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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Yes, Virginia. She can really write :)

05-12-17 Yes, Virginia.  She can really write :)
  • Ok, disclosure here ... It's been since Saturday April 22, 2017 @ 10 37 pm since we've last posted on our blog.  That would mean it is now up to us to change that fact if we want to move on, right?  I am not really sure how we're going to catch up, but we do, so I must have the answer after all!  The most important thought here is that we've been posting everyday to our Evernote notes so somewhere in there is Ann, just waiting to jump out into a Blog post!  Hmm.  We're going to start with exclamation marks, ok that's fine - if that is the way you want to go.  One of the things that Dr. Marvin and us have talked about is that when I go back to do all our editing, that I don't have to use the 23 different reports to do it and that I can change only what we want and that some of it we can leave - what was the word ... with some dialect?  Not sure if that's the word, but it's close.  Basically, how I write is how I talk, so this without edit is how it is.  I think that to get us past impossibility with editing ... we're going to need cutting back to get things posted.  LOTS of work ahead.  I think we're going to use this next couple of minutes reading over what we had last written so that we have an idea on where we used to be.  That makes sense right?  There are other things going on in the background which we'll explain in a bit, but for now suffice it to say - we're doing laundry.  Hehe - ok, we haven't changed too much.  BRB.
  • 12:52 pm Ok, a bit has gone on since we last wrote - shoot forgot to note the time, BUT this entry we noted 12:52 pm.  The other was simply before. :)  But the last Blog entry, we noted the Monthly overview as a way of condensing thought - so we'll do that again here.  We are now 
  • up to the 12th of 19th notations on the 2nd monthly overview.  It is the best chart that we have.  I hope you click the link and really study it.  That's of course if you have countless numbers of minutes to do tasks such as these.  We still haven't come up with our grand plan as to why it is so important for us to catch days like this.  We just know it allows us to collect:
    • Weight
    • Blood sugar
    • Blood pressure
    • Pulse
    • Steps
    • Productivity Score
    • Time accounted for during the day
    • 5 Top categories of production
    • Calories
    • Carbs
    • Fats
    • Proteins
    • Sodium 
    • Sugar
    • Tasks completed during the day (big goals/appointments)
    • All the things we looked at Online, phone, or noted through our Capture journal
    • Five places we spent time on program or app-orientated
  • Somehow, we believe that by keeping all this information accounted for, we will better understand
  • 3:04 pm - a bit of a jump here, but the time has moved on.  I would like to note that we're up to date with our laundry, AND we just got off the phone wit the YMCA in Plano and I'm pretty sure we're going to join.  We'll have to wait and see what Rich says, but there is a summer program starting May 29th (Memorial Day) to September 4 (Labor Day) - it is just $99 for for just over 3 months.  WooHOO.  I'm interested in the Plano Y although the other Y is just down the street, but I'd gotten ahold of them because they were the ones with the swimming pool which was the original questions.  I have a call out to their aquatic person, so maybe later.  I don't know his hours.  I DID through a lot of snooping around get a hold of a personal trainer who is the head of the health and wellness and teaches programs.  Her name is Michelle.  Basically, what we're most interested in right now is for that $99 - the course is free.  She has a program called Enhance Fitness on MWF from 10:30-11:30 am.  This is what it is about and it is PERFECT for me!

Enhance® Fitness
Enhance® Fitness is a proven, community-based senior fitness and arthritis management program. It helps older adults become more active, energized, and empowered for independent living. Each class will be led by a certified instructor and exercises will focus on cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance to help reduce the severity of arthritis symptoms. Older adults at all fitness levels are encouraged to participate. The program is especially beneficial for older adults living with arthritis. Call 630-552-4100 x247 for more information or download our fact sheet for more information.

