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Friday, June 9, 2017

06-08-17 Just clipping along...

Thursday, June 08, 2017 @ 6:08AM
            Good morning.  This is us … shoot hold on personal.  Back 6:14AM
So, how goes your morning?  Is everything in order?  The day is happening as planned?  Over here, we’re doing pretty good, I should admit.  We woke-up a couple hours ago and have been mostly fiddling around – including looking for our glasses.  They had slipped between the couch and the table, and we didn’t spot them right away, until we turned on the light.  I was already mentally traveling through our day canceling everything … how does one drive without glasses?  Yup-yup.  It’s a Dr. Marvin day.  And, we’re basically out to prove that we can do the drive twice a week all by ourselves.  You know … without Rich?  Oh yeah, he’s still away.
Last night when he called he seemed happy.  There had been fish being caught all day and he had a couple of nice ones – though no record breakers.  He was chatty, but then remembered to ask how we were doing too, though it was at the end of the conversation and the boys were already calling him to come play.  Goofy guys – they all were going off to fish at night.  Something about that’s when the big muskies bite.  Bunch of giddy guys, I might add.  Rich had made a big pork dinner and that seems to have gone over well, except he said that they weren’t much into the dumplings.  Poor guy, he likes to make them happy and dumplings make him happy, but maybe not so much his friends.  They don’t know what they are missing.
Yesterday, was a busy day for us, though we didn’t get it all in.  It was the day for gym, then DMV, and then C-Pap – we had to go get it and be trained to use it.  The part that didn’t get done was the Tetanus shot.  Maybe that will happen today though, because we know we have enough money in the bank.  We just checked and Thom’s money went through and is in the account 😊
There back again hehe.  Last time we went to take care of our five-minute break.  We took care of the things that had been left on the table.  We also got our bag ready to go this morning and we got the driver’s license plate ready to attach.  I should say plate cover.  We got in the two that say Marine Mom 😊 So happy, they look great!  PLUS, the new sticker.  It is only good until we get our official new plate.  Yesterday, we sent a copy of the registration paperwork, check, and copy of our updated sticker/registration in.  LOVE IT!  We asked the lady at the DMV to make sure we were doing it right.  She said we had to mail it in ourselves rather than through them.  Go figure, they would make us mail to DMV instead of collecting personally at the DMV.  I’m going to say I frown on that action, BUT still understand that the one for the vanity is down in Springfield, IL.  I guess I could understand them saving a stamp, but in the long run – they should take care of their own mail bag.  Maybe because it’s a vanity – PERSONAL plate, then that part, they don’t want any business of?  I’m sure that isn’t a proper sentence, but you get the gist?
The other thing we found is that we still needed the new sticker we had to pay $101 for because when they send us the updated plate, it will have a new sticker on it, because we already paid for it – something about 90 days, not sure.  I know that Rich couldn’t get the sticker when we all finally caught on (through Don) that our sticker had expired last year and we didn’t take care of it until May this year.  Rightly so, they made us pay it this year even if it was only for a month or two.  Mainly, I’m trying to say here, is that it is now in that 90-day window so we could get the July sticker, yay!  Just trying to keep it all straight.  There wasn’t too much problem all around, just general anxiety, because those people want you to know they know what’s going on even if you don’t.  It’s ok.  They are just doing their job.
Hmm, reminds me … the groomer must do her job too.  We got a reminder that Dakota is due for grooming on 6-30-17.  Let’s see what he and I are doing then.  HMM, good thing we checked.  As it turns out, we have penciled in that we might go with Rich and Dakota to NM for Rich’s Step-Grandson’s party – he’s graduating into the Navy.  GO NATTY! He’s doing well and I’m glad to see him get involved in the next very positive stage of his life.  We’d be happy to celebrate with Rich’s family on this.  We are hoping that Rich’s ex isn’t going, but maybe it is too short a trip for her.  Not sure when she travels, just know she doesn’t fly, so it usually involves Jillian coming up to get her. 
