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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Holidays are over - time to get on with the new year. YAY~! More worker guys!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 @ 10:31 am

Good morning.  This is us and we’re atom again though 2-3 days later.  It will take us a while until this becomes regular.  Today we’ll the last 2-3 days we’ve had a cold.  It’s been on the difficult side because we were still entertaining.  First the New Year’s Eve party with Rich’s friends and then the kid’s New Year’s party.  Yesterday was a bust – full sleeping and the only thing keeping us up now is the contractors coming in for their first day with the kitchen.  I just called Rich and he did indeed forget our Dayquil, so we’re on Nyquil and don’t expect to stay up much later.  We’ll probably lay down in the sitting room – that way we’re out of the way, but still more accessible than if we’d gone to bed proper.  The assistant is already coughing – so we don’t want to be blamed for that.  That’s important, right?

So, I suppose we should start with the parties?  Both were very nice, but totally different.  What stayed the same was that Rich is an excellent host.  He did very good at the first event, and then we utilized the same food at the second event.  Worked out fine.  Hmm, did we finish the strawberry cake yet?  Think there were two big pieces left last night that Rich and I were going to split, but we fell asleep.  Hmmm, wondering now, but the guys are in the kitchen and the fridge is moved out.  Shoot.

The first couple to arrive was Jack and Eileen, that was very nice because I was out of touch with them.  There was a lot to talk about, then came Melanie and Doug, and then Last Bob and Marcia.  Marcia hasn’t been around abit so we were glad to catch up with her too.  The most amazing part was that this time the guys primarily stayed off at their own side of space and the women took over the table.  Eventually things became more mixed up and the men joined in, but the women held onto their chairs.  Hehe…. Much more interesting talking to women than to men IF you are a woman!

The night went well and I think that it was midnight was a little distraction to the rest of the conversation. We all counted down and miraculously stayed up to smooch our “smoochiface.”   That was very nice J

Everyone was gone by 1 am and we helped Rich close up the house, but we fell asleep while he was still clearing up the dishes.  And, then when he was sleeping in the next morning, we emptied the dishwasher – so in an extended way we helped.  It went fine – THOUGH Rich did most of the work.  We were an assistant type. 

Joe and Cari came over around 2-2:30 pm I think … not very sure because we weren’t watching the time closely.  The work was done and that was all that had to happen.  We (meaning mostly Rich) left it very neat the night before.  He’s TERRIFIC for parties!

They of course brought Alex our grandson who was playing very shy.  That’s his norm around us, we give him space.  He held on to his Mama, and then eventually got down and discovered the magnets on the fridge … he had a very good time playing with them.  Then we got him four small plastic cups we were using to serve and I placed them on a small high chair about his chest high and I put one of the magnets in the cup.  He seemed to get that right away.  From that point on he took pieces on and off and in and out of the cups.  After a while he was going through lessons with Rich as to taking off the sheet of paper under the magnets.  He couldn’t quite figure out the magnets were to hold the paper.  Rich helped him a few times walking him through it.  I don’t know if he got to understanding that before it was time to take a nap. 

After he was put down – the rest of us had something to eat and then we were talking, mostly lead by Cari, but this time Joe didn’t fade away. And, he got into a conversation with us about the fact he had gotten a side-job he hadn’t even talked about.  He is a substitute teacher K-8.  It was SUPER!  He told us all about some of his experiences and we found ourselves very wrapped around the conversation.  We were delighted that he was having a good time with the job and he could figure out kids so well – mostly from his experience teaching young kids discipline and respect through the dojo.

It’s a good fit!

There was one more “episode” with the suckers.  After Alex’ nap there was the discovery that he LOVED suckers AND we happened to have them leftover from Isa.  So, we brought them over and he picked a nice red one.  Cari held him for a while, and then she gave him over to his father who also had a sucker.  They licked and slobbered and licked and slobbered to their heart’s content?  Us?  We were having a silent panic attack!  OH, my gosh he’s dripping!  When Alex finally had his last crunch, we pushed overly eagerly the washcloth.  Cari thought we were funny and asked if we were ready to have Alex over yet and we obviously said, “NO!”  Shee!  We did our best not to complain or interrupt, but in our heart – we’re an Oscar Felix!

What a lightweight we are!  *sigh*

Hmm should go by here noticing that the guys work a lot harder, but the sure do talk a lot.  We’ve been invited to talk as well a couple of times, but we’d rather them concentrate and us to stay out of things while they are in their mode.  It’s fine and we have soft music background which turned out to be more renaissance music.  Find to me – maybe baroque.  Is that one in the same, or a bit different?  Lot of oboe and bassoon.  Hmm, it’s almost lunch time – already 11 am.  Rich left a sandwich for me, we will turn off the music and watch come CNN, but maybe not for another half hour.  We’ve learned to just do what we do – though we stick closer to the project. 

My hands are getting a little tired, that might be the Nyquil.  Rich sounded shaken when we called to ask about the medicine – he had skipped that stop and gone onto the next one in Chicago … we were a little hurt to be forgotten, but we didn’t want to make a big deal of it either.  We’ll take our regular 11/11:30 am medicine soon – 11:04 now.  By that time with food and medicine we’ll be totally wiped out.  I wonder what happened to the siding guys?  Maybe we’ll call Rich and he’s had some message.

@12:43 pm

We’re back again.  We left a bit ago and had lunch, took medicine, watched some afternoon news and then took a little bit of a nap.  We may or may not have had some cookies and candies after we woke up – not much mind you!

We talked to the siding lady contact before the nap … she said if it didn’t rain – the guys would be here in the afternoon.  BUT, it is raining, so we’re thinking, no they wouldn’t be coming.  She also said the siding is in, except one set so that they’d be putting up the first and then coming back for the other like a week later – it is on backorder.  So that’s that of that … maybe we’ll see them over tomorrow.  Probably should check the weather. 

Hmm, seems that the rain was only near the noon hour and it’s now 12:51 pm.  Maybe we’re coming out of it then.  It looks like tomorrow and later in the week will be colder.  Yup yup best to do it today the rest of the week and next week will be worse.  Just forgot too that Dr. Marvin will be calling in in about 7 -8 minutes.  Should get ready for that.  I think we’re going to take our phone into the sewing room with Dakota.  In the room, they are still taking down walls.  The guys must have stayed for lunch while we were sleeping.  I think they were sitting in the kitchen behind our view on the couch.  We’ll see how those things go, but they are sticking close to work routines.  I think it always takes longer to do things than they project.

@2:26 pm

It’s a little later.  We have talked to Dr. Marvin – for about 15 minutes.  And we’ve seen to our construction projects.  This is the kitchen contractors first day and they are tearing things up so that the electrician can come in and do his work.  They are taking away some of the damage with the walls that are coming down.  They’ve also covered things though we eventually went in and brought the cookies and candies out – yes save the deliciables!  There’s been some light chatter about things … We’ve got on CNN and that always brings up conversations.  These guys were both republican’s naturally.  So I’m getting some heck.  But, they have to learn both the good AND the bad of their candidate.  Thinking neither CNN advocates.

In the meantime, we also went out to check on the siding guys.  

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