  • OMG - just so excited - AND the swimming program isn't out of the question.  We'll have membership, so it is just $17.50 per half hour of private instruction and I believe there are all kinds of classes/lessons 9 am-12:15 pm & lap swimming and open swimming.  Just there is a lot of kids around, so we have to be careful on what we're looking at.  The regular courses and open/lap swimming is part of the regular cost.  BUT, the big deal is this Enhance Fitness.  Michelle says the course is smaller at the Plano Y - 6 miles away then the Sandwich Y - 1 mile away, it is just 5-6 people and they are coming up to a new season so there will be open enrollment where there is a little fitness testing - just walking and arm curls.  SOOO nothing major and no big competition.  She said some of the members are oler and some are younger, so I don't have anything to worry about there WOOHOO!!!  Can't wait until Rich gets home :)
  • 4:35 pm Back again ... we keep doing things to progress our day - the big thing is that we're ending the day doing the sleep study for Sleep apnea and restless leg disorder.  I'm not afraid of the test or sleeping, I am mostly afraid of waking up and needing to go to the bathroom and not being disconnected quick enough.  We seem to continue sleeping as long as we can and then the dreams/nightmares get terrible and we have to run.  I hope we can disconnect with just a few devices so if they are not coming fast enough we can get disentangled.  Otherwise ... the day's been smooth.  We're drying our last load of clothes and everything is folded or hung up.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get the clothes out of the kitchen before Rich makes dinner.  I think he has to stop by at his moms and make sure things are going well there.  There was a big blip last night.  She is not understanding that Bud had cancer surgery on his face and needed to stay with his family so they could take care of it.  So, instead of being a decent human being, she got her newer aid to stop for beer on her way home from the beauty shop.  She isn't supposed to be drinking.  Last time two years ago, she broke her neck when she forced an aid to get alcohol.  And, it is supposed to be against the rules for the aid to get ANYone alcohol.  So, we'll see how that story progresses today.  Rich was over there this morning too and took the liquor out of her fridge.  There's not a word yet as to her noticing it ... she probably thought she pulled it off and is going to be very angry with him when she finds out.  Again last time she broke her neck.  She can't be responsible and especially with no one staying with her.  I don't know why she has to cause this much trouble for Rich.  Just isn't fair. 
  • As to some other things more in OUR life ... we have several things that we are working on, but until we make some effort to write it out, we're not really sure how much there is.  We are thinking there are 3-5 things.  Let's make that attempt to pull it together, hmm?  We're running out of time before dinner.
    • Budget - we still have January 1 to March 1, 2017 to write out from checking account
    • Budget - we have to catch-up from May 5 to present
    • Budget - We have to summarize in a Financial Balance Sheet
    • Budget - we have to summarize average of what's been collected for future budget - one month at a time
    • Medical disability/disease and medicine form
    • Latitude Outline - beginning April 14th forward
    • October, 2004 Edits
    • Rich's business notes 4-30-17
  • 7 pm ... I think that list is long enough for now.  We haven't been able to concentrate on it all day.  Couldn't remember if there was more happening.  Probably have to go through the cubby hole next to see if there are other projects that we're working on.  I know it's about time to work on that pile too, but we had had enough for today.  Just looking over the list now ... thinking there should be a priority of one thing over the other
    • Doctor's visits - updates - Monday 5-15-17
      • Medical ... 
    • Financial Peace University - on schedule Tuesday 5-16-17
      • Budgets...
    • Rich's work - 30 minutes Wednesday 5-17-17
      • Business notes
    • Personal Gratification - 1-2 weeks
      • Latitude ...
