christmas book pictures.  AND, we left up - though with a few more magnets, but we left up our new chart with all the prisma colored circles showing the color wheel going black to white and everything inbetween.  
  • We're trying to destress ourselves again ... you know Rich.  I'm handling that the creme rinse was harder than I had even thought.  It's slow going down the funnel.  But, then, he gets up, takes the fruit bowl out of the fridge, and then leaves it on the counter BY the shampoo, but then he sits down.  The real point is that we told him, "WE JUST CLEANED OFF all those counters, and now you are going to leave that big old bowl on top of my counter???!!  I know I hadn't gotten to the last scrub, because we had to sit down after the last up, but still ... there is a point to be made.  If someone spends her whole day trying to make the kitchen better, shouldn't you not fuck her up!??  Oh Lordy.  Ok, you knew what happened next.  Yes, we went right in and took our 3:30 pm medicine.  Ok, that's the "MY" part of things.  We're a little MORE likely to go unhinged about the time we need to take our medicines.  Done.  Got that.  Slowing down.  As soon as he's done for SURE, we'll go take our shower.  Then, we committed to the part where when we come out and are dressed AND my counters are WASHED OFF, THEN I will clear off the coffee table.  I think the red glasses are going to sit on the table until after Tuesday.  I don't want to put them in the cupboard and then have Jeff come in and knock them down putting my lights in there.
  • Hmm, a new truce ... He DID for the sake of our panic attack go back for another piece of fruit AND THEN put the bowl away, and he said it's going to take a long time and I might as well take what's there right now.  That's really tempting.  I think we'll go set it up and then come out and wipe the counters, and THEN go back for our shower, and THEN if it's not dinner time, we will start moving the coffee table art fabrics back into a box.  AND, THEN!  We'll either eat or we'll get ready to go to the movies.  Did I say yet, we are going to watch, "Hidden Figures."  We might come back to write/post, or we might not.  Not sure.  Ok, plans set ... we gotta go!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Changing of the Guards...

Good Morning.

  • @ 1:50 am  The day is almost half over.  We've been caught-up in the majority by the events of transference of power from Former President Obama to President Trump.  It's been a long morning and has meant a few arguments with Rich.  We were becoming unhinged, and he was like not putting up with it - the world isn't coming to an end.  We were like ok, definitely not on the same page.  We did slow down and then later went into talk, but he was in a preachy place and was yelling his speech, so we had to leave stating we can't talk to you when you are yelling.  We were yelling and he said it was bad, so we stopped yelling, and he was doing it by yelling at us ... Just silly stuff.  Let's say, in general, our household is a bit tense today.  BUT, then things go back to normal as we are jumped by contractors again. 
  • Jeff didn't tell us that he was sending Ben back to catch a few spots, and about then the siding contractors came by to finish their part too.  Since then Ben is gone, stating he will come back to finish it when it dries tomorrow and the other guys are still out their hammering.  Just hopefully moments from that ending.  The tasks I knew about were 1) stone under sunroom, 2) shutters on bathroom window, 3) mesh thingy under front stairs, 4) little caulking on the sunroom door, 5) vent hood over the bathroom, 6) light flickering over back porch, 7) stove vent, 8) sunroom door rubbing and 9) bolting in sign by front door.  And then?  We are going to hand them over WHEN Jason comes over - a gigantic check!  Yay ... a finished job!  Soon
  • We had some problems with insurance.  They want to charge us $401 for medicine ... the one we'd been getting help paying.  But, then the drug company said that I didn't make enough money and that I should be on Medicaid, so they couldn't help me until that.  It's a Tier 3 drug - we're talking about one of my insulin pens.  Apparently, I've paid in $65 from other medicines this month, but they were saying that didn't go to pay for down payment whatever, which should be $400.  When he did take one from the other it was like $334.  So we said can we just then pay $334 and he said, no we need to pay 100% of the medicine until deposit, so we had to pay $401.  Ok, that all doesn't make sense to me, but that's where they lay.  I asked about Medicare Part D.  But, they said we pay Medicare Part D to Humana, but that didn't help us unless we were getting medicine in the hospital.  He did say that after this one $400, that the bill should be $155.30 and that the bill for our other pen will be I believe $95.50.  This is still after paying $440 for health insurance, PLUS RX and Dentil - we know the latter is about $18, I think the former is about $60.  This is paying out from the $1367 I earn from disability a month.  Then I got in it with him, because (insurance guy), because I said the drug company had been helping me because I couldn't afford the medicine after the donut hole, and they stopped and said ... you don't make very much money, you should be on Medicaid.  Medicaid is terrible and had a $600 spend-down - so they paid your bills after $600.  WHAT the ... is happening.  I'm livin on disability.  What am I supposed to have for living.  I do have Rich's help, but what happens if someone doesn't have a Rich?  And, why should he be paying $400 for my medicine WHEN I have insurance?  Just don' know ... got very frustrating.
  • I just reread this entry and noted that the part I just wrote, and then the next paragraph down are like two completely VERY strange ways to look at our money.  Maybe a little explanation...  My income is only $1,367 a month.  This is the money we give to Rich to help pay for our part of living.  I think from it comes like the $440 for insurance, $500 for the rental of our lot - where our home sits (we own home, but pay rent), and then the balance goes for car insurance and I pay the utilities such as heat, electric and gas and Rich takes money out for medicine if we can afford it.  There's some latitude though because we do shop sometimes especially at amazon.  Lately, that's been coming out of the "renovation" money.  Rich pays the rest.  BUT, we do have an investment that we inherited from my mother.  We did take money out of that JUST for renovation although some legal things and Christmas got paid from it too, but that is the money we talk about in the next paragraph.  The investment otherwise is set aside so if anything happened to Rich we could take out a small monthly amount to supplement our living expenses, like right now I don't pay for the car or food.  So, please keep this in mind when reading the next paragraph.  As it is getting written we did't recognize the fallacy of one written next to the other, but it has to do with maintenance money, and secondly, "once in a lifetime money from my mother."
  • Hmm, ok, can't do much about that mess.  I recorded it ... we will deal with it again later, when I have to tell Rich how much I need to pay, and he continues to argue with me, because "he" can't deal with that.  For now though, he's taking a nap.  We're giving him time with the TV down (from talking to insurance).  Jason is going to be here in a few moments and that will be waking him soon enough.  We've got our checkbook out and am trying to calm, my check writing hand.  I think the guys have stopped knocking around on stuff, so my guess is that Jason is out there talking to Matt - the lead guy and they are getting a joint understanding before talking to Rich.  Me?  NO WAY!  I'm just the check writer.  I ask Rich, "Is everything ok?  How much do I pay?"  I had asked the secretary who called to say Jason was coming.  It's like $12,101 or something close to that.  They only went over $700 on a $23,000 job.  It was because of several things like rotten wood, but mostly because of that and we had to rebuild around one door.  I looked at my checking account earlier, the money I'd expected that was coming in, actually came in sooner than expected.  If I paid flat on the siding and flat on the kitchen, I would have $2400 extra, now we have $700 less so $1,700 left.  That means we have to hope that Jeff doesn't cost more than that AFTER we pay the original amount of $5,600.  We'll have to see.  We do know there were overages.  Just painting the extra wall in the sitting room was $100 and there were other expenses before that.  Nobody ever gets to figuring it all out until the contractor prepares you with a final bill.  YEEKS!  Ok, enough of that ... brb ... almost 3:30 pm have to take medicine.
  • 3:35 PM.  AHH Rich is up.  He's at the kitchen sink with something.  Think it's too early to make dinner, but maybe?  He knows that Jason is probably here and they are waiting on him to look at the house.  Hmm, I just asked Rich how much he thought Jeff would be over.  He said probably about $6-700.  That wouldn't be too bad ... It be like have gone through all that money through my account (Mom's) that I'd still get $1000.  That would NOT go to pay the $5000 Rich spent.  He SHOULD do SOMETHING!  We are getting to the nitty gritty and my reality of losing $12,000 out of that account today.  We've been watching it not prudently, but like prudently...  Hmm, wonder what he's washing in the sink and IF he shouldn't go outside.  Isn't that where the tour is?  Maybe he's waiting for someone to ring the bell to officially begin closing this stuff down.  I know there are THREE things on the sunroom to take care of and NONE of those things have been done yet.  So we'll see how it all flows.  I sooooo badly want people out. I like them, but ... I like being on our own too.  I'm definitely not ready for the living room/sitting room project, though we want our price before they leave.
  • I'm a little nervous about going on to the next topic when there is so much going on around the house, but I guess we could start, and maybe keep it light.  You had one of our first reactions to the changing of the guard today.  We had a bad immediate reaction.  Panicked.  We've done well without any sound on TV and only catch things periodically when we turn around.  Maybe not ... just got to the end of our writing time *sigh*

Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting a small grip...

  • Thursday 1-19-17 @ 12:39 pm  We're just getting back at things here in Evernote.  Talked to Dr. Marvin about it today.  We wanted to make it a part of our plan.  We bargained to the point of spending at least an hour here trying to sort some old things out, because it had been such a helpful program to us before.  It's scary to see that we haven't been using it for almost 3 months.  I guess we can start a new beginning any day for any reason.  Nice to be back - AND thanks for making this the first entry.  
  • As a side note, we stated we were going to take our medicine, finish straightening the sewing room, and putting a few things on our Google calendar.  Those things have happened.  We've gone through our email and facebook in the process, and we're coming up to lunch pretty soon.  It's 12:42 pm, and we're hoping the workers go on break pretty soon.  There's been a lot of stapling today, they are working on the trim.  We see a LOT of improvement, but will enjoy looking around and getting a better view of how everything's progressed.  We were in the sewing room with the door shut talking to Dr. Marvin - about 50 minutes, so we lost track of what was going on.  Maybe we can start a blog entry for a day after this AND lunch.  Maybe we can sort through what is better writing a TOAM or a blog entry as to where we are at as to casual as getting things done notes.  Thinking here we are preferring the blog at the time, but had reasons to go with the other too.  I guess the primary point at the time is to assure we are getting something done - which seems to be the writing.  We're also interested in connecting things through the Co-schedule, so it means being a little more productive with our life.  We have Dr. Marvin AND some of the Multiples over on Facebook to be thankful for there ... good work!  
  • Ok, moving along then?  What else do we want to do in Evernote for the time being?  What's our goals.  Maybe go down through the starred events to see which are still on our plate.  Remembering now too, we told Dr. Marvin, we were going to come up with some ideas from here to his appointment on Tuesday.  So, maybe some work - working up the weekend, hmm?  Not sure what Rich is doing.  Seemed to here he has something for Saturday on his own.  Better check in on that when he gets home to see what that was and how we can incorporate it into our schedule.  We did want to put the trip in where we pick up the cardinal fabric.  Have to figure out where that was and what time they are open.  I guess we could try that now.  We were going to see if we could get the name of the place on their patterns we purchased.  Hold on, BRB.
  • Ok, we've been on a treasure hunt.  We were able to find the print online, and then chased down a lot of blank alleys.  We finally found the store, we THINK we may have purchased it - had trouble guessing the location, and then secondarily, we found the pattern listed at Hoffman Fabrics.  So, we set an inquiry to both locations through their own email system.  This is a good start, right?  Most locations say sold out.  I also know it comes from Hoffman's Classic Christmas collection.  It is called something close to "Red cardinals and birch trees on taupe with metallic gold print and is cotton.  Pswhoo!  This has been tough, but will be worthwhile if I don't have to switch-up the design of the quilt.  I also figured, we needed about 2 yards - I'm pretty sure that's over since originally it was 5/8's yard, but we're looking for something about 22 x 38" willing to go over to get trees facing the right direction
  • Very good, so where are we now.  It's still Thursday and now the time is 1:36 pm.  I don't know what we're going to do if they don't go to lunch soon - already had a shot of my diabetes medicine.  I won't eat with them here, because we tend to eat soup out of a can and I've been eating peanut butter bread ... don't feel like doing that with them here.  Shoot, Bill was reminded by me, but he just pulled out his sandwich and is eating in the kitchen.  I think Jeff needs to go out somewhere, but bottom line is they might mostly work through lunch.  I did get a bit of an update.  First the tile guy hasn't called back, and then these guys have to go back to Jeff's to do some more staining (trim), and they think they have about a half day more to go.  What am I going to do?  Maybe they will leave soon to get the staining done?  I don't have anything I can just grab and eat in the back.  Everywhere they've worked has to be cleaned before you can put stuff down and I would be tripping over their feet - PLUS, fridge is out and blocks the direction of everything.  Ok, girl, be patient, be patient.  Anything that could just be grabbed?  We ate the pantry pickles yesterday.  It's almost 2 pm?!!  Think straight bread - untasty.  Thin ham, grrr. Maybe if they both went outside, we could grab a soup and eat it from the sewing room.  Have to grab a bowl too.  Shoot, one was just out - why is this so hard for me?  Maybe we're going to have to switch tacks.  There is probably a jar of dill pickles in the fridge, we could grab them.  Grrr, they are sharing his Christmas cookies (just made).  We are not going to panic, we are not going to panic.  One's out, don't want to pull out an entire jar of pickles.  We could take just a few - there are some bowls there, but then he is going to look at me odd having pickles for lunch.  Damn microwaves!  If I was going to have soup, which I might, I would have to show myself microwaving, but I like my soup cold and out of a can.  This isn't going to work either.  I can't handle microwaving in front of people - barely can do it by myself.  Hmm, we have been microwaving oatmeal!  That be good too, but I have to do it after they leave.  They can't see a "normal" person heating up oatmeal for lunch.  
  • Maybe we're going to have to go back by the sewing room TV.  It would help to at least walk away.  Maybe they would go pretty soon?  I think they are running out of pieces to tack in without staining more.  shoot, shoot.  A poptart would be good now.  I just want my old life back so much.  One more day with them tomorrow MAYBE a half day, and then time for the tiling person.  What happens he can't get it done this week - tomorrow.  What happen we have to wait past Monday next week.  Oh Lordy, we're failing.  Hmm, at least they are putting the fridge back.  Maybe that is a sign; they are closing up.  NOOOO there are no Pop tarts.  They are between me and our food!  What can I do.  One's gone, one's half gone.  Shoot, half back, I didn't make it.  I'm going to cry.  No you WILL NOT cry.  Usually, I might aim for a bed.  Don't know if I can do that with them here.  Got to close down, got to close down.  Maybe bedroom and close the door.  Yes, that's got to be the plan.  We need to curl up for a few moments.  Poor Mimi

