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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Have some SUPER Dog?

Saturday, April 22, 2017 @ 10:37 pm

  • Good evening :)  This is us.  It is kind of late to get a start on a blog entry today - headed toward midnight :)  We've been sleeping, and then we got up and caught-up with Linda.  We haven't seen here today.  Both have been busy - which is always a good thing.  There are so many things going on, but in general, this week was a slow-down and appreciate week.  We've been working on our Month's Master thing.  Maybe we can get it here nice and concise.  
  • Does this one work?  The above is a complete month (cycle) of the Overview, and now this next document is the one we worked on today.  We took the first 11 days (just as far as we got) and transformed the notes - summarized from the Monthly Overview, but we made another document that is more clearly "put together" as to a summary of our time.  Dr. Marvin gave us the idea as to something that was more "horizontal." We practiced different formats, but we liked the outline one the best, because it is easier to read.  We also liked it because we were able to adapt the headings so they make sense.  After the first 11 days, the category headings are
  • Table of contents
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Home improvement
  • Multiplicity et al
  • Writing & Blogging
  • Adult Education: e-learning, technology & social media
  • News & Opinion - Politics
  • General news

  • We are calling this document: Latitude Outline - April, 2017
  • Pswhoo!  We have been busy.  Good, good.  We cleaned that up a bit ... now there are two links and they seem efficient.  Once we publish, we're going to hope that the links still work.  I believe they will, but this will have to be checked.  I know they work in the word document, not sure about PDF, but then they have to stay in place when uploaded to the Kindle Direct Publishing App.  I BELIEVE it will work hehe.  I could test it now, but since we are FINALLY getting to adding something to the blog, we don't want to stop.  By now it is 11:15 pm.  I don't think we are going to make it very long.  Maybe we'll nap for a while, and then get up and write again when the fingers have a chance to rest. 
  • AHA!  Forgot something.  We like to include the dots and the check boxes.  We like the afffect in the blog, so we made those corrections. We like the affect when posted, because the paragraphs don't have to be fully correct as if writing, but they stay together in a section of talk.  I don't know it they will make the final cut.  That's like in ten years when we get to editing this format.  Hey Hi future self!
  • Whoops - back to the old self who gets themselves something to eat in the middle of the night.  Rich had us take out a sausage when he called, so we checked it, and sure enough ... it had thawed.  YAY!  And, of course, we got super buddy here too. Thank goodness he looks after me.  He is my food taste-tester.  Yup yup.  Nothing goes unchecked.  I know - this is why certain people/animals in this household are not doing so well on the scale.  This last couple of days, we've gone to pot.  No, not the literal stuff, though if we did have it ... it would probably get smoked too!  We knew we were off the deep end when earlier today, we opened the Cool Whip container that Rich had left in our fridge.  Who on Earth, would do something like that?  What was Rich thinking?
  • Hmm, we forgot we have cheese curds too!  AHA!  That is a likely suspect to the weight we noticed on the scale this morning.  Another likely midnight type snack.  Ok, maybe we better get off this one - THOUGH it's good to know it's there.  Maybe we're due for some water.  I know it's probably going to be bad on my bladder after we go to bed, but we've had enough of this Diet Coke We've been soaking for two hours.
  • Do you think any of this has to do with feeling sorry for ourselves that Rich is out of town now on his 4th out of 5 days?  I know equals out to feeling sorry for ourselves.  There's this other part that can't believe we're staying up into the late hours to write and snack.  If Rich weren't home, we'd be a total mess, but for the time being ... we're enjoying ourselves.  Sleep when tired and up when not.  I like the part, that at least, we're doing something productive now.  We were in the 80's (productive score) all day, and then we blew it and spent some time over on Facebook tonight.  Ok, if we were to be doing ANYTHING wrong that would be it.  Writing to Linda is a GOOD part though and we were enjoying ourselves checking in on people.  It can't be a terrible thing, right?  Just not very productive.  Maybe though, we were feeling lonely and it was a good respite.  I wonder how long we were there.  Hmm, that's checkable. WooHOO! We're still in the 80's ... a Whopping 81!  We were over at FB for 39 minutes.  That's within almost a reasonable 30 minutes.  Let's just call it a reward and make the best use of it.  The sign just said we are averaging about 68% productivity, so we're still ahead of the game.  Rescuetime LOVES it when we write.  It's our most productive time (as a writer hehe).
  • Oh My - closing down some windows and look what we spotted!  I think it's a first time all the indicators were green!

