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Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting a small grip...

  • Thursday 1-19-17 @ 12:39 pm  We're just getting back at things here in Evernote.  Talked to Dr. Marvin about it today.  We wanted to make it a part of our plan.  We bargained to the point of spending at least an hour here trying to sort some old things out, because it had been such a helpful program to us before.  It's scary to see that we haven't been using it for almost 3 months.  I guess we can start a new beginning any day for any reason.  Nice to be back - AND thanks for making this the first entry.  
  • As a side note, we stated we were going to take our medicine, finish straightening the sewing room, and putting a few things on our Google calendar.  Those things have happened.  We've gone through our email and facebook in the process, and we're coming up to lunch pretty soon.  It's 12:42 pm, and we're hoping the workers go on break pretty soon.  There's been a lot of stapling today, they are working on the trim.  We see a LOT of improvement, but will enjoy looking around and getting a better view of how everything's progressed.  We were in the sewing room with the door shut talking to Dr. Marvin - about 50 minutes, so we lost track of what was going on.  Maybe we can start a blog entry for a day after this AND lunch.  Maybe we can sort through what is better writing a TOAM or a blog entry as to where we are at as to casual as getting things done notes.  Thinking here we are preferring the blog at the time, but had reasons to go with the other too.  I guess the primary point at the time is to assure we are getting something done - which seems to be the writing.  We're also interested in connecting things through the Co-schedule, so it means being a little more productive with our life.  We have Dr. Marvin AND some of the Multiples over on Facebook to be thankful for there ... good work!  
  • Ok, moving along then?  What else do we want to do in Evernote for the time being?  What's our goals.  Maybe go down through the starred events to see which are still on our plate.  Remembering now too, we told Dr. Marvin, we were going to come up with some ideas from here to his appointment on Tuesday.  So, maybe some work - working up the weekend, hmm?  Not sure what Rich is doing.  Seemed to here he has something for Saturday on his own.  Better check in on that when he gets home to see what that was and how we can incorporate it into our schedule.  We did want to put the trip in where we pick up the cardinal fabric.  Have to figure out where that was and what time they are open.  I guess we could try that now.  We were going to see if we could get the name of the place on their patterns we purchased.  Hold on, BRB.
  • Ok, we've been on a treasure hunt.  We were able to find the print online, and then chased down a lot of blank alleys.  We finally found the store, we THINK we may have purchased it - had trouble guessing the location, and then secondarily, we found the pattern listed at Hoffman Fabrics.  So, we set an inquiry to both locations through their own email system.  This is a good start, right?  Most locations say sold out.  I also know it comes from Hoffman's Classic Christmas collection.  It is called something close to "Red cardinals and birch trees on taupe with metallic gold print and is cotton.  Pswhoo!  This has been tough, but will be worthwhile if I don't have to switch-up the design of the quilt.  I also figured, we needed about 2 yards - I'm pretty sure that's over since originally it was 5/8's yard, but we're looking for something about 22 x 38" willing to go over to get trees facing the right direction
  • Very good, so where are we now.  It's still Thursday and now the time is 1:36 pm.  I don't know what we're going to do if they don't go to lunch soon - already had a shot of my diabetes medicine.  I won't eat with them here, because we tend to eat soup out of a can and I've been eating peanut butter bread ... don't feel like doing that with them here.  Shoot, Bill was reminded by me, but he just pulled out his sandwich and is eating in the kitchen.  I think Jeff needs to go out somewhere, but bottom line is they might mostly work through lunch.  I did get a bit of an update.  First the tile guy hasn't called back, and then these guys have to go back to Jeff's to do some more staining (trim), and they think they have about a half day more to go.  What am I going to do?  Maybe they will leave soon to get the staining done?  I don't have anything I can just grab and eat in the back.  Everywhere they've worked has to be cleaned before you can put stuff down and I would be tripping over their feet - PLUS, fridge is out and blocks the direction of everything.  Ok, girl, be patient, be patient.  Anything that could just be grabbed?  We ate the pantry pickles yesterday.  It's almost 2 pm?!!  Think straight bread - untasty.  Thin ham, grrr. Maybe if they both went outside, we could grab a soup and eat it from the sewing room.  Have to grab a bowl too.  Shoot, one was just out - why is this so hard for me?  Maybe we're going to have to switch tacks.  There is probably a jar of dill pickles in the fridge, we could grab them.  Grrr, they are sharing his Christmas cookies (just made).  We are not going to panic, we are not going to panic.  One's out, don't want to pull out an entire jar of pickles.  We could take just a few - there are some bowls there, but then he is going to look at me odd having pickles for lunch.  Damn microwaves!  If I was going to have soup, which I might, I would have to show myself microwaving, but I like my soup cold and out of a can.  This isn't going to work either.  I can't handle microwaving in front of people - barely can do it by myself.  Hmm, we have been microwaving oatmeal!  That be good too, but I have to do it after they leave.  They can't see a "normal" person heating up oatmeal for lunch.  
  • Maybe we're going to have to go back by the sewing room TV.  It would help to at least walk away.  Maybe they would go pretty soon?  I think they are running out of pieces to tack in without staining more.  shoot, shoot.  A poptart would be good now.  I just want my old life back so much.  One more day with them tomorrow MAYBE a half day, and then time for the tiling person.  What happens he can't get it done this week - tomorrow.  What happen we have to wait past Monday next week.  Oh Lordy, we're failing.  Hmm, at least they are putting the fridge back.  Maybe that is a sign; they are closing up.  NOOOO there are no Pop tarts.  They are between me and our food!  What can I do.  One's gone, one's half gone.  Shoot, half back, I didn't make it.  I'm going to cry.  No you WILL NOT cry.  Usually, I might aim for a bed.  Don't know if I can do that with them here.  Got to close down, got to close down.  Maybe bedroom and close the door.  Yes, that's got to be the plan.  We need to curl up for a few moments.  Poor Mimi

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