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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Have some SUPER Dog?

Saturday, April 22, 2017 @ 10:37 pm

  • Good evening :)  This is us.  It is kind of late to get a start on a blog entry today - headed toward midnight :)  We've been sleeping, and then we got up and caught-up with Linda.  We haven't seen here today.  Both have been busy - which is always a good thing.  There are so many things going on, but in general, this week was a slow-down and appreciate week.  We've been working on our Month's Master thing.  Maybe we can get it here nice and concise.  
  • Does this one work?  The above is a complete month (cycle) of the Overview, and now this next document is the one we worked on today.  We took the first 11 days (just as far as we got) and transformed the notes - summarized from the Monthly Overview, but we made another document that is more clearly "put together" as to a summary of our time.  Dr. Marvin gave us the idea as to something that was more "horizontal." We practiced different formats, but we liked the outline one the best, because it is easier to read.  We also liked it because we were able to adapt the headings so they make sense.  After the first 11 days, the category headings are
  • Table of contents
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Home improvement
  • Multiplicity et al
  • Writing & Blogging
  • Adult Education: e-learning, technology & social media
  • News & Opinion - Politics
  • General news

  • We are calling this document: Latitude Outline - April, 2017
  • Pswhoo!  We have been busy.  Good, good.  We cleaned that up a bit ... now there are two links and they seem efficient.  Once we publish, we're going to hope that the links still work.  I believe they will, but this will have to be checked.  I know they work in the word document, not sure about PDF, but then they have to stay in place when uploaded to the Kindle Direct Publishing App.  I BELIEVE it will work hehe.  I could test it now, but since we are FINALLY getting to adding something to the blog, we don't want to stop.  By now it is 11:15 pm.  I don't think we are going to make it very long.  Maybe we'll nap for a while, and then get up and write again when the fingers have a chance to rest. 
  • AHA!  Forgot something.  We like to include the dots and the check boxes.  We like the afffect in the blog, so we made those corrections. We like the affect when posted, because the paragraphs don't have to be fully correct as if writing, but they stay together in a section of talk.  I don't know it they will make the final cut.  That's like in ten years when we get to editing this format.  Hey Hi future self!
  • Whoops - back to the old self who gets themselves something to eat in the middle of the night.  Rich had us take out a sausage when he called, so we checked it, and sure enough ... it had thawed.  YAY!  And, of course, we got super buddy here too. Thank goodness he looks after me.  He is my food taste-tester.  Yup yup.  Nothing goes unchecked.  I know - this is why certain people/animals in this household are not doing so well on the scale.  This last couple of days, we've gone to pot.  No, not the literal stuff, though if we did have it ... it would probably get smoked too!  We knew we were off the deep end when earlier today, we opened the Cool Whip container that Rich had left in our fridge.  Who on Earth, would do something like that?  What was Rich thinking?
  • Hmm, we forgot we have cheese curds too!  AHA!  That is a likely suspect to the weight we noticed on the scale this morning.  Another likely midnight type snack.  Ok, maybe we better get off this one - THOUGH it's good to know it's there.  Maybe we're due for some water.  I know it's probably going to be bad on my bladder after we go to bed, but we've had enough of this Diet Coke We've been soaking for two hours.
  • Do you think any of this has to do with feeling sorry for ourselves that Rich is out of town now on his 4th out of 5 days?  I know equals out to feeling sorry for ourselves.  There's this other part that can't believe we're staying up into the late hours to write and snack.  If Rich weren't home, we'd be a total mess, but for the time being ... we're enjoying ourselves.  Sleep when tired and up when not.  I like the part, that at least, we're doing something productive now.  We were in the 80's (productive score) all day, and then we blew it and spent some time over on Facebook tonight.  Ok, if we were to be doing ANYTHING wrong that would be it.  Writing to Linda is a GOOD part though and we were enjoying ourselves checking in on people.  It can't be a terrible thing, right?  Just not very productive.  Maybe though, we were feeling lonely and it was a good respite.  I wonder how long we were there.  Hmm, that's checkable. WooHOO! We're still in the 80's ... a Whopping 81!  We were over at FB for 39 minutes.  That's within almost a reasonable 30 minutes.  Let's just call it a reward and make the best use of it.  The sign just said we are averaging about 68% productivity, so we're still ahead of the game.  Rescuetime LOVES it when we write.  It's our most productive time (as a writer hehe).
  • Oh My - closing down some windows and look what we spotted!  I think it's a first time all the indicators were green!

  • I don't even know how I got those goals.  They were made a LONG time ago.  This next chart is for this year, and apparently we made this goal in 2015 - so all the time we weren't using this program, it was still keeping records for us.  I absolutely love it!
    • We're looking pretty good :)  Ok, ok ... maybe Dakota and us didn't need the cheese on top of the sausage ... just they go together so well!  Looking at the chart again - That would be 16 weeks and 12 weeks, we've made the goal of writing two or more hours per day - on these I have to assume that the weeks are an average on the seven days, so that we'd be working on our goal with 75% accuracy for the year 2017.  WOOHOO!  Ok, this might be overstated, but it still seems good to me.  This was without trying too hard.  I think you can see how interest picked up in productivity about the first of March - that is when we got the new journals and got back into Evernote proper.  Just love this thing to pieces.  It's such a good analytic too.  We can say without hesitancy that the system of Evernote, et al has encouraged me in a very good way to be more active and concerned with our life.  
    • Going back to the first "charts" with the Latitude Outline ... All those things would have been lost without the effort we've been making to get things down.  I know that we'd been doing the blog and it's still the blog that gets published, but look again at the outline!  First we're following health and OTHER than sausage and cheese - shoot now 5 minutes past midnight.  Well, beside that part of poor health, we've done a lot of work with tracking it, improving it, getting to the doctor and taking care of processes, and even reading about things that are affecting us.  That's something that wasn't happening the months before.  Especially, this last month staring March 20th, when we added the diet.  
    • Before we get too far I wanted to include something not on the chart yet.  Lisa my friend who is also a Multiple wrote the other day about her financial situation.  It was just a sentence or two, but we thought maybe Dave Ramsey would be helpful to her.  Joe, our son, and his wife Cari have both gone through Dave Ramsey, and not only have they become teachers at his Financial Peace University ... they also named their dog Ramsey.  They have been advocates AND we believe in all that they've done with him and the programs and basically in handling money.  Bottom line is that we looked into Ramsey's stuff on line and through an e-book, and then we looked to see if there was a class locally, and as it turns out there is!  Someone named Karen is teaching the class to 30 people, and as it turned out one couple had to drop out of it yesterday morning, and that opened the door for Rich and me.  The course is starting on Tuesday night for 1 1/2 hours for 9 weeks, and whether or not Rich goes, we decided that we had to go because we have money and have no real means of controlling it.
    • WOOHOO!!!  We just signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU).  I'm so excited ... we barely thought of the program all day and now just in a short few moments - everything is a go.  We dropped a note to Karen the teacher in Sandwich and she's been told we paid for the class and are enrolled.  It is the same cost if I go alone, or if I go with Rich.  HOPING he wants to go with :)

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