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Friday, January 13, 2017

Fridays come along - to get over them!

Friday, January 13, 2017 @ 12 noon

Good afternoon.  This is us.  It’s late to be starting our writing/journaling, but here we are.  We THINK we turned CNN on the radio – YEEKS commercials!  But, now we’re on our way.  It’s our regular broadcast, but not with TV so it’s a little easier for us to stay here at the computer.  I would like to get stuff done, but if we were going to sit down on the couch to watch news, we would want to be working on the quilting, but then, we would have to sort through all the stuff under the sheet that we’d placed over the table per Rich, because he wanted to make sure things were dust free, but the little fabric/waves for our lake stuck to the sheet so it’s really just a mess.  We’re afraid to see what it’s going to be like after Rich thought he’d move it last night to eat his dinner.  BLAH!  Yes, you know … It’s one of those things.

This morning, we wrote to a new friend – another multiple who happened to find our website (before we stopped working on it).  Her name is Lisa – and we just love her and her wife Ru.  That’s all we’re going to say about that, EXCEPT that she writes us, and then we write her back and so forth.  She’s now our only AND our favorite pen pal!

Oh great – Ben is priming the wall by the garbage can and he knocked over the garbage – he should have moved it … now we have a full garbage on the ground including coffee grounds.  I got up to get it, because I saw part of it on his side and he said no, don’t worry, he would get it.  He just didn’t want to upset his order … Oh, that’s nice … he’s got his wet vacuum out and is cleaning up the mess.  I don’t think there is a lot bad in there, but we didn’t realize it was full, or we would have emptied it this morning.  Sorry about that Ben.  At least, he’s being conscientious.  There’s so little room in our kitchen to work after everything is being torn apart. 

He’s done now cleaning the garbage … he’s still in a good mood.  Somehow it has turned to a good mood, maybe because he’s making progress.  He’s priming.  He’s like no problem.  SOOO, we’re good there!  Moving on…

I’m just hoping nothing like paint cans get spilled.  That would be way worse, right? 

We talked to Linda for awhile this morning on FB messenger.  That was nice … Just trying to trace how my day has gone … still on page 1 and half the day is gone.  It’s going to be ok, right?  I’m thinking that he’s going to have to let the first coat dry, and then he’s going to come back on Monday to finish the painting?  I don’t know.  We did get a call back from Jeff a little bit ago, and he says we should be done by next week.  I think that would be a great deal.  Everything is soooo messed up in our house.  If we hadn’t been going through this for months on end, we might not be handling it, but right now we seem we’re on the border of craziness, but we know this game.  We’re going to be ok, right?

Rich has been gone since about 8 am.  He had a bunch of errands that also included the bank and stopping to see his Mom.  I don’t expect him for another 4-5 hours.  I thought we were going to get a day by ourselves, but things turned out.  Did we say already that our painter guy came in about 10 am?

I think we’re going to be happy by, at least tomorrow, that we’re going to have the counters clean enough – and be people free so that we can get some clothes washed.  There’s going to be a lot to go through.  With us being gone last weekend and having people in the house the last two weeks, we’re way behind in our cleaning schedules.  Maybe today we will take some pictures of transitions and how messed up our WHOLE house is looking.  Every room has stuff in it that’s out of place.

Ok, you!  Please stop … I know there is some value in “complaining” – or in other terms, “venting,” it is still not making us feel better.  Maybe the best we could do is to say that, we are getting things off our mind.  Better leave it on paper, then ruminating, right?

I don’t know a lot of what happened yesterday.  I know we tried to say what had happened in our long note to Linda, but we couldn’t remember large blocks of time.  Maybe we’ll try it again now and see how well it goes.  Maybe just some key points?

Ok, we’re familiar with some of the stuff on the radio now, but we’re not paying a lot of attention to it.  It’s just background.  But, I think we listened to news quite a bit yesterday.  Oh yes, we were interested in a story – I think it was a couple of days ago, basically, CNN reported that there was something told to the President and the President Elect about Russia having material on Trump that was going to be trouble.  I forgot the word they kept using … I think it starts with a “C”.  So anyway, that was one night, and then the next day Trump had a “supposed” news briefing, but he really laid out CNN as if they were scum and were liars and projected "fake" news and that he really bombarded the main CNN guy who tried to gain clarity during the news briefing.  Trump had grouped CNN with a bad news station who had put out unsubstantiated details.  CNN stayed in line, but it really upset CNN and that lasted all day. 