We wrote a note to ourselves to call the vet and set something up the week before.  This way, it would be Dr. Augusthy on June 21, then Dakota on June 23, and then Dr. Gandhi on the 26th, and then on the 28th through July 3rd, we would be in NM, or at least on our way.  That’s a busy couple of weeks.  Before that – well, Rich is still fishing in MN, then this weekend we’re quilting with the girls and Rich and us will both be home by Sunday, and then Austin comes next week, and that weekend, Rich is off fishing again for Father’s Day weekend, and then we’re up to Dr. Augusthy’s appointment, plus between now and July 4th, we will have six Dr. Marvin’s appointments, seven Enhance Fitness programs, and five Amie – our nurse visits.  I think we only have Amie through mid-July, but the other two will continue all summer.
7:55AM Back again.  AHA!  Seemed to have done a FEW things.  Been gone for about an hour?  Didn’t realize it was that long.  The last thing we did was schedule Dakota for Friday, June 23rd.  That’s all good 😊 We caught a negative message from my sister … she and Janet have sent back and forth a couple of negative messages.  I agree with Janet, that Molly doesn’t belong with the group, but it seems immaterial.  CS says she can prove Molly has been trained as a service dog, but there is no PROOF that any service dog is a service dog, and it sounds like the “training” is for other kinds of good dog behavior - probably obediance.  But, I can’t bet my life on it.  She also responded bad, in that she said Carol could ask for proof and then CS would have papers, so not only are there no “papers” saying a service dog is that, but the only thing that anyone can ask an owner is the two questions, “Is it a service dog? And, what are her functions?”  If CS had training, she would know this, but I don’t know if she won’t read this and then have finally the correct answer. 
I’d like to help her, but we aren’t believing her, for example she collided the story of Curly taking off her socks, with Molly being trained, but never this suddenly came up that the dog could come and was trained, was it ever discussed.  I think we would have been told a lot sooner, if the dog was trained all along, because she would have seen it as a regular conversation with Dakota there and all the talk that goes with his service.  I don’t know what to do at this point.  I don’t want to take a step into the middle, even though my dog’s in the middle of it, because I will upset one or the other party.  But, last night, Linda responded with only the statement that she will not be there.  She didn’t give any reason, nor was she expected to miss it.  We’d talked before about being there with her.  So, I don’t know if she isn’t upset over the service dog thing, which we thought was over, because Molly hadn’t been there for a few months.  CS also stated that Nathan couldn’t handle 3 dogs and 4 cats, but we know this isn’t true either, of course he could handle it.
The other problem is that CS is turning the conversation with Mark there as something that it is not.  She is mixing her messages.  She would prefer some time away from Mark, but the supposition is that she tried to get all or any of us to say, he wasn’t welcomed.  This sort of thing should be discussed, but no one has stated he wasn’t welcomed, except Connie Sue.  Personally, I don’t mind if Mark is there, because he’s a good conversationalist and I don’t get any other time to see him.  I don’t see CS either too much except these events, and I do feel for her in that she can’t be 100% open.  He does leave the room at times, so she could still talk, but I can understand her uncomfortableness.  But, then again, he is being helpful to her in cutting, so with him busy, he seems to fit in.  He has a nice personality too.  And, as a side, if she is going to bring the dog, he’s the one that has been taking care of her. 
As to my own opinion of the dog … because Janet took the brunt of this conversation although it is open to all of us, I feel I don’t have to as much step in.  Well that’s torn.  I talked to Rich about it last night and he said to hold back, because Janet has it well in hand.  But, I feel that I do have an opinion and it should be heard.  I don’t like it that CS has gotten to a point, where she is basically saying, if the dog is not invited, she won’t come.  I must read that over again to make sure I read that correctly.  Hmm, yes, I did read it correctly.  She said, “If having a service dog will be that uncomfortable for anyone, then I will stop coming.”
@ 8:49AM – must go, but we just sent a copy of everything to Dr. Marvin, so we could talk during the appointment about it.  BBL

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