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Saturday, June 3, 2017

06-01-17 We're tiring of this place

Thursday, June 01, 2017 @ 9:45AM
            Good morning.  This is us and we don’t seem to have much time today.  This is the big colonoscopy day. We’re prepared as far as all the liquid – GALLON has been drinking along with the side medicines.  We’ve been in the bathroom SOOO often!  But, it seems to have slowed down now.  I hope so, because we still need to get through the shower, Dr. Marvin’s appointment, the drive to the hospital and then through that all procedure.  So, there is a lot more coming-up today.  Pswhoo!

            I must decide now between 1) continue writing, 2) jump in the shower, or 3) catch up my monthly overview.  Hmm, looks like there is still some inbox items AND there are 32 emails.  I KNOW I’m not going to get through that … maybe if we just skim it now and take out the unnecessariness.  Then, we can do the jump in shower part, and THEN we’ll have the rest of the time to write and the daily stuff will have to worry until after we get back, because there is only a half hour between Dr. Marvin’s phone appointment and leaving for the hospital.  Better REALLY focus on this shower.  BRB

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