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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

As a subfunction of our writing today, we are coining the term, "laterhood." :)

Beside at this time of the day, we are watching with extreme caution the weariness of our fingers. Yup yup .. it's all about having fingers into laterhood life. Hmm, "laterhood." I like that. I think I have just coined a word ... better look it up! Hmm, about five years ago someone (foreign) used "check later hood." But, that's not the same thing. There are people out there talking about "hoods" locations to live, and "hoods" something you wear like a sweatshirt, OR Hood meaning "Fort Hood" victims, but nothing talking about a time held in later space - sort of familiar to oneself like a childhood or a neighborhood. Yes, that's a first stab at what laterhood can mean. Have to think more about that. Something "later" could be held in a space you move into or toward, right? Adding that before life - wow! what an interesting ambition!

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