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Friday, February 3, 2017

Our Life Organizer - Week 1 Thursday, 2-2-17

Thursday, February 2, 2017 @ 8:00 am

     To create a "system" that's more workable for us and for us and Dr. Marvin to better understand ourselves and to reach a sense      of peace between self and our various parts and the things we do on a day to day - life affecting process and manner

     We would like to focus, at this point on blogging in our older blog - working in "Our Life Organizer," until we can get back to      the newer "Web/blog."  As well, we would as part of the process of getting back to the newer web/blog work by saving      upgraded old blog entries for e-books, and then to get e-books published in now time.  This should be a daily task for both      projects "old blog" and newer "web/blog."

Let go of:
     Worry about IF things are going to be alright
     Stress from all that I haven't done, instead of what is just next to do
     Worry that we are going to die because our body feels like it is giving up on us
     Worry over not knowing what is going on with all our different parts
     Worry if we're making the best use of our time.

What experience or feeling do I yearn for today?
     I yearn for the feeling of peace and restfulness of our minds and that they encompass our body's needs as part of what has to      happen from walking, doing daily chores, or doing floors and mental stimulus/interest.  I just want to feel peacefulness; that      everything is ok.

How might shadow comforts or time monsters block me from trusting myself or from exploring the yearning I just mentioned?
     We need to stay in some safe spaces as defined in the last couple of days:
          Only one or two trips to facebook
          Utilize the kitchen more the kitchen table and clock
          Organize around Evernote
          Listen to Dr. Marvin and also what we are trying to tell him through our dialogue
          Not getting overwhelmed with news (need to know vs. needing to know ALL the segments)

Thursday, February 2, 2017 @ 8:00 am

What would help my body feel listened to and loved?
     Be aware of getting up and moving, instead of pausing to think about everything (i.e. throw away plastic bottles or cans each           use)
     Be aware of what we're wanting to eat, at what times of the day - near a healthy snack time?, and why we are eating
     Try to make it alright to get on the treadmill - whenever it calls us, until waiting for a later time, that then becomes impossible
     Work again on showering and getting dressed early in the day, EVEN if we don't meet people or go outdoors

How have I been talking to myself lately?
     We have been frustrated with ourselves for not being able to hold series of thoughts together.  As it applies to multiplicity, I      think we are having many conversations, but not remembering what one or the other is saying, or how we've built up an      ongoing conversation that works for us.  We are trying to make it ok, and to also accept the house and being in it the way we      like it - for now not only picked up, but "underneath" clean.  So balancing frustration with hope

I praise myself for:  
     Trying between yesterday and today, and in refinding the book "Our Life Organizer," to follow through a plan that's lenient and      forgiving, but also includes some of our other goals like using Evernote and the Calendar - and a newer one - the Post-it notes.

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