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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Falling into grouch...

Saturday, January 14, 2017 @ 1:11 pm

Good morning.  Well, Good afternoon!  I suppose some time has passed since this morning.  I think we woke up late, and then talked to Linda and then somehow snuck in a morning nap.  I’m wondering if we should be talking to Dr. Dorman about the sleep apnea again.  I don’t know how they would handle it at Advocate.  We haven’t talked about since before moving to Sandwich, and March 1, is our 4-year anniversary!  YAY!  It looks like we are staying!  Hmm, maybe we’ll come back this … much too much to put in at the first paragraph of an entry.

Ok, paragraph two!  Maybe here?  Nah, I think we are just getting to the part of outlining our timeline.  And to be fair – today, or at least this latter part of the day, is being framed around washing clothes.  We’ve folded one load, loads 2 and 3 in the machines, and maybe 3 loads behind that.  So, adding it up?  It’s a 6-load day.  I think it was made harder because we had sheets covering the tables that had to washed.  Hmm, we are doing much better with this new editor in Word 2016.  It is sharp.  I would have added the term, “pretty sharp,” but it’s taking out every time we say “pretty” as some kind of a disqualifier.  

Eh, we’re pushing forward though.  It is past the lunch hour, but in time for wondering what are we going to have next?  AHA!  Rich had a bag of buns for perfectly no good reason.  SO, we snagged a few for peanut butter bread.  Now THAT’S an idea!  Maybe we should have some sprite too!  We’ve been drinking water all morning.  BRB

Good choice.  Just think how many snacks we’ve had together like this over the last 14 years!  YAY!

Hmm, slipped over to Facebook for a couple minutes.  We’ve been following along several stories from the Notifications window.  We had put in a picture of Dakota this morning, we are now going to put on the top of this entry.  The writing next to it says,

Special happy dog with happy tummy and company. He likes when his whole family is together. Nothing more exciting in his day, but watching me do laundry. Dakota has it covered!

About 20-people have liked it J  It’s hard to miss with a cute picture of an animal hehe.  It’s a cute one!

So, how are we going to make the best of a late entry?  We don’t have any music or TV on.  There we go – we combined it and like yesterday, we asked Alexa to play CNN Radio.  Fredericka is on.  I could have guessed that.  I don’t know if there is any new news, but we stayed away from CNN yesterday to give us a fresh slate.  Sometimes, you have to do that. 

Hmm, we also picked up the kitchen.  Rich had done the hard part, but we went back through it cleaning the counters better, and cleaning the sinks.  That’s something we’ve had some fun with since getting the new sink set-up.  The sinks are very deep AN they are stainless steel AND there is a droop over “high” faucet and it pulls out from the end and has spray or straight water.  I just LOVE using it!  It is SUCH a difference from the shallow one we had with a terrible faucet.  That be a reason for doing over your kitchen even if there were no other reason. 

Hmm, we should ask about the faucet again before we finish the kitchen.  We didn’t sign up for any plumbing, but maybe we should ask our guys, or at least Justin Time!  That’s our regular heat/cooling/plumbing guys.  It’s just the first crew put in the sink, but instead of putting in the proper pieces – they taped something together.  Hmm, wondering too – we had that incident reported earlier where the refrigerator water hose (ice cube maker) got cut and they had put take on that.  I think it’s been fixed now with something more permanent, but it has taken a beating since working on the kitchen.  Again, due to the first kitchen people.  Enough of them … It’s coming along now.  Maybe by then end of next week, right?

@ 4:03 pm

Not much of a note today L.  It is now 3 hours later, and we’re just 3 pages in AND we did part of that by putting in a picture!

We have folded three loads of clothes with the last in the dryer for the day.  We’ll do the last two in the morning, PLUS – whatever else gets added.  Like today’s clothes and maybe some towels.  That be doable, right?  We were thinking about maybe tomorrow we could see a matinee with Rich … Not on a Saturday night!

Maybe we could either see “Sing,” or “Hidden Figures.”  Both are playing tomorrow at 4:20 pm.  Right now, I’m mad though.  Rich just woke up and that was a good thing.  We were massaging him, and then he said he should get going to put in a roast.  A WHAT!?  I’m not going to sit around waiting for dinner at 7 pm tonight.  NOW, is when we get mad about him napping 3 hours.  Well, maybe not that long, but close.  I wasn’t treating him nice all day so he could skip my dinner!  DAMN!

Calm down, calm down.  I did just take the 3:30 pm medicine.  That’s usually when we get the maddest is when we forget.  Damn.  Ok, girls – got to slow it down! BLAH!  That’s right slower … Now I don’t feel like anything.  Maybe we should go to the 6:45 or 7 pm movies tomorrow instead of 4:20 pm … just thinking it was going to louse up my dinner for tomorrow too.  Beside kids getting ready for bed or doing late homework, right?  By the 9 pm show, we’d sleep through it.  Ok, then the plan for tomorrow is to eat out AND go to a show.  Yes, heard Rich’s work this morning was to tell his guy friends about the lake trip he’s planning.  Ok, we didn’t get a trip planned for us?  Right?

Ok, we’re still being grouchy.  I might go on and turn on news.  I gave up news all day so he could sleep.  How am I going to get past grouchiness?  Think we need ice water.

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