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Friday, May 26, 2017

Things are just so cool - Hottest? Trello is in and Meistertask is out

Thursday May 25, 2017 @ 9:11 am

  • Good morning!  This is just me.  We're getting a start on it although it's going to be short and choppy today - there's a lot of things on our plate.  The basic stuff is Dr. Marvin on the phone at 11 am, then working with Rich cleaning, and then picking up new shoes at 2 pm and then Jillian and Chris will be here for dinner about 6 pm - HENCE probably some more cleaning in-between things.  I should be starting now, but we get beside ourselves if we don't get in our work too.  Today, that includes our blog ... YUP ... it is work!  But, the kind I LOVE to do when we tear ourselves away from all the things keeping us from it.  Today we were working down our schedule, and we'll leave in a few moments to go finish a few more tasks, but so far - so good for having woken up late in the morning - 7 am!  BLAH.  We also had to take care of Dakota and ourselves in there, and we had to eat breakfast.  SOOO, not much time on the computer yet and we're feeling it in anxiousness.  Have to watch that.
  • So far online, we have taken care of a long list of stuff on AOL.  It meant setting up a video for later from Steve Dotto, and we gathered a list of things we wanted to read later.  This is it

  • yup yup ... these are the kinds of thing we think about now days.  Most of this though is that we've built up certain feeds through emails and articles to be coming to our email each day.  Included in this group are about 100 titles I search through - the longer ones we are going to be saving for a lax part of the day, and the ones - especially the writing ones, we tend to read write away if they are short enough.  We've also by now picked up a few news stories, but not as much today as we did yesterday.  There was a lot happening.  I would consider the above in these categories: writing, apps, education, psychology and finances.  At least that is how they will get listed when they get processed through to saved in Evernote.  Our systems are always changing a bit at a time as we figure out more and more clearly how we want to process our life.  More on Trello and Meistertask in a minute.  You blinked?  Unfortunately Meistertask only had a couple days with us.  Dr. Marvin mentioned the other like task board - Trello, and sure enough after a very conscientious deliberation yesterday, we chose Trello.  AGAIN, more on that later.  BUT, for now, we're going to go down the line and see what we can knock out of our Progress-today tasks ... these are just are standard things to be doing.  We'll give you a visual ... though it's a lot more directive and a lot less pictures - caveat on that later hehe

  • Ok, ok ... did a few things back for a second - you want a REAL peak at Trello?  Not a lot of pictures like mentioned above, but she's beautiful and sleek!

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