    • E-books - Long time
      • October 2004 Edits
  • Ok, that is better ... we put a time frame on it and then, we put it in order.  That should help us make a priority.  I don't thoink we're going to get anything done at the FPU stuff - we can work on it Saturday/Sunday.  Nothing is going to happen Monday - and Tuesday?  Just Dr. Marvin - from home and then hopefully the FPU course.  We should be better by then.  Good - we just set the calendar ... I'm afraid that Amie is going to have to work around the new schedule.  We'll probably if everything is going well - discontinue mid July.  That will free up some time.  Maybe we won't take a course three times a week either ... just that would be the ideal thing.  It kind of takes the place both nurse and PT and it will be better for the new weights we hope to accomplish.  There is always something, but then too we have to think through things like our writing - our Evernote projects and especially the editing.  Laundry - sure there is that too, but we can always set it up for the process.  We also have to work out Dakota being there.  That would be a deal-breaker.  Rich pointed it out with the thought of swimming and so that is really out and we had to really think quickly about tonight as well.  Dakota couldn't stay overnight with us, because we wouldn't be able to take him outside.  Fortunately, Rich is here to help.  Pswhoo!  He's taking him out right now.  We're going to be leaving in about 45-50 minutes.  I believe we're all good ... I've packed and have my project (blog entry) to keep me busy from now to then.  I also have to take my medicine.  It's on the table better do that now.
  • We're good 7:25 pm. Hmm, Dakota is being a problem.  He needs attention.  I think he sees the bag and knows that's usually the one we pack for him.  Sorry puppy dog.  Not this time.  Though we are still going to have to put on his vest in case Rich walks us in.  Maybe he could for directions.  Can't believe at that time parking is going to be a problem.  Not sure what we'll talk about on the way in - way too much politics today ... think we have 15 entries on our master plan for the day.  We took off our ring when we went to the bathroom and we took out our partials too.  We still have on our fitness.  So far it is up to 3,734.  Only 266 steps to reach 4,000 - that will be the second time we've hit it so we're going to work hard to tip the balance.  Only have 24 more minutes to do it though YIKES didn't think of that!  Our fitbit resets ... we COULD just add the numbers after, but we don't want to miss anything.  SOOO, we can just sit here until 8 pm (+22 minutes) so going to keep the number 3,374 and then just have to watch the new time go past 266 steps.  Better walk from the car.  It's important to say that this time the 4000 ALSO on a different laundry day, but last time it came 12 days after the shot, and this time it came only 2 days after the shot.  THAT'S worthwhile!
  • We talked to Dr. Marvin.  It seems that Dr. Augusthy is considering next time burning our nerves to the pain part - he brought it up at the spine injection on Wednesday.  He said that we would talk about it at the next meeting which is Monday June 19th - so about 4-5 weeks from now.  Good enough.  We got word back today from our podiatrist.  The labs came in with our toe nails.  I know gross right?  Can't be any worse than any of this other stuff though.  Anyway - they know it's a fungus on my nails - at least 5 of them.  So Rich picked-up the medicine today.  We have to start brushing it on once a day, and then every week, we have to take it off, and then continue applying.  It's going to take a long time, but the option they gave us was to pull the nails.  Rich said that was painful, and the one he had done grew back even more crooked than it had been before, so he is against it.  Again ... we'll go with what the doctor says.  That one is Dr. Austin and her next appointment is in about 3 months - it's Thursday August 10th.  Sure do like keeping a calendar.  It's going to be so boring after all these doctor appointments are over.  We still got a ways though.
  • 7:48 pm.  We're getting closer ... a little unnerving - no Rich OR Dakota.  Dakota usually sleeps in bed with me when Rich is gone ... we were massaging Rich and we told him it was ok if he wanted to sleep with Dakota.  He said thanks.  Not sure if that is a yes.  I am wondering if we should have our yogurt in the car or if we should wait until we get there.  I think we need it now.  I am 87 calories over today (1600 total), but am 26 carbs light - so it balances out.  That would be acceptable but we're also 42 over on fat, low on protein and over on sodium.  Blah!  We're trying.  We have a little headache.  Might be some stress, plus we're not taking as much aspirin/NSAIDs, or our supplemental vitamins and minerals.  PLUS, we had some bowel stuff today - in preparation for the OTHER event coming up.  Maybe we should take our blood sugar.  It is packed, but feeling that bad feeling in the middle of our chest - right below the bra line.  Grrr. 137 still high

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