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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Been one of those tracing as the days go ... This is the day those people get killed at Fort Lauderdale, Florida :(

Friday, January 06, 2017 @ 9:54 am

Good morning.  It is us again.  We’re back – several days in a row … not sure when our average signing on time is, just that we usually write more in the morning than the afternoon.  We have a visitor well, more worker person.  The Chief drywall hanger left his son – who he is training to work on the walls.  It is slow going … he’s still on the first panel and it is a 1 ½ hours later.  We’ll say something if we should, but home that the father will realize himself he must step up the game.  We must hold the job to a higher standard.  This isn’t a teaching college.  I know – rough, aren’t I?  Did the same thing for Dr.’s in training – no I didn’t want a student – though the student could come in the room.

Be nice you!  Ok, we’ll let him go for a while.  It seems that Adele is frequently coming in under our “soft pop” station.  That’s ok, it works for me.  She’s not loud.  Just a nice lazy day.  Rich left at 8:30 am.  He had several stops and the bank.  He said, then he would go to his mother’s and he might be home 2-3 pm.  I’m thinking not that early if he’s making those long drives, but we can be hopeful.  It does mean that I’m going to need getting the sewing materials ready to move.  He wants to load early.  We talked to Linda and both agreed, it probably wouldn’t hurt the machines to be in the car, but best left in the house overnight.  We’ll talk to Rich about that too.

Hmm, 10 am and we’ve finished a bottle of water and two cups of coffee.  Ok, that’s not earth shaking … give us some time for that … it has been 14 years of nothing earth shattering, we’re not about ready to start now, hmm?  I hear the worker guy shuffling around that heavy board.  I wish it were easier for him, but to learn he must go through the paces.  Ok, wish his father was giving him tips.

Just went out for a Mountain Dew.  It’s in the fridge in the sunroom – frozen.  I guess we’ll be drinking slowly.  We should admit, I was looking for it this way.  Love frozen Mountain Dew.  This might be the last of it though.  We need to wait for younger guests before Rich gets it again.

I think yesterday was written about.  We are still looking at this picture of the house.

Remember?  Yesterday, we were talking about those four white posts being painted dark gray like the shutters.  Yup, that is how far this has gone.  Day #2 with this thought.  We’re still handling it.  How many days until spring when it’s warm enough to paint?  The kid (26-28) is focusing now … most of the first board is up, but he’s sniffling too … Need to get to him message of Kleenex on table and bathroom available at any time.  We’ll wait til his head comes up for air.  Hehehe. 

Too much Christmas music on this channel, might have to change, but need a different one.  Hmm, maybe we’ll look for that.  Yes, this what a lady of leisure does!  Hmm, we’ll see how this goes … I think we’re listening to easy Pop which is what we want, but without Christmas – now we’re hearing another Adele.  I’m getting a little tired of her.  Let’s see what comes next.

Hmm, we just turned her, I think, to top pop, but it is Adele again.  There squeaked in our helpful hints – he apologized for getting a little louder – no problem … the bathroom is ….  We’re like that.  He didn’t understand at first our talking to Alexa, but then he caught on and remembered a news article about echo’s memorizing something in your home – as brought on during a murder trial.  We explained that its only capable of memorizing like 8 seconds at a time.  That’s true to at least what we heard.  People want to make more of it than it is worth.

Big news story of yesterday other than politics, which we did listen to as a preamble to what we’re going to here next week as to Russia messing with the election, but other than that 4 Chicago “kids (18-21 years), were caught from a facebook live feed torturing a male of same age with mental stability problems.  Not sure how disabled.  But enough to be VERY concerned – he got covered on National News.  They were handling it as a hate crime because the kids were all black and the victim was white and they said guttural things about him as well as making him drink toilet water, tying him up and scalping him.  It was just a very TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE thing!  Most people agreed though Don Lemon from our CNN station was heard to say it wasn’t as bad as just bad parenting.  Nope-nope Don, it was cruel and unusual.  Most people say the same thing throw the book at them.  Not only are they getting their kicks from it laughing etc., they are taping it live on Facebook.  Didn’t they think they’d get caught?  I guess stupid from the start!

10:39 am

Back – just a short break – Jeff the general contractor for our kitchen got here about ten minutes ago, and he was taking out the trim to the laundry room and suddenly it came pouring rain down on him.  Well, the people before had hit the freezer water for the ice cubes.  I was watching it and just stared.  Fortunately, the other drywall guy came over with electric tape and they stopped it behind the water heater.  Then we went into the bathroom and got out a stack of old towels.  Now Jeff just left to get the piece he needs to tie off the water line … Apparently, the bad guy contractors, but a nail through it when they tacked something up.  Jeff said that along the line it would have given and we’d have all that water behind the wall.  Everything is an added expense.  Think we’d like to cry just a little! 

Hmm, almost time for our medicine.  That would help to explain.  Just feel bad for Jeff being rained on – his instinct was to hold the line and stop it rather than just stepping away.  We’ll have to ask about that.  He’s a trained fireman.  That was surely something that frustrated him though.  Said right away to get it documented.  I just plugged in my phone, but will do that in a small while.  Maybe, I’ll go get the medicine first.  There medicine and bathroom all done – it’s 11 am now.  Lot of jittery stuff happening.  It’s ok, it’s ok. 

Music is good …. It will be ok.  Back to looking at picture of front of house.  Rich paused in front of it this morning and noticed how obvious that big red bag looked and then we reminded him to see the big ORANGE pumpkin next to that.  We suggested that both those got picked up on Sunday when he did the other objects.  He shuffled it off … not sure if they will be moved.  Be nice – really sticks out as odd, you know?