  • I don't even know how I got those goals.  They were made a LONG time ago.  This next chart is for this year, and apparently we made this goal in 2015 - so all the time we weren't using this program, it was still keeping records for us.  I absolutely love it!
    • We're looking pretty good :)  Ok, ok ... maybe Dakota and us didn't need the cheese on top of the sausage ... just they go together so well!  Looking at the chart again - That would be 16 weeks and 12 weeks, we've made the goal of writing two or more hours per day - on these I have to assume that the weeks are an average on the seven days, so that we'd be working on our goal with 75% accuracy for the year 2017.  WOOHOO!  Ok, this might be overstated, but it still seems good to me.  This was without trying too hard.  I think you can see how interest picked up in productivity about the first of March - that is when we got the new journals and got back into Evernote proper.  Just love this thing to pieces.  It's such a good analytic too.  We can say without hesitancy that the system of Evernote, et al has encouraged me in a very good way to be more active and concerned with our life.  
    • Going back to the first "charts" with the Latitude Outline ... All those things would have been lost without the effort we've been making to get things down.  I know that we'd been doing the blog and it's still the blog that gets published, but look again at the outline!  First we're following health and OTHER than sausage and cheese - shoot now 5 minutes past midnight.  Well, beside that part of poor health, we've done a lot of work with tracking it, improving it, getting to the doctor and taking care of processes, and even reading about things that are affecting us.  That's something that wasn't happening the months before.  Especially, this last month staring March 20th, when we added the diet.  
    • Before we get too far I wanted to include something not on the chart yet.  Lisa my friend who is also a Multiple wrote the other day about her financial situation.  It was just a sentence or two, but we thought maybe Dave Ramsey would be helpful to her.  Joe, our son, and his wife Cari have both gone through Dave Ramsey, and not only have they become teachers at his Financial Peace University ... they also named their dog Ramsey.  They have been advocates AND we believe in all that they've done with him and the programs and basically in handling money.  Bottom line is that we looked into Ramsey's stuff on line and through an e-book, and then we looked to see if there was a class locally, and as it turns out there is!  Someone named Karen is teaching the class to 30 people, and as it turned out one couple had to drop out of it yesterday morning, and that opened the door for Rich and me.  The course is starting on Tuesday night for 1 1/2 hours for 9 weeks, and whether or not Rich goes, we decided that we had to go because we have money and have no real means of controlling it.
    • WOOHOO!!!  We just signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU).  I'm so excited ... we barely thought of the program all day and now just in a short few moments - everything is a go.  We dropped a note to Karen the teacher in Sandwich and she's been told we paid for the class and are enrolled.  It is the same cost if I go alone, or if I go with Rich.  HOPING he wants to go with :)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

04-15-17 TOAM - Two weeks to catch-up

Saturday, April 15, 2017 @ 8:20 am

Good morning.  This is me and we're thinking that it is going to be a shorter day writing.  I've decided to try and copy our Monthly Overview we have put together this week, and then possibly we can explain some of it before, or after we get company this weekend ... It is Easter weekend and we talked to Thom last night, and Maury and Joe's families are coming today, and Rich saw Chris and his family last night, and then Jon and RJ and Rich's Mom and Bud are coming tomorrow.  BIG events ... Now we have to get over the parts of needing work done here, but more on that PLUS medical to be coming in a bit ... first let's look at the new Monthly Overview.  :)

Hmm, that didn't work out - though it does give a general overview of the Evernote (EN) note.  Let's see if we can get another version, hmm?

Try this link, k?


Did it work?

Yay! ... Thinking that it did ... and if you by chance opened the link, it might have put you to sleep.  He-he we're still not tired of it yet, but recognize that we're using it to gather several sheets of information instead of all the other sheets.  We'll find out this week - which idea is going to work the best.

