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Thursday, March 23, 2017


  • What's a mother to do?  This is the start of today's blog entry.  I admit that it's been four days since I wrote last, but the sour grapes part is just discovering that my oldest and youngest sons and their family/pets are in Gatlinburg Falls, TN staying over in picturesque cottages.  Ok, not only were we not invited ... no one even TELLS us that something cool is going on.  Makes me feel pretty snarky.  :(  Going to have to get over this, but it's like shouldn't we do something mean to them first.  Pretty sure something like not talking.  DRAT!  We already hearted both of them - or their posts.  Probably not a good idea to take it back, but at least they know us enough to know it would only take a pat on the head and a "now mom...."  and then it would be over.  Pretty much because we'd want to know if they were having fun.  Hmm, that's an idea ... maybe we should call someone ... maybe we'll call Maury's dog Lady, because she talks more to us than anyone else ... go figure!  *sigh*
  • Ok, beside that?  I guess everything is all right.  Dogs look good, don't they.  I'd say relaxed like they should on a vacation.  
  • There I feel better ... nothing like public humiliation of self and others.  BUT, in a fun way.  I really am glad the boys love each other enough to share a relaxing trip together.  Just wish we were more a part of it.  Guess we're not young people though and it's going to really be about them sharing space with each other.  Living together again which is kind of cool.  Without a Mom around, I feel like they would FEEL like more the adults that they are, then someone's kid.  They are all coming over here the day before Easter, so we ARE getting in our time.  *sigh* I hope then we can just get to the mom thoughts where they worry about the kids and hope not only are they all fine of mood, but everything is safe as well.  Well, the kitty IS kinda cute ... thanks to my cousin John for that ;)  Yay!  At least our friend Vickie is attentive - she gave me a hug!
  • OK< OK< MOVING ON!  Up until this, we HAVE BEEN having a good morning.  We woke up about 3 hours ago and have been busy just being us in the morning.  This is a paragraph from our entry in Linda's longpouring note (minus personal - I know doesn't make sense, right?  How Ironic! 
We seemed busy between all the stuff we're doing on the computer and journals and getting in to see Dr. Marvin. He's always a good visit, but really take a bite out of the day. Yesterday we talked to Juliana for about 45 minutes, and Dr. Marvin for an hour, so we're getting double perks, BUT the time with Dr. Marvin - 40 minutes went into talking of diet, and fitness, and all the nightmares in-between. We started at 297 and we were down to 290, and we changed our goal from 140 hehe to 280. Seems more reasonable. 

It would be nice if that could happen by this time next month - especially right before Dr. Dorman's appointment on the 26th of April (Labs 21st). I'd like to think he got a good deal out of his recommendations for therapy. I feel like I have a lot more extra support. Poor Rich ... he just got up about 10 minutes ago ... made coffee, then the dog told him he had to go out. He was like COMEONNNNN you do it. We said we JUST took him out ... then we thought, hmm, unless he has to go poop. So we took him out ... sure enough! YAY! Always helps when you can be as smart as the dog. As for pore Rich? Ok, probably back to meditating. He meditates with his first cup of coffee - we can't talk to him, so that's not fun ... you know just the casual groping when he walks by hehehe.
  • Back again.  I guess we have BOTH of those people Rich and Linda checked off our list.  In other places ... we've been working on our "projects."  We did some more videos on bullet journals, but mostly was the discovery of bullet journals on Pinterest.  WOW!  It's fantastic, and they even have tabs for various parts of putting together bullet journals.  This is a phase we're going through over the last several days.  Basically, they are something that added more structure and hence WILD structure to our moleskin journal.  I just love it!  Hmm, it seems we're all about pictures this morning aren't we?  Hehe - OH and we discovered mushi tape ... can't hardly wait for that to get here tomorrow :)  Here's the first "fun" stuff pages :)