There was an Intelligent director who called in and verified the facts as to the part CNN reported.  There was another 3-part session for Kelly Ann Conway – the horrible woman assisting Trump on talking to Anderson Cooper.  She is a propaganda professional.  She was trying to bury CNN in crap and Anderson was keeping up with her, but it was a very frustrating thing as always to listen to her.  She’s just a news whore and is doing this country no good.  After that beside the intelligence guy – the next day Vice President Biden got on board and stated that CNN was correct, and that he and the President were both agreeing with CNN.  I don’t know why it became such a deal for the higher ups to take time out to verify a CNN story, but they did and it was one of the nicest things we ever saw a government do to the press.

We agree like some of the people on CNN that Trump and this Kelly Ann are trying to make it seem that we don’t need the first amendment where the news had a responsibility to keep things even and speak for the people.  We strongly believe that Trump is trying to devalue news and to control them so that they would become insignificant to whichever mush he is stating.  He threw something out about CNN doing something like Nazis Germany, but we’re thinking that’s the playbook that Kelly Ann is using to separate people from government leadership.  This includes the fact, that he is just not that intelligent, just needy of power and he’s now got control of the government.

We’re also listening to the confirmation trials and they are saying … oh yeah that’s the word, “compromised” Trump has been compromised by the Russians.  That’s the deal.  Ok, anyway, they are saying at the confirmation hearings that Trump and the people he has been appointing are on different tracks.  So, things Trump talks about like immigration, building the wall, nuclear arms … well, he’s really off the wall, but the people that he wants on his cabinet – seem to be more realistic so that now even REGULAR Republicans are sounding normal.  We’ll hoping that after they get accepted, they aren’t going crazy and just doing what Trump says.  That would be like a puppet leadership plan, right?  I know that every President tells his people what his plans are, but surely, they must have the support to back up his plans whether intelligence, military, judicial or congressional.  There must be checks and balances.

So, ok, I guess this is all part of what we were doing yesterday.  We must have been paying attention to the news.  I don’t think we got out any real documentation.

Hmm, about here we slipped into the pictures left on the top of the page.  I know, just awkward J

We’re at a breaking point.  We’re trying to catch up on CNN news, because we had it off to call Rich, and then Ben left after finishing the priming.  On the way, out … he told us a little more about his accident and family, which was just a nice conversation.  Then we got to talking about where or what we should be doing with 1) the French door from dining to sunroom, 2) the west wall from kitchen to sitting room.  Basically, is the French door going to have anything done, be painted, be faux wood, whatever.  And, then will the west wall get painted as an accent wall down the west-wall side of the sitting room rather than to cut it off awkwardly somewhere with a silly wood break.  That was done before because they hadn’t taken out the old wall first, like the 2nd kitchen people fixed.  I don’t think it would be that much more money, but I know that Rich is worried about money.  So, we texted Jeff and asked him to call Rich and talk to him about both issues, and then talk to his contractor Bob, who is Ben’s boss.  They all must be in-tune and I want it to happen this Friday afternoon, so Ben can just come in on Monday and carry out.  There is about 3 – 3 ½ hours to get that all communicated.  BUT Rich wasn’t available on phone, and Jeff did not answer his text.  BUT, we communicated – and now it’s all up to the other 4 people involved.  J

I could be having my weekend now!  BUT, we reminded Rich we hadn’t gotten the signature authorized for the extra $3,200 that is coming our way through our investments.  That would help a lot with these extra costs.  There, went through the paperwork and found the stuff that we needed from the bank.  There is a chance that Rich could either come home or not come home in time, so we’d either go to the bank today, or tomorrow, but all we need to do is let the dog out, put on our shoes and coat and pick-up the paperwork and our ID.  We’ll see where Rich is at toward the end of the day, or if we’ll wait until tomorrow.  I wish we could get it out of the way today.

I don’t know why I remember that.  Maybe we were thinking through our day.  We need to explain those pictures a bit, but maybe it’s just a sentence or two … so we’ll do that first.  The first picture is the sewing girls (without me who’s taking the pictures).  We did a composite to give to Lisa this morning when we were writing her letter.  If you had a close-up, you might see the little white lines we sewed around the clouds when we were working on the quilt.  Then there are the pictures of Jean, Janet, CS and Linda – and of course Dakota.  The one where he laid on the quilt – that was a surprise to everyone, especially when Jean turned around and spotted him there.  Hehe and then the one he is jumping up on Linda – I’m sure that means that he thought she crumpled some wrappers – for his snacks and was looking to see what she had … Pswhoo!  He’s a big dog!  Linda shows her last quilt in one picture, and then you see my project in my sewing space.  It was a very nice set of pictures that leaves us feeling warm and friendly.

The second picture is one of the set where we are looking at Jeff’s work putting in all the handles, pulls and hinges.  YAY!  Another part done.

Ok, Rich has called … he’s about 1 – 1 ½ hours out … we cancelled going out to bank AND show, and instead sent a picture (now erased) of the nightgown we’re wearing yup-yup… Time to start Friday!

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