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Just a couple more days before we lose Obama ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 10:19 am

Good morning.  This is us.  We're trying to start in our co-editor again.  It is supposed to help market our "brand."  Which at this point is limited to our work on our older blog, "Ann's Multiple World of Personality."   It would be nice if working in this mode (co-editor) it would automatically flip over to my Blogger account.  That be sweet, hmm?  We'll see, but by now are you wondering about my color chart?
The above chart is what we developed (pretty much Sherwin-William app helped) for the colors in our main rooms - we're talking about the kitchen, living room and sitting room.  My colors are going to be so mellow, I'm in love with them.  The furniture will be the accents. The following is the estimate that we just handed and emailed over to Jeff our contractor.  We asked for a formal bid so we can budget it.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Jeff Morris – Contract Estimate Request for Rich and Ann 

Jeff, we need an estimate before leaving the kitchen job.  
We won’t be doing the “living room/sitting room” job until later this year, 
but we need to budget for the work.  Thanks, Ann

Ann’s Color/job:
(Complete) Queen Ann’s Lace – Kitchen, west wall of the sitting room, and living room west wall (pass through)
Nonchalant White – Above the chair rail (chair rail trim new to match kitchen) in the sitting room and living room
Pure White – Ceiling in kitchen, sitting room, living room and small hall (to guest room, bath, and Rich’s office)
Ancient Marble – Doors – just kitchen French door and living room exterior door
Willow Tree – Below the chair rail in sitting room and living room
Remove and tape/mud the corner trim going perpendicular
Replace ceiling trim (assure all trim is stained to match kitchen) in sitting room and living room
Replace floor trim with appropriate newly stained trim to match kitchen
Tape/mud the seams to remove any perpendicular lines (presently between masonry pieces)
Fill in holes, cracks as necessary
Discuss taking sitting room carpet and small hallway out (to guest room, bath, and Rich’s office) and replacing with flooring like floor in kitchen/living room – or we’ll subcontract it.
Assist in moving heavier furniture (Ann’s desk/book shelves) if necessary
Oh, my gosh ... can't stop our imagination.  Ok, had to go take our medicine ... and we should be eating something soon.  It's 12:19 pm.  I wonder if they are going to lunch.  That would be a good deal.  Not sure what we're going to eat.  What does Rich have in the fridge OR pantry?  Think ... settle down ... slow down.  Sandwich?  Regular bread and flat ham.  Rich said we need to use the loose crumbly cheese, but there isn't any mayonnaise.  Oh yeah ... we're supposed to be using the mustard - hey, we got the dijon mustard though, so maybe it won't be so bad?  Maybe one of the new soups Rich brought in.  I don't think we have anything sweet.  What could we have sweet.  Rich isn't doing such a good job there.  We had a banana and the apple was terrible.  We've eaten two now ... they are good for suppressing hunger, but not so much else.  They're not great tasters.  Better with salt.  I guess we're going to have a dull lunch.  Hmm, just heard Jeff say his arms are tired.  Maybe they'll take lunch soon.  They have almost finished putting up all the cabinets in the kitchen including the newer one over the old bar.  None of the doors are up - they have to put in all the new hardware, but we're getting there.  
Ok, where are we now ... medicine is good.  We put on the piano guys from Pandora, but had to play them quieter, because we're trying to be calm.  We need to mentally work through this blip until we get some quiet space in our head.  There has been a lot of drilling to get the cabinets in.  They said the other guys hadn't screwed/locked in the cabinets by attaching them to each other.  Just think of my Grandma's dishes.  We have to be careful, but I think that's what these guys are doing.  It's very reassuring to hear Jeff's voice working.  I know that things are getting done correctly.  If we had a problem, we would tell him, but think things are happening the way they are supposed to.  
Need to look at my colors again.  Yup yup ... I think they are magical!
Hmm, now they seem to be working with getting the trim up.  I hope that isn't too much of a project.  I know that they are getting things super solid, centered and secure.  Good day Good day!
Have to move onto something else now ... well, can I say the exciting part is that they're going to pull ALL the pieces of my puzzles together?  Hehe - he is kinda funny ... he's gotten to know me.  Now when something is going on - like a few moments ago he found that the light over the stove was burnt out, so he brought it to me and said we need another.  The funny part is he knows within a few moments we're over at Amazon and now a half a dozen replacement lights will be here by Friday.  Today is Wednesday.  Good deal.  Not sure Rich is happy, but that is the way it has to go.  What else did we order today.  Hmm, shampoo and cream rinse ... that's all, right?  
Yesterday, we got in our newest book and we've read about 30-pages into it.  The book is for or at least from Multiples.  We're as a group, always trying to understand each other and our brood better.  I got this one, because one of the people I've been learning to enjoy in the Multiple spaces is one of the three authors.  And, they combined the stories from 17 people, and they were asked about twenty questions - so, you get all kinds of views.  I might read that after lunch along with having the news on the background.
Hehe Bill, Jeff's assistant is talkative.  He's been listening to what's going on with Trump and like Jeff, he's a Trump supporter, but we give anyone a good argument.  But, we did just go into it a bit with him ... Think we won out over his ability to argue Trump points of view.  Not many people watch as much tv as we do, so we're pretty good in discussing, though we can't recall a lot of details.  We know things, but can't put names to everything - so our conversation is maneuvered around that - like not being able to now remember who the new attorney general is - oh, ok, thanks Jeff Sessions.  I guess, if we ask properly other's within will give us the information.  Just maybe not while we're talking or even writing directly.  
They asked why we didn't have CNN on, but we told them they were supposed to go to lunch, and that we sat down to eat and watch tv at the same time.  They didn't take the hint.  They are very hard workers.  Cabinet doors are going up now and they have - Bill has started to work through the trim part.  He's a little spacey now though.  I think he's the one that really needs to be eating lunch.  
Yay!  Everyone had lunch!  We had a soup that was like chili mac, and then we had some peanut butter bread with Dakota.  That was very filling.  Nothing sweet yet, but we're on the trail.  Maybe next time we'll add jelly.  I think we have some of the good strawberry.  Yup yup ... these are the critical decisions of our day ... mesmerizing isn't it?
On the side, Jeff brought in with him a thin calender size cardboard package, and we'd forgotten what we ordered, but when we opened it ... it was the new color chart for our Prismacolor pencils.  We studied it for a while and like that it was like our regular one, but this one instead of grays in the middle, the black was in the middle and the whites were on the outer edges.  Ok, you almost lost us.  One of the things that came with the color chart, was a postcard to see the "World of Color Expo."  OMG can you say excited?
We had problems signing in and then someone sent a note saying it was a new system and there were difficulties.  So, eventually we walked away from the site.  Especially, because we were signed our phone - that's always a tempting object of blame.  So, then in a short while, we got a call from someone and here we were talking to someone from Virginia.  This is almost like we're a national traveler, right?  So, the bottom line is that we found this expo out on the east coast Monday, November 6 to Saturday, November 11, 2017.  OH man oh man!  What a stupendous 6 days.  
The next thing we noticed is that besides exhibitors and galleries, there are teachers and classes.  Most of which seemed for people who were beginners to intermediates.  The courses are visible several ways, but we looked at the ones by particular media.  AND there are a few "multi-" but the thing that interested us more was there were courses in colored pencils AND watercolor pencils.  AND, the really cool thing - there would be SOME way it could be handled, in that it's not until November.  It would be terribly expensive, and we're already thinking that if we were going to do it, that Rich would have to go with us.  I would also have to develop a much keener appreciation of "making" pictures.  That is in deference to someone else drawing the pictures for us to color in.  That's what we're best in.  I think I would have to decide on something like this soon enough to make it real through Rich.  We'd have to figure finances, getting out there, where to stay, and what our schedule would actually be.  There's a lot to be concerned with AND a whole lot of new tools that we know nothing about, but that's what the class would be for.  Teaching us how to really use colored pencils

