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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Keeping up with the day

03-17-17 02 TOAM

  • @10:33 am  Good morning.  This is me ... we want to put something in that I'm not proud of, but it certainly has to do with me and we want it down for the record.  I already wrote about it in Rich's daily note and we wrote a note to Dr. Marvin to be discussed on Tuesday.  It is about our nightmare and having a urinary accident this morning.  I'm ashamed of it, but I have to record it as real.  We'll talk about it later.

Friday March 17, 2017 @ 9:04 am ... Did a terrible thing in that we wet ourselves on the couch this morning and as we ran to the bathroom and then the shower, Rich helped us clean up the mess and then he got everything together and started the washing machine.  We are feeling terrible about it, but as usual Rich was calm and collected and he came right away when we called out for help.  We spent a long time in the shower with very hot water, but he came in after a while and helped us move on.  The nightmare/dream that we were having that I can recall started before, but when we picked it up ... we were in a laundry - bike shop with someone young that we'd dreamed about before - but that's more sketchy, but he had to move on from living with his mother and he had taken a job at this laundromat and was living there, and on the side he was renting out these really cool bikes that you just pushed by stretching and didn't have to peddle.  He gave us one to take out ... eventually we met up with another person - don't know who, (we figured our main friend was Rich - just younger) but we were challenged by him and was going fast through the dark - only his bike had a light, I think we ended near a footbridge right by the shop where our friend was working.  When we got in we asked desperately for a bathroom and next door - attached was a big factory type building with big halls and doors down the side.  A couple of nuns, though standing separate appeared (hmm, there was a dream before about pizza and having to go to the bathroom too and that dream involved my father, sexual abuse and a crowd), but in this dream one of the nuns came over suspiciously of us and stated there were no bathrooms for females, then we got desperate thinking we were going to have to run home - so we bypassed our friend and started running.  But, then we got to a space where the path went straight down in a 90 drop like a waterfall.  We looked around and our friend was coming with one of the bikes, but he went over the cliff with the bike and crashed - not sure how bad on the other side and we didn't know what to do.  we looked down though and the ground was full of cactus flat out and not growing up ... and we didn't know what to do we couldn't move (Rich thought the cactus represented his daughter coming from NM today).  We already figured Rich was the friend.  So what we did was climb (about the height of our bed) and sit down next to the road and then we started going to the bathroom, but we were actually starting to go to the bathroom sitting on our couch.  When we realized within a few moments that we were getting wet, we were able to run to the bathroom, but it was too late ... in that we'd already wet the couch.  We were really groggy through the whole thing and even into the shower.  Had a hard time wanting to come out - felt miserable, but we were having problem as a younger part - and not over thinking except how bad it was. We felt very apologetic. Again Rich helped us out and was telling us he was going to start making our breakfast and that everything was ok.  He said, he would leave as soon as we said we were ok.  We had gotten up about 4 am and stayed at the computer until we were too tired at 5:30 am.  Rich got up probably at his normal 6-6:15 am.  We had had some sliced peaches and a can of caffeine free pop - (when we were up the first time) we usually have water or diet coke, but we'd been out.   We'll send this note out to Dr. Marvin so we can talk about it next week.  I'm sure that it had something to do with our conversation - before the parts we can't remember were being controlled by someone - a father who was hurting sexually his daughter on a regular basis, but brought us in and did it standing up with her on the right and us on the left.  First thought was of the two Casie's.  Not sure though ... going to try shutting down these memories.  Will pass this note on to Dr. Marvin.  It was about 7:45 am when we woke up ... Rich later said it was his fault for not waking us at our regular time at 7 am, but we told him is was our fault and then we just started to cry ... felt depressed.

