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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

AHA - Meistertask Attack!

Monday May 22, 2017 @ 10:05 am

  • Good morning.  This is us and we are FINALLY here.  It is just past 10 am, and other than seeing the nurse who is now over an hour late ... that's all the "other" business we'll be doing today.  As to now?  The kitchen is picked-up and the dishwasher is ready to go after lunch, we are on the second load of clothes - Rich's wet fishy stuff, and the house is all picked up including the table and the mail that was on it.  I'd say we're doing well.  Also our online business is about caught up especially our Evernote projects, and we reviewed the last entry in our blog and posted it.  We had forgotten to do that before.  Also, we are all showered and dressed.  YAY!  Good stuff!
  • One of the first things, we wanted to discuss this morning, as well as laundry - you know how strong we feel in favor of that!  Hehe, but otherwise, we started ANOTHER new program over the weekend when Rich was out fishing.  It is called Meistertask.  It is a kanban like board that you write things you are working on and the things that you complete.  You can have as many columns as you want and things can move around.  The above is a picture of how ours looks from the start.
  • The items scroll up so there are quite a few under the ones pictured, but this is the opening board, so far, and for those obvious reasons this board is called MeisterAnn1.  WooHOO!  There is another board we created to test out the product, but after we agreed to the ransom of $9 a month, we started our real one.  I think we can get it for $7.50 a month if we sign up for a year at a time, but then we have to pay the annual fee up front ... and I REALLY wanted to test its usefulness before we made that kind of money commitment.  I do have to say that I tend to LOVE all the new gadgets coming up through the lines.  I'm not sure exactly where I found this, but everybody is referring something or another.  Yesterday, from two different reading lists, I purchased two books.  I know, I know ... where is the time?  One list was from Bill Gates - and you KNOW he's a great reader!  And, then the other list was from TED Talks.  I love the books.  One in particular I started is a book about storytelling.  It catches my interest in that back in the days of Dr. Woollcott (1990-1997), he had told us that all of us write our own mythology.  It is an ongoing story about our life as we are developing it.  I'm thinking with this kind of interest the book has to be good, and sure enough here we are this morning back to writing OUR story through the blog.  Things just go like that in my life.  Things happen the way they are supposed to happen.  So going back to Meistertask board ... let's see how that goes.  
  • Hmm, we have a silly "reflect" tab that keeps popping up in our Evernote field of vision.  Hate it.  We've gone over a couple times trying to find it in our programs, but we haven't had any luck.  Then over the weekend, we sent a complaint to their people asking for instructions on how to get it off.  It's like malware.  I know they are doing it trying to get us back into their program, but things like this can tick us off for a LONG time!  We just wrote a note to check on it.  
  • This is our notes so far of "lite" to-do things:
    • Call Carol and confirm the quilting weekend and rent a room
    • Remind Rich it's Evie's birthday on Sunday - cuz we KNOW he'll want to get a gift
    • Remember to read the colonoscopy directions (10 days away)
    • Look into a new scale - ours is jumping 7-8 pounds every other day
    • Ask Rich if he wants to do anything on Memorial Day with me
    • Check on the progress of removing the pop-up "reflect" tab
    • Follow-up with four prescriptions (Two doctors) at Walmart and shopping list we gave Rich
  • Not too bad ... that and doing laundry - haven't heard the dryer beep yet.  We are being amazed with ourselves.  I think we started laundry about 8:30 am.  This is a GREAT time for us.  Actually, anything before 11 am is a good time.  Hehe  We also got a call from Amie saying she was running late and was it still ok to come, and we said yes.  But, we reminded her next week when the new gym program starts, we won't be able to be as tolerant.  We could try getting on her list first in the morning, but she seems busy already, so I don't think we are going to able to jar her schedule.  The other thing would be to change it up so we would be seeing her in the afternoon.  We'll see how things go over the next two weeks.  I don't want her worrying my schedules though ... too many things we're trying to do right.
  • Ok, back to the Meistertask program.  I don't like the part where it seems to be moving slowly as to bringing up the pictures we placed on each of the tasks.  That was sort of one of the fun things - putting the pictures to match the task from things that are already in our computer that don't see the light of day as much as they should.  BUT, we LOVE the concept.  We had gotten the post-it notes for trying something the same way, but we finally figured that the wall behind the printer or stool are too distant, and we'd have to stand, and still have problem seeing our notes, plus, we'd have to get it past Rich.  I don't think he'd agree to anything less formal in the living room/desk space.  I think the slowness of the pictures is just my Internet.  We know it to be slow, and it is showing up on downloading and saving things like when we wanted top post our blog.  
  • some of the nice things about the Task program is that I get a visual on what I'm supposed to be doing.  Formally, we haven't used the calendar reminder thing on evernote for the last three weeks.  I don't know why it happened, just that it did.  I think we glanced at the notes we'd abandoned and placed the ones we were still interested in on the Task board.  It is easy enough to access the Evernote reminder program, and I'd like to think we're just resting with it, but I can't give you the reason we're avoiding it. Maybe it is going to be similar to the task board, in that there are just too many tasks, and in the end we avoid them like the plague and do whatever we want.  YEEKS, I hope we are not this terrible in real life.  Just we are very pore at keeping up.  Let's make some lists here to see how we're doing with the tasks and which columns they fold out on.
  • OPEN
    • Sort through papers in cubby hole and then file
    • Laundry Day today & BLOGGING - in progress
    • Complete the tasks though up this morning (see above)
  • In Progress - Daily
    • Stay young at heart - maintain routines with learning, curiosity, work/play, health/medicine, food, drink & sleep
    • Spend quality time with Rich
    • Take care and appreciated Pets - Dakota & Missy
    • Organize through Evernote and Meistertask
    • Check Google Calendar
    • Check and complete food diary throughout the day
    • Check and complete rescuetime throughout the day
    • Check NEWS
    • Add to Clarity planner - and take pictures of both Focus & Capture to Evernote
    • Check AOL email & Stay on top of phone calls
    • Sort out Inbox, Send to May and number
    • May 2017 Table of Contents
    • 05-1-17 Master Notes for May 2017
    • 05-20-17 Monthly Overview

Hmm, everything, but NEWS ... we'll knock that out in a couple minutes ... GO.

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