For example this picture of the Bengal Tiger (our high school mascot) is supposed to be a course taught for $80 Friday night from 4-10 pm.  This is what they say:

by Mark Menendez
#470 – Bengal Tiger
Cost:6 hours, $58.00 fee + $22.00 cost = $80.00 total
Date/Time:Friday, 04:00 PM
8 x 11
Colored Pencil
Skill Level:Beginner/Intermediate
Description:Color pencils is a wonderful and clean medium that allows for realistic fur, a perfect way to create masterful animal portraits. Using toned paper creates a unity to the image, and makes the job much easier than working from a white surface. You not only learn to create the fur, but also the glass-like expressive eyes of this magnificent cat.
Supplies Required:19 Prismacolor Pencils: 904 Light Cerulean Blue, 909 Grass Green, 912 Apple Green, 914 Cream, 921 Pale Vermilion, 924 Crimson Red, 927 Light Peach, 928 Blush Pink, 935 Black, 938 White, 937 Tuscan Red, 942 Yellow Ochre, 943 Burnt Ochre, 944 Terra Cotta, 947 Dark Umber, 996 Black Grape, 1032 Pumpkin Orange, 1033 Mineral Orange, 1051 Warm Gray. Pencil sharpener, white vinyl eraser, drawing board, artist tape, sheet of white copy paper.
Supplies Provided:Audio-visual equipment, Canson paper with pattern applied, full color reference photo, and full color pattern packet instructions.
Cost:6 hours, $58.00 fee + $22.00 cost = $80.00 total
Date/Time:Friday, 04:00 PM

You know what?  There are parts of me who think we could try something like this and come up with SOME sort of facsimile.  I mean - just a lot of lines, right?  Just we would have to accept whatever picture we could do.  Anyway it would mean a LOT of youtube and seriousness in learning more before getting to the course.  We'd have to talk to Rich first, EVEN before talking to Dr. Marvin.  Dr. Marvin, would be like sure - sounds great!  Rich, would be like are you going to start saving now?  Can you work diligently enough on something like this to make the worthwhile, worthwhile?  I don't know ... We really want to do more of coloring, but this would be a lot.  Time to talk with our boss...

High School Survey - Sure!

It's your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!

1. Did you know your spouse/significant other? Nooo … wouldn’t meet him for another 16 years!

2. Did you car pool? I was the driver by senior year

3. What kind of car did you drive? Just knew it was a light blue Plymouth.  Unfortunately, I crashed it … and ended up with my Grandfather’s car, don’t remember what kind it was thought maybe brown?

4. It's FRIDAY night where did you go? Usually to a football, basketball game (played in band which played for the big games), or over at one of my friend’s house to play ping-pong or something of the sort

5. What kind of job did you have? I worked at my Dad’s gas station, worked at a real estate office doing grunt work, and then took a job typing labels – needed money for college – during the summer before we had 3 jobs YEEKS!

6. Were you a party animal? Yeeks a what!??  Nothing like that.

7. Were you considered popular? I had a circle of friends, primarily band and sports, but no we were not popular – just close enough to be having a good time.

8. Were you in band/choir? Yes, we were in concert and marching band – played the clarinet

9. Were you a nerd? We were an “A” student, but considered the nerds more the ones who had “A’s” in science and math … back then it was jocks and “freaks” We were a jock and thought freaks were those who smoked and such … we were ignorant

10. Did you get suspended or expelled? No, we were more like the type to get called to the office to replace a secretary on switch board, because the secretaries were at an office party, or we would run notes for them.

11. Can you sing the School song? Nope, we couldn’t even remember it on the clarinet – stumbled through it anyway

12. Where did you go to lunch? the lunchroom?  I was the secretary of band, so we had an office in the back of Mr. Melting’s office – it’s where we did things like sort or copy music, have lunch, or meet with a few friends – did errands for Mr. Melting

13. Where was your high school? Blaine, MN

14. What was your mascot? a Bengal Tiger

15. If you could go back and do it over again, would you? Yes, I would if I could have the opportunity to 
be wiser in some of our choices, but being 16 again – no way!