  • @10:37 am ... we're back again ... We're not rereading the above paragraph again.  We want to put it out of our mind and deal with it in a bit.  Hmm, maybe a little bit now.  We need to change the load of laundry.  Better get that started its after 10 am and this is the day Jillian will be here, but not until about 10 pm tonight.  There we are dealing with it ... just got the other dirty clothes and am running the washer and the dryer now.  Including the load of accident things, we'll have five loads of clothes today.  @10:45 am --- we are putting the exact time because we want to better figure out how long the loads take to dry.  We're doing fairly light loads today because I want to push things through a little quicker and lighter ... I think the dryer won't take so long then, but we'll test it with different weighed loads.
  • @10:47 am So - for the most part, we've had the last 1 1/2 hours to adjust to things while at the computer.  The above are the reminders for this morning - that are left.  Quite a few things moved or were completed. Well not a REAL lot, but some ;)
  • We just went over the company is coming cleaning.  We took a few things off the list.  Rich isn't going to get through all that cleaning of the sunroom for his fishing stuff.  Maybe he will work on it while his daughter is here - between conversations or before she gets up on Saturday.  AND, we are not going to get to that paperwork.  I know it is now the last month before taxes though so I really have to get going.  I don't know what we'll do if I owe money for taking things out for the kitchen.  I believe that taxes for it were already taken out, but we're not sure.  If I get to the floors it will be MUCH later, but they might not get done.  Priority is the laundry, and we have to between laundry loads, make Jillian's bed and do the dog dishes.  Well if nothing else, sweep the floor ... just it takes time AND the nurse will be here between 3-4, so that means clear space between 2 & 5.  She seems too young and unconcerned to appreciate the dilemma a fat old person is in.  We did get the spelling of her name when we asked - Amie.  Just confirms she is young.   
  • 11:43 pm Hmm, seem to have lost an hour.  I know that at some point, Rich came in and we had a long discussion on numbers.  He said ours was way too high, so between him, us and the computer - we redid the numbers and came in at about 2600 yesterday instead of 3600.  It's still high, but not breaking the bank.  We were getting a little out of sorts - being way overwhelmed - we'd forgotten to take our 11 am medicine and we hadn't eaten for a while.  We skipped the snack this morning since we had the peach slices in the wee hours.  Plus we weren't feeling too good about the last 9:04 entry.  :(  BUT, we're going to be moving on.  We had a can of soup AND ONLY one peanut butter bread - on 35 calorie bread.  
  • 12:11 pm ... ok, this didn't take very long, but we had a morning delight - It was unexpected and PERFECT ... there that really straightens out my day ... *beaming brightly*
  • Ok, better be moving on.  The dryer has buzzed, but Rich just sat down to eat lunch.  We'll wait for after that.  There is a lot of news popping up basically - Sean Spicer had to apologize to the Brits for blaming them for Trumps tweeting about Obama ... there was more, but it all just adds up to filler.  I think now he's due for another crisis so he can avoid something else.  Most of this is to get past our needs to discuss Russia interfering in the White House ... that is not getting anywhere.
  • Now they are talking about the guy breaking into the grounds of the White House ... He was there 15 minutes before they caught him.  I'm pretty sure if Russian navy seal type people wanted to get in and blow up our white house and those in it, they could.  Ok, we don't like Trump, but we're REALLY sure we don't want them to blow up Trump.  I guess the alarms were tripped, but they couldn't catch him.
  • What are we going to talk about next ... maybe we could do Jillian's bed, but maybe we could get Rich's help.  We're really having problem with the movement stuff.  I know right in line with what we should be working on.  Having trouble now because our fingers are cold and it's being hard to type.  It's about 40 degrees with light fog - not really THAT cold.  Hmm, 35 where Linda lives.  That's substantial.  I think it's supposed to get up to 49 today with maybe a shower this morning.  If there was one, we missed it.  Eh happens.
  • I think we're trying to get a grip on our mind.  Not sure what we want to think about next.  Rich said his daughter actually is getting in at 8:50 pm so he's thinking closer to 10:30 pm getting home.  I think it will take longer because she has to get her bags and that takes another 20 minutes.  I suppose I deserve this bit of panic as far as Jillian coming.  Rich said we just need to do around the entrance where Dakota and Everyone comes in.  So, we're going to sweep after laundry today, hmm, maybe before ... still have to do the kitty litter and garbage, but don't think there is very much.  I think we can just mop around Dakota's area.  Maybe then we can just leave the mop in the area - IF it doesn't take the buff off the floors.  Won't know until we try.  Hmm, Angela Merkel is in town - think the first time she's visiting Trump ... I don't know how the world is going to put up with us.  She's always been pretty calm.  Hopefully she's smart enough to float on top of the messes Trump puts our country in.  Last thing we need is a hostel environment.