Back - it's now 12:16 pm.  I'm not sure all of what happened since we started working at 8:20 am.  One of the things we did remember though is that we talked to my sister for awhile.  It was a good conversation.  She had a lot of medical information from her own experience as related to my "female problems."

Maybe we should start about there - medical, because that seems to have dominated so much time lately.  I think you were aware that on the 25th of March, we started to have post-menstrual bleeding.  We then saw a new gynecologist the following Monday after we tracked her down in a process.  We met with her, Rich and us on April 3rd.  She did a biopsy in the office, and then scheduled us for an ultrasound a few days later.  Then there was some waiting until test results came in.  By the 13th, we knew that we were going to have to get a hystero-scopy, D&C, and a polypectomy if those kinds of problems became apparent.  She stated that she was going to start there, but it has been heavily suggested that we are going to end up with a hysterectomy with Dr. Gandhi.  The D&C, etc. surgery will be on May 15th, and we are going in for a pre-surgery conversation on May 1rst, and we will be ok'd for surgery by Dr. Dorman on the 26th of April, and then backing-up before that, we will get blood tests for both the surgery and for the diabetes on the 24th of April - again today is the 16th.

 We are also having problems with our back.  We were sent for x-rays, and then we met with a pain doctor, and she scheduled us for an MRI and then sent us to Dr. Augusthy.  We then had a visit with him, and he stated that we were going to need shots in our spine, so that happened - started on Wednesday this week.  The nurses said they will call us soon to schedule a second set of shots which is customary.  We can have 3-4 shots a year, but so far the shots aren't taking so well.  We've been not putting too much pressure on it - we were supposed to rest 3 days, but that is that part.  I don't know how long they will try, before they have to do surgery.  He was sounding as if surgery had too many complications, but we can't just go from shot to shot forever.  We'll see.  

The last series of problems have to do with our weight, diet and diabetes.  Actually, we're on the good side in that we've been on a diet for almost a month and have lost 12 pounds.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but it has been a big effort.  I can't imagine what all, we will go through in the process going forward.  There is just a lot to do.  We've had problems with the diabetes, in that we are eating so good, that we probably don't need all the medicine that we're getting.  We dropped from an average of 230 b/s to now having an average of 175 b/s.  During the time we went in for the back injection, we'd gone down to 70 so they had to put sugar in the IV they were giving us.  It was in part due to not being able to eat all morning leading up to that.  So, this situation should be cleared up with meeting Dr. Dorman in 11 days.  We are looking forward.

The other part of our health concerns is that we are now seeing a nurse and PT person, each two times a week.  That has met with mix results, but on the positive side ... they've been good help.  The matcher to all that has been that we've been REALLY into Evernote again.  That part is still blowing us away!

Ok, it is the next day - afternoon and it's Easter.  The place is all picked up again and we've taken our shower and gotten dressed.  We're still waiting for the clean table cloth after having used it yesterday for our Easter with the kids yesterday, but we're all good.  Maybe we'll start there today.  We had a REALLY nice time, and to make it even better, Thom called the night before so we got our Trifecta - talking to all three sons at the same time - or close enough!  First Thom ... big deal is that he and Cathy are still doing very well, and his job has altered in that - there is a little break in what he's doing.  AND, the most fun part?  He and Cathy have a new house.  They are renting to own through his old boss and friend who had been transferred to the United States.  It took them a while to let Thom do this, but it is a good deal for both of them.  The house sounds fantastic - and we'll just leave here the part where he lives on the side of a MOUNTAIN!  WooHOO!!!  That's a good deal!

Maury and Ana came early yesterday and they brought Isa, but Andy is working on his first job and couldn't get off.  We missed him, but were grateful to be seeing Isa.  I appreciate her Mom for giving us the time on her weekend.  Today Isa will be with the other side of the family and all we heard was cousins AND Easter Egg hunt.  Hehe - Sounded pretty good.  Isa had some really fun news.  She and a friend are going to be in their schools talent show.  They will be singing.  Very excited for them.  I don't know the dates and if Rich is fishing, but I would love to surprise her by being there.  IF - it isn't just a day time thing at the school.  I think that's what our early talent shows were.  I was never in one and we give Isa a lot of courage points for singing in front of a LOT of people!