16. Did you have fun at prom? Never went- wasn’t interested

17. Do you still talk to the person you went with? I think we started dating around that time, but no we don’t connect. I started seeing my now ex-husband soon after college started – let go of the other life.  We made it 13 years married and let go of that, and now we are at 23 years with Rich and NOT letting go!

18. Are you planning on going to your next reunion? Nooo

19. Are you still in contact with people from high school? We are in contact through FB with about 30 people

20. Did you skip school/class? All the time.  Mr. Melting the band director would open the back door for Becky and us to get him donuts.  YAY!

21. How old were you when you graduated? 17 (turned 18 in July)

22. If you could do one thing over in high school what would you do?  I would do it pretty much the same, but we were really having a bad time with family – we learned to lean on our school life.  I would like to have had an easier and more positive home life to match the school life, but then having a bad home life gave me reason to be “living” at the school.

Thanks, Cari for the opportunity to think through these thoughts.  I really did have a great high school and high school life.  I was involved in three sports (cross country skiing, volleyball and softball), band, office and enjoyed most of the classes.  We could figure out how to do good grades.  But, the especially part?  We had Good teachers and friends.

From MY/OUR President!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Falling into grouch...

Saturday, January 14, 2017 @ 1:11 pm

Good morning.  Well, Good afternoon!  I suppose some time has passed since this morning.  I think we woke up late, and then talked to Linda and then somehow snuck in a morning nap.  I’m wondering if we should be talking to Dr. Dorman about the sleep apnea again.  I don’t know how they would handle it at Advocate.  We haven’t talked about since before moving to Sandwich, and March 1, is our 4-year anniversary!  YAY!  It looks like we are staying!  Hmm, maybe we’ll come back this … much too much to put in at the first paragraph of an entry.

Ok, paragraph two!  Maybe here?  Nah, I think we are just getting to the part of outlining our timeline.  And to be fair – today, or at least this latter part of the day, is being framed around washing clothes.  We’ve folded one load, loads 2 and 3 in the machines, and maybe 3 loads behind that.  So, adding it up?  It’s a 6-load day.  I think it was made harder because we had sheets covering the tables that had to washed.  Hmm, we are doing much better with this new editor in Word 2016.  It is sharp.  I would have added the term, “pretty sharp,” but it’s taking out every time we say “pretty” as some kind of a disqualifier.  

Eh, we’re pushing forward though.  It is past the lunch hour, but in time for wondering what are we going to have next?  AHA!  Rich had a bag of buns for perfectly no good reason.  SO, we snagged a few for peanut butter bread.  Now THAT’S an idea!  Maybe we should have some sprite too!  We’ve been drinking water all morning.  BRB

Good choice.  Just think how many snacks we’ve had together like this over the last 14 years!  YAY!

Hmm, slipped over to Facebook for a couple minutes.  We’ve been following along several stories from the Notifications window.  We had put in a picture of Dakota this morning, we are now going to put on the top of this entry.  The writing next to it says,

Special happy dog with happy tummy and company. He likes when his whole family is together. Nothing more exciting in his day, but watching me do laundry. Dakota has it covered!

About 20-people have liked it J  It’s hard to miss with a cute picture of an animal hehe.  It’s a cute one!

So, how are we going to make the best of a late entry?  We don’t have any music or TV on.  There we go – we combined it and like yesterday, we asked Alexa to play CNN Radio.  Fredericka is on.  I could have guessed that.  I don’t know if there is any new news, but we stayed away from CNN yesterday to give us a fresh slate.  Sometimes, you have to do that. 

Hmm, we also picked up the kitchen.  Rich had done the hard part, but we went back through it cleaning the counters better, and cleaning the sinks.  That’s something we’ve had some fun with since getting the new sink set-up.  The sinks are very deep AN they are stainless steel AND there is a droop over “high” faucet and it pulls out from the end and has spray or straight water.  I just LOVE using it!  It is SUCH a difference from the shallow one we had with a terrible faucet.  That be a reason for doing over your kitchen even if there were no other reason. 

Hmm, we should ask about the faucet again before we finish the kitchen.  We didn’t sign up for any plumbing, but maybe we should ask our guys, or at least Justin Time!  That’s our regular heat/cooling/plumbing guys.  It’s just the first crew put in the sink, but instead of putting in the proper pieces – they taped something together.  Hmm, wondering too – we had that incident reported earlier where the refrigerator water hose (ice cube maker) got cut and they had put take on that.  I think it’s been fixed now with something more permanent, but it has taken a beating since working on the kitchen.  Again, due to the first kitchen people.  Enough of them … It’s coming along now.  Maybe by then end of next week, right?

@ 4:03 pm

Not much of a note today L.  It is now 3 hours later, and we’re just 3 pages in AND we did part of that by putting in a picture!

We have folded three loads of clothes with the last in the dryer for the day.  We’ll do the last two in the morning, PLUS – whatever else gets added.  Like today’s clothes and maybe some towels.  That be doable, right?  We were thinking about maybe tomorrow we could see a matinee with Rich … Not on a Saturday night!

Maybe we could either see “Sing,” or “Hidden Figures.”  Both are playing tomorrow at 4:20 pm.  Right now, I’m mad though.  Rich just woke up and that was a good thing.  We were massaging him, and then he said he should get going to put in a roast.  A WHAT!?  I’m not going to sit around waiting for dinner at 7 pm tonight.  NOW, is when we get mad about him napping 3 hours.  Well, maybe not that long, but close.  I wasn’t treating him nice all day so he could skip my dinner!  DAMN!

Calm down, calm down.  I did just take the 3:30 pm medicine.  That’s usually when we get the maddest is when we forget.  Damn.  Ok, girls – got to slow it down! BLAH!  That’s right slower … Now I don’t feel like anything.  Maybe we should go to the 6:45 or 7 pm movies tomorrow instead of 4:20 pm … just thinking it was going to louse up my dinner for tomorrow too.  Beside kids getting ready for bed or doing late homework, right?  By the 9 pm show, we’d sleep through it.  Ok, then the plan for tomorrow is to eat out AND go to a show.  Yes, heard Rich’s work this morning was to tell his guy friends about the lake trip he’s planning.  Ok, we didn’t get a trip planned for us?  Right?

Ok, we’re still being grouchy.  I might go on and turn on news.  I gave up news all day so he could sleep.  How am I going to get past grouchiness?  Think we need ice water.

Friday, January 13, 2017

This is the last forgotten post from October 3, 2014 ... not sure where it is catching-up, but we'll read it after posting ;) - AHH the cousin dogs!