11:48 am

We’re back again – we were working through some stuff with Jeff who just left.  The drywall guy is still here.  Shoot forgot his name again.  He’s doing a little better – coming along.  They will be around probably about 2 more weeks from the sound of it.  He should be getting most of the drywall up today, but then there is the patching process that takes time – you put it on, then it dries and there is sanding and thinning – don’t know what you call it, but it takes time, and then there is the part of priming it and painting and getting all the cabinets back again.  Lots of little stuff, hopefully it is worth it … biggest thing is to get things safe again and I feel with the electrical working as it should be that it will be all good again.

Not sure what to do about lunch yet, figure it’s on its way – oh there was some other stuff too.  We went to Amazon and ordered a few things.  First, we got an address plaque for our front door – it should be here in a couple of weeks.  And then we got the lights for the cabinets – we had Jeff approve of them as doable.  He’s the one that suggested the “puck” lights.  We got three sets.  There are three lights in each set, so there will be some extra, but wanted to cover the three cabinets and we figured we could put one under the second shelf so everything is lit up.  It comes with plugs in so we’re not worried about batteries.  And, then, we ordered the doorbells for our four outdoor doors – Whoops, just added one more.  Jeff said we could have up to five bells – 36 sounds on the receiver which works for all.  This way, we have one for the front, one for the front back breezeway, one for the back breezeway, one for the laundry room door and one for Dakota’s door on the sunroom.  We’ll be covered.  They weren’t very expensive … I hope the system works. 

Sometimes, you just should move past Rich.  He’s like we’ll get it, but he’s MUCH too slow.  I want these available for the contractors to put up and together – lights for indoor guys and bells for siding guys.  Rich is an afterthought, but we know he’s not very good at getting to things.

Well things are getting underway.  Ok, it’s noon now … not sure what this kid – Oh, I remember his name is Chase and he and his wife are expecting in July!  Wow that’s good news.  He is very conscientious.  Just don’t know what he wants to do for lunch.  Most guys here are like eating in.  Don’t want him sitting in the corner though like the electrician.  All these people are older than they seem.  They are just so flexible.  Just nice people. 

I could go to the refrigerator, just should know what’s in there?  I think chicken and roast/rice are for tonight – says Rich! 

Hmm, we’re getting through the day and we’re up to five pages!  Woohoo – came equal with yesterday’s record.  I seem to remember this part, where things happening are what fills the pages of the blogging.  Oh, yes, we were figuring out lunch.  Ahh the belt is coming off, maybe he’s thinking about lunch too.  Maybe he’s on his phone?  Seems like it would be easier if the gloves came off?  Maybe he’s going to meet his Dad for lunch.  We’ll have to see. 

Could mean I could just stare at the refrigerator trying to figure out what to eat?  I think we’re out of sandwich meat.  And, yesterday we were eating chips and cheese with Rich – 8 pm snack.  Don’t know if there is any more sausage left, or if there is cheese left.  Those are two good reasons for Chase to leave so I could investigate the cupboards.  We’re just on hold here listening to the clickity-click of the keyboard.  He’s waiting for someone on the phone.  We’re at a stand-off. 

1:10 pm

We are back!  It’s now later in the day.  Chase left and we had lunch – the salami and cheese WERE in the fridge!  AND, we finished the candy box J.  We were watching news and we took a small nap.  There’s another shooting … they are saying 5 deaths and there are more injuries.  It’s happened at a Florida airport – maybe Fort Lauderdale.  It’s getting us a bit uptight.  Don’t know why – maybe something to do with too much candy.  Yes, let’s bet on that.  Looks like our Internet is down again.  I’m not able to pull up anything.  CNN is saying 5 dead and 8 injured.  They are still trying to figure out sociopath or terrorist.  I think they caught the person, I think he’s alive. 

We’re back again … we were getting too jittery, so we went back to the sewing room to get things ready for tomorrow.  I think all our sewing things are in order, but we need water, and we got the medicine ready, except the shots.  Today after Chase leaves, we will rewet and then finish things in the dryer including the clothes Rich and us are probably wearing in the morning.  Shouldn’t be too bad, though we left clothes in the machine overnight.  *sigh. *  I made sure to pack enough bags so that we’re able to do an overnight if we had too.  I don’t think we’ll need it, but it’s ready. 

They are saying that the guy had a military ID.  They are interviewing a senator.  They weren’t sure if the ID belonged to him.  They do have him in custody.  People are panicked because of fear of others being out there.  They need to shelter in place.  At least they are not in bad weather, like here.  Now, they are talking to the Mayor of the area.  They must sweep the area, because someone thought they heard shots in the garage, but they are not sure, they are sweeping the area.  They aren’t opening the airport yet – at least not for several hours.  Just stay calm and be patient.  I would want to be put up in a hotel. They talk about wanting to investigate the whole place like a crime scene.  So, focus on airport, more than people – well, that’s as far as we are concerned.

Yup-yup, they are being criticized now.  People are worried about the Tarmac people.  All they’ve been told is that they’ll be there indefinitely (people coming in on airplane).  Bad scene to me.  I’d be like ok, just tell me where we can sit – and how would we have made it out to the tarmac.  I couldn’t have done the walk.  There’s a good reason we don’t fly often!  Ok, the garage has been swept and they are still evacuating to the other side of the airport.  There was a family lying on the ground.  Yup-yup that is where we would be.  This has now been going on for 2 hours.  They are officially calling it a mess!  Yup-yup!  I think people are worried about the stray people outside.  There is a lot of stranded people confused as to what is going on – except through the ones that have news through their phones. 

Wish we could get past this … just watching things unfold.

Did you know that Chase didn't leave until about 6:15 pm because he wanted to finish the job?  He's VERY conscientious!  Good for him!

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