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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A little jittery, but starting the writing plan

05-16-17 06 Wanting to Write, so we shall :)

  • @8:39 am  Good morning ... we decided to make this a blog writing morning among other things.  For example, we've committed to jumping in the shower right after Rich gets out.  Ok, that's really not a BIG deal, but it does let you know that we're going to just start and then come back.  You wanted that much detail, right? Hehe.  So far we've been up and productive for the last 3 hours and 19 minutes and our production score is an 83.  We've split our time pretty even so that our rescuetime reads - 29% Business, 23% Reference & Learning, 15% Communication & Scheduling, 14% Design & Composition and 13% News & Opinion.  Yay - don't remember coming out so evenly before.  Our top activities for business are - evernote, reading from the writing cooperative and utilizing rescuetime.  The reference & learning areas have been my fitness pal, signing up at the Y, reading from cosmopolitan and the ladders.  The last major area - communication & scheduling Has been meeting with Rich, reading our aol mail, a voice call with the Y, and checking in on our Google calendar.  Yup yup ... that's how we do it.  It's the start of our day as well thought out as we could think of presenting.  Wow!  Long space on that picture ... can't make it go away, but this is the screen we are looking at in general throughout the day ... Whoops Rich is done time for shower, brb.
  • 9:26 am AHA!  We're back and we're not only cleaned, showered and pampered ... we made sure the house was picked up too.  We had to say goodbye to Rich so he could go out in the world and get stuff done, but in the process we finished picking up our house.  Later, we'll get the litter box and garbage ... hmm, maybe next trip up.  I was going to wait until the garbage got fuller, but then we might have to wait half the day.  We'll just do the two things next.  
  • Next thing comes to mind is that we read some really nice articles today both on creativity and writing, IF the two could be separated.  In convinced me that even though we have other work to be getting done, that it would do us well, to be writing more too - even if the entry is going to be shorter.  We want to get back into the habit we used to be where writing was a daily part of our life.  Maybe it will pick up the in-between spaces, where we're just trying to think through what it is that we're going to do.  In the last blog entry, we had written a small task list, so this morning, we went back and got a copy and posted it by itself in Evernote.  We looked at the Medicine form and tweaked it a bit, but we don't have anything else to add until we get back from Dr. Marvin - the section on our heart from UIC and we get from the first pain doctor what the meaning of our "myalgia" is.  Basically, I can define it as a muscle pain or pain in a group of muscles, but I need to be more clear on which areas she is calling myalgia.  
  • 9:43 am - We resolved another issue.  We had gone to the mychart program to see if the first pain doctor had written back, but we saw again what we'd hoped was a typo, but then since we were being assertive, we decided to call.  True enough they had switched our meeting with Dr. Augusthy to a nurse practitioner.  We didn't agree to that so the appointment was changed to a couple days later, WITH Dr. Augusthy.  He had mentioned he wanted to talk about another back procedure while we were getting our spine injection.  Why then would we want to talk to a nurse practitioner   That would be a waste of our time.  A little frustrated that they'd switch us up like that, but now everything is in its place and we're all good.  Ok, let's move on.  We would still like to hear from Dr. Marvin - with the heart report, but we need to control that urge.  More than likely he'll get it done later over the phone while we talk to him at 1 pm.  We can wait that long, right?
  • We seem to be anxious today, or at least right now.  I don't think anything else is supposed to be happening right now.  I did want to look over though those reports

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