Friday, October 03, 2014 @ 4:15 am

Good morning, Ahh that’s better … little too early in the day for 12 pitch on our type.  Hehehe ok.  We’re ok, you’re ok … oh and we’re singing nursery rhymes in our head, and NO we don’t know how that happened.  When we were waking up this morning, we realized that we were writing a blog entry, or at least had been doing it in our sleep.  I don’t recall that happening before.  It’s ok.  Rich warned us before getting to the computer that the Internet was down.  It’s raining, so we’re not totally surprised, but would have preferred to see what I like to see right away.  Again, we were mentally set to blog so it isn’t a large problem, but really does hold me at my word. 

I got up about twenty minutes ago and did a few doggy things.  Rich let me know he was going soon and when I asked, he didn’t mind the company.  Actually, there is quite a bit of company in that we’ve been watching Maury’s dogs now for five days while he was out of town.  It’s been a good week with them here, though is actually some work involved.  But, it hasn’t been impossible.  We’re still having trouble with training Dakota, but he does understand the concept of outside … just that if we don’t come up with the idea first of getting him out there, he is willing to leave me a little surprise.  It’s annoying. 

With Maury’s dogs here, we’ve initialed a treat system so that if all THREE dogs go to the bathroom both ways in one outing – THEN I will treat.  I don’t think they understand my system and I really don’t want Dakota getting used to treats every time he does something that I expect of him, but for the time being – with ALL the possible trips out to the bathroom, we are exceedingly happy when they can all do what I want them to and another part of the treat system is that I can get the doggy treats, turn around and play the game, “Who’s sitting?”  

Hehehe they are all getting REALLY smart about that.  It’s at a point of being more normal than not to turn around and EVERY one is already sitting.  Those are the dogs that get their milk bone first.  Good system.  We’re still having problems with Lady at the back door, but that’s gotten better too.  She is the one that gets over-excited at being able to go outside, and she has the toughest time waiting for her leash to be put on.  I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about the cable leash system, but as to the reminder, we have three out back and they DO get tangled, but again the situation isn’t impossible.

I like the bathroom system in most respect because it is something fairly easy for me to do if we keep on top of things.  Basically, the leads are long enough so that when I’m not using them all three are ready right outside by hanging them onto the porch rail – at an arm’s length WITHOUT getting caught up with the door.  Then I am able to pull them inside, and the order is always Lady, then Max, and then I have to call Dakota over because he’s a couple steps in back of the other two, and then when all three are hooked, we open the door and let them out to do what they can.  I haven’t come close to losing a dog yet!  Good system!  

They like to stand at the top of the stairs and look out over their terrain first, but usually it’s not too long before they all head down the stairs, and they KNOW it’s to do their business.  We’ve been very good about picking up the litter so that stuff doesn’t get traipsed through the house and they seem happy with it too.  It must be natural for dogs, but they all seem to use the farthest length of their lead before dropping their poops.  SOOOO they like a nice neat work area J

Good boys and girls!  Usually, it is Max that lets me know when the group should be going out, and no … NOONE likes to go out by himself, though Dakota will soon be looking for his own spots to pee.  His tendency with his cousins is to follow them so that where they go, he goes.  I think it’s something to do with marking where if they go, and THEN he goes, he’s remarking the territory as still his.  We’re allowing that as new host rules.  AND, he’s for the most part been a very good host.  He shares his toys nicely and allows me to pet other dogs.  The easiest is sharing his petting time with Max, who likes to be pet in excess LIKE Dakota.  Lady tries to get in there sometimes, but it’s been a little tougher though I have gotten down the pet where two are being petted with the same hand at the same time … That’s not as enjoyable for me though.  Works in a pinch!

Lady will sometimes push her way through, but lately she’s been coming up to me and laying down when no one else is up on my lap.  And, then at those times she’s a really cozy fit!  Hmm, maybe I could show some pictures, I’ll back track and put them at the top of the page.  Just a few, right?!

There, I narrowed it down to my five favorite!  You might have noticed, we really feature the shots where all three of them are together, because it seems to represent something very important to me – in their camaraderie.  I really like how both dogs have seemed to accept Dakota into their fold.  There have been a few times that we’ve noticed Max letting Dakota get closer to him too.  That was a big goal of the week (since Monday) that they are more trustworthy of each other.  

Max definitely is the lead dog where play is concerned because if the other two play too rough then it is he that will settle it down.  I would say that Lady takes the harder course with food in that she’s more needy than the other two and will if not watched carefully, take from the others – especially Dakota if she finishes before him which has been EVERY time even though they are both getting two cups.  Dakota likes to take a bite, and then puts his head up to crunch the pieces, and he will look around to see how everything else is going.  With Lady and Max – they are mostly staying close to the food with their mouths and will only periodically look up to check the others.  They don’t chew as long as Dakota will.  

Lady and Dakota are pretty much even as to their playing abilities, though Lady Plays more, because she plays with both the other dogs, where again – play between Dakota and Max isn’t as normal.  They do seem to be getting in three ways with the tug of war toy so that’s cool, at least Dakota isn’t ALWAYS pushed out. I think that Lady is also the one who wants to play the longest.  There’s been a couple times where her desire to play has left me feeling a little bad for her because she will just walk around with the toy trying to put it in someone’s direction.  It’s like awe Lady!  Won’t anyone play with you?!

The guys at that time will likely either be laying down, or otherwise being petted by me.  It’s not abnormal to be petting Max and Dakota at the same time.  Thinking of it now – it’s usually Dakota with our right hand and Max toward our left.  Hmm, have to watch that and observe it its really true or just something less true.  I THINK it’s true. 
They are all letting me know that although they’ve been up with us that they didn’t really make it past the first half hour.  I hear gentle breathing noises behind me.  Sometimes though like earlier this morning, I looked around for them and found them all sleeping out in the sunroom with Dakota claiming his spot on the little couch out there.  It seems to be HIS area!

Dakota is more apt when tried to claim more of my space.  He’s worked hard for that position and I’m reminded he really does consider me his owner when it comes to lying down with me after everyone else has settled elsewhere, or when I have claimed space on the couch – WITH the dogs … yes there’s plenty of room for the four of us, well it’s always Dakota and us head to head.  I’m not sure if he’s watching out for me, or if he’s just guarding his spot, but we feel very comforted by the part that someone wants to be with us so much.  I think we share a close spot all the time and most of the time it’s because we don’t uninvited him or we’ll actually call him to be closer.  I consider it though one of the things he does for us as a service dog.  I had no idea he’d be so good with staying close to us, but it really is a treasure.