  • We are back again ... I think we were just over at Rich's "place" complaining about something.  It wasn't about the way he cooks eggs in the morning - we're ALL in favor of that!  I think we told you about showing him stuff with our processes in the morning and that he just doesn't grasp what we do online with our time during the day.  BUT, we gave him a break while eating to settle down our thoughts.  Don't remember what we were talking about ... shoot another argument ... think someone just got a "fuck you!"  That was our expression of love to Rich.  He said did you see what I got you over here.  I knew exactly what was over there.  I DO take the dog out and feed him OVER there! He got new rugs - and one of them is BIG again for under the sink, and then he told me they were too much for the washer, and that broke into the whole fight we'd gotten into before about the rugs, because I just don't understand getting something in the kitchen that can't be cleaned.  And then he said he'd take it out every spring and hose it down.  We were like might as well burn- it after going a year IN a KITCHEN without being cleaned.  I just can't tolerate the thought of dirty in the kitchen.  We have enough problems with floors and motivation so that we don't want to be moving around dirty rugs.  It's just a battle.  But now we're at the place again where we have to put aside our thoughts.  Hmm, maybe someone didn't take our medicine?  Shoot ... maybe that's why we're so hostile.  Better BRB
  • @1:30 pm WE're BACK!  Pswhoo!  It's been a while.  I'm not sure of all that got done when we left.  It seems a LONG time ago.  By now Rich has been gone for a couple of hours, and Mark came and left - about 10:15 - 11 am, and then we ate lunch and watched news, and then there was a lot of filling out of our tracker and doing things to keep caught up with EN, and just now we had to check b/s because we were feeling off - we were 133 b/s - pswhoo - that's low for us and about the time we're feelign dizzy/fuzzy, so we had some celery/peanut butter.  About 2:30 pm, Amie got here and we had a great appointment.  Rich came in toward the end.  We read some materials from Amie, scanned them, and did some reading of post-it note usage, until Linda contacted us.  We had written her a pm long note, so spent most of her time talking about her things.  She had over her two grandchildren, because their mother was sick.  Rich had dinner on time.  We ate salad with Thai chicken which was very good, but we were looking very forward to yogurt, but had had one earlier making us come in with the second at 84.  This included the 3 pickles at 5 g.  BLAH!  They were pantry pickles.  After dinner, we finished news, and then budged computer/TV time.  We gave Rich 2 hours to watch whatever he wanted, and agreed then to watch Chicago Fire at 8 pm and Major Crimes at 9 pm.  Maybe by then we can massage Rich at the same time in bed.  Feeling like it tonight.  Hopefully, we can stay up, but there wasn't much of a nap today.  We had to look up the second show because we couldn't remember the name:
  • I hadn't realized there were so many.  Seems then the only show still being shown is Major Crimes.  I guess there is something to be said there.  There's also Chicago PD and NY Blue Bloods.  A LOT more likely, but those are the only three we know.  Ok, enough moving on ;)
  • We wrote another note in our FB today ... we responded to three people who were giving us sympathy and 14 people noted a response above.  So we wrote:  This to our children:
  • Ann Ludford Garvey This is what we feel like today ... we're pretty much over it ... just wasn't the best Mom day Maurice Garvey Cari Beth Garvey Joe GarveyAna Varella. No one is getting good Mom wishes today :( Maybe tomorrow. Be careful out there!

  • I guess by the end of the day after thinking of this all day, we were like - ok barely being your mother here.  Just felt like we deserved more.  They are probably all laughing over it.  AND, pointing out how we don't need to be in everything.  Ok, our thoughts get worse after that, so we're trying not to have them, so I guess now we'll say, we're just moving on again for now.

  • Tomorrow or Friday, or even over the weekend, we'll be able to work on Rich's web site with the Adobe program.  We remembered we'd written it on their Muse and when we started the program tonight, it took us right to Rich's web site "parts."  Each part is its own page.  