We also set-up some time with Rich and Ana to see if she could help him a little bit.  Maybe?  There wasn't too much.  Well mostly, we talked about work and family and ideals and such and then Joe and Cari came and we talked about similar things.  I don't think people were much interested in my little bit on medical, but they picked up on what we added on having spoken to Thom.  That was nice.  I know the boys are close, but Thom being so far away doesn't give much to the conversation and concern with real active living.  Everyone pretty much has their own life.  

Ok, we're back.  We only have a little time right now.  We're almost up for the next event.  Jon called a few moments ago to say they were on their way, and then Rich left to pick up a few things at the store, and then he'll pick-up his mother and Bud.  We Set the table.  It is 1 pm now, everyone will be here between 2:30-2:45 pm and dinner should be at 3 or there about.  Rich is very good at getting a meal out in time.  It's a very nice day out.  We've been listening to Fareed Zakaria and others in the background and just poking around in our regular computer life.  We got things caught up.  AND, we've just started closing aol and Facebook, because they are such detractors from me being productive.  That's very important to us, and we're just barely getting started.  Having a two page blog entry where we don't get very far is at least an improvement from where we don't get anywhere at all.  Woohoo ... 1,570 words.  I think according to the writing things we're reading that word counts are important.  It gives us "writers" a sense of accomplishment.  Some people have word-count goals - like 500 words to 2000 words or much more per day.  I'm not there yet, but might have to roll into that if we get way behind.

One of the things going on is that the other day, we did some numbers on what it would take to being a VERY productive writer.  We are now 57 years old, and if we were to retire at 65 years, then we have obviously, 8 more years to go.  If we continued blogging, that would mean by the end of our "professional" life, we would have been write for 96 months for 22 years of work.  SOOO that is about 264 months to get our work done.  We had gone back to 2003 and up to 2025.  This means to get the work done on time where the editing catches up with the writing on April 30, 2025, I have to finish editing a chapter (e-book) each 11 days.  I marked it as starting tomorrow.  I think it might be fine in the beginning where the e-books are very short, but they get longer.  I would like to be able to send things through our new editing program.  It is 23 reports that you send the writing through from anything to Capitalization to sentence structure and the like.  That is what takes so long, but also what makes the writing more valuable.  We figure if we could write that many e-books (condensed books), at 99 cents per effort, we'd make about $250 for every set of books someone would purchase.  I have NOOOOO idea who would spend so much of their life reading such a thing, but we would like to know that before we die - our work is out there - for someone doing Multiplicity research much further down the line.

I would like to think also that it would give other Multiples an idea how to contribute their life to others.  This all seems to be a summary of how the first month and a half has gone since starting Evernote again.  There is a LOT to get through, especially when you consider our weight.  I'd like to be 120 pounds less by next year and potentially back to 140 if that is physically possible with all our skin within a couple of years.  My aren't we making lofty goals!  Hehe

Let's see if we can do a bit of soft serve on the other conversations missing from one time period to another - other than the medical.  Well, one thing is again the Evernote program.  I think we've explained this program before, but we'd like to leave a little emphasis on using a few folders in general ... the most popular have been the inbox, where we send EVERYthing the first time until we can sort it out, and then the second and third were the folders for March and April


and then from those, we get


Ok, that's a lot more information than ANYONE has to know, but we'd like to include it here, because this is our life stream and we really need to be able to wrap our mind around the general project.  These two sets of charts - are EXTREMELY valuable links to EVERYTHING that happens in one's day to day life that puts together for any one person year after year - as a picture to one's life.  I just happen to be a sharing kind of person.  For some reason yet unknown this might be important to someone - though most like not family.  I don't mean to put them down, but sometimes with kids it seems the five minutes you get to share back with them in a meeting every 2-3 months is as much as they really want to know.  I wish this was different, but our lives as they stand aren't really entwined.  I see here the difference between us and like Linda or CS where there kids are much more involved in their lives.  I do miss sometimes not seeing my kids, but I'm entranced when I get a chance to visit.  I do think they love me, just that our trajectories are on different paths. They might think it's interesting that we've for so long been an active blogger, but it doesn't mean they want to hear much about it.  They believe they've picked up enough of our life as if nothing that comes from our brains are very interesting.  I know could be the same with most millions of people on this Earth, but what happens if there were just one other person we could appeal to, wouldn't that be valuable? 