  • I don't think we're getting very far with the blog entry.  I think we're going to go over some of the other things we were working on.  We need to get our mind back and right now ... it's a big frazzled which shouldn't happen so quick especially after our gifts from Rich.  *sigh*
  • @1:44 pm Caught this from Barbara - Simplify Days about Pinterest This page speaks to simplifying your life with less and has a LOT of great ideas.
  • @3:06 pm ... seems like we've slipped off the side - we started this search the other day, and now we're back at it, but we're pretty well convinced that we want this particular cutter
  • @3:42 pm - We're back.  We haven't seen Amie yet, but she should be here soon.  We only have two more loads of laundry to do and Rich helped us with the guest bed.  I still don't know where my shams are for the two big square pillows.  I don't remember where I put the covers after washing them ... just know that for a while they were in the kitchen.  AHA!!  Just found them.  They were in the kitchen cabinet where the table clothes and mats were.  Should have thought to look there before. It made sense logistically.  Now I Have to figure whether we'll put them on the bed or leave the pillows in the closet where Rich hid them for me.  I think they are a bear to get in their covers and we're thinking we'd rather have them on the bed in case she feels like hugging a missing husband or puppies.  We'll try at least.  We've got some time left.  
  • @3:55 pm ... started to get a little nervous ... thinking this person isn't taking her job seriously.  I've got bad vibes, so we'll ask for another if we feel she isn't adequate or doesn't care, or is unable to communicate at an easy level of co-lateral conversations.  I don't like it when people can't keep a schedule, and she hasn't called to explain why not.  I know, I know ... she has 4 minutes :(  Let's move on ... Having people show up this week has taken a toll on us getting things done.  Part of it is that we're trying to do stuff toward Jillian coming too, but we're trying to follow EN and we're just escaping by.  I have to keep going back to the Reminder section to see what hasn't been worked on yet.  We did some organizing in that we put some of the next action items in the brain (Mind map) ... that felt efficient, but not extremely important.  I don't want to be really using both systems to do the work of one.  I would like to think more of it as our system to watch over the 50,000 Life category on GTD.  I think we're actually almost ready to do more reading as far as the organization goes, but that takes some real concentration.  We might skim next over the area of filling and look into working through some project overviews for the 38 Project notes.  There is a lot of information, but we could do a quick skim in that we'll look for the information and without really studying it - check to see if we can fill in any of the boxes.  Anything would help ... that all is under goals for integrating - which means putting together mind map with 1.2.3 & 4 of the EN.  We haven't really looked at 3., but maybe we'll give that a second now.  Most used in 3 in completed. It's mostly a file for things that have already happened, but we don't want to throw away in case we need to resource it later.  
  • 4:08 pm hmm, she just called ... but she DID call ... she is just leaving Yorkville, so she'll be 20-30 minutes late.  We said ok, but we will probably give a comment about it.  I need her to know that we are serious about appointment times, without being insensitive.  I could guess that by the end of the day - things could be getting behind, but that means she's going to be tired and impatient to end the day when she gets here.  We're looking for her now between 4:30-5 pm.  *sigh
  • Rich has left the house now.  I think he has to get a few things at the grocery store including some medicine for me - I will be out at 11 am tomorrow - this is the one we have to get in the paper prescription.  He also wanted to stop and get me a chicken salad sandwich - my favorite for when he's out.  He's probably going to eat with Bob tonight when they exchange some fishy stuff.  And, then he will go for his daughter ... a LONG time ago, we'd figured they'd be back by about 10:30 pm.  By then (after dinner) we will finish the laundry and get it put away, and then clean the dog dish, and then clean up the floor in just the kitchen, and mop the area by the front door.  I know it would be easier, if we just did stuff, but it's not coming that easy.  
  • So what is next?  We did let Dakota out and we took the papers off the table and cleaned that - and put the shams in Jillian's room.  We are moving some steps along.  We are already after 2,100 steps ... that might be a record for me at this time of the day.  I should have to work everyday to get in the time.  Hmm, Missy is being fussy, but I know she has fresh water.  I don't want to put any more in because I'd like to clean the dishes.  I don't want to do it before the nurse gets here, because it is a production.  I have to dig for the Brillo pads.  I don't do it often enough and Dakota can really mess it up.  Maybe that's why Missy is complaining?  I think Rich has to go about 6 pm.  So that will give me some time after dinner to do stuff in my own order and time.  It's hard to feel at home with Rich here sometimes.  I think some parts do it better than other.  Obviously the one in the bedroom this morning didn't mind him hehe.  Just we rarely leave computer ... don't like bumping into him.  It makes us really crabby.  It's not Rich's fault.  He's like it's my house too!

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