  • This is the part where we talked about OUR stuff to Linda.  We were pretty descriptive here and didn't want to repeat ... hope the copy is ok...
Anyway ... back to the special care team hehe. Mark was here about 10:15 am and then we had lunch and went back to the computer and Amie is now rescheduling all her appointments to about 2:30 pm. Seems to fit her schedule better, and we didn't mind. They are both coming on Mondays & Tuesdays. That gives me Friday for laundry - or to set-up a missed appointment. It should work AND if we could get to Dr. Marvin's more regularly - that would work too. 

Seeing Juliana was a special treat. We haven't told her anything about the quilt, but then haven't gotten it on the schedule either. Maybe we should look toward Sunday? Not sure. It would have to wait that long because we have paperwork/taxes back on the schedule for Saturday. The weeks are filling up fast! 

I don't know if you saw the note on FB. We had found that Joe's and Maury's had all gone down to TN for a group vacation. We were flustered this morning, and have been trying to grasp it throughout the day - in spells. Just feel really left out. Hmm... That's about it there. 

Rich was in and out today - he seemed to have a busy day. He met both Mark and Amie today - well he'd met Amie Friday, but this time he came in while she was here. The visits were real good. Mark is more businesslike, but does a little chatting. Mostly though it was about what we were doing. It started with some band exercises, then there were various bed exercises (guest room), and then there was some deep massaging, and then some standing exercises, and then we walked - though just for 2 minutes. It was a LOT at the time. Most of the reps were in 12's - and always 12 on each side BLAH! He wants to go outside, but we're still balking at it for fear of not being able to sit down. He saw that problem in us right away, but we're not helping him through it. 

Amie is a lot more talkative. Probably both in their early 40's. Mark's from England and has 3 golden retrievers, and Aime is also married, but has 3 daughters 20, 13, & 6. BIG spread in ages. She's been bringing me papers, and we've been reading/talking to her about them. And, they both were able to read the MRI stuff and interpret it in there own way ... it helped Mark plan what he was doing, and Amie was much better at transcribing what everything meant and what was happening. 

I made an appointment for the next pain specialist (back pain/MRI) April 10th, regular Dr. Dorman appointment April 26th, and a Vet appointment for good measure on Friday. Pretty much there though just grooming. Hmm, message to doctor - called an reminded them they owe me a call hmpf! Anyway ... everything is scheduled in and we're pretty sure were doing what we're supposed to. 

That's a lot of our day, but in-between everything there are hidden factors happening. Hehe. We are being in love with our Evernote and GTD again. We also have a couple of journals. One is a method from Simplify Days we started at the beginning of the month which helps us focus on our week, and then the second part helps us capture data ... just regular stuff, and then the second part of that includes adding tasks and projects, calendar items and references. I LOVE IT! It's good for scribbling things down w/pen and paper, and then we take a picture and send it to Evernote. Evernote can transcribe my scribbles so we can do searches with it. The second journal is a moleskin which I know your familiar with. But, then there is a NEW method we just learned about called "Bullet Journal." It's a really quick, but can be very BEAUTIFUL way of using a moleskin type journal ... think - items on task list featured in 2-3 words and a "bullet" point. BUT we've been looking at it a LOT from Pinterest today and otherwise some youtube videos. We're starting to draw pictures like we had wanted to before, but with help from the people over on Pinterest. Today, we drew our first "tracker." Tracker's catch data coming in on a regular basis. Mine is REALLY terrible lines and writing, but we actually were drawing our first pictures. And, that's help fueling the excitement for more parts to be contributing. Really cool. Well, think we've inundated you enough by now. We'll send you a picture of our first tracker hehe
  • Ok, I think we're going to bed about now - or at least to watch TV with Rich.  We used the last three hours straightening up our Evernote accounts.  We'd gotten behind with all that was being added over the last three days.  A good part was the bullet journal, post-its and then the nutritional information coming in and being read.  We wanted to start with a clean slate tomorrow - especially leaving early for Dr. Marvin's.  We got also not only notes in the right folder with the right numbers, but we also got things added in the regular table of contents, and then the MASTER contents for the month.  That's a really fun one ... Here is the link - night!

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