In truth though it is us that has the best time with these thoughts. I like to consider that our life has been captured for me to turn to in just the brush of a page.  We're just starting to get interested, but what will we say to one another within us after so many years of putting letters to page?  What will we learn about ourselves that no one else knows about?  AND to think that within the next eight years, we will have visited all our years from a newer perspective.  We won't be able to change the path, but perhaps there's inspirtation to be found from it.  Maybe we'll learn that after all, we turned out to be quite an interesting person - and of course VERY introspective.  I've made it actually then a study of one (or more - considering we're Multiples).  Maybe we've learned only that we don't like housework.  Sheesh, I hope not.  So many thought aren't on paper, but then - there are those thoughts that have been captured.  They will teach us our basic life direction.  Maybe we've led everything just to these moments - where we consider our life in writing - and again plan for that future.  Pretty cool.  Maybe we could at least start by considering ourselves an author?  With a specialty?  Maybe just in the Multiplicity of One!

Laughing now - stepping of our soapbox.  We're a little concerned that it is now 1:30 pm yup yup ... just let out Dakota - Rich has pulled up with his Mother and Bud, better get going.  Hmm, we haven't put treats out?  what's that all about?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How detailed can we get? Let's look at May once more

Friday March 31, 2017 @ 8:10 am
  • Good morning.  This is me.  This seems to be at least a full week since we've written last.  I better check that to make sure and to find what we've been missing.  Hmm, it's been 8 days now ... the kind of stuff we were talking about the last time was first about the kids going to TN without saying anything before, during or after.  Eh ... what do we care, right?  Why would I be interested in my children (LIFE SUCKS!) 
  •  OK, and then the next thing was that there was bleeding 3 days after the last note and that has continued ever since then - it is coming most likely from my uterine area and is most likely due to endometrial hyperplasia that I've had a couple times before.  We have a gynecologist appointment on Monday morning - so we'll know more after that - just have to keep things on an even keel - maybe more about this later.  We talked a little bit about the doctor appointments of Dr. Dorman And Dr. Marvin - and being able to see Juliana. 
  • Things were pretty normal with Rich and Linda and we were working on a newer project with bullet lists.  I think we were still having problems with getting to the floors and we'd talked about health and fitness between the new carb diet and seeing Amie and Mark the nurse and PT relatively speaking.  We had just made the appointment with the pain specialist on April 10th.  
  • and we were discussing our relationship with Evernote EN, Getting Things Done GTD, and a newer one starting the beginning of the month called Simplify Days SD.  Bullet points or bullet journals was just added - and with that we had added our first tracker to keep track of the daily things, though we haven't when pushed been using it since - we've been instead trying to keep up with just EN.  And, we've discovered if the books/journals aren't out, they are going to be forgotten about. 
  • And, that has to be wrestled with our new consumption habit of eating sunflower seeds ... more later.  OH, and the last thing that had happened last time, was that we created a Master contents for the month.  I think we're going to catch that up now, but we were happy with it ... and although the last several days missed, it is in a format to catch-up and be useful. ... so again maybe more of that later, but this is the general gist on where all things were and will start this blogging session.  YAY!
  • This is a summary we wrote, and then emailed Rich and Dr. Marvin.  I think it's pretty good - though not REAL smooth.  We comlpleted it after taking notes on capture from the master monthly notes.
04-01-17 @ 9:40 am
  • Ann is on her own on April 1, 2017 - Rich is gone fishing for the week, and we have time to look over what we were working on during the month of March, 2017.  It feels as if it had been very busy, and the following is about the best written monthly summary we've ever done.  I believe we had started being "in" Evernote (EN) again, so we were in the right zone, but we met "Simplify Days" (SD), and from there things took off.  It was the beginning of a new month and we were very excited. We found through that system - regular templates for things such as 1) diet goals, 2) food journals, 3) Step routines, 4) Inspiration, 5) Self-regulation, 6) 30-day tracker, 7) w/trainer workout log, 8) Weight tracker, and others.  