I know, I know … when is she going to get off the dog subjects? Hehehe.  Sorry, we have been around them A LOT this week and we’ve got a lot more to talk about.  We’re observers by nature, and we’ve loved watching the three of them together.  I don’t want to directly compare my kids with dogs, but it IS similar in that there are three of them and it’s what we used to do with the kids.  Pretty much you set yourself to be around, and then you observe all the relationships that are happening and how well people are getting along.  Its soooo much of a treat!  BUT, we can move on a little bit here, just to change things up and give you SOME diversity.  BUT, I’ll really have to think what else is happening.

AHA!  There you go … we can check off something new just happened.  We are using the 2013 version of Microsoft Word, and we’d seen a little notation down where the page had been numbered and we found it a special tool to help with the editing.  After we were done with the few edits – it said something like we were ok to go on – forgot the term, but it was phrased more like have a good time writing Hehehe.  Cool!  I’m pretty sure I could get a page count, but we are testing out a “BLOG POST” tab.  I couldn’t set it up formally, because we forgot a password, AND again our Internet is down, but I’m hoping for good things when it comes up again.  

The real treat is if it catches the formatting as to paragraphs, and if it inserts pictures correctly without extra guidance. It looks like the only other button is one that is specifically for “PUBLISH.”  I HOPE it works!  It be a nice turn of cards.  Hmm, checked out the other layouts with “Read mode” and “Print layout” along with web layout that it’s in now.  None of those really put in page numbers.  Ahh the print layout will give me page such and such of the total.  It’s saying we’re on 10 of 10 right now, but part of that is because each of the pictures AND the title page each took a page – so in reality I’ve only written four pages, but I guess that is about normal for an hour of work?  Don’t know.

Hmm, it looks like it will give a page count on the bottom, but it won’t let me insert page numbers in a blog post.  The blog post format was something that happened back during the first stages of getting a new doc to be working on.  I don’t know if it would let me convert back, but that’s not something I want to do anyway.  I do like this print mode though as to being able to see two pages side by side, and it allows me to see the whole page.  I’m sure this feature was on the old MS Word, but I hadn’t used it before.  It’s really interesting to have access that I can SEE (print is big enough) the page before.  I usually don’t have much tying into as far as my old thoughts just written out.  Hehe maybe that would get irritating after a while.  You know, live in the present!?

Hmm, that is interesting.  We just turned to the next page and instead of giving me a side by side version, it gave me like two eyes and a mouth version – ok, you’d have to be Ann to understand it, maybe I’ll give you a picture of it in a second.  Basically, though it is allowing me to see the previous two pages and it is also letting me see the third immediate page I’m typing on, except the third page is centered which is very comfortable.  I don’t think I ever liked starting a page where I have to be typing WAY to the left on a big open screen.  Hmm, this is very pleasant!
Now that I’m 2/3rds a page down, we are getting the side by side version.  I’m not sure if it is because we’re far enough down, or it was natural when adding a picture.  No big deal really, but it is fun having a new Word.

Hmm, we could talk about that! Not this last weekend, but the one before that, Cari and Joe stopped out WITH Ramsey.  We had wanted them all to meet Dakota AND we’d missed Cari’s baby shower and had wanted time to present them with our few things.  But, the funny part was … and now we’re thinking we talked about this in a previous entry, but we shared our copy of Adobe with him, and he shared his copy of Microsoft 365 with us.  It was a good trade.  In the middle of things, we did see a copy of something animated, and we’re thinking that is something that happened due to the Adobe flash program.  

We were soooo excited that Joe was getting the tools although we hadn’t thought of it before, it just came as a natural idea after he’d seen the programming.  Basically, he had used adobe before when he was a kid while I was in MN, and so he could go back and understand the value of the programs.  I loved sharing something of value with him – any of our kids really!  But, this time it was his turn.  AND, then as the opposite reaction – he could do the same although neither of us had thought that before either, but we’re talking about him sharing this Word and the other MS programs.  Truly a gift!

I don’t think Maury was to be left undone – though it came up in a totally different context, but he shared this week too.  When he’d dropped off the dogs on Monday, he stayed for a couple of hours, and he thought I wouldn’t know anything about it, but he showed us an app he was sharing with Ame.  And, it was?  Of all the things it could have been, he had fallen into interest – particularly when home on medical leave – the “” experience.  I just laughed and laughed and told him that Rich and us were watching it too.  Of all the reality shows out there that I’d happen to have fallen for the same one as one of my kids – it’s just a really funny feeling.  So know we’re sharing that and I’ve got 24-7 access to that – WHEN my Internet is working.

Hmm, just took a look and saw that my TweetDeck had gone out about 10 hours ago – all the way across all my lists.  I am wondering now if having left on my feed bounced me off line – SOOOO we’re going to save and shut down and reboot to see if that corrects the Internet.  It’s about 5:30 am now and it’s no longer raining, but if it was a problem with the company, thinking they are not up yet to fix it.  BUT, we better make sure its not just our problem – or we’ll be waiting here for something we could have corrected.  OK, brb.

Shoot, We’re back and the Internet is still down.  Fortunately, it’s a weekday – so hopefully soon someone is in the office and it will be an automatic fix.  Now that we’ve got Maury’s Utopia “fix” we would like for it to be working!
AHA!  We did a hard reset – I think that’s what it is … where you unplug the Internet cord and then plugged it in again AND WALLAH!  She’s up and running!  Have to remember to do that sooner next time!

We’re back again... it is now about 10:30 am and several things have happened.  Wow!  It’s been 5 hours since we were here!  First thing is that we got very tired and went back to sleep for quite a while.  We’ve had a couple of rounds with the dogs as to coming in and out, and they have of course been fed and we’ve talked to Linda, and then took our shower and got dressed and maybe messed around on the computer a little bit.  Oh and we talked to Maury. Ok this is important, but we turned on Utopia … a couple of the people are fishing for blue gill off the dock.  

AHA!  Now people are starting to gather or wake up at the barn, because Aaron is cooking.  Boy … I could lose another whole day like this.  Probably have lost two days adding all the bit of time together.  Not sure if we want to or don’t want to get into this, but Maury gave us the tools and now we are making a choice not to turn it off.  Maybe if we can focus mostly on the writing and just leave the rest in the background.  I do feel a sense of confidence being in on what’s happening at Utopia.  I’m sure that’s how they real in the revenue *sigh*

As to Maury – we expect him in about an hour or two.  I think they are finishing up on his car, but he didn’t ask them how much.  Shoot that wasn’t a good call.  Maury just called from the garage of his girlfriend and said the battery is dead.  He couldn’t recall his place and after calling Honda we found we didn’t have their Honda Care coverage.  We gave Maury our credit card and he is going to have to call a tow truck for a jump.

