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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Changing of the Guards...

Good Morning.

  • @ 1:50 am  The day is almost half over.  We've been caught-up in the majority by the events of transference of power from Former President Obama to President Trump.  It's been a long morning and has meant a few arguments with Rich.  We were becoming unhinged, and he was like not putting up with it - the world isn't coming to an end.  We were like ok, definitely not on the same page.  We did slow down and then later went into talk, but he was in a preachy place and was yelling his speech, so we had to leave stating we can't talk to you when you are yelling.  We were yelling and he said it was bad, so we stopped yelling, and he was doing it by yelling at us ... Just silly stuff.  Let's say, in general, our household is a bit tense today.  BUT, then things go back to normal as we are jumped by contractors again. 
  • Jeff didn't tell us that he was sending Ben back to catch a few spots, and about then the siding contractors came by to finish their part too.  Since then Ben is gone, stating he will come back to finish it when it dries tomorrow and the other guys are still out their hammering.  Just hopefully moments from that ending.  The tasks I knew about were 1) stone under sunroom, 2) shutters on bathroom window, 3) mesh thingy under front stairs, 4) little caulking on the sunroom door, 5) vent hood over the bathroom, 6) light flickering over back porch, 7) stove vent, 8) sunroom door rubbing and 9) bolting in sign by front door.  And then?  We are going to hand them over WHEN Jason comes over - a gigantic check!  Yay ... a finished job!  Soon
  • We had some problems with insurance.  They want to charge us $401 for medicine ... the one we'd been getting help paying.  But, then the drug company said that I didn't make enough money and that I should be on Medicaid, so they couldn't help me until that.  It's a Tier 3 drug - we're talking about one of my insulin pens.  Apparently, I've paid in $65 from other medicines this month, but they were saying that didn't go to pay for down payment whatever, which should be $400.  When he did take one from the other it was like $334.  So we said can we just then pay $334 and he said, no we need to pay 100% of the medicine until deposit, so we had to pay $401.  Ok, that all doesn't make sense to me, but that's where they lay.  I asked about Medicare Part D.  But, they said we pay Medicare Part D to Humana, but that didn't help us unless we were getting medicine in the hospital.  He did say that after this one $400, that the bill should be $155.30 and that the bill for our other pen will be I believe $95.50.  This is still after paying $440 for health insurance, PLUS RX and Dentil - we know the latter is about $18, I think the former is about $60.  This is paying out from the $1367 I earn from disability a month.  Then I got in it with him, because (insurance guy), because I said the drug company had been helping me because I couldn't afford the medicine after the donut hole, and they stopped and said ... you don't make very much money, you should be on Medicaid.  Medicaid is terrible and had a $600 spend-down - so they paid your bills after $600.  WHAT the ... is happening.  I'm livin on disability.  What am I supposed to have for living.  I do have Rich's help, but what happens if someone doesn't have a Rich?  And, why should he be paying $400 for my medicine WHEN I have insurance?  Just don' know ... got very frustrating.
  • I just reread this entry and noted that the part I just wrote, and then the next paragraph down are like two completely VERY strange ways to look at our money.  Maybe a little explanation...  My income is only $1,367 a month.  This is the money we give to Rich to help pay for our part of living.  I think from it comes like the $440 for insurance, $500 for the rental of our lot - where our home sits (we own home, but pay rent), and then the balance goes for car insurance and I pay the utilities such as heat, electric and gas and Rich takes money out for medicine if we can afford it.  There's some latitude though because we do shop sometimes especially at amazon.  Lately, that's been coming out of the "renovation" money.  Rich pays the rest.  BUT, we do have an investment that we inherited from my mother.  We did take money out of that JUST for renovation although some legal things and Christmas got paid from it too, but that is the money we talk about in the next paragraph.  The investment otherwise is set aside so if anything happened to Rich we could take out a small monthly amount to supplement our living expenses, like right now I don't pay for the car or food.  So, please keep this in mind when reading the next paragraph.  As it is getting written we did't recognize the fallacy of one written next to the other, but it has to do with maintenance money, and secondly, "once in a lifetime money from my mother."
  • Hmm, ok, can't do much about that mess.  I recorded it ... we will deal with it again later, when I have to tell Rich how much I need to pay, and he continues to argue with me, because "he" can't deal with that.  For now though, he's taking a nap.  We're giving him time with the TV down (from talking to insurance).  Jason is going to be here in a few moments and that will be waking him soon enough.  We've got our checkbook out and am trying to calm, my check writing hand.  I think the guys have stopped knocking around on stuff, so my guess is that Jason is out there talking to Matt - the lead guy and they are getting a joint understanding before talking to Rich.  Me?  NO WAY!  I'm just the check writer.  I ask Rich, "Is everything ok?  How much do I pay?"  I had asked the secretary who called to say Jason was coming.  It's like $12,101 or something close to that.  They only went over $700 on a $23,000 job.  It was because of several things like rotten wood, but mostly because of that and we had to rebuild around one door.  I looked at my checking account earlier, the money I'd expected that was coming in, actually came in sooner than expected.  If I paid flat on the siding and flat on the kitchen, I would have $2400 extra, now we have $700 less so $1,700 left.  That means we have to hope that Jeff doesn't cost more than that AFTER we pay the original amount of $5,600.  We'll have to see.  We do know there were overages.  Just painting the extra wall in the sitting room was $100 and there were other expenses before that.  Nobody ever gets to figuring it all out until the contractor prepares you with a final bill.  YEEKS!  Ok, enough of that ... brb ... almost 3:30 pm have to take medicine.
  • 3:35 PM.  AHH Rich is up.  He's at the kitchen sink with something.  Think it's too early to make dinner, but maybe?  He knows that Jason is probably here and they are waiting on him to look at the house.  Hmm, I just asked Rich how much he thought Jeff would be over.  He said probably about $6-700.  That wouldn't be too bad ... It be like have gone through all that money through my account (Mom's) that I'd still get $1000.  That would NOT go to pay the $5000 Rich spent.  He SHOULD do SOMETHING!  We are getting to the nitty gritty and my reality of losing $12,000 out of that account today.  We've been watching it not prudently, but like prudently...  Hmm, wonder what he's washing in the sink and IF he shouldn't go outside.  Isn't that where the tour is?  Maybe he's waiting for someone to ring the bell to officially begin closing this stuff down.  I know there are THREE things on the sunroom to take care of and NONE of those things have been done yet.  So we'll see how it all flows.  I sooooo badly want people out. I like them, but ... I like being on our own too.  I'm definitely not ready for the living room/sitting room project, though we want our price before they leave.
  • I'm a little nervous about going on to the next topic when there is so much going on around the house, but I guess we could start, and maybe keep it light.  You had one of our first reactions to the changing of the guard today.  We had a bad immediate reaction.  Panicked.  We've done well without any sound on TV and only catch things periodically when we turn around.  Maybe not ... just got to the end of our writing time *sigh*

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