  • We also found the notebook put out by SD called "Clarity Journal" with two sections.  The first is a week to week "focus" including the many hats we might wear, and the other many pages are to "capture" written messages of anything you'd like - especially things that are inspiring, tasks and projects, calendar and references.  As well, we had gotten a moleskin journal and eventually there was a lot of learning to use a "bullet journal" system to simplify and beautify our written work which would then get uploaded - mostly by phone and EN App to our EN program.  After that things came like new pens, post-it pads, washi tape and our obvious staple of instructions on how to use EN and GTD and other ideas that utilize those two components better  The most fun was learning about the more graphical interface of "pretty" journals.
  • We utilized "brain dumping" to get a lot of tasks out of our head and down onto paper as well as routines, but after a while, we developed a better system adding a lot of information particularly through a EN notebook of "March-stuff," which helped us hold a better sense from our normal loss of time as a Multiple.  Then, then later we became more pro-active in entering information from our various scripts of hand-written notes - as things coming in, that needed to be cared for.  As well we went over the old EN listings and paired the old notes and notebooks AND tags with the new "next actions" with "projects" and "responsibilities" both in EN and our Mind Map (MM). 
  • The other lessons of the month included marketing/blogging, social media, coloring, webinars, health info - especially weight, carbs and diabetic, flipping through others' journals for ideas and meeting "systems" advocates like Boho Berry, Apsi, Steve Dotto, and Jim Scanno.  We seem to be looking for "systems" again that will work for us all.  Mostly though, we were following principles of capturing information, processing it, and then evaluating it's usefulness - in particular being mindful. 
  • We had other regular tasks, such quilting with the girls, IMing with Linda, writing to Lisa (a friend Multiple), following "The Mighty" (a source put together for the writing of people who are disabled), and we are reading not only health, but quite a bit of political information on a daily basis.  We continue to see Dr. Marvin and have added visits by our new nurse, Amie and our new PT, Mark. 
  • We continue to make appointments and get things noted to our Google calendar. We did collect a special project folder and put in each (to be worked on later) a "Project Overview" template which includes the project title, purpose, main goals, project manager, team members, teams involved, project risks, materials, reference information and a few more sections for developing project ideas and planning, timeline, task trackers, closure and sign-off.  This had been what initially got us started with SD.  We wanted to incorporate the work, goals and imagination of all the parts being assigned to projects and teams within us. We wanted to know more about us and the things that interested us, and then adding regularity.  
  • We've got newer physical information on our one self, such as medical x-rays and MRI on the condition of our back/spine and we had extra problems with what is probably endometrial hyperplasia.  Diabetes has also taken a lot of time and attention and has been worked through with Dr. Marvin, the nurse, PT, Rich and various other health care providers.  Amie, the nurse, was the one that suggested a 60 carb diet.  YAY!  Everything has follow-up doctor appointments, AND there is a LOT of resting between things.  We seem to nap once in the afternoon, and then we nap before bedtime between 7 pm and 8 pm.  Sometimes our health really slows down our mental and written EN "system-building."  We are still cautiously watching over the Tylenol 3 w/codeine, which is helping with pain, but making us more tired (probably) and making it difficult to drive long distances like to Dr. Marvin's.
  • At times we got up to about 20-24 items in our EN inbox not cleared before we went to bed which is frustrating.  Between the inbox on EN and our EN Daily reminders sorted and resorted by date), well this is what is keeping us afloat and not lost.  We are excited about the Adobe part, but a bit fearful on the learning curve.  We do enjoy getting younger parts like Anniemi involved in the doodling to even our pressures a bit.  We were able to remember back to a time we'd practiced drawing over and over a French mouse with very big ears! 
  • Everything is helping us feel less forgetful, or maybe as forgetful, but less likely to forget stuff.  One of the things we hung on to remembering was our own house.  This is a familiar problem of losing ourselves in the house, other than, what can be seen of our life here at the computer - especially with Rich gone.  Dr. Marvin is helping us get some physical things done like finishing the quilt to Juliana.
  • We spent time on "Zillow" a real-estate site loading pictures and a description of the house as it now stands in about 32 pictures.  This gives us a sense of comfort that we can take our house with us wherever we go, OR when we're just afraid to turn or walk around the rooms.