Hmm, back.  It’s now about 1:30 pm and we’ve gotten a few more things done.  We still have Utopia in the background, but we went out with the dogs a couple times, picked up the poops AND brought them for another ride around the block.  They really enjoyed it, but at the end both Max and Lady were hard to manage.  Max wanted to stop and Lady wanted to pull into the yard.  We did the best we could and got them back inside.  I should have had them out yesterday, because I think today they fell through on some of the skills they’d built.  Most the dogs around the block were inside, though still barking when we passed and the one place at the opposite end of the block had their two dogs out on a post so got up and barked at us each of the three times we passed.  Dakota was great, but Max really wanted to go.  

We had to stop and calm him down … for Lady today – there were times she wasn’t really pulling and that was great.  It would take regular walks to get it right.  I’m sure that Maury will have other times we can sit and we’ll try it again then.  I don’t know if he’s going to want to try it.  I was thinking that he could take Dakota the first time and then try it with his dogs.  That give him a chance to get used to the scooter and how it should be, and then he would naturally have the strength to handle his dogs pulling part.  I think it would be a good thing for him to get used to while he’s here.  The only part though is that I don’t want the dogs stopping to go to the bathroom.  We were very careful to get the dogs outside before the walk and after the walk.  I think they are doing really good.

We are still having problems with Dakota in the bathroom part.  We might have started that discussion before.  I’m not sure … maybe it was talked about with Linda.  Not sure.  We’ll let it pass this time.

Back to the Utopia … we really like the new guy – he’s a farmer philosopher who’s talking to the one guy that goes with Hex about the conflicts in the east … His main thing is to have real conversations instead of the small talk.  And, he added the part where people ask silly questions because they want attention and to start a dialogue.  The other guy that this one is competing with – is a ditzy woman who is a housewife a follower with no skills … and she like has other people do stuff for her.  She’s of no value in the group other than she has big artificial breasts and that might be good for one of the guys, but he would like – the contractor one, be like – ok, she’d be good once in the sack and he would then want to get out of the relationship.  Everyone likes the philosopher … he’s like been around the world, and wear’s deer skin clothing that he made himself.  I like it that he’s getting in relationships with the guys and the girls, and then as another fluke – he’s assisted in the births of several baby’s and so would be a good person to have around for Amanda who is due in about 8 weeks.

That was interesting too.  There was a meeting with Amanda and her doctor yesterday that we caught and we really enjoyed that.  The doctor did a really good evaluation and I’m glad that we had a chance to hear it.  There are other things that are going around this week like Red left and we were REALLY happy about that.  We didn’t catch the part about how it happened, but just glad for the release in conflict - No one has had an argument since.  I know this sounds silly to have a conversation on a reality show, but we really are interested in the show.  I don’t know how it is different from other reality, but I’m thinking there is less competition and only one person gets turned out a month so it’s not an every week event. I think after that event, then they take a vote between two new people like this woman and deer skin guy, but there won’t be any contest … the guys just interesting AND with skills.  He’s weird, but in a good way.  The other lady – she drives me crazy with her lack of listening skills although she seems to want to get in conversation and “help” though she complains about helping.  Maybe it’s legit, but sometimes you gotta hold back.

I like this one – the guy he doesn’t talk about others except in a learning mode of how to learn from people relationships. 

We asked Maury and he accepted going out for dinner tonight.  I don’t think he had any real plans though the rest of the weekend/week sound busy.  I’m not sure where to go.  Rich left us $40 but then we remembered we had another $20 on the dryer.  I don’t want to go out too fancy for the expense, but don’t want to go to a diner either.  Maybe with the new found money, we can go the train restaurant.  I don’t think we’ve ever been there, and then we can have a couple Bloody Mary’s WOOHOO!!!!  I think we could do an earlier dinner, not sure how the later meal time is – we usually go off hours when its not too busy … I know we brought Dakota with us once, so maybe we could do it again … shoot forgot about that.  Still have Dakota to be concerned with.  I would want of course to bring him with, but we’re a little intimidated because he hasn’t been out in such a long time.  Plus, we’re already leaving the other two dogs behind. 
I’ll have to think about that some more. 

I did do some picking up in that I cleared the living room, did the dishes and counters and got the folded clothes put away.  The dogs had another really nice play time and they are all zonked now.  They are all out in the sunroom.  I think Maury could be by anytime now.  It’s about 2 pm.  He said that he got someone to start my car for about $65 … but, that they wouldn’t take the credit card so I think he went to the bank and got some money from his bank.  I don’t think he’s got much in there, but we’ll see.  Hmm, that’s an option too!  Maybe we’ll talk to him and let him now if he’d rather stay in for dinner and have Rich’s chili with me, then he can take the money that we would have spent on dinner.  I think that might really be the better option.  I know that Rich is going to say that the money is for me, but if I choose to give the money for one of my kids that IS my best option. 

I respect Maury is having difficulties making ends meet, but that he got in a very low cost vacation and is deepening the relationship with his friend.  Life doesn’t stop just because money is tight.  As long as he’s honest in the relationship about it.  We’ve probably spoken too much so we’re going to back out now, but I really do have a lot of pride in Maury and his brothers.  They each like us have their good and less good qualities, but for the greater part, they are my kids and I love them to pieces.  Don’t think it’s up to me to persuade them with my choices – they are very independent.

I do like that I had a chance to take Maury’s dogs while he’s been gone.  All around its been a good experience and for not only me but all three dogs – it’s been a good choice.  They’ve each had such a good time.  Minimal damage was done and it wasn’t really hard to take care of the bathroom needs, though we wish that Dakota wouldn’t of had any accidents.  That’s not Maury’s dogs problem, it was mine and Dakota.  I really like Maury’s dogs and how well they play with Dakota.  They’ve really accepted each other as part of the same pack. 

There is a little extra plus in that even though we’re trying to treat the dogs all equally, there are times too when Dakota or me has asked each other for our own special time, and I think that’s helped him a lot – to think there is still an anchor on our relationship and he’s not getting lesser because he’s sharing me with others.  I can see when he gets tired and needs special time, but as well I am excited to see Maury’s dogs meet with him and how he gives them special time as his dogs.  I don’t think ANYone pets dogs as much as me, but that’s kinda my own thing … petting them gets me good solid feelings of being connected and that feels really good – without having to go way out in the stream on others.

Hmm, Dakota is up and now the other dogs are … I wonder what they are seeing.  Hmm, they are blowing it off and just changing position so definitely not Maury yet.  Whoops there’s a few barks from Lady!