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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good Day, at least better than the last!

  • Good afternoon.  This is just us.  We are after the part where we take our afternoon medicine and we eat lunch - yay!  Lunch Group!  We also have done a few productive things this morning.  Well, we did do some facebooking and that was not so productview, BUT during that time we talked to Linda so that was good.  We took our shower about 8-8:30 am, and got dressed right away, and I know we ate probably about 7:30 am, and I'm not real sure after that what we were doing.  I know we spent some time with Rich and Dakota in the sitting room and we woke up just after Rich about 6 am.  We recall the 6:15 am chime 😉  I think somewhere between 6:15 - 7 am though, we must have fallen asleep in the recliner for about 20 minutes.  That is what Rich said.  I know we woke up cold and put on the blanket, but by then we weren't too much longer in that room.  
  • We don't know how we got from Rich's breakfast ... hmm, think we finished eating our omelet when he sat down for his ... thinking he must have gone to his office, but not too much later, he was headed out the door, then Linda, then ... hmm, remember telling her we were going to do something productive I KNOW!  We went to take a look at Rich's "TV" scrubber - including brushes for corners.  He has had in mind using it for the shower, but had left it in the box too long where I FINALLY found it.  We've been having trouble coming up with the perfect way to do the bathrooms, and particularly around the edges, corners, and even toilet.  So, we swept up the master bath real good and then sprayed the heck out of it - around the edges, and then scrubbed our little heart away.  It has a long handle.  It worked real well at getting things to come up, but then, it didn't "pick-up" as much as we'd liked.  So, we let it dry a LITTLE, and then went back over it with a brush.  That seemed to work, so then we did the rest of the bathroom cleaning, moved into the smaller bathroom, repeated, and then put some suds on the brush brought it into the shower and showered it to pieces with our stretchy cord.  I know I'm a fumble with all these technical cleaning terms!  BUT, now everything is put away and is clean, and the Bath rugs are in the dryer almost done.  YAY!  
  • I'm probably prouder of all that then I should be, but we've been trying to get a system where we don't have to do the bending that is very difficult for us.  Now, it is all done, the rest of my house - including kitchen are cleaned - we DID ALL THE WOOD floors yesterday, AND it's only 1:15 pm.  I just can't hardly believe it.  We even got the new pictures taken of the kitchen to go on our Facebook profile page.  There are three set of kitchen pictures.  The first is our place before we owned it (sales listing), and then there's the way it used to look MOST of the time, and NOW there is the way it looks just as it is now after all the kitchen work is finished.  I don't want to add a 10 minute fix that has to be made yet, but for the MOST part, she's all done and cleaned up.  Hmm, I forgot ... there are a few more pictures we'd liked to hang up.  Whoops!  There's the dryer BRB

  • Out of breath and in pain.  Let's just say that to do all this is no little feat!  You know my generic problems.  We can't move for more than 5-6 minutes, so it takes us all morning to get it done.  By this time of the day, my feet and legs AND back are hurting a LOT.  SO, putting out four small rugs in the master and one small rug in the guest room and getting back to my chair in our office area ... well, that's no small miracle.  I have a few more little things in the dryer, but we'll rest up again.  It's been like that the whole day, but LORDY!  If I can spend a whole day getting two bathrooms cleaned, assuring the rest of my house is covered, AND be on my computer before 1:30 pm ... well, that's just a miraculous day!  LOVE it!  Now, we have absolutely the rest of the day to get done things we would like to do.  This morning one of the goals was doing what we're doing now, writing in the blog, and then for the rest of the day, we indicated as above "aqua" blue note, that we want to go through 8 steps of getting the art quilt back underway.  We wanted to wait until our whole house was clean, so I could feel comfortable being artistic, without too many chores to do.  I'm not sure between this task and the art quilt task (if at all), how much time there will be, but as always, want things ready to stop around 4-5 pm, when Rich is more apt to get in.
  • Hmm, just remembering now.  There is one thing that happened yesterday, well several things that we've not written about yet.  I would also for the sake of argument like to go back and find our missing week LAST week, but not sure if we could do much there.  Maybe just a few notes.  But, as to yesterday?
  • I was on the computer, and Rich came out as if he swallowed the canary.  He said that the person, Cheryl, who owns the park (35 mobile homes) had given him a call.  We each own our own home, but Cheryl owns the land under all 35 homes, and she owns her own mobile home at the opposite side of the park.  She told Rich that Constabile, the bad contractor who had botched up our kitchen the first time back in October/November had sent her a note - put it in her mail box, and then Rich went down and got a copy of it from Cheryl and discussed lightly the matter.  It stated the following:

  • Of course that got Rich and us riled up probably even more than the landlord.  So, then after Rich and us discussed it, I scanned the letter from Constabile and the last bit of paperwork from Jeff, our second and GREAT contractor, and then emailed them to our attorney with the following note:

Hi Andrew,

This is Ann and Rich.  Rich received a call today from Cheryl Lipsey owner of Jon's Estate, the Mobile Home Park we live.  She forwarded us a letter she received from Rich Constabile 1-27-17 that is attached above.  It appears that Rich has given Cheryl 10 days to respond or get me to respond to a mechanics lien he wants to put on Cheryl's property.  Cheryl owns the land for all 35 homes in the park, but we own our own house as do most the homeowners in the park.  Our house is paid in full.

Cheryl wasn't upset, but she is concerned.  Naturally this matter must be taken care of ... apparently Constabile is still after money from us.  

We paid to a second contractor C J Construction, the total amount of $6,781 to primarily correct the damage that occurred with Richard Constabile.  The item detailed report given to us by Jeff Morris from CJ Construction is also attached.  He has been paid in full as of Tuesday, 1-31-17.

Our Rich would like to talk about the issues of mechanic's lien from Constabile via phone.  He will attempt calling you within the hour.  Constabile is saying contract was broken and we have to contact him.  We would like you to talk to us, and then talk to Constabile's attorney.

As an extra ... he's been well-featured on a thread in Facebook's "What's Going On in Sandwich" Another homeowner in particular has been very vocal against shoddy work done at her place; her name is Deb.  We've also learned from our contractor, that Constabile is still working, but has changed the name of his company.

Please help.

Ann Garvey

  • So then, the day progresses and we talked to our contractor (good one) who had about 1 1/2 hours of work left.  After that, we contacted this Deb person in our town who had also gotten "work" done by Constabile.  It turns out, he milked her for like $12,000.  He was supposed to have been completing a basement for her two orphaned Grandchildren.  We had found Deb on a FB site with other people (6-7) who had also been milked by Constabile.  She did some work with BBB and several referral services, AND several news agencies, and we did some of that same follow-up work.  Yesterday though, she said that she reported Constabile for fraud with the local police.  She thought they might get a hold of me because she made that reference, and because we had the 86 page document of pictures/commentary of the "work," he'd done.  So, we wrote one more letter to our attorney.

Hi Andrew.  It's us again.  I just talked to Debbie (see below).  It wasn't a long conversation, but she stated that she went to the police, told them her story.  She told them about our 86 pages of documentation and said "For sure, the police are going to want to get a hold of you," meaning me.  She said there were things she couldn't talk about, but to expect them.  We've never been through something like this.

I would like you to talk freely about Constabile on Rich and our behalf if they have questions.  I will give them your name if that's ok.  Sorry, never been involved in anything like this ... just trying to keep calm.  We've spent a LOT of psychiatry hours with this!  I know not supposed to be important, but it's been a long process, especially Constabile with all his problems.  

I will let you know again, when and if the police stop by, but I would appreciate you updating us through information or advice through Rich.  Thanks.


  •  That's pretty much it.  Rich, Dr. Marvin, and Linda all got copies, because those are the people we talk to about stuff like this.  By the time we'd talked to Dr. Marvin about this, we were pretty shaken, but we found out later that we'd forgotten to take our medicine AND Dr. Marvin's servers were down, so we haven't heard anything yet.  Last night was a calming one with Rich and by today - ESPECIALLY, because of good work on our part, we are doing much better.

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