  • We've found a good process and practiced the EN clipper, but don't know what use of all the information we're reading though it seems good to capture, so will be able to better situate ourselves later when ideas start coming in.  Two newly learned ways of collecting or "gathering" information was that we discovered how to import all our book and e-book files from Word into handy separate notes for each chapter/e-book.  We'll go back for more Word documents later, and will have to check into importing pictures.  We also found a new system for collecting Amazon highlighted notes from all of our Kindle books - both a GREAT boon and very exciting in the future area of research - especially, when writing blog entries and doing more analysis and synthesis.  Perhaps, we should go back here to Bloom's Taxonomy?  Facebook has a newer service also put-forward, so daily, it offers past glimpses pushed forward into present time, and then, of course, we can share that info. We've been reticent of sharing some of this other information - basically, our MARCH PROJECTS.  We want to get it down first.
  • We've been trying to make it regular where we copy information from our old Blog, "Ayn's Multiple World" (1200 entries) over to our e-books at least once a day - we need to work harder here, and we had a couple of tasks following us all month - with both taking care of the hard floor, and getting paperwork sorted and filed along with getting our taxes out.  We were better at keeping up with general housekeeping like picking-up, keeping a clean kitchen and dining table and getting the laundry through.  We weren't able to get back into coloring or quilting after a few instances of both.  The days that we can keep up with our TOAM (Things on Ann's Minds) through the blog writing are the best, but not frequent enough! 
  • Our purchasing at Amazon continues - this time especially for tools towards this journaling process through online processes like EN, snagit, Word, and Now the BIGGEST - Adobe!  Adobe is being paid for out of Rich's business account.  We would love to get a paper guillotine that costs about $100 and would chop the spine off our old books 300 pages at a time.  We're afraid though that our scanner couldn't keep up with the need.  The scanner was purchased about 5+ years ago and was about $500.  People are still recommending using Fujitsu scansnap scanners w/EN.  It still works, just fussy like our printer.  Somehow, one day everything is going to be funneled to the e-books and our life will be pushed out there!
  • We were also trying to work with Rich.  He had a few tasks that came up such as revising his web site which took a long journey into getting Adobe Creative Cloud back on its two legs.  We were successful, but Rich ran out of time to sit down before his fishing trip.  We also have to switch something over so that his Google calendar matches both his computer and phone, and there were other tasks especial scanning business or fishing maps and him learning to use the Snagit program.  His major areas continue to be home, health, fishing, his mom and work.  
  • He worked tremendously hard on all with the additional food concerns, we are both now on the carb diet (March 20th, 2017) and he's been learning how to shop and cook differently as well as come to agreement with us on how to process and eat.  He continues to do other errands as well particularly driving us to appointments and taking care of pharmacy of both me and his mother.  He still is working with issues of anger, but has been much more patient with us as to our health needs and us needing time to process "our business."  His business is booming and we both managed to get out our taxes before the end of the month, YAY!
  • The hardest part of Rich this month still isn't resolved.  He wants me to work with him and his business 10 hours a week @ $10 an hour.  A lot would be paperwork and marketing, and we feel we're worth more.  Neither, I'm real interested in.  I'm afraid I'd still never see the money and that it would return to Amazon like what he's already paying. He's trying to emphasize there would be less guilt, but we're worried about still not having enough time in the day. The fun part of Rich this month was that Jillian was here for a couple overnights!  All in all - it's been a GREAT month!
  • I would love to do more with Rich in life - both with play and work - and the fitness parts of our goal fit being more able with him.  Maybe one of our goals of April will be not being so tired - and getting the meds down right so that doesn't interfere with our more lofty goals.  I'm losing independence with Dr. M.  I'm looking forward to getting started on the next new month!  And, as overall goals, I would like to see the EN processes more locked down and less foggy, and less household clutter, and Rich would like to see me out more.  Dakota is always game, and we will be seeing the boys and their families the day before Easter :)